While undoubtedly an enjoyable and adventurous way to pass the time, travelling can be pretty expensive. If you’re looking to explore more of the world but don’t have much saved up in your bank account, here are seven unmissable cities in Europe that you can visit on a budget.

European city breaks for travellers on a budgetOn the hunt for a budget-friendly holiday destination this summer? One of these cities might be just what you’re looking for. 

1. Leipzig, GermanyLeipzig, in the German state of Saxony, has an incredible history. Famously, it was the city where the protests began in 1989 that would eventually bring down the Berlin Wall and reunite the country. That fierce spirit is still alive and kicking in Leipzig today, and history geeks will find plenty to occupy them, from the medieval architecture and towering monuments, to interesting museums. The city also has a thriving art and culture scene, and top-notch nightlife resulting in it being nicknamed the “new Berlin”.

2. Basel, SwitzerlandSwitzerland might not be the most obvious destination for a cheap holiday, but there are bargains to be had in Basel, if you know where to look. From visiting the imposing Münster, to strolling in the old town and taking a swim in the river (or local fountain), the city has plenty of activities you can do for next to nothing. The Basel card (which comes free with any hotel booking) also offers unlimited public transport and cheap or free access to a number of the city’s top attractions. The city’s location right next to the borders of France and Germany mean you could also take advantage of the low food and hotel prices across the border while still visiting Switzerland.

3. The Hague, NetherlandsOne of the most charming places to visit in The Netherlands is Den Hague, also known as The Hague. The city is on the North Sea coast on the western side of The Netherlands, and it contains some of the country’s most important buildings. There are some great museums in The Hague as well, many with free or affordable admission. If the weather is fine, there is also a delightful beach at Scheveningen, which is perfect for sunbathing or a stroll with a coffee or ice cream. 

4. Sarajevo, Bosnia-HerzegovinaSarajevo is one of the most welcoming capitals in Europe, with an incredible history that is still documented through museums and architecture. It is a joy to walk through the Ottoman bazaars, the Old Town called Bascarsija, and the city hall, Vijecnica. Enjoy traditional Bosnian coffee and delicacies while riding a gondola to Mount Trebevic or wandering through the beautiful mosques created with Balkan culture and architecture.

5. Budapest, HungaryIf you have the appetite for a city with striking architecture and scrumptious food, then Budapest is the city for you! It’s known to be one of Central Europe’s most beautiful cities, and it has many affordable entertainment options, including free walking tours, sensational churches, free art galleries, and mouthwatering markets. Finish it all off with a nighttime stroll along the Danube when the entire city is illuminated by lights. 

6. Palermo, ItalyEscape from mainland Italy to Sicily and immerse yourself in the capital of Palermo. Discover the many churches with exquisite mosaics, spooky catacombs, and bustling neighbourhood markets, all while snacking on traditional street food. Visit the Norman Palace and Cattedrale di Palermo, and then head Spiaggia di Mondello, a pristine beach, to eat gelato the Sicilian way – in a brioche bun!

7. Porto, PortugalPortugal’s second-biggest city sits on the banks of the River Duoro, and the riverside is packed with amazing restaurants offering delicious local dishes and wines at fantastic prices. Porto has many pocket-friendly excursions like window shopping through the Rua de Santa Catarina, walking along the Ribeira, exploring the many stunning churches, or roaming around the Crystal Palace gardens. You could even eat at the McDonalds Imperial, where a burger can be enjoyed with ornate chandeliers and stained-glass windows as a backdrop.

Holiday destinations in Europe to fit any budgetYou don’t have to spend loads of money in order to explore the continent – there are holiday destinations to fit just about any budget. Regardless of what you’re willing to spend, these cities are perfect options for a city break. Got any other tips for someone looking to travel on a budget? Let us know in the comments below!

This article originally appeared on IamExpat in Switzerland.

Are you looking for inspiration to cook with seasonal vegetables? HelloFresh, the popular meal kit delivery service, is here to help! Here are six veggies that, as well as being good for your taste buds, will give you all the nutrients and vitamins your body craves during winter.

Seasonal vegetablesAdd a healthy and delicious touch to your meals with a side of seasonal vegetables; check the best ways to prepare them below.

CauliflowerIn ​​addition to being rich in fibre and vitamin C, cauliflower is one of the lowest-calorie vegetables. It is an ideal accompaniment to your dishes, both raw and cooked. This vegetable can be stored for two to three days in the fridge and for up to 6 months in the freezer.

CarrotA 100 gram serving covers up to 200 percent of our daily needs for beta-carotene, a powerful antioxidant. The more colourful the better! In fact, brown carrots contain up to twice as much beta-carotene as orange ones. Delicious in savoury recipes, carrots, with their sweet taste, are perfect for baking!

MushroomsEasy to cook and rich in nutrients, mushrooms are a great companion in your daily cooking. Raw crunchy or cooked fondant; you can eat them in a thousand and one ways. They can be served stuffed, sautéed, raw, with cream or, if you’re trying to get really fancy, in a velouté.

Red onionOnion is a vegetable rich in vitamins and minerals. Raw, it keeps a sweet flavour and mixes perfectly in your salads or sandwiches. If you cook it, its flavour mellows and it may also be more digestible. Its consumption prevents cellular ageing and cardiovascular diseases.

Sweet potatoSweet potatoes are a slightly sweet tasting vegetable whose flesh is rich in beta-carotene, a powerful antioxidant that helps fight infections in the body. Gratin, mash, fried or even in soup, the sweet potato is delicious in many forms.

LeekLeeks are essential vegetables for this winter. Low in calories but very rich in fibre, leeks are vegetables with strong satiating power. The green part, which has fibres that are more difficult to digest, is ideal for preparing a broth. This vegetable is also delicious in a gratin, vinaigrette, fondue and can also surprise you in salads.

In January, HelloFresh redoubled its efforts for creativity and started offering seasonal recipes. The meal kit service delivers your ingredients in exact quantities to make your life easier but also to fight against food waste. Help yourself and the planet by choosing from 30 recipes on the menu every week. 

Get your dose of winter vegetables with HelloFresh. They are now offering a discount of up to 75 euros on your first three boxes!


Published: 26 October 2021Modified: 26 October 2021

The municipality is making the bicycle crossing at the intersection of the Maanweg and Regulusweg safer for cyclists. The project begins on 1 November and will last until 12 November 2021.

The crossing for cyclists at the intersection of the Maanweg and Regulusweg is busy. Cyclists will soon get more space to wait before crossing. To create more space the cycle path will be shifted somewhat and the traffic islands will be enlarged. This will make it safer.

Congestion and accessibilityDuring the project 1 lane of the Regulusweg will be closed. The other lane of the Regulusweg will stay open. Traffic will be able to drive past the work site at a slower speed. Cyclists will soon not be able to cross at the Maanweg-Regulusweg intersection. Yellow road signs will indicate the diversion to the Saturnusstraat-Regulusweg intersection. Cyclists will be able to cross there.

Do you have questions about the project? Contact Jessica de Vries, area manager at the municipality. You can send her an email at: verkeersveiligheid@denhaag.nl.