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What do the airports of Eindhoven, New York and Brisbane have in common? They are all connected in one way or another with Royal Schiphol Group, the company that owns and operates Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Just like you can have brothers, sisters, parents and grandparents in different parts of the world, Schiphol Group has relatives in four continents. And we introduce them to you here!

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You will come across all kinds of things at Schiphol. Polar bears for example. Really and truly! When it snows and freezes you can just see them in action at our airport. Not the white furry ones from the North Pole of course, we have our own polar bears. They keep the runways free of snow and ice so that the aircraft can continue to fly in the cold.

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Schiphol Commercial Director Jan Willem Weissink will take over from 1 March 2022 farewell to Royal Schiphol Group. He will become CEO of Reggeborgh Vastgoed. Weissink was director of Schiphol Real Estate (SRE) for five years. In October 2020, after the merger of the SRE and Consumer Products & Services departments, he became responsible for all commercial activities at the airport.

As soon as there is a successor, Schiphol will announce this.


Jaap Winter joins the Supervisory Board of Royal Schiphol Group. Schiphol Group’s shareholders have agreed to this. Winter has been appointed for a period of four years.

Schiphol faces important challenges, including the need for a sustainable transformation of aviation. I look forward to contributing in this role.

Jaap Winter

The Supervisory Board is very pleased to welcome Jaap Winter as a new member. With his broad management experience, he will be able to make an important contribution.

Louise Gunning, Chairman of the Supervisory Board

In 2022 Birgit Otto’s second and final term as Chief Operations Officer (COO) of Royal Schiphol Group will come to an end. She will leave Royal Schiphol Group on 1 June 21. Birgit Otto has worked for Royal Schiphol Group for years, in Operations, Asset Management and Commercial, and for eight years as a member of the Management Board.

In line with the reorganization that Schiphol has implemented and the wish In order to improve operational efficiency, we decided to reduce the Management Board from four to three directors. That is why Birgit Otto will leave a few months earlier and she will not be replaced. From 1 June 21 the Management Board consists of Dick Benschop (Chief Executive Officer), Hanne Buis (Chief Operating Officer) and Robert Carsouw (Chief Financial Officer).

Birgit Otto: “I have led Royal Schiphol Group with great passion and pleasure and I am proud of what we have reached this period, despite the ongoing challenges for Schiphol. In addition to the continuous attention to day-to-day operations, important projects and investments have been started and realised. My focus has always been on creating added value in the broad sense of the word for our airlines, passengers and other stakeholders. Schiphol is a unique place and a great company.”

Louise Gunning, Chairman of the Supervisory Board: “I would like to sincerely thank Birgit for everything she has done for Schiphol Group. has meant. She was always the “voice of the customer” in the organization. During her period, Schiphol was able to take important steps in further digitization, integrated safety and capacity management. We wish Birgit every success with her next steps.”


You have checked in, passed security and are on your way to your gate to wait for your flight. Then you suddenly see: the area with the piers looks completely different. It is light and spacious, there are stylish new seating areas and the toilets resemble those of a chic hotel, there are more dining options and it is much greener thanks to all the plants. In short: here you can really enjoy yourself while you wait for your flight.


Did you know that Schiphol cooperates with airports worldwide? And so on December and January 1 we can wish colleagues in Australia, Asia and North America a happy new year at various times. Join us on a tour around the world! And also for you: a happy 56.

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Bringing some atmosphere into your home for the holidays, we all know that it can always take a little longer than you think. Put up the Christmas tree, untangle the lights before you can hang them. Before you know it, you’ll be working on it all day. Can you imagine that you have to decorate an entire airport.

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Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Travelers

Of the total 23,5 million travelers in 2020 had , 1 million travelers transfer at Schiphol. This is approximately 5.5 million unique travelers, who are counted twice in the international counting method: as a traveler on arrival and as a traveler on departure.
Aircraft movements

Last year there were 180.996 aircraft movements at Schiphol. That is an increase of 17% relative to 2020 (227.296 flight movements) and a drop of 48% relative to 2019 (496.782 flight movements). The recovery in the number of air transport movements is therefore higher than that in the number of passengers. This is because airlines maintained the network as much as possible.

The Netherlands was connected via Schiphol to 296 direct destinations, of which 180 intercontinental. In 2020 the number of destinations was 304, in 932 there were 332. Although the number of destinations with 18 has fallen compared to 2020 Schiphol was in 202021, according to the connectivity report of ACI, the best connected airport in Europe. Examples of destinations that were no longer in the network in 2020: Windhoek, Namibia; Portland, USA; Mombasa, Kenya; Havana, Cuba.

Schiphol processed in 2020 1,66 million tons of cargo, an increase of 11% relative to 2020 (1,41 million tons) and an increase of 5% compared to 2019 (1,48 million tons). There were 23.932 full cargo flights. That is an increase of 1% compared to 2020 (21.782 cargo flights) and 70% relative to 2020 (11.79 cargo flights). This strong increase in cargo flights is due to the temporary availability of slots at Schiphol. In 2020, Schiphol, together with partners from the freight sector, committed itself to the transport of corona vaccines.

Eindhoven Airport At Eindhoven Airport there were 19.704 aircraft movements in 2021. That is an increase of 14% relative to 2020 (16.704 aircraft movements) and a drop of 48% relative to 2019 (037.704 aircraft movements). The number of destinations remained the same in 2020 compared to 2020 with 79 direct destinations. There are less than in 2020. Read more here.

Rotterdam The Hague Airport Rotterdam The Hague Airport had 6.2020 last year commercial aircraft movements. That is an increase of 21% relative to 2020 (5.304 aircraft movements) and a drop of 48% relative to (14.683 aircraft movements). The total number of destinations remained the same in 2020 compared to 2020 of 36 direct destinations. There are 11 less than in 2020. Read more here.

Gently restore Also in 2020 the consequences of the corona pandemic for Dutch aviation were significant. The recovery was limited in the first half of the year, with 118.41 aircraft movements and 5.6 million passengers. The recovery started from the summer months, with a total of in the second half of the year) .932 aircraft movements and 18,9 million travelers. The degree of recovery is in line with the prognosis issued by Schiphol with the half-year figures.

These are the preliminary traffic and transport figures of Royal Schiphol Group. The definitive ones will follow when the annual figures are published in February.