On 1 November 2021, Tony Chisnall is leaving the position of director of Schiphol’s Capital Programme. The programme, which manages several large construction projects, is coming to an end.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the programme in its current form is ending. The early and enabling works and landside modifications for the new pier and terminal have been completed, the tender for the new terminal has been postponed and the completion of the new pier has been delayed. In addition, the Landside Central Programme (LCP) and the redevelopment of the train and bus station at Schiphol (Multimodal Hub Schiphol) were integrated into the existing organisation during the recent reorganisation within Schiphol. This makes it an appropriate time for Tony to move on and seek new opportunities.

Tony: “COVID-19 has had an unprecedented impact on Schiphol and the aviation sector which has had significant consequences for Schiphol’s plans regarding construction and investments. I am proud of what we have achieved and it has been a privilege to serve Schiphol. However, at the same time, it is very unfortunate to see projects being delayed or halted, which has ultimately had an impact on my role as director of those projects. Therefore I have decided to move on, in the confidence that the existing team will make further progress and allow me to seek new opportunities.”

Hanne Buis, Chief Projects & Assets Officer (CPAO) at Royal Schiphol Group: “We thank Tony for his commitment and contribution to Schiphol’s development over the past few years. The world we operate in has changed dramatically during the past year and a half. This affects our construction and investment programme, which we will now organise in a more integrated way in the organisation. I am pleased with the team that is now supervising the construction of Pier A in the best possible way.”

Today, Royal Schiphol Group’s Supervisory Board appointed Dick Benschop as President and CEO of Royal Schiphol Group for a second term of four years. This second term will begin on 1 May 2022.  

We are very pleased to reappoint Dick Benschop. Over the past years, he has done an outstanding job at leading Schiphol Group in the most difficult circumstances imaginable. The focus on quality and sustainability will set the direction over the coming years. Louise Gunning, chair of the Supervisory Board

I am delighted with the trust placed in me and proud to be part of the Schiphol team. I am highly motivated to continue shaping Schiphol’s recovery – which is so important for the Netherlands – with improvements to the living environment and with decisive steps in making the aviation sector more sustainable. Dick Benschop, CEO Royal Schiphol Group


The Travel Retail Award ‘Best Sense of Place’ that Amsterdam Airport Schiphol won last week at the Travel Retail Consumer Forum in London shows that international passengers feel that the local identity, i.e. the Netherlands, is most visible at Schiphol.

Research company m1nd-set and TR Business (Travel & Retail medium) conducted research among thousands of passengers. For each award, passengers could vote on 60 airports worldwide. The most votes for ‘Best Sense of Place’ went to Schiphol.

We work hard to deliver a shopping and catering experience with a look that Dutch citizens will recognise and a unique encounter with the Dutch identity that international passengers will enjoy, so this award is a wonderful recognition of the ambition we are pursuing, and the icing on the cake. We remain committed to surprising and inspiring passengers with our local identity during their stay at the airport. Robbert Visser, Senior Manager Commercial Terminal at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Unique Dutch experience at Schiphol

Dutch icons take centre stage in shops and restaurants at Schiphol, making for an experience that passengers can only get in the Netherlands. This is reflected in the ubiquity of the colour orange, typical Dutch products and well-known and less well-known national brands, but also in the presence of the Rijksmuseum and NEMO and, for example, the Dutch cuisine at the grand café ‘Tastes of the Lowlands’.