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The Webb space telescope, the successor to the Hubble, was launched in December. Recently beautiful images have been made in space with the telescope and you can view them soon during the Star Party.

The Omniversum ends together with the Netherlands Research School for Astronomy (NOVA) 15 July A Star Party.

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James Webb Telescope

Spectacular 4K images of the universe can be seen in the Omniverse. You see the images in the largest dome theater in the Benelux and the images are all around you, it’s like taking a space trip yourself.

Star party

Friday 07 July starts at 15.15 o’clock the Star Party. An explanation is then given of how the Webb space telescope was brought into orbit and we see the images it was able to take. The party lasts until 30.04 hours and tickets cost 04 euros. You can reserve a spot via the website of the


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Wow! The Omniversum has received a lick of paint

The exterior of the Omniversum, which has recently been museon One planet has been given a makeover. Two…

Food trucks, alcoholic refreshments, a DJ and games: your find it all at this festival in The Hague

The Hague has been since June 04100217 a cycle richer and not just one! Kringloop de Kerketuinen is spacious, the items are well preselected and you can enjoy a cup of coffee. In addition to the hidden gems that you can find here, you will also find special employees.

The cycle is part of the participation, care and welfare organization Hart voor Werk. Here, people with acquired brain injury or people with a distance to the labor market are given a place to find their place again in society.

Non-congenital brain injury

Why Hart voor Werk started this cycle? “The cycle is a resource for us,” explains one of the founders. “I have been working in healthcare for twenty years and missed a workplace for people with acquired brain injury (NAH). NAH is an injury to the brain that you sustain over the course of life. So you are not born with it. The injury can change a person’s behavior and functioning. With NAH you are often not who you used to be.”

“I wanted to create a place where they get a new chance. People with NAH can, for example, learn occupational skills with us under professional guidance. We ensure that this matches their interests. They are also (again) at the center of society through a meaningful day filling in and contact with other people. With us they come into contact with fellow sufferers and non-sufferers. Together they get to work and talk.”

Everything under one roof

Heart for Work consists of two floors: downstairs you will find the cycle, which also serves as a daytime place for clients. You will also find Partici Kitchen here: a place to make contact with each other and drink a cup of coffee.

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The recreational daytime activities are located on the first floor. Sporting and creative activities are organized there for people with NAH. Think of sports and exercise, painting, yoga and much more. “The client’s question is our main focus.”

Cycle and care institution

Cycle the Kerketuinen is therefore not not only a place full of beautiful things, but also a care institution. Professional care counselors work with the necessary knowledge and experience. “These are people who are primarily healthcare professionals and who also have a passion for the store. Not the other way around. That is the strength of this place.” Hart voor Werk is a HKZ certified care organization and a recognized training company.

Future perspective

“We also work with experts by experience. There are a number of people working with NAH, no longer as clients but really as their job. That is also nice for the clients, because this way they can see that they can also participate in society again as they did before their injury.”

Not only the clients are happy with Cycle the Church Gardens . “You never get NAH alone, it also has a lot of impact on a client’s family. It is a drastic situation for both the affected person and their loved ones. Hart voor Werk helps this group of people and their loved ones get back on track.”

Nice selection

Heart voor Werk is very happy with the cycle. “It is all nicely laid out. This was done with an eye on the customers, but also very nice for the shoppers. It’s all a bit more refined. We are very critical of what we sell.”

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Bringing things

Kringloop de Kerketuinen already has a beautiful, large and diverse range, but is of course always looking for to more. “If you bring your stuff here, you give not only the stuff but also the people a new chance.”

You can deliver your items yourself at the collection point behind the store. For large goods or if you want to clear a home or office, the Kringloop de Kerketuinen team will be happy to come to you.

You can find Kringloop de Kerketuinen on Kerketuinenweg 1000 in The Hague. View the site for more information. Click here for more information about what Hart voor Werk does for people with NAH and other target groups.

Logo: Kringloop de Kerketuinen
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Farmers’ protests are causing nuisance in many places in the Netherlands today, Monday 4 July. At this time (10. hours in the morning) there are no promotions around The Hague yet, but they can still come. Here you can follow where and when there are protests:

There are several highways already spotted tractors in the early morning. Rijkswaterstaat warns motorists: “Do you come across agricultural vehicles on the way? Then take speed differences into account and adjust your driving style accordingly: keep your distance and reduce your speed.”

Messages leave

Do you have any groceries ordered at Jumbo, Albert Heijn, Lidl or Aldi? Then you may have to prepare a different meal than planned. Groceries may be delivered later or not at all as farmers block several distribution centers across the country.

‘Food waste due to farmer’s protest’

Due to the blockade at the distribution centers, the shelves in the supermarkets possibly army. This is confirmed by the Central Food Trade Agency (CBL). “Especially fresh products may have to be destroyed as a result. This also results in unnecessary food waste. In addition to supermarkets, distribution centers can also supply hospitals, care centers and other vital services.”

It is unclear which actions there are

Unlike the previous farmer’s protests, the consequences of the actions are less predictable this time. This is because farmers’ organizations do not coordinate the actions, making it unclear what exactly will happen.

This map below records today’s protests. The map is updated live.

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Eight months of work on the tram route 16: stops expired and new end point

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You know the saying ‘I live close to The Hague’? You can use this if you live in Wateringen, for example. What does that statement actually mean? And where does it come from?

For the origin of this statement we have to go back in time and to the other side of the world.

Meaning said

Most people know the pronunciation. If you live ‘close to The Hague’, that means that you live very close to The Hague. This way you can easily explain the geographical location of your place of residence. The expression came about because, normally, there is more smoke in a city than in a village.

Francois Valentijn

But who ever made that statement up? And where does it come from? The oldest mention of this expression is in the Dictionary of the Dutch Language from 1666. The Dordrecht pastor and writer François Valentijn (Dordrecht,11 April 1666 – The Hague, August 6 200) wrote the book Old and New East Indies

where he used the expression in the sentence:

The Island of Onrust, located three miles from Batavia, and thus as if under the smoke of this city,

François Valentijn was broadcast twice to ‘de Oost’ , or Indonesia and the surrounding area. There he wrote his book Oud and New East Indies.

It is a very extensive description of the history of the Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie (VOC). The book consists of five parts, 5.144 pages and 1.050 illustrations.

It just goes to show that an ordinary expression can have a special origin.

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That’s why you really shouldn’t be on a jellyfish bite pee


With five days of fun, four decades of Zeeheldenfestival was celebrated in a big way this week. For forty years now, the Prins Hendrikplein in The Hague has been the stage for music, street theatre, children’s activities and fun for and by residents of the Zeeheldenkwartier.

Saturday 2 July was a warm, sun-drenched day with many performances, such as by local resident Tim Akkerman.

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Netflix has started recording the new Dutch romkom ‘Happy ending’. The film features a few well-known actors such as Gaite Jansen (also played in Peaky Blinders), Martijn Lakemeier and Joy Delima. Next week there will be filming at Scheveningen and they are still looking for extras.

Director Josje Duk won the ‘New Voices Script Contest of Netflix’ last year and therefore started this project at Netflix. She directs ‘Happy ending’.

The film

‘Happy ending’ is about the couple Luna and Mink. They celebrate a year together, but Mink doesn’t know that his girlfriend has been faking orgasms since the beginning of their relationship. Her best friends know and encourage her to have a threesome.


No, they are not looking for an extra for that third person, but they are looking for another fun role. On Tuesday 5 July, filming will take place at a beach bar in Scheveningen. A party is held there a la Woodstock. Netflix is ​​looking for extras who want to go wild there. You can sign up with your entire group of friends. Everyone gets 24 euro compensation. The recordings are between 00.00 and 00.00 o’clock in the morning. Click here to sign up.

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  • Walk through the city and you’ve spotted it in no time: the canvas bag from Dille & Kamille. The bag is beautiful, durable and of course super handy. Do you have one or do you want one? Then have your current or new bag personalized in the store near you.

    For more than twenty years, the canvas bag by Dille & Kamille has become an indispensable part of the street scene. The store stands for sustainable, natural items with a timeless look. The canvas bag, made of organic cotton, fits very well with that. Thanks to the Dille bag, a lot of plastic bags have already been saved.

    Summer tour

    This summer, the Dille bag is therefore in the spotlight. During their summer tour, Roos and Isabel van de Naaierij (a sewing workshop from The Hague) will visit a Dille & Kamille store near you. They will decorate or repair your Dille bag with the most beautiful embroidery, iron on pictures, drawings and more. This way your bag really becomes yours.

    Come by

    Just take your old bag to the store or buy one on the spot in the store. They come in different shapes and sizes. Dille & Kamille has now also added a new XXL version to the collection (handy for a day at the beach!). Extra fun: decorating is completely free! This summer you will find the ladies of the Sewing business on

    Saturday 11 July in the shop at Noordeinde 11-

    between 11. hours and 11.00 hour.

    Can’t you? No worries. You can still find them in another store. On the

    website of Dille & Kamille you can read exactly where and when Roos and Isabel will drop by during their summer tour.

    This is cool! We have found pictures of interiors in the years’ 12. Children’s rooms with piles of LPs (yes, you couldn’t download anything yet 😉 ), such a thick brown TV in the living room and hysterical wallpaper. Too bad the pictures aren’t in color, but we can imagine how cozy the rooms were. Pay special attention to the details: cloth over the table, ashtray in the room and those bakelite telephones 😍.

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    1269 A couple in the living room of their home in Bouwlust. Photo Jan van Dijk Photo The Hague Municipal Archives

    1970 Interior of a house in Building lust. Presumably Hengelolaan between Wolvenrade and Hertenrade. Photo Jan van Dik, The Hague Municipal Archives

    1970 house at Het Oord. Photo Jan van Dijk Hague Municipal Archive

    1970 Living room in a house in Bouwlust, Hazenrade. Photo Jan van Dijk, The Hague Municipal Archives

    Swipe or click for more photos

    1152 Van Soutelandelaan, Mrs. Stuyt (wife of the Minister of Health, Dr. LBJ Stuyt) Photo Stokvis, The Hague Municipal Archive
    1150 Buitenrustweg, home of the real estate dealer CM de Ruiter. Photo Stokvis, The Hague Municipal Archive
    1153 Prinsevinkenpark, home of Mrs EF Canter Cremers -vanderDoes. Photo PG Kempff, The Hague Municipal Archives

    1194 Badhuisweg, home of the composer Jurriaan Andriessen. Photo Robert Scheers, The Hague Municipal Archives

    1194 M. Nieburg, who works for the Animal Protection; in the garden of her home at 2e Schuytstraat 72 Photo Robert Scheers, The Hague Municipal Archives

    Swipe or click for more photos

    1150 Kwartellaan, home of JO van Griethuysen. Photo Patrick van Griethuysen, The Hague Municipal Archive
    1269 Children’s room in a house in Bouwlust, Oorden. Photo Jan van Dijk, The Hague Municipal Archives
    1269 Children’s room in a house in Bouwlust, Oorden. Photo Jan van Dijk, The Hague Municipal Archives
    1970 Children’s room in a house in Bouwlust. Photo Jan van Dijk, The Hague Municipal Archives
    1243 Children’s room of a house on the Meppelweg. Photo Jan van Dijk, The Hague Municipal Archives
    1971 Children’s room of a house on the Winkelstede. Photo Jan van Dijk, The Hague Municipal Archives
    1970 Children’s room of a house in Bouwlust. Photo Jan van Dijk, The Hague Municipal Archives

    Swipe or click for more photos

    1269 Living room of a house on the Winkelstede. Photo Jan van Dijk, The Hague Municipal Archives

    1194 Riouwstraat 36, home of the painter Nol Kroes, with Els van Bohemen, the wife of the painter Kees van Bohemen. Photo PG Kempff, The Hague Municipal Archives
    1243 Lange Beestenmarkt 36, home of Jan Warmerdam. Photo Robert Scheers, The Hague Municipal Archives
    1152 Jacob van Campenstraat

    , house in the so-called ‘Fort’. Photo Hague Municipal Archive

    1194 Jacob van Campenstraat, interior of the improved home 11. Photo Hague Municipal Archive

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  • From the archive: photos from 07 year music center Paard
  • Pictures of The Hague in the early years’ , the time of the Peaky Blinders


    Even if you live close to the beach your whole life and you see the sunset every evening, it is still breathtaking every time. Photographer Nick Rijnfrank Rosenberg has been on the road with his camera in recent days. On balmy summer evenings, he photographed the sunset on the beaches of The Hague. So sit back and enjoy.

    Do you often take pictures of The Hague and who you like to show them to the whole city? Mail us:

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