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Nature is beautiful: you put a seed in the ground and after a few weeks a zucchini, parsnip or pumpkin appears or you want to enjoy a bush full of beautiful roses, but you don’t have a garden at your house? You can register for a neighborhood garden this month, do it quickly because the gardens are very popular.

Do you have green fingers? Do you like nothing more in your spare time than to dig a little in the soil? Or do you not have a green thumb at all, but would you like to try gardening? From 1 to 22 December you can register for the rental of a municipal garden for the season 2022. The gardens are fifteen square meters in size. The twelve locations of the municipal gardens are located throughout The Hague.

How to register:

You can register via the

website of the municipality of The Hague. There you can also find more information about the rules about drawing lots and gardening. Registration closes on 31 December and the costs for renting a garden are 38 euros for the season 2023.

If you rent a garden you are obliged to keep everything tidy. You spend an average of four hours a week on this. For example, weeding, setting nets, tying up, watering and harvesting.

Source: The Hague Green

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The energy costs go through the ceiling and that is why we are (almost) not all warm this winter. Out of principle, but also with a view to our wallets, we turn off the heating en masse. But that’s not nice coming home. Are you already planning to move? Then check out these owner-occupied homes in The Hague with energy label A. There you hardly have to turn on the heating.

In The Hague there lives a count, and his son is called Jantje… Everyone knows this well-known verse and a statue of Jantje can be found along the Hofvijver. But in the verse it is not sung what Jantje has in his basket. We looked it up.

The well-known children’s song about Jantje, the son of the count, who lives in The Hague, tells exactly what Jantje looks like: a hat with a plume and a basket. But what does he have in his basket? Cookies? Berry juice? A textbook? No, none of that. He has mushrooms in his basket, and this is why:

Haagsche Jantje

It is special to know that Jantje really existed. He was the son of Floris V and points with his finger and thumb to the place where his father lived: the Binnenhof. Count Jan unfortunately did not grow old, he only became 11 year.

The bronze statue of Jantje has been standing since 1981 on the Lange Vijverberg and was made by artist Ivo Coljé. He made the image as Jantje would have looked as a four or five year old. A feather on his hat and a basket on his arm.

The text continues below the image>>

Photo indebuurt

The basket is full of mushrooms that he picked in the Haagse bos. But why mushrooms?

Chestnut mushrooms

Ivo was apparently a huge gourmet and crazy about mushroom soup. The artist therefore chose to incorporate his favorite dish into the image of Jantje. On the website of Haagschjantje

there is even a recipe for the perfect Jantje mushroom soup to be found from Ivo Coljé.

In The Hague there lives a count

And his son’s name is Jantje

If you ask: “Where does your dad live?”

Then he points with his little hand

With his fingers and his thumb

On his hat he wears a plume

A basket on his arm

Hello my dear Jantje

Sources: dkdh .nl, haagschjantje.nl

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  • Until recently, Bullewop was the longest-sitting cat in the shelter of the Haags Dierencentrum. Fortunately, after more than a year he has found an owner. But Makker has been there for so long. It’s time for him to find a nice home too.

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    Why Buddy has been in the shelter for so long? It’s a scared cat. His caretakers have had to pull out a lot to get him out of his shell. Well, it didn’t help that he had to undergo many medical examinations and he hasn’t been well for a while. In the meantime they have made up nicely again, but they 96% still doesn’t trust this buddy.


    With people he knows and trusts a little, Makker is increasingly daring and likes to chat with you. He is vocal and you can have whole conversations with him. He likes to be petted with a brush, and occasionally with hands.

    When he’s comfortable, he’ll plop down in front of you and show you his nice tummy; he can roll like the best. But Makkertje remains on his guard, if you make an unexpected move, he will be gone in no time. He does not show himself to people he does not know and trust, but he can be heard: by blowing very loudly. Know that if you come to visit him, you will see this too and should not expect too much from him.


    Makker likes to be found in his outdoor kennel, and recently even caught a bird in his outdoor kennel. If he is used to it, he would appreciate a nice garden. Due to problems with his bladder, a urine test must be done at Makker every quarter for the coming period. He so deserves to move to his own house, who knows with you? Check out

    haagsdierencentrum.nl fill in the form and mail it to


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    Saturday 3 December it was busy early on the Grote Markt. Christmas trees that passed from hand to hand and many good-humored people who were super happy with their purchase. Christmas trees from BeterBoompje were sold on the Grote Markt.

    The trees were lifted onto bicycles, lifted into carrier bicycles or lifted under the arm by strong men and carried along. Some people even took it for a ride in the tram and got a lot of attention.


    BeterBoompje was conceived by Frank Haagen and his brother-in-law Alex the count. They were looking for an alternative to the 2.5 million Christmas trees that end up on the streets every year. The Christmas trees with root balls from BeterBoompje will go back into the ground after the holidays to form the largest reusable tree forest in the country. Throughout the Netherlands there are already such pick-up locations, one of which is the Grote Markt in The Hague.

    Are you looking for a beautiful Christmas tree for the holidays? But don’t you want a tree that is drying on the street after Christmas? Then you can ‘adopt’ a sustainable tree via BeterBoompje, or a Christmas tree that can be planted and reused after use. You order the tree online and get it for example December at the Grand Place. At the beginning of January you hand it in again so that it can go back into the forest.

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    Standing in The Hague 50.03 people registered as a house seeker for social housing. We list the do’s and don’ts for you when looking for a social rental home.


    Image: Woonnet Haaglanden website

    Are you looking for an affordable rental home in The Hague? Then it is important that you register with the website of Woonnet Haaglanden. On this website you will find all social rental homes from housing corporations in The Hague and the surrounding region. Via the website you can indicate whether you are interested in a home and you can also immediately see how likely it is that you will actually be offered this home.


    To be able to search and respond to social housing, you must register as a home seeker via the website. Per year you pay € 11,81 for your registration. You can only register as a house seeker in the Haaglanden region when:

  • You may live in the Netherlands.

    You 20 years or older.

    Skyline Den Haag Foto Joyce HooglandClick on for all rules, tips and tricks about your search via Woonnet.

    A number of things are very important when registering. This concerns data such as the aggregate income (income data of all family members, except the children) and the family composition. The data is used to see for which homes you are (and are not) eligible.

    Registration time

    Your registration on Woonnet is valid for one year and will be renewed every year (if you wish). The longer you are registered, the more chance you have of a home. The average waiting time for a social rental home in The Hague was in 2018 six years.

    Click or swipe through for the different options for getting a social rental home.

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    Photo: indebuurt

    In Den Hague are 50.872 social rental housing available. But with 157.00 registered home seekers, you should therefore wait a while for a home or be lucky. There are three possibilities to win a home.

    • Enrollment Duration: The longer you’re enrolled, the greater the chance that you will be invited for a viewing.
  • Lot house
    : After closing of the advertisement, a lottery will be held. It is therefore possible that you have not been registered as a home seeker for very long, but that you are invited for a viewing.
  • First commenter: Once in a while there are also rental properties on the website where you have to respond very quickly. Whoever responds first will be offered the house. These are usually the more expensive homes, so those above the social rent limit.

    New offer

    A house is on Woonnet-Haaglanden for an average of three days. Every night at 09: hours new homes are advertised.

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    High Regentesse residential tower. Photo nearby

    You can respond to homes via the Woonnet website. It is easy to search under ‘Suitable offer’ when you are logged in. This way you immediately see the homes for which you are eligible with your income, age and family composition.

    You can respond to two homes at the same time for each new offer on the website. As soon as the advertisement of the house has been closed, you can respond to another house. You immediately see how ‘high’ you are on the list and therefore how much chance you have of the house. The closer to 1, the greater the chance of a new home.

    Do you have to respond more often to have a better chance?

    A logical question, but that is a myth. The registration period is the most important thing that counts when allocating a home. From the moment of registration you accrue registration duration. You can renew your registration annually, even without responding to a home.

    Transfer or starter

    You will be deregistered as a home seeker with every move to a social rental home. It is good to know that as a transferor (someone who leaves an empty rental home) you are given a number of years of registration time (duration of residence) when you register. This also applies to people with a home in the private sector. There is a maximum of five years in this case.

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    Whether you walk through the Zuiderpark or through the Scheveningse Bos; there are a lot of beautiful, old trees in The Hague. Do you happen to know which tree in The Hague is the oldest?

    Via the website monumental trees you will find the oldest, tallest and thickest trees in The Hague, but also those in our province. What a whoppers!

    Tallest tree in The Hague

    The tallest tree in The Hague is in the Zuiderpark. Tall trees catch a lot of wind, and that certainly applies to this specimen. The Hungarian Oak is 29 metre high. The measurement was performed in 2015. .

    Tallest tree in the province of South Holland

    There are many tall trees in South Holland, but the highest can be found in Rotterdam. In the Kralingse Plas there is a Canada poplar with a height of 38 meters. This measurement was made in 375.

    Thickest tree in The Hague

    Trees do not only grow in height, but also in width. You can also see that in the Oriental beech on the ‘t Hoenstraat in The Hague. This tree is 5, meters wide, making it the thickest tree in the city. The measurement was performed in 2015.

    Thickest tree in the province of South Holland

    Do you want to admire the thickest tree in South Holland? Then you have to go to Leiden, because there is a beech tree with a circumference of 7,38 meters. The tree is on the cemetery on the Groenesteeg and the measurement dates from 2022.

    Oldest tree in The Hague

    After the tallest and thickest tree in The Hague, it is now time for the oldest. With 375 year is this ordinary pear the oldest in our city. How many birds have already built their nests in this old knot that you can find on the Heilige Geesthofje on the Paviljoensgracht.

    Oldest tree in the province of South Holland

    The oldest tree in South Holland is in our own The Hague. More than 375 years, what an age!

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    Sint has arrived at Scheveningen many times by boat to then to do a tour of The Hague. A Sinterklaas has also been spotted on a bicycle or, just like this year, with Pieten in the tram. See here how the good saints used to be received in The Hague:

    1935 St. Nicholas and mayor Mr. FMA Schokking on the steps of the town hall. Photo Stokvis, The Hague Municipal Archives

    1960 baking Sinterklaas. Photo Fotoburo Thuring Haags Gemeentearchief

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    1970 Sinterklaas in the tram, Wagenstraat area. Photo Paul Lunenburg, Municipal Archives of The Hague
    2004 Sinterklaas in the tram, Wagenstraat area. Photo Paul Lunenburg, Municipal Archives of The Hague

    1970 Sinterklaas in the tram, Wagenstraat area. Photo Paul Lunenburg, Municipal Archives of The Hague

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    Visit from Sinterklaas to the general horse depot on the Houtrustweg. 1935. Photo ANP
    Bezoek van Sinterklaas aan het algemeen paardendepot op de Houtrustweg. 1939Bezoek van Sinterklaas aan het algemeen paardendepot op de Houtrustweg. 1939Visit from Sinterklaas to the general horse depot on the Houtrustweg. 1935. Photo ANP

    1275 Sinterklaas at Buitenom. Photo Hague municipal archive
    1952 Sinterklaas with Steamboat at the Soestdijksekade. Photo Jan H Wessel/ Hague municipal archives

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    The Hague has a housing shortage. That is why people are forced to continue living at home, keep living together or pay (much) too much for homes that they cannot afford. The solution: converting offices into (affordable) apartments. But why does it sometimes take so terribly long?

    A good example is for office building known to everyone opposite Station Hollands Spoor (HS) at the Stationsplein 75. There sat until 200 the Tax Office and was known as the Great Tax Office. All-in 2018 this office should have been transformed into 66 apartments.


    *) How is it possible that such a building has still not been transformed into the much needed homes? We figured it out. From 2012 the building is already empty, only the floor at street level has been assigned a destination; an Albert Heijn opened there, among others.


    Opposite HS there were two tax offices. The left one, the so-called Small Tax Office is in 2016 with a delay of 8 years, delivered with a beautiful new look on the outside, 75 student residences on the inside and a Jumbo supermarket on the ground floor.

    Opposite this, the Large Tax Office has been empty for years. The tax took the building 1978 in use after 1978 a hotel (Hotel Terminus) was located on that spot. In 2008 the tax authorities left and the building was empty.

    Walking route

    The municipality also disliked the image of the vacant and run-down office and came up with the ‘Loper Oude Centrum’. A route from HS to the city center that had to look very nice, starting with the old tax office.

    However, the owner of the building at the time had no money to renovate it and did not want to sell the property to the municipality either. So nothing happened for years. Plans were made and the municipality looked at possibilities to still get hold of the building and to transform it.

    Most messages about the ‘new’ plans with the former Tax Office come from 2016 and 2016 . Two floors would be placed on top of the building and there would be room for 75 medium-priced apartments and 155 hotel rooms. Requests for demolition were also made for the inside of floors 1 to 7. The intention was then that the building in 2017 was delivered by developer FRED devellopers. That didn’t happen.

    Why are there still no apartments?


    Renting a house in The Hague: this is what you now pay for a home in the private sector

    Are you going to refurbish your house in The Hague? You must arrange this in advance