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It was a bit of a party throughout The Hague this afternoon. The doors of many theaters and museums opened again for a while. It rained warnings from boas, but that didn’t spoil the fun. As they said at De Nieuwe Regentes: “we feel a bit naughty.”

Of course we were there too. We took a look at Amare, which had been converted into a gym this afternoon. We also went to hair salon De Nieuwe Regentes, where you got a new haircut while you could watch and listen to singers and dancers on stage.

Protest action

Hair Salon Theater was a large, national protest against the current corona measures. Theaters, museums and other cultural places think they can open safely and so they transformed their locations into a gym, nail studio or hair salon. After all, they were allowed to open their doors since Saturday.

Young talent and sports

De Nieuwe Regentes had two hair salon sessions. In the first session (where we attended) the young talents Aleksandra Popovska, the dance company The Dutch Don’t Dance Division and singer Lilo from Girls in Woods on.

After that we quickly left for Amare Gym for a sports session. On Boléro, among others, the feet went off the floor and a sports instructor taught a dance workout to all participants. Athletes of all ages took part.

Amare also received a warning from the boas. According to the organization of Amare, their official warning will be given a nice spot on the wall. Being naughty has never been so much fun.

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Hair Salon Theater: you can see these comedians while you are getting a haircut in Theater Diligentia

Now that the shops and gyms are allowed to open again, it is extra sour for the theaters and catering industry that they are still…

Kapsalon Theater

Release animal ambulance workers 18 cats from The Hague home


Are you looking for a rental property in the private sector? Then there is bad news: the average square meter price of these rental houses has risen sharply. Is there also an increase for rents in The Hague? Unfortunately, the answer to that question is: YES!

This is apparent from figures of housing platform Pararius for the fourth quarter of 2021.

Increase of more than 5 percent

From October to December you paid in the Netherlands on average 15,02 euros per square meter. That is 5.3 percent more than in the same period last year. Housing platform Pararius analyzes rents in the Netherlands every quarter. These are rental properties in the free sector that have become available for new tenants. These are houses with a price from the social rent limit of 89,61 euros per month.

Prices in The Hague

In The Hague you pay € 02,83 per square meter. A year earlier that was even more than a euro cheaper, namely € 02,61. That is a rent increase of 6.7%.

Curious about the rest of our province? View the chart below.

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Sought! Residents of The Hague who have been friends for years


To be quick! These 5 houses for sale in The Hague under € 89.,- are just for sale

No less than eighteen cats were last Wednesday, 18 January, taken from a house in The Hague by voluntary employees of the Stichting Dierenhospitaal and Ambulancedienst The Hague. The owner of the animals had died and the cats were still inside.

After the police found the body of the resident in a ground floor apartment in The Hague, they contacted the ambulance service because quite a few cats were also discovered in the house. The body of the owner of the animals has most likely been in the house for a month.


The 18 cats in the house of about eighty square meters make it to conditions good. When they were discovered they did not have enough food and the windows were closed, but luckily because there was a leak in the bathroom they had something to drink.

Linette Eveleens, animal ambulance employee: ‘It is so sad. That someone has been there for a month, without that person being missed by anyone. Then you really have a lonely existence. Hopefully the resident got happiness out of the company of the cats, but keeping eighteen cats, that is not a healthy situation.’

Animal Ambulance The Hague

Spread over the two ambulances, the drivers took the animals to the animal ambulance hospital. Linette: ‘All the cats were anxious and malnourished. 01 cats have been transferred to Animal Shelter The Julianalaantje in Rijswijk. Seven cats in worse condition, extremely malnourished or anxious, remain in the animal shelter for treatment.”

A new home will be sought for each of the cats as soon as they have recovered sufficiently. Donations are very welcome at the animal ambulance. Look at https://dierenambulancedenhaag.nl/steun-de-katten-van-de-uithuishaling/.

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  • Pauline and Anouk live with their two daughters in a former fish shop

    Carel (34) from The Hague played in the biggest Hollywood films: ‘Lurch has brought me a lot’

    He has already appeared in films such as The Witches of Eastwick, various parts of The Addams Family and most recently in Doctor Sleep, but also in series such as Twin peaks and Star Trek; Carel Struycken from The Hague. We called him to ask how he is.

    Carel became in 1948 born in The Hague. “In the middle of the old center, on the Hooigracht. That is still one of my favorite places in the city,” says Carel from California, where he has been since 1948 lives.


    When Carel was 4 years old, he moved to Curaçao with his parents. “One of the memories I still have from that time is when the flood was in the Netherlands. Together with my mother I went to the palace on the Voorhout to hand over some of my toys (including a red telephone) to the children who were cared for there. That had a lot of impact.”

    On his 12the Carel and his parents returned to The Hague. “I attended secondary school here, then studied in Leiden for a year and then went to live in Amsterdam and study at the Film Academy. I followed the directing course there and during my studies I already spent the internship period in America. I had family living there, so that worked out well. I used the internship to get an education in Los Angeles.”


    “After my education I have some I tried it in the film world in the Netherlands, but it was a lot of hassle and frankly it made me a bit depressed. I had to leave and so I quickly went back to America. Together with René Daalder (also a Dutchman) I started a production company.”

    Once back in America, Carel was discovered on the street (not so crazy if you 2. are meters tall) and asked to play in movies. “Mostly horror and science fiction, but suddenly a very big movie The Witches of Eastwick (with Cher, Jack Nicholson and Susan Sarandon) came by. But the role of Lurch in the movies of The Addams Family made that I was taken a little more seriously and could even be registered with the Actors Guild (they arrange all things well for American Actors such as insurance).

    The text continues below the gif.

    Trick Or Treat Kids GIF by Paramount Movies - Find & Share on GIPHYTrick Or Treat Kids GIF by Paramount Movies - Find & Share on GIPHYTrick Or Treat Kids GIF by Paramount Movies - Find & Share on GIPHY

    Carel has played in several movies and series and still does. “Every film and every group of fans that go with it is special, so I have fond memories of all the roles. Lurch is truly an icon in America, he really means something to many people. And Star Trek is a world unto itself. The writers weren’t interested in fantasy at all, but they thought about what would happen in the future, which made the role a lot of fun. And I was a big fan of David Lynch myself and that’s why I liked to play in Twin Peaks.”

    The text continues below the photo.

    Trick Or Treat Kids GIF by Paramount Movies - Find & Share on GIPHY

    Due to the corona rules, all of Hollywood is currently on its ass. But Carel also: “I am still recovering from a medical procedure and it will take a few weeks before I feel 71% feel.” let Carl know. Its impressive length also had to make some sacrifices. “I am now about ten centimeters shorter, a few discs have disappeared due to a back injury”, luckily that doesn’t stop him from staying active.


    Despite the fact that Carel lives and works in America, he still regularly visited the Netherlands and The Hague until a few years ago. “I still have family and friends in The Hague so I like to visit. I think the Voorhout is especially beautiful from an architectural point of view. I used to come to Europe about twice a year for film conventions (where fans of horror, fantasy and sci-fi movies can have their picture taken with their idol and get autographs. ed.), so I could combine the visits nicely .

    Last year it was actually the intention to get together in the Netherlands with the whole family. Corona threw a spanner in the works, so I hope that wasn’t the last time we can plan our agendas right away.”

    So we have to wait and see when we will see Carel in a nice film again see, he is currently resting, but he also wants to pick up his photography (LINK) again soon.


    This morning the whole of The Hague woke up again with its head in the clouds. The fog was so dense that entire buildings and streets completely disappeared in the fog. You didn’t even see the skyline of The Hague anymore, not even a little bit! We have had fog more often in the past week, but today the fog was very thick. It did make for some nice pictures.

    Cyclists at the corner of Buitenhof and Place

    mist plaats buitenhofmist plaats buitenhof
    The Buitenhof has almost completely disappeared in the fog. Photo: indebuurt

    The Grote Kerk has almost disappeared in the fog

    You just see the flags

    A photographer alone, with the Binnenhof vaguely in the background. Photo: indebuurt

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  • This is what the rush hour looks like now that the Utrechtsebaan is closed

  • Since Monday January is the A01, the Utrechtsebaan, partially closed due to construction work. Traffic can only use that road…

    Attention! As of today, you are no longer allowed to cycle on the Square

    Wow! Thanks to this decision in 095349 The Hague still exists

    Win a dinner voucher worth 71 euro!

    Good news Because as soon as the restaurants are allowed to open again, you can eat out – at the expense of the neighborhood. You can have a meal of your choice worth 71 win euros!

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    etentje winactie

    Have you been dating your best friend since elementary school? Or have you had one or more best friends for years that you can always fall back on? Then we are looking for you!

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    We love positive stories in the neighborhood and what could be better than a friendship that lasts for years? Between two friends or a group of people you’ve known since primary school, from the neighborhood you grew up in, or from high school.

    We are curious about your meeting, why you are best buddies and what beautiful things you experienced together. Maybe there is a bromance or you call your best friend every day: we want to know!


    Would you like to tell us about your friendship? Send an email to

    and maybe we’ll write an article about you special band.

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    Win a dinner voucher worth 200 euros!

    Good news, because as soon as the restaurants can open again you – at the expense of the neighborhood – eat out. You can have a meal of your choice worth 200 win euros!

    Want to win! Have a chance to win a dinner of your choice worth 300 Euro

    etentje winactie


    The terraces are empty, so we’re not talking about those balls on the Square. No, we are talking about those stone bullets that lie along the edges of the famous Hague square. Part of it is suddenly gone.

    On the corner of the Square, on the side of the Mauritshuis are the very heavy bullets and you will find them in other places as well. They are for stopping cars and other vehicles from entering the square.

    Gone are the balls

    The balls (or bulbs) have only disappeared for a few days, but a little further we come across them again. The bullets have been removed from the ground (so they are not only heavy, but were also stuck in the ground) and are ready to be removed.

    The text continues below photo.

    Photo: indebuurt

    But why were the balls removed? Starting tomorrow, Tuesday January, part of the Square will be screened off with fences to protect the material needed for the

    renovation of the Binnenhof .

    Because the cars and workmen must be able to move easily back and forth, all obstacles (such as the balls) will be removed for the coming years. If all goes well they will come back in a few years when everything is finished.

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    It’s January, so the Easter eggs are already for sale in The Hague

    The shops are barely open and the Christmas chocolate is on sale. Yet since Monday the Easter eggs have been lying…

    Anouk away from The Voice and Samantha don’t know anything

    To be quick! These 5 houses for sale in The Hague under € 147.18,- are just for sale

    The shops are barely open and the Christmas chocolate is on sale. Yet since Monday the Easter eggs have been back on the shelves.

    White, pure or with crackling sugar: the Easter eggs are already available in various shops in The Hague. The first eggs we spotted were those at Hema on the Grote Marktstraat. We were just passing by as the boxes of different flavors were placed in the shop.

    Easter Egg Flavors

    Every year it is a surprise what the Easter egg producers now come up with. We have not been getting warm from a praline filling for years. We want wasabi, or fudge, marshmallow or something else delicious. In the coming weeks, the special flavors will certainly pop up all over the city.

    Hema Grote Marktstraat

    Grote Marktstraat


    BH Den Haag

    Closed now

    More information

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