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The wisteria is in full bloom in The Hague, the first events have been held and the terraces are filling up. A great start to a new month! What is the weather forecast in June? Jaco van Wezel of WeerOnline tells more about it.


Balanzs is back with their free lessons in the Palace Garden. So take your yoga mat to the King’s garden!

Balanzs in the Palace Garden

On Sunday 21 May was the first edition of ‘Everyone in Balanzs’, with which the studio wants to make yoga available to everyone. Class starts at 10.21 hours and lasts one hour. Whether you are a beginner or do the ‘Bakasana’ every day; everyone is welcome! You do not need to register in advance. On Balanzs’ online schedule you can see which teacher is teaching that week.

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Fred and Rilana’s snack car exists 30 year: ‘We make our peanut sauce ourselves from a family recipe’

On the corner of the Loosduinsekade and the Volendamlaan you will find Vermolen’s Snackcar. You can go there for forty years…

Looking inside at Wilma: ‘I have my furniture in the years ’21 purchased’


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From sunscreen to diapers and from detergent to vitamins: you will always find fixed low prices and the best offers at the neighborhood drugstore Trekpleister. Good news: in addition to the three branches in The Hague, a branch will open in Rijswijk as of June 2 40!

There is always a lot to be gained at Trekpleister. You will find fixed low prices for, among other things, the wide range of private label products, but you have also come to the right place for weekly discount promotions and surprising offers from well-known brands. The friendly employees are happy to give you expert advice about, for example, care products and nutritional supplements.

More than a drugstore

Attractive place is the go to

place for all your personal care, beauty and health items and the nicest and most useful gadgets. But you might not know this about the store:

  • You you can also go here for the cheapest dry cleaning service in the Netherlands;
  • They have a packing service: ideal for a nice gift to score;
  • There is a money-back guarantee;
  • With the savings program you save for towels of hotel quality and kitchenware;
  • Trekpleister also has a webshop, where you can pick up your order for free in your local shop!

    Celebrate the opening with a discount and goodybags


    Is your shopping bag ready? ? Let’s go! On Friday 2 June, Trekpleister will open its newest store at the Porseleinvlinderstraat in Rijswijk. From 2 to 13 June you will find here, in addition to the regular offers, lots of great opening promotions. And you have a daily chance to win a well-filled goodybag worth 40 euros! Be sure to take a look at the webshop to pre-order your wishlist. or 24732find a Attraction near you.

  • On the corner of the Loosduinsekade and the Volendamlaan you will find Vermolen’s Snackcar. For forty years you can go there for fries, snacks and in the autumn also for oliebollen. Fred Steenwijk (48) has been in the cart. And there is news: “We are now building a new snack kiosk.”

    Fred has been in years in Vermolen’s Snackcar. In 2002 he took over the business from her parents together with his wife Rilana. “As a young man I never thought I would have my own snack bar,” says Fred. “I was trained as a car mechanic and I used to work with cars. Then I met Rilana. She has been in the snack car from an early age. When her father wanted to retire, he asked us to take over the business. I first worked in his business for a year to see if it suits me. I’ve been here ever since.”

    For forty years

    Rilana’s father placed his snack car on the Loosduinsekade forty years ago and the cart never left after that. “My father-in-law comes from a fairground family and was at the fair with slot machines,” says Fred. “In 1024 that didn’t go well anymore, so he went looking for something else. Then he bought the snack car. We recently dismantled the snack car for our new building. Over the years, everything has been built on it, such as a kitchen and an awning. But, inside was still a real cart with a wheeled base.”

    A new kiosk

    On Fred and Rilana now have a new kiosk built from stone and wood at the place of the snack car. For fries and snacks, their customers can now go to the oliebollen stall that they have temporarily converted into a snack car. “The oliebollen stand contains everything we need to bake and sell snacks. This way we can stay open while the stall is being renovated.”

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    Vermolen’s snack car just before demolition. Photo: Fred Steenwijk

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    The customers

    Fred thinks the best thing about working in the snack car is the customers he meets. “We are here on the Loosduinsekade between several districts. My clients are a reflection of society as a whole in The Hague. We have regular customers from the area, but people who are waiting for the tram also often come to get fries. The fries are our best-selling snack after all. In addition, many customers come for our homemade peanut sauce. That’s a family recipe from my father-in-law that we still use.”

    The Future

    Calling Fred and Rilana their company is now Fred Steenwijk and Co., because their two teenage sons and teenage daughter also help in the business. “Whether they will ever take over the kiosk, I don’t know yet,” says Fred. “It is especially important that they choose their own path and finish school. With my new kiosk we can move forward ourselves. I will stay here for at least another ten years so that we can celebrate our fiftieth anniversary.”

    In his fungal nail practice, Peter Boeters has been seeing people walk in full of shame for years – “It’s really bad…” – and confidently go back to go outside. Business is going so well that the innovative products and treatment he developed with his team are now also available for pedicures at home and abroad.

    Especially now that the warmer days are coming again and the slippers are allowed to wear again, you often notice that one fungal nail or fungal nail. “Perhaps you have tried a remedy from the drugstore, most likely without result,” says Peter. “With Tiptoe we have combined a super effective treatment plan with patented, self-developed products. After a trajectory at our practice in Capelle or De Lier, you finally really get rid of it and the complaints come back less quickly.”

    Body’s own substance

    The active substance in Tiptoe’s products – peptide – is not only effective, but also natural, explains Peter. “It is in everyone’s mouth and eyes and protects you against viruses and bacteria. The great thing about the fact that it is a body’s own substance is that it can be used safely by anyone from the age of three. The microbiologist who discovered that this substance kills fungi and yeasts on the nail is involved in Tiptoe. Together we have developed four effective products”.

    • Tiptoe Nail Drops
    • Tiptoe Clean Your Shoes
  • Tiptoe Protect Your Feet
  • Tiptoe Care Foam
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    TipToe producten Care FoamTipToe producten Care Foam
    Tiptoe Care Foam | Photo: Tiptoe

    Explanation about the patented products

    The Tiptoe Nail Drops form the basis of the fungal nail treatment. You drop it between the nail and the skin in the morning and evening so that the nails grow out faster and the fungi are expelled. Tiptoe Clean Your Shoes is – you guessed it – a shoe spray. This kills the fungi in your shoes to prevent reinfection. The Tiptoe Protect Your Feet spray disinfects your feet after a visit to the swimming pool or sauna, for example, while you use the Tiptoe Care Foam correctly used as a precaution. This mousse, as it were, puts a protective shield around your skin, which prevents you from contracting fungi again. Ideal if you have to walk barefoot in a public space, such as a hotel or yoga studio.

    Treatments in Capelle and De Lier

    You will find the special Tiptoe practice in Capelle aan den IJssel, on the Kanaalweg 10. You can also go to De Lier (Westland). The intake is free and without obligation at both locations. You can register here. Good to know: the team has recently been expanded with a doctor who can also prescribe local antibiotics in more serious cases. The patented products are only available at Tiptoe practices and affiliated pedicures.

    Success stories from people who have been treated by Peter and his team you can read here. Would you rather see the result with your own eyes? Then view the before-and-after photos.

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    More and more practitioners in the Netherlands and abroad

    In the near future there will be throughout the Netherlands and abroad, more and more pedicures are following who can perform the Tiptoe treatment after a short course and where you can purchase the products for home. A distinction is made between salons that use Tiptoe products and real Tiptoe salons, where – in more serious cases – treatments are also carried out with special lamps or, for example, the milling of the nails. Are you interested in offering this method and products? Here you can read more about 1024cooperating with Tiptoe.

    Do you suffer from fungal nails or fungal nails and would you like to get rid of them? Sign up for a free and non-binding intake interview at Tiptoe, including advice. You can go quickly.


    From a villa with a swimming pool to an apartment with a roof terrace: the houses in this list all cost more than a million. What do you actually get in return in The Hague? You read it below.

    Graaf Florislaan

    A private driveway, a sauna, a walk-in closet, a wine fridge, an outbuilding and a garden with several terraces. Those are just a few things this home has to offer. It is large and has a luxurious look on both the inside and outside. The house has six rooms, two bathrooms and two kitchens. In short: everything you would expect from a little villa.

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    A large semi-detached house is for sale in the Vogelwijk. It has three floors, nine rooms, two bathrooms and a huge garden. The garden faces east and has a pond, a trampoline and a covered lounge area. The inside of the house also looks beautiful. The house looks very fresh because of the light walls, furniture and the many windows.

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    From one house in the Vogelwijk to the other. This villa with eight rooms, two bathrooms and a large garden is for sale. The inside is a bit bare, but with a lick of paint and your own taste of furniture you can make this the house of your dreams. Another nice detail: the house has stained glass windows, which gives it an authentic vibe.

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    From this luxury penthouse you have a view over the Zuiderstrand. The apartment complex was built in 2016 and has a neat entrance hall. The house has three rooms, two bathrooms and a spacious roof terrace on the southwest. There is a beautiful, dark herringbone floor throughout the house and one of the bathrooms is in Oriental style.

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    This detached villa is located on the edge of Delft and The Hague. The house has a mega garden that goes all the way around the house. Borders, willow trees, a lawn, several terraces and a detached wooden outbuilding: that’s what the garden has to offer. Villas often have large and cold rooms, but not this house. The house is characteristic and has cozy and cozy spaces. The location of the property is also perfect. You are so on highways and in the center of The Hague or Delft. Ideal!

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    Meer en Boslaan

    This villa in Kijkduin is not cheap, but you get a lot in return. The garden has a heated swimming pool, sun beds and a jacuzzi. The house has six rooms, two bathrooms and a sauna. When you live here, every day feels like a vacation. Delicious!

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    The 80 year-old Wilma already lives 33 year with her partner Jos at the cozy Groenewegje in The Hague. With all those years of experience in this vibrant part of our city, she has endless stories to tell! She proudly shows us her house, are you watching?

    “I am in 1024 came to live in this house and already live here 33 years with my partner Jos. We enjoy living here very much. I was born in Rijswijk but I do feel like a real Hagenees. I bought the house on paper, because it was a project that still had to be built. It was designed by architect Charles Vandenhove, a Belgian architect who designed many houses in the district. It is a complex with 13 apartments and a small and close association of owners.”

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    Focused on the future

    “When I saw the brochure, the house immediately appealed to me. When I bought it I was also focused on the future. It is a ground floor apartment and completely on the ground floor with also the bedroom on the ground floor, which is ideal for when I get older. In addition, it is very conveniently located near the hospital and public transport. I can easily reach the tram, Central Station or Holland Spoor station. This is also useful if I can no longer drive a car later, for example. I want to live here all my life.”

    Photo Francine van der Wansem

    Grandpa and Grandma style

    “I would call my style grandma and grandpa style! A lot of furniture is from Manou and I have in the years ‘150 purchased. So they have been around for many years. The cabinets in the living room are ideal because you can use them in all directions, you can put them upside down or move elements.”

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    Binnenkijken bij Wilma
    Photo Francine van der Wansem

    Emotional value

    “I don’t necessarily have a favorite item in my house. I especially find the small, emotional things very meaningful. Think of the tobacco box. I got this from an uncle. This one is not even 71 probably worth a penny, but it does have a lot of emotional value to me. The same goes for the photos of my children and grandchildren.”

    Photo Francine van der Wansem

    Unique place

    “I visit the sitting area and the dining area most often. Cozy at the dining table with friends, family and acquaintances. We really enjoy cooking and we try something new every time. The garden is also a unique place for me. It is very sheltered and quiet because it is at the back. It really feels like a kind of courtyard with lots of greenery.”

    The neighborhood

    “This neighborhood is very developed . There used to be a lot of burglaries, but now it has become a hip piece. I am very happy with all the cozy restaurants. I regularly visit Café de Pakschuit, Kaai13 or Café De Paas. A bit where the old guard often come. When the weather is nice, it is wonderful to relax on the canal. Then I really feel privileged to live here. I think it’s kind of an enclave anyway. There are many people who have lived there for a long time and we all know each other.”

    binnenkijken bij Wilma
    Photo Francine van der Wansem

    Involved with the neighborhood

    “I’ve done a lot of things in the neighborhood and The Hague . For example, with great enthusiasm I helped organize the canal party and set up Jazz in de Gracht, together with my daughter Wanda. In addition, I started the Ooievaart together with others and I am a guide at the Guild. At that time it was not well known that The Hague also has beautiful canals. A unique way to view the city!”

    “I also contributed to a traffic circulation plan for this area. I think it is important to maintain the atmosphere and to keep the canal quiet. Now my house is a bit in a traffic-calmed street and I like that.”

    Looking inside Francine’s: ‘I immediately fell in love with the stylish kitchen’

    Do you like looking inside people? We also! Freelance editor Francine takes the section ‘Looking inside at…’…

    Looking inside Edwin and Sigrid : their house got a vtwonen makeover


    Looking inside Hans: a table from Paleis het Loo and a bath from Hollywood


    Being sporty and at the same time (re)discovering the beautiful The Hague. The KLM Urban Trail The Hague on Sunday 2 July, an adventurous run along the most beautiful, but also the most surprising places in our beautiful city. That’s how you get somewhere!

    For this sixth edition of the KLM Urban Trail The Hague, a completely new route has been created along a lot of cool locations in the city center. The run is a fun and accessible challenge for everyone, even if you’re not much of a runner. Participants can choose a short route of 5 to 6 kilometers, or a longer route of 10 à 12 kilometers. Register via the website.

    Through the buildings

    The start and finish will both take place on the Lange Voorhout. You will come across all sorts of things along the way. This year, Sound and Vision, Hofje van Nieuwkoop and Amare, among others, are part of the course. On the way you even run through the buildings!

    Photo: The KLM Urban Trail

    Not a contest

    It’s not a contest, so no time will be kept. So you have plenty of time to take pictures along the way and enjoy the special locations. You can view a complete overview of the route and the participating locations on the KLM Urban Trails The Hague website.

    Sign up

    The KLM Urban Trail has become a popular event. Do you also want to participate on July 2? Participation, including drinks & bites, costs 50,27 euros. More information or register directly? Read more on the KLM Urban Trail The Hague website.

    Unfortunately, not everyone in The Hague can take care of an animal. That’s why there are quite a few dogs and cats in the shelter. Every week we introduce a dog or cat to you in the hope that the animal will find a new home. This week: hangover Moos.

    Hello, me am Moss. I’m three. In August last year I moved into the shelter, of course not voluntarily but ‘shit happens’. I got a place in a nice big room with all of my fellow sufferers, excuse me, fellow sufferers.

    All alone

    We took it in turns to get out of our booth to stretch our legs. Or to get some fresh air in the outdoor kennel. Well, then I went wild, I was even between the ceiling. And that while I was much fatter then than now. But somehow it went wrong, because I couldn’t resist peeing against the walls of the cubicle. Day in day out. Well, then you go through the mill. Urine test and diet kibble. Control on control. Since it didn’t stop and there was no medical cause, I was moved to another room, all by myself, so I couldn’t be bothered by other cats either. The “wild” pee got better, but I felt so damn alone.

    Two toilets

    People kept passing by with four-legged yapping colleagues, but they also kept walking. And I meow: ‘I want attention, I want to play!’ Soon another room became available, with a great outside and I like it more here. I have two toilets, one closed and one large open, both with grit, which I like best. Oh yes, there is also one outside, I am really well looked after by my lovely staff. And I haven’t done ‘wild pee’ for a long time.

    Have fun

    I’m a really nice guy, they call that a happy egg here. My black and white fur has a beautiful shine and I have a handsome muzzle. What makes me so happy is fun and people who want to play with me. With fishing rods and mice, it can’t be crazy enough for me. At least I have energy for ten. Are you also looking for sparkle in your life, do you really have the time to play with me for a long time and don’t leave me alone, then I might become your nicest home. Please come and meet us soon, send an email to and don’t forget your phone number!

    Stichting Haags Dierencentrum

    Lozerlaan 413, 2544 MC The Hague

    Now Closed

    More information

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    Every week we roam around on Funda looking for pearls for you. And guess what? We found another one. The house is colorful, large and the location is not bad either. Are you watching?

    This mansion in the Statenkwartier district is within walking distance of the North Sea beach, Frederik Hendriklaan shopping street, Westbroekpark and various catering establishments. You can also reach the boulevard of Scheveningen in no time.

    Colorful details

    The first thing you notice about this house are the colorful details. The bathrooms, the toilet and the hallway have a bright red and orange color. There is also bright orange carpet on the stairs. It has to be your taste of course, but one thing is certain: it stands out nicely.

    Text continues below the photos >>

    Two Gardens

    A front garden, a back garden, a balcony and a roof terrace. That’s all the outdoor amenities this home has to offer. In the front garden there is a set of chairs and a small table. There is also enough space in the backyard to sit. There is a shed, a canopy that provides shade and a dining table. There is a balcony on the first floor and the roof terrace can be accessed from a door in the attic. If you like sitting outside, this is the place to be.

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    Lots of space

    Another thing that stands out is the amount of space this house has. The living room is elongated and is separated by en-suite sliding doors. Beyond is the dining room and kitchen. The kitchen is black and white, has all built-in appliances and there are many cupboards.

    Reading a book by the fireplace

    When it is cold outside you can warm up in this house by the fireplace in the living room . Coming home on a winter’s day, choosing a book from the bookcase and then reading in front of the fireplace. Doesn’t that sound delicious?

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    Let’s talk money

    You must have become curious about the price of this gem. For this house you pay 1.275.000 euros. That’s not nothing, but you get a lot in return. For example, the house has square meters of living space, eight rooms, four floors, two toilets, two bathrooms, two gardens, a roof terrace and a balcony.

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    We found a lot more for you…