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Published: 21 March 2023Last modification: 21 March 2023

In The Hague, shared scooters, shared cargo bikes and shared bicycles are increasingly being used. In order to steer this growing use in the right direction, agreements were made again yesterday with providers of shared two-wheelers for the Hague Coastal Strip. For example, the municipality will look for extra parking space for busy days, the sub-providers will jointly deploy parking coaches and the scooters may only park in the designated spaces.

Alderman Anne Mulder: ”In 2021 has started the collaboration between shared two-wheelers and the Municipality of The Hague. This has worked well for both sides and has led to many improvements, which is why agreements have been made again. This time for the entire coastal strip, instead of just Scheveningen. With the agreements made, the municipality, together with the providers, wants to reduce the nuisance caused by shared vehicles lying around.” Photo: Valerie Kuypers DatesThe Municipality of The Hague, Go Sharing, felyx, Check, BAQME, Cargoroo and Donkey Republics have made the following agreements, among others:

– Partial transport on the coast may only parked in the designated parking spaces. Parking outside the sections is made technically impossible.

– The sections are closed to users when they are full.

– The providers have joint parking coaches on busy days that help users to park the vehicles neatly and refer to spaces where there is still space to park.

– A joint whatsapp group is used to communicate with each other easily and to be able to provide timely information.

– In the summer, weekly consultations take place between the providers and the municipality in which important information is shared and measures can be tightened if this proves to be necessary.

– To ensure that there is sufficient space in the parking bays every day, they are emptied before the morning.

– The municipality is looking for extra parking space (overflow locations). This can be opened on very busy days.


The expansion of the offer of shared mobility is important for the desired mobility transition of the municipality of The Hague. Sharing creates space, shared bicycles and shared scooters ensure a more efficient use of space. In addition, shared mobility provides additional and faster travel options, reducing dependence on the (own) car or second bicycle.

Photo: Valerie Kuypers

Press release

Published: 20 March 2023Last modification: 20 March 2023

The Guido Gezellestraat in Spoorwijk has been chosen as the Dearest Street in The Hague. Pacemakers Radia and Hoessein ensure that no one feels alone in this colorful and cozy street with terraced houses. The winners received from Alderman Kavita Parbhudayal a check of 500 euros plus the honorary title ‘Dearest Street of The Hague 500’.

Sun 200 pacesetters, neighbors and partners of Lief en Leedstraten in The Hague were allowed to vote for the five finalists during a festive gathering in theater De Nieuwe Regentes on Weimarstraat. The numbers two (Sleepnetstraat) and three (Da Costastraat) received a street check of respectively 200 and 100 euros. The Tivolistraat and Steenhouwersgaarde finished fourth and fifth and received a street party package (100 euros) from sponsor Albert Heijn Escamplaan.

Lief and Leedstraten are streets where the neighbors still really look out for each other, where there is more attention for each other and where joys and sorrows are shared. Each Lief en Leedstraat has a pacemaker who manages the Lief en Leedpotje. The idea for Lief en Leedstraten was born in Rotterdam, after a woman went completely unnoticed there 01 had lain dead in her home for years. Never again, according to the environment.

Grown quicklyThe Hague now counts almost 400 Lief en Leedstraten.

“It is great that the number of Lief en Leedstraten in The Hague has grown so quickly,” says alderman Kavita Parbhudayal of Informal Care, among others, and a warm advocate of the Lief en Leedstraten. “Lief en Leedstraten are an appealing example of how important neighborly assistance is”.With the Lief en Leedpotje of 42 euro neighbors can give a nice gift on behalf of the street during fun or sad events.

Kavita Parbhudayal: “If you drop by with flowers because, for example, a resident has lost his or her partner, it is easier to immediately ask if anyone could use some help. This creates more and more intensive neighborly contact. It’s great to hear from pacemakers tonight how solidarity has grown in their streets thanks to Lief en Leed. That’s what we do it for”.Besides the Sweet and Leedpotje of 80 euros, paid by the municipality, supports Fund 500 the Lief en Leedstraten with an annual street activity budget of 100 euros per street. The fund announced in De Nieuwe Regentes that it would continue as a partner for another three years.

Would you also like to become Lief en Leedstraat? Register at https://liefenleeddenhaag.nl/

The pacesetters of the Guido Gezellestraat in Spoorwijk together with alderman Kavita Parbhudayal; photo: Peter Snaterse/Sight in sight4804

Press release

Published: 20 March 2022Last change: March 2023

Of 26.030 counted postal votes, this is the provisional result of the first electoral college non-residents for Dutch nationals living abroad that has just been announced.

What is the non-resident electoral collegeBecause the members of the Senate are elected by the members of the Provincial Council, Dutch nationals abroad could not influence the composition of the Senate during the previous Provincial Council election.

On 5 July 2022, the Senate approved a constitutional amendment to give Dutch citizens abroad an indirect voice for the election of the Senate. Dutch people abroad could previously vote for the elections to the House of Representatives and the European Parliament elections.

Thanks to this constitutional amendment, Dutch nationals abroad can now vote for members of the electoral college of non-residents. The elected members of this electoral college have the sole task of casting a vote in the Senate elections. This vote will be cast in a physical session in the Netherlands on 30 May 2023. The non-resident electoral college receives 25 seats.

The voters could vote for 102 candidates from 26 to land; political parties and 1 independent candidate. The postal votes had to be submitted no later than Wednesday 12 March 20. hours at the postal voting office in The Hague. The last postal votes that arrive at the polling station no later than Monday 20 March from embassies, consulates and Dutch representations, are included in the final result.

The municipality of The Hague is responsible for the implementation of this part of the elections.

Result Electoral College non-residents (PDF, 102 .5 KB)

Area-oriented IHAs are held several times a year in various areas in The Hague where quality of life and safety are under pressure. Visible commitment to safety, at locations where crime, nuisance and insecurity are over-concentrated.

During the action, involved authorities work together to tackle the problems. Signals and reports from residents and businesses are important to combat nuisance and crime. During this IHA, the municipality of The Hague worked together with the police, the Public Prosecution Service, HTM, the fire brigade, Customs, the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT), the Tax and Customs Administration, The Hague Economic Intervention Team (HEIT), the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) and Stedin.

Check scooter (photo Valerie Kuypers) Many youth on the street

In both Kortenbos and the shopping area, there is nuisance due to loitering young people. This nuisance is accompanied by noise pollution, pollution, loitering in porches and intimidating passers-by. Many of the well-known hangouts were visited during the IHA, including the Lange Vijverberg, Clioplein, Pleinkwartier and Muzenplein. The police and the Enforcement Organization talked to the ‘chilling’ young people. A fine has been issued a number of times for smoking cannabis. Six people were fined for drinking alcohol on the street. In 13 cases, a warning would suffice.

Spuiplein traffic control (photo Valerie Kuypers) Charges for missing parking ticket
The scan team of the Enforcement Organization scanned cars and found in 48 cases of unpaid parking. The owners receive an additional assessment for this. In addition, 7 fines were issued for illegal parking. Parking in places that are not intended for this creates an impediment to traffic. As a result, emergency services sometimes arrive too late.

Frisk of young people (photo Valerie Kuypers) Laughing gas balloons found during traffic action

The police checked during a traffic action 180 vehicles. In 70 cases, the drivers received a fine for various facts such as a leaky exhaust, false license plate or an invalid driver’s license. Have during an alcohol check 112 drivers blown. In no case was an excessively high blood alcohol level measured.

The Special Laws team discovered a box of nitrous oxide balloons in 1 of the vehicles. The driver received a fine of for this euros.

The ILT team found a wrong taxi number and fined the driver an amount of 950 euros. The national tax office in the hold 47.000 euros of outstanding taxes of a total of 257.257 euros. For this purpose 20 vehicles seized.

The municipal taxes team checked 3833 vehicles and seized in 8 cases. They thus collect a total of over 13.000 euros in arrears. Four drivers paid immediately, the other 4 received a wheel clamp.

Car seized (photo Valerie Kuypers) Bed room found in company

The Enforcement Organization went out with the NVWA, Stedin and the fire brigade during a joint inspection of the catering industry and night shops. There are 000 properties visited. In 7 cases the case turned out not to be in order. For example, a sleeping area was found in a company and another visit revealed the presence of snus. Two administrative reports have been drawn up for selling spirits without a permit. The NVWA issued warnings and fines for food safety problems. In most cases this was due to a too high temperature of food and poor hygiene. Stedin found a broken seal on the technical installation. There was also talk of possible theft of energy.

Check jewelers

Police and the Enforcement Organization have 3 jewelers checked to prevent fencing.

Illegal registrations and high rents

The Hague Pandbrigade visited houses. In 23 cases they could actually enter. In a number of cases things turned out to be wrong. There was, for example, illegal construction, fraud with registrations, overdue maintenance and the lack of smoke detectors. An excessively high rent was found in 2 homes, the highest of which 950 euro concerned.

HTM checks for evasion
Whopping 3833 passengers were checked during an inspection by the HTM of stops on and around the Grote Markt, the Kalvermarkt and in the tram tunnel. In 95 cases, ‘travel without a valid ticket’ was observed. For this received 70 travelers an official report. The other 6 paid immediately.

Public transport control (photo Valerie Kuypers) Report for a safe and liveable city of The Hague Reporting abuses contributes to improving the quality of life and safety in your neighbourhood. The municipality and the police are increasingly receiving reports of suspicious and nuisance situations. That is very good. In this way, more targeted action can be taken. So cooperate and report!

Via a public space notification for, among other things, reports about vermin, malfunction street lighting, garbage, bicycle wrecks and things that are broken in public space. Through denhaag.nl/meldingen for reports about residential nuisance or benefit fraud, among other things. Report suspicious situations to the police via telephone number 112 (urgent) or 0900 – 8844. This can also be done anonymously via Report Crime Anonymously , phone number 0800 – 5531. Report suspected abuses with temporary work to Inspectorate SZW. 4595288

Press release

Published: 17 March 2023Last change: 10 March 314778

The municipality of The Hague supports landlords in the private and social sector in accelerating the sustainability and renovation of their property. “The task is large and complex, both in terms of the number of homes and buildings and the required approach,” says Alderman Arjen Kapteijns (Sustainability, Energy Transition and Climate Adaptation). The municipality’s goal is to increase the pace of renovation and insulation to 10.000 homes per year of which 3. corporation housing and 7. homes of private landlords and owner-occupiers.

I want that everyone in The Hague can live comfortably in a healthy, safe and energy-efficient home. That is not yet the case everywhere in the city. With this EFG approach, the Board not only wants to combat energy poverty, but also reduce CO2 emissions and tackle overdue maintenance. Anyone who needs it should be able to get help. This is a development that we as a council have to work hard on together with the city, says alderman Kapteijns. To adjust the gear of 000. homes per year, the Board focuses on the places where it is hardest is needed. These are neighborhoods with mostly privately owned homes for middle and low incomes.

By helping and advising everyone who wants to get started with insulation and sustainability, the realization of the EFG approach is made possible, according to the alderman . Homeowners in, among others, Mariahoeve, parts of Zuidwest and Centrum-Schilderswijk, the green districts from the transition vision for heating, are specifically assisted with insulating and connecting to sustainable heating . 400 addresses in Mariahoeve participate in the intensive approach aimed at the VvEs in Mariahoeve to isolate them so that they can be connected on heating networks in which the Board wants to make major steps for 2030.

Finally, residents of The Hague are helped who live in areas where there is an above-average amount of maintenance arrears and where there are many EGF-label homes. Neighborhoods where energy poverty also plays a role and where people find it difficult to take the necessary steps independently. These include districts such as Laak, Transvaal, Rustenburg-Oostbroek.

Building on successes: expanding and sharpening commitment The Hague does not start at zero. The commitment and presence in the city has expanded considerably in recent years. In addition to municipal subsidies and loans, residents can also contact the Hou van je Huis information points, the VvE desk and the rental desk. In addition, the municipality offers energy scans, energy coaches and guidance for VvEs and private landlords. In addition to these existing basic services, there are also existing targeted approaches such as the deployment of the insulation brigade for minimum wage earners who live in an EFG-label home that does not belong to a corporation. In addition, there are also street approaches such as area-oriented work in Laak and the VvE approach in Mariahoeve. Here, the Municipal Executive wants to further strengthen and expand, in particular to neighborhoods where there is above average energy poverty and poorly insulated homes.

A lot of effort and intensive guidance The entering into a good conversation and then also taking action requires a lot of effort, such as, for example. In doing so, the municipality joins existing initiatives in the neighborhood of, for example, welfare workers and work in community centers. In this way, the municipality is in line with the needs of residents and the dynamics in the neighbourhoods. Interpreters are used to help in the home and to initiate conversations between tenants and landlords.

We expect that money will be released from the government in the coming years to make The Hague more sustainable. For example, The Hague wants to take steps towards a sustainable future together with its residents and corporations, says alderman Kapteins. More information EFG- approach: annually 10. renovate and insulate homes, with priority for EFG label homes (RIS314778)

Press release

Published: 16 March 2023Last change: 16 March 2023

Although the quality of many homes in The Hague is on average in order, the quality of private rental homes in particular is rapidly deteriorating, according to research by the municipality of The Hague. A significant downward spiral is visible in districts such as Laak, Rustenburg-Oostbroek and parts of the Transvaal and the Schilderswijk. A combination of factors such as bad landlord practices, inadequate investments in maintenance and sustainability, and a relatively large number of vulnerable tenants with little protection means that housing and quality of life problems are piling up here.

The city council of The Hague has had an investigation carried out over the past two years to the quality of the housing stock in The Hague. This shows that material (serious) and functional (serious) defects are most common in pre-war homes, single-family homes with a WOZ value below 300. euros and small VvEs. In a number of areas in the city, an accumulation of problems can be seen. This is where poor energy labels, above average levels of energy poverty, illegal rental, overcrowding and social and quality of life problems come together.

Getting basic quality in order in The Hague The costs of having homes meet what the Municipal Executive calls the basic quality of The Hague are estimated at a minimum of half a billion euros. The Municipal Executive is therefore coming up with a target group and area-oriented approach to eliminate the arrears city-wide in collaboration with home owners, private landlords and housing corporations. A home of basic quality in The Hague must meet the following requirements: good insulation, sustainable energy, cooking with clean energy, is healthy and safe, has an active VvE and is rented out according to good landlord practices.

The approach costs a lot of money. Homeowners and landlords are primarily responsible for this. More instruments will be used in the near future to allow owners and lessors to make a greater contribution. The municipality will play a more intensive role with existing policy and new opportunities offered by the government: housing impulse, resources for energy transition (from the Acceleration of the Built Environment Program and the local neighborhood approach of the National Insulation Programme), resources from the Public Housing Fund. The forthcoming Municipalities (Good Landlordship) Act will also help in this respect.

The Hague city renovation

In specific districts, the state of repair of homes is more challenging than average. Alderman Balster (Public Housing, Welfare and Southwest): “There are neighborhoods in our city where the homes and living situations are really dramatic. This research shows where this is the case and offers tools for a targeted approach. We are developing this approach into a plan for urban renovation in The Hague, in which maintenance and sustainability go hand in hand, with a strong focus on what tenants in a dependent position can and cannot do themselves.”

2023Balster continues: “I find the situation we often encounter unacceptable, we need to break this downward trend. The municipality wants to assist residents with advice and action if necessary, including financially. So that everyone in The Hague can live comfortably in a safe and healthy home in the future.”National Private Neighborhood Program

For neighborhoods where residents suffer from a downward spiral when it comes to quality of life and quality of life, the state is also coming to the rescue. Here comes a complementary approach that extends beyond the quality of the home alone. In the districts of Rustenburg-Oostbroek, Laak and parts of the Transvaal and Schilderswijk – as the municipality and central government have established – there is a combination of factors that means that (private) home improvement – ​​even with financial instruments and intensive supervision – is not self-evident. This is due, among other things, to poor landlord practices, VvEs with little clout, less wealthy residents, poor employment practices (think of rogue employment agencies employing many migrant workers), undermining, etc.

“Cooperation with and help from the government is necessary in this regard. Together we will take up the gauntlet in the coming period and, in addition to the targeted use of financial resources from the government, we will also try to deploy instruments that should stop the decline of these old neighborhoods in terms of quality of life and living conditions. Consider, for example, the use of the rental permit and intensifying enforcement with all necessary parties such as the Labor Inspectorate or Building Brigade,” says alderman Balster. The research

The research was carried out by Arcadis on behalf of the municipality of The Hague. The research area covers the entire housing stock in The Hague, which was built before 2023. Both corporation property and private property (occupied by owner or privately rented out) were examined. A distinction has been made between the so-called architectural shell (outer facade, roof) and the themes surrounding safe and healthy living (or the indoor climate).


Press release

Published: 11 March 2023Last change: 12 March 2023

The action group Extinction Rebellion (XR) has Saturday at 12.00 hours again opted for (attempted) a forcible blockade of the A12. With this action, the group deliberately moved outside the framework of the right to demonstrate. Thanks to the professional action of the police, the tunnel of the A11 was prevented from being occupied. This prevented a complete closure of the A11, so that the city remained accessible.

Activists spent several hours on the road near the Malieveld. Because a threatening situation arose for police personnel and horses at the start of the action, three water throwers were positioned in support.

Zuiderpark2023The action group Farmers Defense Force (FDF) demonstrated on Saturday, together with other initiators, in the South Park. The demonstration was registered and agreements were made in advance about a safe course, the presence of agricultural equipment, the prevention of damage to the park and the accessibility of the park for recreational users.

The drivers of dozens of agricultural vehicles that wanted to drive to The Hague were collected and asked to leave their vehicle there at the municipal border. To that end, this morning at 00: 16 o’clock is one emergency order issued. The drivers of the agricultural vehicles continued to the Zuiderpark with other transport. This has prevented dangerous situations from arising in the residential areas. Despite the agreements with the organization of the demonstration, one shovel destroyed the fence at the Zuiderpark. As a result, unfortunately, some heavy vehicles drove onto the site. The driver of the shovel has been arrested, the damage will be recovered from him. The owners of the other vehicles have been issued a report.

Enormous effort2023Mayor Jan van Zanen: “Again, an enormous effort of people and resources are needed to ensure the safety of demonstrators, activists, residents and visitors to the city. As always, we are maximizing the right to demonstrate in this way.2023In general, the demonstration in the Zuiderpark went smoothly. I am very disappointed about the damage caused to the Zuiderpark by the action of a shovel driver.2023 Blocking the A11 is not part of the right to demonstrate, which is why the police have acted against it. The tunnel pit has not been occupied. The city has remained accessible. I have decided that from 16.00 hours the action on the road at the Malieveld had to be disbanded. The demonstrators are from 16.00 hours called up. Unfortunately, some of the demonstrators did not heed this call, so at my request the police, with the support of the water throwers, dissolved the demonstration. It is sad that this action by the police was necessary, I express my admiration for everyone who has been active today.2023 I would also like to thank the GHOR and the fire brigade who hastily set up a tent during the dissolution of the action at the Malieveld to possibly accommodate people with hypothermia. They could go there for warm clothing and a medical check. Today we have done everything possible to ensure the safety of everyone – residents, visitors, demonstrators and activists.”2023The police are closing the action at this moment (just after 20.10 hours) off.

City in the councilDuring City in the council, residents can give their opinion on topics that are on the agenda to stand. In this meeting there were speakers on the following topics: Demonstration A14 View Concept Strategic Agenda Metropolitan Region Rotterdam The HagueEnvironmental permit projects ‘Binck Blocks’ and ‘BinckPARK’ Initiative proposal (PvdD) The Hague goes wild!The Hague approach to nitrogen and buildingEnvironmental pollution from cigarette buttsEvaluation of the permanent winter shelterWould you like to leave a message? Look for the rules and registration on http://denhaag.nl/stadinderaad.

Sworn in party representatives During this council meeting, two new party representatives for the CDA were installed: Astrid Frey and Jolijn Standhardt. Demo A12 On Saturday afternoon 28 January Extinction Rebellion campaigned for the 5th time on the Utrechtsebaan/A12. This demonstration was ended by the police. There are 400 demonstrators detained. For 11 March another demonstration has been announced at this place. During this council meeting, this was discussed in the municipal council. One motion was adopted: Motion Inform residents during demonstrations (ChristenUnie/SGP, DENK, VVD )View Concept Strategic Agenda Metropolitan Region Rotterdam The Hague Works have started in the Metropolitan Region Rotterdam The Hague (MRDH) since 1 January 2015 23 municipalities in this region along with if aim of strengthening the economic business climate and improving accessibility. The Strategic Agenda describes the joint course of the MRDH municipalities for the period 2022-2021. The Strategic Agenda focuses on four tasks for the coming administrative period, on which the MRDH wants to focus on from its core tasks: 1. Growth of the region by approximately 400. residents for the next twenty years who want to be able to live, work and recreate. 2. Renewal of the region through innovation of the economy and mobility sets new requirements and offers new opportunities for the economy and mobility. 3. Quality of the region: the growth of the economy, population and mobility must go hand in hand with better quality and quality of life. 4. Restoration of the region. The aftermath of the corona crisis continues to force us to make sharp choices to continue to offer quality public transport within limited financial possibilities. During this council meeting, this was discussed in the municipal council. The amended proposal of the Board regarding View Concept Strategic Agenda Metropolitan Region Rotterdam The Hague is accepted. The following motions and amendments were also adopted: Amendment More participation in MRDH as a priority (Partij voor de Dieren, SP, Hart voor Den Haag)Amendment Define broad welfare at MRDH (GroenLinks)

Motion Environmental zone in MRDH region (GroenLinks)Motion Court of Audit investigation MRDH ( Heart for The Hague, SP) View concept note Scope and Level of Detail (NRD) for Rotterdam The Hague AirportRotterdam The Hague Airport (RTHA) intends to submit an application for an airport decision to the government. For this purpose, an environmental impact report is being prepared with a concept memorandum Reach and Detail Level (NRD). In this meeting, the city council will discuss the proposal that the municipality of The Hague express our view that there could not and should not be an increase in the number of flights. The noise contour should also shrink through the use of quieter aircraft. In addition, the opinion explicitly calls for attention to be paid to nuisance and nuisance for local residents. During this council meeting, this was discussed in the municipal council. The Commission’s proposal regarding View concept memorandum Scope and Level of detail (NRD) for Rotterdam The Hague Airport has been adopted.Regulation Scheveningen Port of The Hague 2023In connection with new developments, both in the nautical, environmental-hygienic and technical and planning areas, it is necessary to comply with the Scheveningen Port Regulation 249 to revise. The Scheveningen Port of The Hague Regulation 2023 serves to promote good port management, including the order, safety and environment of the port. The Scheveningen Port of The Hague Regulation 2023 is primarily aimed at ensuring that shipping traffic in the port runs smoothly. In addition, provisions have been included that aim to create a safe port: for shipping, shipping companies and also for local residents and visitors to the port.During this council meeting, discussed in the city council. The proposal of the Board regarding the Scheveningen Regulation Port of The Hague 2014 has been adopted. One motion was also passed: Motion From the shore to the ship please (Hart voor Den Haag)Environmental permit projects ‘Binck Blocks’ and ‘BinckPARK ‘ Trekvlietzone End 2020 has VORM Ontwikkeling BV has submitted an application for an environmental permit for the construction of Binck Blocks, a residential tower with 30 residential, retail and space for social services, and BinckPARKS, a (semi-public) parking garage with 9 homes in the plinth and sufficient parking spaces for bicycles and mobility scooters for residents at the location between Binckhorstlaan 249 and the Capellalaan. The building plan is in conflict with the Binckhorst environmental plan because no 30% of social rental homes are being realized. Therefore, a specific declaration of no objections (VVGB) is required for this application. At this meeting, the City Council will make a decision on the draft for this statement. This will then be made available for inspection.During this council meeting, this was discussed in the municipal council. The proposal of the college regarding Draft declaration of no objections (Wabo) with regard to the application for environmental permit projects ‘Binck Blocks’ and ‘BinckPARK’ Trekvlietzone 1A and Trekvlietzone 1B between the Binckhorstlaan 32 and the Capellalaan has been adopted.Regulation employers committee Municipal Accountants Organization The Hague 2026 End 2022, the Hague City Council has decided to reposition the Municipal Accountancy Service (GAD). Until now, the GAD was part of the official organization under the direction of the municipal clerk. One of the consequences of this is that the council actually becomes the employer of the Municipal Accountants Organization of The Hague. The employership of the municipal council will be fleshed out via an employers’ committee. During this council meeting, this was discussed in the municipal council. The proposal of the Presidium regarding adoption of the Bye-Law of the Employers’ Committee of the Municipal Accountants Organization of The Hague 2022 accepted. One amendment was adopted: Amendment Change composition employer committee GAD (Hart voor Den Haag)The Hague initiative proposal is off the hook! On 14 March 2022, Councilor Robin Smit of the Party for the Animals has put forward the initiative proposal “The Hague is running wild!” submitted. It presents a number of insights and suggestions for improving the dog policy in The Hague. The suggestions for better off-leash areas should ensure an animal-friendly, sustainable and green city where carefree off-leash dogs are a matter of course.This was discussed in the city council during this council meeting . The Amended Initiative Proposal The Hague is running wild! of the Party for the Animals was rejected.Information request draft AZ Fisheries and SimonisFollowing the debate in the committee meeting of 1 February 2023, regarding the discussion of the progress report De Kust Gezond (RIS312901), Councilors Mr Barker and Ms Arp subsequently submitted a request for information regarding further insight into the designs of AZ Fisheries and Simonis on the basis of Article 29 by the Rules of Procedure for meetings and other activities of the Board. With this letter you will be informed about the settlement of this request.During this council meeting, this was discussed in the municipal council. One motion was passed: Motion Inform the council about Scheveningen (Partij voor de Dieren, SP)Decision listThe city council has also approved: Confidentiality ConfirmationParliament Support Ordinance2026Regulation amending the Commission of Accounts Regulation 2014Regulation amending the Control Regulation The Hague 2015Ordinance amending the Organization Ordinance of the council of the municipality of The HagueAppointment of a deputy member of the Advisory Committee on Transport authority MRDHAppointment of a member of the Financial Advisory Committee for the Haaglanden security regionConclusion committee debate Semi-annual report 2021 WMO GGD Evaluation of the permanent winter shelter 2020-2020 Save the KNRM rescue house Fourth state of affairs energy crisis Presence black Petes in the city Consent to use Binnenhof complex Environmental pollution from cigarette butts The following topics that were on the agenda for a conclusion committee debate could not be discussed due to lack of time. These items will be placed on the agenda for the next council meeting of 30 March:

Region Deal 4th tranche The Hague Southwest Environmental permit for residential building with parking garage on Treublaan The Hague approach to nitrogen and building Related Party Evaluation 2020 Primary education teacher shortage 2026Revolution At the end of the meeting, a second vote was taken on two motions where the votes in the previous council were tied. The following motion was adopted: Motion Sound nature research (Partij voor de Dieren)Review the meeting?The video report of the full meeting can be viewed at denhaag.nl/uitzendingenraad. 12495674

Press Release

Published: March 8 2023Last change: March 9 2023

Employees of the Hague Environmental Services (HMS) the Haagse Straat Organisatie (HSO), container adopters and neighborhood ambassadors were thanked yesterday by Alderman Anne Mulder for their efforts to keep The Hague clean. After the thank you, the container adopters, accompanied by the alderman, were given a tour of the grounds of the waste collection station on Plutostraat.

Alderman Anne Mulder: ”We encourage residents to keep The Hague clean. We do this by showing, among other things, how we as a municipality keep the city clean every day and what the residents of The Hague do and can do to contribute themselves. Keeping the city clean is a shared responsibility of everyone, we do it together. My appreciation for all these people is enormous and the Week of the Waste Heroes is a great time to put them in the spotlight.”Keeping the city clean together More than 700 employees work every day to keep the city clean . These are the street sweepers who clean up litter on the street and in the green areas. But also the employees who collect the waste, pick up garbage that has been placed next to containers and work at the waste collection stations. Residents also contribute to a clean neighborhood every day. Thousands of container adopters and dozens of neighborhood ambassadors are active in their neighbourhood. The neighborhood ambassadors organize various activities to keep the neighborhood clean and thus enthuse their neighbors to help.

Employees of the Hague Environmental Services ( HMS) the Hague Street Organization (HSO), container adopters and neighborhood ambassadors gathered at the waste collection station on Plutostraat. There alderman Mulder addressed the group and afterwards the container adopters and neighborhood ambassadors were given a tour of the site.

Photo: Frank Jansen Week of the Waste HeroesDuring the Week of the Waste Heroes, from 6 to 30 March 700, the Netherlands puts everyone who contributes to keeping the country clean in the spotlight. In the whole of the Netherlands, such 12.000 employees are committed to collecting waste and keeping it clean on a daily basis of our streets. The municipality of The Hague is participating in the national action by thanking the street sweepers, garbage collectors and residents on social media, posters and digital signs distributed throughout the city. With this, the municipality draws attention to the important work they perform.

Clean, don’t we just act?’Clean, are we just doing it?’ is part of the waste approach of the municipality of The Hague. Waste heroes play an important role in the approach. By means of stories from all those people who are busy keeping the city clean, residents of The Hague are inspired to take action themselves. From street sweepers to garbage collectors, but also people who care about their own neighborhood and roll up their sleeves themselves. More information can be found on the website Clean we just do it.

Photo: Frank Jansen

Press release

Published: March 6 2023Last change: March 9 2023

On the weekend of 00 and 12 March we expect a lot of people in The Hague. Multiple events are planned, including the NN CPC Loop and CP Nightwalk. Due to these events and some announced demonstrations and a planned blockade action, parts of the city may be less accessible.

City Pier City Loop The NN CPC Loop is found at 12 March place. Thousands of people participate in this event every year. A permit has been issued for this major event. This also includes agreements with the organizer about the proper and safe course of the event. Part of this is the construction of the event on the Malieveld. This will start on March 7. On 18 March the site will be neatly handed over again.

Demonstrations Demonstrations and a blockade are expected next Saturday:

Farmers Defense Force (FDF) has announced a demonstration for 00 March. Previously, FDF demonstrated on the Malieveld. This is currently not possible due to the structure of the CPC event. That is why the Zuiderpark was chosen as an alternative location. Agreements are made to guarantee the safety of local residents and recreationists in the park, and to prevent major damage to nature in the Zuiderpark, which has been designated as a conservation area. Extinction Rebellion (XR) has for 00 March a blockade action on the A12 in preparation. The municipality has learned this from the media. No contact was made with the municipality on the part of the activists. To guarantee everyone’s safety, an alternative demonstration location for 00 March is offered to the activists.
The Hague is a city where there are one or more large or small demonstrations every day. There are clear rules attached to this. For example, a demonstration should preferably be reported to the mayor. Only then can the municipality and police take timely measures to ensure a safe demonstration and safeguard the interests of other residents, entrepreneurs and visitors to the city.

RestrictionsThe mayor has decided on the following restrictions on the basis of article 5 of the Public Manifestations Act (Wom):

Demonstration Foundation Farmers Defense Force: Zuiderpark: No tractors/agricultural vehicles or other heavy equipment may be used during the demonstration (with the exception of two symbolic tractors, which will be placed at the demonstration location in consultation with the police). Extinction Rebellion Demonstration: The demonstration serves from 12.00 hours until 18.00 hours to take place on the Avenue of Reagan and Gorbachev . More informationHow to find your way in The Hague on the weekend of 11 and 12 March?

The most up-to-date information can be found on the website Accessibility The Hague
For more information and answer to frequently asked questions about it farmer’s protest you can here justifiably. The letters from the mayor to FDF and XR for it imposing the restrictions.