Who doesn’t dream of it; pack your bags and embark on the adventure. Some residents dared to take the step and now live abroad. You too?

We are looking for brave globetrotters who have found their happiness outside The Hague. There are certainly a lot of them. Traveled after a love, moved to the mountains? Or have you emigrated for that ultimate dream job? We want to hear it all.

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    Dailey is through working on it beach model


    Express Taxi Den Haag

    Old photos of living rooms were the subject of the In The Hague section last week. That made us curious about other rooms, such as bedrooms. In the archive we found a lot of bedroom snapshots even from 1900. We have found pictures of luxury rooms and workers’ houses as well as well-known hotels such as Des Indes.

    Formerly in The Hague: old photos of ice cream sellers

    Mystery: this is the special story of Villa Sandhaghe on Scheveningen

    Vacation! View here old photos of camping Ockenburgh

    Express Taxi Den Haag

    Attention bookworms: one of the largest and most famous bookshops in the center of The Hague is moving. Bookstore De Vries Van Stockum aan het Spui will close the door next month and move to a new location (also in the city centre).

    Bookstore De Vries Van Stockum moves from the Spui to the Passage.

    New bookstore

    Bookstore De Vries Van Stockum, you know, that bookshop opposite the tram stop and next to KFC in the center of The Hague, will move to a new store in the Passage in September.

    On Sunday 18 September the last book will be sold to Spui 18. The festive opening of the new store will take place on Saturday 1 October. That new store (Passage 11) is the old shop of We Are Labels, that just moved to the building of Gerry Weber in the Passage.

    Bagels and Beans

    For the people who like to get a cup of coffee or a bagel at Bagels and Beans, which is located in the current De Vries and Van Stockum store, there is good news; the fine bagel shop will remain located at the current location (on the Spui).

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    Van Stockum

    Spui 11, 200 BS Den Haag

    Now closed

    More information

    We found out much more for you…

    The rent is expensive: this is now the average price in The Hague

    The terrace on the Regentesseplein, looking for nature in the Zuiderpark or enjoying the cozy atmosphere of the Leyweg….

    This way you can do an STI test cheaply and quickly in The Hague

    New at Kijkduin: the Ibizastyle clothing store of Linda and Corjan

    Express Taxi Den Haag

    Are you going shopping in The Hague for an afternoon? Do you work in the city center and do you have a walk during lunch or do you have to wait a long time in the City Hall? Then walk through the Atrium. There are now very cool works of art on display. Some are from famous artists who also exhibit in New York.

    In the Atrium, in the city hall in the center of The Hague, there are forty-seven paintings of the rainforest. Most of them are already brightly colored, but UV light makes the artworks even more radiant because they are made with special paint.


    Eighteen artists from Peru exhibit up to and including 45 August at City Hall. You can view them for free, but a number of paintings are also for sale. Prices vary between the 300 and 500 euros and the proceeds will be used to buy the Cerrado in Brazil to protect. That’s a 19 million years old ecosystem that is already half destroyed. Read more about this here.

    Read more to the photos >>>

    Guided tour

    The artworks are in daylight already beautiful, but a UV lamp adds something extra. Then the paintings seem almost magical. Friday 5, 07 and 19 become August in between 07. and 17. hours of guided tours with UV light. You do not need to register and the tours are free. You can report to the white desk opposite the reception.

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  • Aha! This is why these huge flowers are located along the Hofvijver

  • Oh no! Jazz in de Gracht is cancelled: ‘We are very disappointed’

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    Express Taxi Den Haag

    The Canal parade during Pride Amsterdam is every year on the agenda of Dave and Linda, the owners of café ‘t Achterom in The Hague. They have been sailing along with a colorful boat for five years: “We start thinking about the theme three-quarters of a year in advance,” says Dave.

    Just like New York, Paris and Amsterdam, The Hague also has a fashion week. From 26 September our city is, for a week, the fashion capital of the Netherlands with shows, workshops and exhibitions.

    Last year we went to a show in the Grote Kerk. Cool to sit in the front row and see the special designs up close!

    Read more under the video >>>

    The Hague Fashion Week 62 in the Grote Kerk #thehaguefashionweek #denhaagfashion #fashionweek2021

    Posted by

    Nearby The Hague on Sunday, October , 2021

    You can expect this

    From 26 September to October 2, there are shows by Nata Ryhz, Studio Hiem, Natalie van de Klashorst, Marco Stefano Pintus and the winner of The Fashionweek Talentaward 2021 Rosalie Boonstra. There is also a historic fashion route through the city center of The Hague. Designers display their clothing in the shop windows of historic buildings such as Bijenkorf, Uniqlo, H&M, Steltman, Beeld&Sound and The Student Hotel.

    The program is not yet known, but we will of course keep you informed. height. You can already buy a ticket for a surprise show on Saturday 1 October. You only hear later what time the show is and which designers are showing their collection. The

    trendsetter ticket now costs 17 Euro.

    Read more…

    Attention: extra tickets are available for the free Pathé outdoor cinema on the beach

    Update: additional tickets available. Fat! You don’t have to leave the beach this summer. After your afternoon sun you can…

  • The food trucks are rolling back to The Hague

  • Three days of music and exotic food during the Milan Summer Festival

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