A few years ago there were suddenly all cruise ships off our coast. That was because there were no holidays because of corona, now there is another mysterious ship in front of Kijkduin. Judging by the lever on the boat, it’s clearly not a cruise ship, but what is?

A lot is happening on the coast: there are windmills in the North Sea, there is a seaweed farm, from Kijkduin you can see an oil rig and there are many fishing boats. Yet it is noticeable when suddenly an unknown ship lies among all that activity.


Our colleagues from Omroep West have been dealing with the same mystery. And they have found the answer. At first, a ship for sand replenishment was considered. These are ships that replenish the sand. But Rijkswaterstaat let it be known that the ship was not for that.

Thanks to the website MarineTraffic, we know that the ship is called the Amazon. The company Royal IHC has completely renovated that ship.

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Just testing

‘It is a pipe laying ship’, the press officer of Royal IHC tells Omroep West . These ships are used to lay pipes for, for example, gas, hydrogen or oil in the sea. The ship was bought from an American company and then converted. Now it is being tested. ‘That is standard after building or renovating a ship. We look at all the things that are on board, whether they are doing well. The seaworthiness of the ship, or whether all equipment works, that sort of thing.’

The ship is therefore only tested, no pipes are laid here off the coast of The Hague. The pipes are being tested in Norway, but until then the ship will remain off our coast.