Go Den Haag


A little cheer in dark days is welcome for everyone. That is why this week we treat you daily to a giveaway with which you can win very nice outings. How about tickets for the circus, a festive show with drag queens, a Harry Potter concert, a tour of the Passage or performances in Amare!

Porter Ruub takes you to places you normally can’t go and tells you all about the history of De Passage during a number of special guided tours in December and January. For example, you can see where the shopkeepers used to live above their shop and you get a view from above over part of the city center.

We can give away two spots for this special tour on Tuesday 31 January at 13: 30 hour. You will immediately visit the new exhibition space.


Do you want to win these tickets? Then leave your details on the form below and… fingers crossed!

You can until Sunday 13 November 2022 participate in this giveaway.