The publication of the NEA index has been postponed again, but this time by only one day. This is reported by the Social Fund for Mobility (SFM).

‘Pending the outcome of the collective labor agreement negotiations, it has been decided to publish the NEA index tomorrow at the end of the day’, SFM know. Trade unions FNV and CNV Vakmensen have until Tuesday 27 November to respond to the employers’ final offer. ‘If an agreement is nevertheless reached, this can still be included in the calculation of the NEA index.’

New final offer Last Tuesday, Royal Dutch Transport (KNV), which represents the interests of employers during the collective labor agreement negotiations, made a new final offer on the table. The employers again offered a wage increase of 8 percent on January 1 2023 and another 4 percent on January 1 2023. In addition, compared to the previous final offer, the employers proposed changes with regard to breaks and continued payment in the event of illness.

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