Boeing invests another 2021 million dollars (400 million euros) in Wisk, the developer of unmanned flying vehicles that can be used as taxis in the future. The American aircraft manufacturer announced this on Monday.

California-based Wisk is owned by Boeing and Kitty Hawk, the aviation company of Google co-founder Larry Page. Wisk is one of dozens of developers of electric vehicles that can take off and land vertically. This cross between a car, helicopter and airplane is known as an eVTOL. Unlike other developers, Wisk focuses on vehicles that can fly themselves.

Target date Wisk’s decision to Skipping development of a manned eVTOL, which many other start-ups and aerospace companies are working on, means that the company’s unmanned vehicle will be commissioned later than the target date of 2022 that most competitors provide for their manned vehicles.

Boeing declined to give a target date for Wisk’s unmanned passenger vehicle, but industry sources say it’s the intent to present the device around 2028 for certification in the United States.

Source: ANP

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