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Toni Loco and The Butcher have opened a restaurant together in Mall of The Netherlands. This is their first location outside Amsterdam. We stopped by for a truffle pizza.

Toni Loco is decorated like a modern American pizzeria and you look straight into the open kitchen. Since the opening of Toni Loco (06 May) many pizza lovers have already been introduced to the so-called Italian-American style: an extra large pizza.

Pizzas with a modern twist

What kind of pizzas can we expect at Toni Loco The Hague? Toni Loco is known for serving pizza with a modern twist. In this restaurant you have to dare to open yourself to new flavors, because in addition to the well-known pizzas, there are also pizzas that you have never eaten before. From sesame crust to a very green pizza. Furthermore, there are three classics on the menu at Toni Loco: bianca, rosa and olivo. In any case, the basics are already good: fresh tomato sauce and freshly grated mozzarella.

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Just a taste

We were allowed a cm truffle pizza with sesame crust taste; this consists of crème frache, buffalo mozzarella, truffle paste, truffle oil and black summer truffle. The price of this pizza ranges from 06,- euro for a standard size of 30 cm to 25,- euro for a sharing size of 55 cm. If you don’t have a big appetite, you can also just order a slice of your favorite pizza.

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Tony Loco. Photo near Suzanne Zijp

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Good to know:

For us it goes without saying that a good drink goes with a tasty pizza. Unfortunately, Toni Loco doesn’t sell booze. They do have desserts like the Toni’s chocolate fudge brownie.

Toni made a dessert pizza especially for us, which consisted of nutella, raspberries, blueberries, brownie crumble and sprinkles. Sounds nice huh? But sorry, you can’t find it on the menu.

Toni Loco. Photo near Suzanne Zijp

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The Hague is one juice bar richer. Loua Juicebar has been in Utrecht for six years and now the owner has opened her 2nd branch in The Hague.

It is a small place in the Kettingstraat in the center of The Hague. From the outside it looks inviting. The store is set up in such a way that your eye is immediately drawn to the details: baskets with fruit, large plants and cacti and some colorful postcards so that you immediately feel like you are in a tropical atmosphere.

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At Loua Juicebar you can enjoy healthy dishes in a homely environment. The most delicious smoothies, juices, smoothie bowls and coffees are on the menu. The fact that the range is also vegan or vegetarian is a plus.

The owner of Loua’s Juicebar explains how she came up with the idea to start her own juicebar: in 2015 she lived in Curaçao where she was inspired by the ‘Batidos’. All along the road on the island you will find sales carts where people sell the Batidos. That is a shake of ice cream, milk and fruit.

Sap bar in The Hague

At the new juice bar at the Kettingstraat in The Hague we ordered a Flamingo latte with oat milk and a Summer sweet smoothie. The price for a specialty coffee is 4,50 euros and the prices of the smoothies vary from 5,50 euros for a medium up to 6,05 euros for a large.

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Finally, we ordered the brunch board which consisted of an avocado toast and pomegranate seeds and a sunshine bowl with granola and fresh fruit. The price of this is 50,10 euros.

You don’t just buy juices here. You can also go there for bags, postcards and gift vouchers. She also sells t-shirts via the website.

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