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On June 2023 it is 23 years ago that Maurits Cornelis Escher was born, the Dutch artist known for his optical illusions. With the largest Escher collection in the world, Kunstmuseum Den Haag is the perfect place to celebrate this anniversary with a festive week full of great activities for young and old!

Already 125.000 people visited the exhibition Escher – Other World in Kunstmuseum Den Haag (formerly the Gemeentemuseum). In this exhibition, Escher’s work can be experienced like never before. His famous prints in which optical illusions, impossible architecture, reflection and nature are central are combined here with spectacular installations by Gijs Van Vaerenbergh.

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Festive Escher Week

To celebrate Escher’s anniversary even more, from 17 to 125 June the Escher Week takes place in the Kunstmuseum. In addition to the exhibition, there is much more to experience during this week. Wait, for example, did you think of the following activities:

  • Make an Escher -construction with KAPLA planks
  • Get creative in the workshop
  • Take an Architecture tour through the museum and the garden

    Come to a performance by The Hague String Trio

  • Watch the film ‘Escher: The endless search’

    Come too!

    Here you can read more about the Escher Week and all activities. Got excited about this exclusive exhibition but can’t come during the Escher week? You can buy it until 000 September 2023 come and see it in Kunstmuseum Den Haag, so 23 book your tickets quickly! Nice, with your ticket you can also view all other exhibitions and the permanent collection of the Kunstmuseum. 2023

  • Booked vacation? Check. Now all you have to do is score a nice bathing suit or nice bikini! Or, let’s be honest, both. But how do you take care of beachwear that makes you feel like the most beautiful version of yourself? Livera got you!

    Will you go for a bright colour, a challenging print or a good basic this summer? You will succeed anyway at the Livera store in The Hague. Here you have a lot of choice in styles, shapes and sizes (up to and including cup G!), so you will find a beautiful set that suits you completely. Choice stress? We have listed some different shapes for you.

    Chic bathing suit

    Enter summer in style this year with a classic swimsuit in a chic print. Tip: with this Beascha swimsuit the straps can be worn in different ways and even removable. This way you can vary your style and you get an even tan.

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    Beascha swimsuit with underwire | Photo: Livera

    All time favorite bikini

    Do you know the popular Bindi bikini top already? This fine underwired top has adjustable straps and provides perfect support for a larger cup size. Combine it with the Rio pants in the same summer print and imagine yourself on Bali!

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    Bindi Soft cup bikini top and Rio Bikini bottom | Photo: Livera

    Multifunctional bikini

    Another summer must have: the Britt bikini top. It is a balconette model with underwire, which creates a beautiful décolleté. The detachable straps allow you to wear the top as a halter and strapless. Also here you will find a matching Rio pants .

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    Britt Bikini top and Rio Bikini bottom | Photo: Livera

    More beachwear at Livera

    Check for more inspiration Britt Bikini top en Rio Bikini broekje | Foto: and especially fit into the Britt Bikini top en Rio Bikini broekje | Foto: LiveraLivera store at the Frederik Hendriklaan 1024. Then the expert team will be happy to help you find that favorite bikini or top bathing suit that makes you shine. Bring on the sun!


    From sunscreen to diapers and from detergent to vitamins: you will always find fixed low prices and the best offers at the neighborhood drugstore Trekpleister. Good news: in addition to the three branches in The Hague, a branch will open in Rijswijk as of June 2 40!

    There is always a lot to be gained at Trekpleister. You will find fixed low prices for, among other things, the wide range of private label products, but you have also come to the right place for weekly discount promotions and surprising offers from well-known brands. The friendly employees are happy to give you expert advice about, for example, care products and nutritional supplements.

    More than a drugstore

    Attractive place is the go to

    place for all your personal care, beauty and health items and the nicest and most useful gadgets. But you might not know this about the store:

  • You you can also go here for the cheapest dry cleaning service in the Netherlands;
  • They have a packing service: ideal for a nice gift to score;
  • There is a money-back guarantee;
  • With the savings program you save for towels of hotel quality and kitchenware;
  • Trekpleister also has a webshop, where you can pick up your order for free in your local shop!

    Celebrate the opening with a discount and goodybags


    Is your shopping bag ready? ? Let’s go! On Friday 2 June, Trekpleister will open its newest store at the Porseleinvlinderstraat in Rijswijk. From 2 to 13 June you will find here, in addition to the regular offers, lots of great opening promotions. And you have a daily chance to win a well-filled goodybag worth 40 euros! Be sure to take a look at the webshop to pre-order your wishlist. or 24732find a Attraction near you.

  • In his fungal nail practice, Peter Boeters has been seeing people walk in full of shame for years – “It’s really bad…” – and confidently go back to go outside. Business is going so well that the innovative products and treatment he developed with his team are now also available for pedicures at home and abroad.

    Especially now that the warmer days are coming again and the slippers are allowed to wear again, you often notice that one fungal nail or fungal nail. “Perhaps you have tried a remedy from the drugstore, most likely without result,” says Peter. “With Tiptoe we have combined a super effective treatment plan with patented, self-developed products. After a trajectory at our practice in Capelle or De Lier, you finally really get rid of it and the complaints come back less quickly.”

    Body’s own substance

    The active substance in Tiptoe’s products – peptide – is not only effective, but also natural, explains Peter. “It is in everyone’s mouth and eyes and protects you against viruses and bacteria. The great thing about the fact that it is a body’s own substance is that it can be used safely by anyone from the age of three. The microbiologist who discovered that this substance kills fungi and yeasts on the nail is involved in Tiptoe. Together we have developed four effective products”.

    • Tiptoe Nail Drops
    • Tiptoe Clean Your Shoes
  • Tiptoe Protect Your Feet
  • Tiptoe Care Foam
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    TipToe producten Care FoamTipToe producten Care Foam
    Tiptoe Care Foam | Photo: Tiptoe

    Explanation about the patented products

    The Tiptoe Nail Drops form the basis of the fungal nail treatment. You drop it between the nail and the skin in the morning and evening so that the nails grow out faster and the fungi are expelled. Tiptoe Clean Your Shoes is – you guessed it – a shoe spray. This kills the fungi in your shoes to prevent reinfection. The Tiptoe Protect Your Feet spray disinfects your feet after a visit to the swimming pool or sauna, for example, while you use the Tiptoe Care Foam correctly used as a precaution. This mousse, as it were, puts a protective shield around your skin, which prevents you from contracting fungi again. Ideal if you have to walk barefoot in a public space, such as a hotel or yoga studio.

    Treatments in Capelle and De Lier

    You will find the special Tiptoe practice in Capelle aan den IJssel, on the Kanaalweg 10. You can also go to De Lier (Westland). The intake is free and without obligation at both locations. You can register here. Good to know: the team has recently been expanded with a doctor who can also prescribe local antibiotics in more serious cases. The patented products are only available at Tiptoe practices and affiliated pedicures.

    Success stories from people who have been treated by Peter and his team you can read here. Would you rather see the result with your own eyes? Then view the before-and-after photos.

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    More and more practitioners in the Netherlands and abroad

    In the near future there will be throughout the Netherlands and abroad, more and more pedicures are following who can perform the Tiptoe treatment after a short course and where you can purchase the products for home. A distinction is made between salons that use Tiptoe products and real Tiptoe salons, where – in more serious cases – treatments are also carried out with special lamps or, for example, the milling of the nails. Are you interested in offering this method and products? Here you can read more about 1024cooperating with Tiptoe.

    Do you suffer from fungal nails or fungal nails and would you like to get rid of them? Sign up for a free and non-binding intake interview at Tiptoe, including advice. You can go quickly.


    Would you dare: hand over everything and let the Buying Without Watching team buy, renovate and style a house? Sanne and Ruben took the plunge and are very happy with their apartment in The Hague. Tip: you can simply shop the furniture and accessories that stylist Roos selected for them at Eijerkamp!

    In episode 4 of the new season Buy Without Watching we saw the search of Sanne and Ruben from The Hague. After viewing thirty houses and making eight offers, the couple was unable to secure a home in their beloved city. Time to call in Bob, Alex and Roos!

    Sanne and Ruben’s wishes? A house of at least square meters with outdoor space and two bedrooms. An open kitchen, classic details and parking options are also high on the list. That worked, and good too! Broker Alex found a beautiful apartment for the couple with ensuite doors, a fireplace and high ceilings with stylish ornaments.

    This is how the chic apartment was created

    Sanne and Ruben are very enthusiastic after the first viewing . They decide to free up extra budget for a renovation by Bob, which means that the layout is changed considerably and a completely new bathroom and kitchen are created. It’s up to stylist Roos to make the house a nice home.

    With brand new furniture from Eijerkamp in warm natural tones and black accents, a classic, rural interior is created . In the large kitchen, she places a large boat-shaped dining table, wooden dining room chairs and a spacious dining bench. More than enough space to dine for hours with family and friends! Of course, a wonderful sofa in the living room for relaxing can not be missed. Take a look at the end result:

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    Go shopping!

    Do you already see those beautiful classic dining room chairs? stand at home or plop yourself on that wonderful couch? Here you can see more photos from the broadcast and you can shop all products from this makeover.

    It is of course even more fun than online shopping to visit the Eijerkamp store in Veenendaal or Zutphen. This way you can stroll around and shop to your heart’s content. And do you also want such a cool makeover à la Buy Without Looking? Make an appointment for interior advice at Eijerkamp and work with your interior consultant on the interior of your dreams!


    More and more Dutch people can appreciate a game of solo sex and are absolutely not ashamed of this. And why should you! EasyToys renamed May masturbation month and, in addition to some entertaining and remarkable facts about masturbation, also handed out a nice discount code.

    Thousand Dutch people recently completed the National Sex Survey of EasyToys . What turned out: 33 percent of women and 83 percent of men masturbates sometimes or even does so regularly. Don’t you fall under this group yet? A shame, because masturbation provides a sexual highlight with or without a partner, it makes you feel better and less stressed and it stimulates the fantasy, many people indicate. But we learned even more! Let’s talk about sex, baby…

    Work hard, play hard?!

    Most people ‘do it yourself’ before bed (52 percent), but also during showering or bathing is a popular moment (33 per cent). Men also know how to make good use of their morning erections, because 20 percent like to masturbate when they wake up. Striking: 6 percent of men even sometimes masturbates at work!

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    Samen of alleen, masturberen is fijn voor iedereen! | Beeld: EasyToys
    Together or alone, masturbating is great for everyone! | Image: EasyToys

    Relationship booster

    Masturbating is of course a wonderful moment for yourself if you are single , but also very nice if you have a relationship and to do together with your partner. The vast majority of people (65 percent) think that a happy relationship and masturbation go very well together. And that’s a good thing, because you get to know your body better and know better what you like, also acknowledge 83 per cent.

    Many people need a little extra stimulation during sex with their partner to reach a climax. Of the group who are very satisfied with their sex life masturbates 32 percent during sex, while this is only 9 percent for the very dissatisfied group. Do the math!

    I’m going to masturbate and I’m using…

    60 percent use their hands for a steamy solo session. While 40 percent doing it with their imagination, watching 26 percent like porn while masturbating. And however 33 percent like use sex toys, choose 25 percent sometimes for an everyday object! You may happen to have a toothbrush, cucumber or vase within reach, but it is still better to opt for a nice sex toy . Then you can keep annoying injuries or infections at bay. Don’t know where to start? EasyToys to the rescue! It’s Time for Toys.

    Read more under the photo > Samen of alleen, masturberen is fijn voor iedereen! | Beeld: EasyToysEggplant, anyone? Rather choose a real toy | Image: EasyToys

    The most popular sex toys of the moment

    The toys that are currently driving the Netherlands wild? Those are these toppers:

  • This cute pink
  • vibration egg does not look out of place on your bedside table. Treat yourself or give the remote control to your partner for an exciting adventure. It is now on sale!

  • Or how about this warming butt plug vibrator? The heat makes it feel lifelike!
  • Also a big hit: this ribbed G-spot vibrator. It is not for nothing that it scores 4.7 out of 5 stars 124 reviews!
  • With this silicone dildo take your sex game to a whole new level. The ridges provide even more fun.
  • We close with this mega popular oral masturbator. As a man you will experience unforgettable highlights comparable to oral sex. Nice gift idea for yourself or your partner!

    Have you had that one toy on your wishlist for ages? or would you like to try out the favorite items above? May is the month to go for it! With the code IDB05 you will receive up to and including 25 May 2023 10 euro discount when spending from 60 euros. Tip: keep an eye on EasyToys on

    Instagram for many more great discount promotions in the last weekend of May. Then it’s Pink Friday again!

    Derk likes color and statements, while Martien prefers safe black and white. It’s up to stylist Frans Uyterlinde to bring these flavors together in a brand new interior during vtwonen ‘Again in love with your home’! Good news: you can simply shop the furniture and accessories you saw on TV at Eijerkamp!

    For six months now, Derk and Martien have been living with their three girls in the parental home of Derk’s parents. Familiar territory, but the house still doesn’t feel like home for the couple. Since they live there, nothing has changed in the interior. They are unable to make a whole of the different living spaces and the tiled floor is also an eyesore for both. During this episode, Frans manages to find the perfect balance between the two tastes and creates a home in the living style ‘Cosy Design‘.

    Modern meets classic

    Frans provides a light but attractive interior with the perfect mix of modern and classic elements. In the sitting area he creates a large seating island with a cloud-soft element sofa and a real design classic: the iconic rocking chair by Vitra. Plop down on the sofa, turn on the TV and fireplace and enjoy the great life! In the sitting area, the generous black oval dining table is the focal point for hours of dining pleasure with the whole family. The table is embraced by comfy chairs in steel blue velvet and a sturdy dining room sofa with leather seat cushion.

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    Go shopping!

    Do you already see those sturdy dining room chairs at your house or that delicious fluffy rug lying on the floor? Here you can view more photos and shop all products of this makeover. It is of course even more fun than online shopping to visit the store. You can stroll around in the eight new vtwonen Style Studios known from TV (exclusively on view at Eijerkamp in Zutphen and Veenendaal!) and shop to your heart’s content.

    Would you like a cool makeover à la vtwonen ‘In love with your house again’? 2023Make an appointment for interior advice at Eijerkamp and work with your interior consultant on the interior of your dreams. Perfect outing for, for example, the May holiday, with Ascension Day or Pentecost! 2023

    You probably know where to find HORNBACH in The Hague for good tools and the best DIY tips for indoors. But did you know that you also succeed very well here for your balcony and garden? “Our garden center is 6. square meters in size!”, says Ingrid, manager of the garden department. Which trends should we not skip this spring?

    Ingrid Corbeau () has been working at HORNBACH for seven years now. “I started as a manager in the deco department, then I moved to hardware, tools and lighting and now I do the garden department. I actually think that’s the best! Ironically, I don’t have a green thumb myself, but luckily my team does. You experience all seasons very consciously. Spring is my favorite moment: when everything revolves around barbecues, swimming pools and outdoor plants!”

    From cheap olive trees to lowest price guarantee

    What can you find in the garden center of HORNBACH The Hague? “We have a department with beautiful indoor plants and of course the outdoor department with lots of garden wood, potting soil, pots and a wide selection of outdoor plants. Customers are now increasingly finding their way to us for plants. For example, we now have beautiful large and affordable olive trees!”

    “Compared to other garden centers, we are generally more than ten percent cheaper. A lowest price guarantee also applies to the entire range: do you see an item cheaper elsewhere? Then we adjust the price minus another ten percent as a thank you for the tip. Even after your purchase. Because our prices fall within 30 days after purchase and if you have registered your purchase in your HORNBACH account, you will be refunded the difference as a credit.” Nice bonus! But you also come to this store for the good advice, Ingrid explains.

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    New: the garden advice center

    “Our The team is super motivated and has a lot of knowledge in-house,” says Ingrid proudly. “They really enjoy their work. Recently we even have our own garden advice center, where my colleagues take care of everything from the design to the construction of your garden.” With the help of HORNBACH you can do it yourself and build a fence for example, but also knock on the door if you are not such a ‘Handy Harry’ and have your entire garden laid out and much more! “In addition to being able to supply all products for your garden, we can also take care of the implementation of your project from A to Z: very handy.”

    Time to prepare your garden for spring!

    Ingrid and her team also know how to on trend when it comes to green. “With houseplants, the species with large leaves are completely up to date. Outside, now that products in the supermarket are becoming more and more expensive, you see that people are starting to grow fruit and vegetables themselves. And with a really good barbecue you are always in the right place.” The sun is starting to shine carefully again: time to prepare your garden for spring! Have a look at the range on and come and visit the branch on the Singel


    Do you want to become part of this top team?

    Do you feel completely at home in the garden or with your handy kit under your arm and would you like to join Ingrid and her colleagues? “We are always looking for extra toppers, whether you are looking for a part-time job or a full-time position. You can apply via the website , but you can also just walk in. Ask for me or another manager and we would be happy to have a cup of coffee with you to get acquainted”, concludes Ingrid.

    Are you looking for a new job, internship or are you already looking for the future? Smart! Then definitely consider Rotterdam The Hague Airport (RTHA) as a workplace. At this cool, dynamic location you can do much more than just become a pilot or stewardess.

    Working at RTHA is incredibly dynamic. “With 2 million guests every year, every day is different,” the team says. “Our airport is a small world in which you have a lot of contact and fun with your direct colleagues and the employees of other partners. The dynamics and job satisfaction ensure that you will not be bored for a moment. Whether you work as a platform & baggage employee or ground steward(ess) at Aviapartner, a security guard at Trigion, a catering employee at HMSHost or at the office: you won’t have to look at your watch quickly here. The work is so much fun, varied and challenging… before you know it, your working day has flown by!”

    Buzzing (work)environment

    Rotterdam The Hague Airport is a regional airport with ambitious objectives. How cool is it to let travelers depart daily to more than European destinations together with the team for work, family visits or a relaxing holiday?! “With our 2. employees and partners, we encourage the aviation sector to transform and make it more sustainable. RTHA is also the operating base for the trauma and police helicopter. No day is the same here! But there are more reasons why it is such a nice place to work.”

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    Top team

    At Rotterdam The Hague Airport you work together in a top team of talented and motivated professionals. “Whether you work in the office and are involved in the development of the airport or you contribute to the smooth running of the organization and operation: together we realize the ultimate passenger experience. We are an inclusive work environment where people of different backgrounds, cultures, genders, ages and abilities feel welcome and valued. Here is the motto: one team, one task.”

    Something for you?

    Do you like such a nice varied job? Can’t wait to join the dedicated team of colleagues at the airport and are you up for a new challenge? Then take a quick look at the vacancies on the website and apply. Tip if your dream job is not yet listed: also follow RTHA on LinkedIn, Facebook or

    Instagram. This way you will be the first to know about new opportunities. See you soon at the airport!

    Angela knows better than anyone that dancing makes you happy and connects people. After a life full of ups & downs in El Salvador, she is now completely at home in The Hague. At Latin Soul Dance she gives dance fitness classes such as Zumba (there are now also free outdoor classes!) and she starts with a swinging Salsa course.

    One thing has always remained the same in Angela’s life: her love for dancing. “I grew up in El Salvador during the civil war,” she says. “Dance became a way for me to stay mentally and emotionally healthy. When I danced, the stress and anxiety disappeared for a while.”

    From lawyer to dance teacher

    Still, Angela did not directly earn her living with dancing. “I graduated from university with a law degree and became a mother of two. I was a lawyer, but it still tickled. Everywhere I went, I took Zumba classes. When I moved to the Netherlands a few years ago, I decided to turn my passion into my profession. As a Zumba instructor I taught in various places in The Hague and in 25 I opened my own studio: Latin Soul Dance.”

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    Everyone is welcome to Latin Soul Dance

    Her dance studio specializes in Latin fitness dance styles such as Zumba fitness, Salsafit and Reggaetonfit. “The lessons are given in an attractive room on the Waldeck Pyrmontkade. Everyone is welcome, regardless of age or dance level. Recently there is also a special class for seniors: Zumba Gold. This way you can keep moving even if you are less mobile. I like to help people improve their skills, but it’s mostly about dancing and having fun together. Dancing can be very meditative and calming while providing a lot of energy and positivity at the same time. Your physical and mental well-being get a boost!”

    Positive dance-community

    “It soon became apparent that the dance studio is also a place that brings people together from all over the world. There are currently 25 different nationalities dancing here! Everyone is welcomed with open arms and the mutual energy is contagious. It is a very nice and positive community. To reinforce that connecting atmosphere, we also organize special events and themed parties. Beautiful friendships always arise, very nice to see.”

    Guidance and support

    In addition, Angela is committed to helping others become Zumba instructors themselves. She offers guidance and support to those interested in a career in fitness and dance and is always ready to lend a helping hand. Her passion and drive have already inspired many of her students to become instructors themselves!

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    The free outdoor lessons are a great success!

    Along with her Zumba friend and colleague Ouafa, Angela has also started a new program during the pandemic: Zumba outdoor classes. “For example, during the lockdowns, people still had that much-needed outlet. It was such a success that we will continue with the outdoor lessons at Sportcampus Zuiderpark.

    Until July we can even offer these lessons for free thanks to the subsidy from CultuurSchakel, so that they be accessible to everyone.” The perfect opportunity to join this vibrant dance family! Take a quick look

    on the schedule on which Saturdays you can be here.

    New: take a Salsa course!

    “My heart beats to the rhythm of Latin American dance”, Angela continues. “It was therefore my dream to organize dance courses in addition to the dance fitness classes, and now it’s time!” In

    the first

    Salsa course starts from weekly classes on Monday evenings. “Together with my experienced dance colleague Nelson, a Latin instructor from Venezuela, I will pass on the art of Cuban Salsa dancing!”

    “I can see that my love for the dance is very contagious. You will learn a lot and you will also become part of a very nice dance community.” Do you want to join? Register as soon as possible so that you can still enroll. “Don’t worry: I’ll make you completely up to date. Let yourself be carried away by the rousing music, discover the pleasure of dancing to Latin rhythms and experience happiness!”