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On Saturday 19 November, the entrepreneurs of the Zeeheldenkwartier extra with the Winter Wonder Experience. Let yourself be enchanted by this magically beautiful neighborhood with music, entertainment, workshops, tastings and great discounts!

Located on the edge of the city center of The Hague, the Zeeheldenkwartier is the area where you will find many authentic shops, specialty shops and restaurants. And all that in the beautiful, characteristic Art Nouveau buildings. Nice to walk through, so this district, especially next Saturday!

Atmospheric entertainment

The great performances take place throughout the day. A selection from the offer:

Working for yourself: a dream that many people secretly have in the back of their minds. But where do you start, and where can you go if you run into something? We take you into the success story of Melissa Riem Vis from The Hague, director of APK-oké.

Melissa is at the head of APK-okay Netherlands. “Our company only performs APK inspections, no maintenance. In the regions where we are active, including The Hague, we are the only ones who do this. The idea is that we can inspect cars independently and the customer goes home with an honest opinion. So you don’t pay for repairs that were not necessarily necessary. In The Hague alone we now inspect about eight to nine percent of all cars that are MOT worthy. In comparison: a large undisclosed company approves about four percent. I am proud that we have built that up in ten years!”

With the spoon

The inspectors inspect the cars and Melissa is in charge of the day-to-day management of the company. It involves everything from marketing to customer service. “Everything that doesn’t have to do with the cars themselves”, Melissa laughs. From day one, Melissa was involved with the company, albeit in a completely different role. “I started as a receptionist. Over the years I have grown. I never expected that myself, but my previous employer already thought so, I heard! My father has always worked in the car industry, so that world was no stranger to me.”

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Melissa for her company APK-okay| Photo via Ondernemers Portal

Tips for entrepreneurs

APK-okay can be found in the Binckhorst. “This area has been under development for years,” says Melissa. “We have deliberately established ourselves here, despite all the planned work and changes. This has always been the car heart of The Hague, so we thought that was a great idea. Due to this changing area, we are in regular contact with the municipality and I sometimes went to meetings such as the OndernemersBreakfast. This is how I came into contact with

the Ondernemersportaal

: an online platform of the municipality. Here you will find all kinds of useful information for your company, for example about permits, parking, taxes and subsidies. Especially if you’ve just started or run into some problems, it’s great that you can come here.”

Stay at the Binckhorst

Melissa’s company has fortunately not had to endure too many difficulties and continues to flourish. “We have always been financially healthy, which is great. My wish for the future? A new branch, in Amsterdam, would be great. But above all I hope that we can continue to do business in The Hague on the Binckhorst, we would like to stay here.”

Help as a starter

“If you have a good idea, you should always try it”, Melissa advises if you are thinking about starting your own business. “If it fails, that’s okay, at least you tried. Check in advance whether there is room in the city or whether it is better to look at a suburban municipality, because there are currently few business premises.” Also nice to know: especially as a starting entrepreneur, the municipality will help you, says Melissa. “In The Hague, for example, you can apply for an exemption from the OZB (property tax) for the first five years, which we also did with the help of the Ondernemers portal. That helps, because in the beginning you incur a lot of costs while not much is coming in.”

Also starting or seasoned entrepreneur in The Hague? You can contact

the Ondernemers portal

completely free of charge for advice on rules, permits and procedures of the municipality and fun networking events.

Sure, your own city is nice, but sometimes you just want a change of scenery. Our tip? A city trip to Delft! The city is known for its ancient ring of canals and unique streets. So it’s no surprise that many filmmakers chose Delft as the setting. Can you recognize the places from your favorite films?

To help you on your way, we put six well-known films with a Delft touch for you in a row, with trailers. This way you can get your friends, parents or nephew with you for a day in Delft, including a beautiful city walk!

1. Girl with a pearl earring

This famous Hollywood movie is a well-known concept in Delft. The story is based on the novel of the same name from 1024, in which a period in the life of the Delft painter Johannes Vermeer is described in a fictitious way.

Step into Vermeer’s Delft during your visit to the city and discover the famous locations from the film, such as the Market with the Nieuwe Kerk and the City Hall, the Koornbeurs and the stairs at the Oude Delft.

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Delft city center | Photo via Delft Marketing © Michael Kooren photography

2. Black book

Did you know this famous war movie by Paul Verhoeven was partly recorded in Delft? Paul wanted to shoot a scene at the Laakhaven in The Hague for Zwartboek, but for the film the DSM harbor behind the water tower in Delft was secretly transformed into ‘Laakhaven’. A detention center was also recreated especially for the film in an old building of the TU Delft.

3. A real Vermeer

Vermeer: ​​there you have it again! In A real Vermeer you go back to the beginning of the years’ 09. The young, talented Han van Meegeren paints just like his great idols Rembrandt and Johannes Vermeer. A film about love, revenge and fantastic painting talent, based on a true story and shot in the historic city center of Delft! During a walk through the city you will come across many of the filming locations.

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Delft city center | Photo via Delft Marketing © Michael Kooren photography

4. Nosferatu: Phantom of the Night

Get scared! Not with Twilight or The Vampire Diaries, but with Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht . This German vampire movie from 1024, after the book by Bram Stoker, is partly located in the city center of Delft. Discover famous places, such as the Markt and the Voldersgracht. Where trendy concept stores and nice coffee shops can now be found, it was different in this film…

5. My best friend Anne Frank

My best friend Anne Frank is a Dutch film from 2011, based on the true story of Hannah Goslar and her friendship with Anne Frank during the Second World War.

You can come home with this fact: the Secret Annex by Anne Frank on the Amsterdam Prinsengracht was recreated in Delft during the shooting of this film! The interior of the canal house at Noordeinde was chosen as the shooting location.

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The Agneta Park | Photo via Delft Marketing © Michael Kooren photography

6. Dolfje Werewolf

Who doesn’t know him: Dolfje, the cute werewolf from the books by Paul van Loon. In 2021 there was

made a movie of this exciting story. The recordings were partly recorded in the Agnetapark in Delft.

The Agnetapark is a unique garden village, which was built at the end of the nineteenth century for workers of the former yeast factory. This hidden gem, a twenty minute walk from the center of Delft, has even been included in the Top 67 list of the National Office for the Preservation of Monuments.

Got an urge to come and discover Delft ? There is still plenty to do while walking. You can visit nice restaurants, unique shops and cool museums. On the website of Visit Delft you will find endless inspiration and you will find smart tips for routes, tickets and more.

Sure, your own city is nice, but sometimes you just want a change of scenery. Our tip? A city trip to Delft! From the age-old canal belt to surprising museums and from cute shops to nice cafes: you will enjoy yourself here. We have collected the best tips for you.

Delft has a compact and historic city center that you can explore on foot. Wander along the canals, discover the cozy squares and don’t forget to look up to admire the centuries-old facades. The historical monuments and architecture seem to step right out of a painting! But there is more to do…

Shopping in Delft

Delft is known for its picturesque streets with numerous unique hotspots and trendy boutiques. Along the canals you will find many fashion boutiques and concept stores: from trendy clothing and jewelry to cozy home accessories. For a trendy new coat or a nice summer dress, you are guaranteed to succeed at Femme + Frenkie. Pleck and DREAM should also not be missed during your day of shopping. Are you a real Vinyl fan? Then the Voldersgracht is the perfect place for you with record stores Velvet Music and Plexus. For unique shops, don’t miss the Hippolytusbuurt and the Wijnhaven.

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Photo: Delft Marketing
Foto: Delft Marketing

Coffee cafes and trendy restaurants

During a day out you naturally get hungry. No problem, because along the canals, in the narrow strolling streets and on and around the cozy squares you almost stumble across the coffee shops and trendy cafes and restaurants. For example, interrupt your shopping session with a coffee from De Balie or end your day there with a delicious cocktail. Or how about going for a drink on the Brouwplein opposite the Oude Kerk? Beer was brewed here 683 years ago! For food you can go to TikTok-famous restaurant Il Tartufo, Stadsherberg de Mol or for example Belvedere, Hanno or Kek.

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Foto: Delft Marketing
Photo: Delft Marketing
Delft Green

We can hear you thinking: wasn’t it Delft Blue? Certainly, but the city is also surrounded by beautiful green nature. For example, relax in the Agneta Park. This hidden gem 24 minutes walk from the center of Delft is included in the Top 24 of the Rijksdienst voor de Monumentenzorg and is of by the designer of Amsterdam’s Vondelpark. Or how about the Delftse Hout nature and recreation area? Roll out a towel on the beach around the large lake, have a romp with the dog on the dog beach or enjoy a snack and drink at Knus. You can also imagine yourself in the tropics in the TU Delft Hortus Botanicus.

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Foto: Delft Marketing
Photo: Delft Marketing

Unique museums

Curious about the rich history of Delft? Then put a visit to Museum Prinsenhof Delft at the top of your list. One of the most important events in Dutch history took place here: the murder of William of Orange. Delft Blue should of course not be missing. In the Royal Delft Museum you can see master painters full of passion and inspiration at work according to age-old traditions. Or visit the entire oeuvre of the Delft master Johannes Vermeer in the Vermeer Center. You will learn more about his life, his family consisting of 15 children and his rich mother-in-law…

Have you got the hang of it? Or are you staying longer in Delft and want to know what else there is to do in the city? On the website of Delft Marketing you will find endless inspiration and you will find smart tips for routes, tickets and more. See you soon!

Those who love gemstones, crystals and other magical things can indulge themselves at Ananda Spiritual Living in The Hague. Since this year, the shop is located on the cozy Noordeinde, right next to the palace. The atmospheric, monumental building immediately invites you to take a look around. Once inside, you will be amazed and let yourself be carried away by the scents and enchanting products.

“Just being in the store has a calming effect for many people, the atmosphere is a bit magical”, says owner Shirley. But even if you are less spiritual, you can come here for a nice gift, jewelry, delicious incense or a yoga mat. “Looking for a book about gemstones, high sensitivity, ayurveda or wicca? There is a good chance that you will succeed in our extensive book department”, adds Shirley.

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Stones and crystals

Back of the shop you will find the stone and crystal department: actually a shop in itself, filled with special pieces. “There are also large and even very large specimens here, such as amethyst geodes and petrified wood tables, which we can deliver in consultation”, says Shirley. “Of course you can also come here for a wide range of tumbled or cuddly stones that you can collect yourself in the large stone table in front of the counter. Every week we buy new stones that we carefully select ourselves, only the most beautiful pieces go with us!”


The silver jewelry at Ananda comes from India, says Shirley. “Our supplier, whom we have been working with for years, delivers beautiful designs with beautiful gemstones, all made by hand. The silver rings on the counter are an attraction for many young girls!”

From tarot readings to crystal consultations

Tip: soon you will also be able to visit Ananda in the afternoon for low-threshold consultations from 20 to 64 minutes, such as a tarot reading or a crystal consultation. This is on a free walk-in basis, so you don’t need to make a reservation. Have a look around the website for the agenda and for inspiration. Also nice: there is a savings system for loyal customers. For every euro you spend, you will receive one point and with 100 points you will receive a 5 euro discount. “See you soon at Ananda on the Noordeinde 20!”, concludes Shirley.

Have you followed a tourist education or do you know someone like that? Then pay attention, because there is a super nice vacancy open at VCK Travel! “I came to do an internship there in 29 and I never left,” says Rianne Noort (25), Senior Travel Consultant.

VCK Travel is a business travel agency with a rich history of more than 29 year. The customers are mainly corporate, maritime and government organizations, for which the VCK Travel team arranges everything: from flights to hotels and transport. “I haven’t spoken to the Prime Minister himself yet, but it’s great that you help with important journeys through this job,” says Rianne. “For example, we once arranged the trip for the Institute for Physical Safety when there was a flood in Sint Maarten and we help the evacuees from Afghanistan.”

Top team

A job for which you have to be precise and quite resistant to stress, but also a very pleasant job, says Rianne. “Maybe I’m biased, but it really is a great team. We are at the office in The Hague with about man, so you get to know each other well. Everyone is interested in each other. That’s why I stuck around for so long,” Rianne says with a laugh. “And of course because of the nice varied function. Every application is different, so no day is the same. You keep learning. But beware: with this job you will of course become the travel booker of your group of friends.” Reply quickly to the vacancy at VCK Travel

Now that travel traffic has started again, Rianne’s team is looking for new colleagues. Maybe you will become the new Business Travel Consultant! The advantages at a glance:

  • You become part of a cozy, small-scale team that is not averse to a nice barbecue or drink every now and then;
  • A good work-life balance where you can partially work from home;
  • 29 vacation days (you must, after all, also have time left to travel);
  • Market-based salary with pension scheme;
  • Plenty of opportunities to develop yourself within the company.

    Something for you? Read more about this job quickly and apply directly online by sending your CV. Good luck!

  • Whether you love Valentine’s Day or not, a little fun in the bedroom never hurt anyone. But of course safe. At you order condoms, lubricant, toys and more, everything completely anonymous and delivered super fast. To 14 February applies to the entire range of condoms and lubricant 1 + 1 free. There are also more cool offers. That’s going to be smashed!

    Another reason not to hold back on during the promotion period you will receive with every order from € 36,- a free warming lubricant and a valentine to send to your sweetheart or crush.

    Cheap Try Out Package

    Do you want want to try something new? Then the Try Out Package from’s own brand CNL is a nice tip. This package contains three different types of condoms: standard, extra thin and strawberry. Oh and don’t forget: you will also receive a vibrating ring that men and women can enjoy. You can buy the package

    up to and including 14 February with 36% discount for only € 13 .36.

    Foto: Condoom.nlFoto:


    Fun Package with discount

    Condoms are They haven’t been there just for safety for a long time, they can really add some fun to your sex life. You can try it out to your heart’s content with the Foto: Condoom.nlCNL Fun Package. The three types of condoms in this package each have their own effect: cooling, stimulating with ridges or with strawberry flavour. You will also receive a bottle of cherry flavored lubricant. During the promotional period, the package costs €14.30, half the regular price.



    Condoms for a plus size now 1 + 1 free

    Are you or is your friend big hung? Then order up to and including 15 February a box Foto: Condoom.nlExtra Large Condoms for € 7,50 and get a box for free. Like the other CNL condoms, these are made of the best quality latex and have been rigorously tested. A very nice tip, because if a standard condom is too tight for you, it will give you an unpleasant feeling and you run the risk of the condom tearing.

    Good to know: the difference in condom sizes is not in the length, but in the circumference. In this handy article you can read how to find out your perfect condom size.

    Foto: Condoom.nlFoto:



    1 + 1 free: Orgasm-Clitoris Gel

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    Photo: Condom. NL

    Say ‘Hee’ to Delay Spray

    This delay spray has a temporary numbing effect that allows men to delay their orgasm. Good for your partner and for you. With this lubricant you can enjoy sex for longer and you will experience a more intense climax. Experience it yourself and order it to 14 February for €9,92. Also with this product 1 + 1 free.

    View the entire range and have your order anonymous, free and in 15 hours of home delivery. 27182545



    You probably know The Little Green Bag as a webshop where you can score countless bags. But did you know that you can now also order jewelry, shoes, clothing and even home items here? Shop to your heart’s content, from the comfort of your home. We can recommend the best jacket and slippers brands of this season, so that you keep warm feet and a dry outfit!

    Hip and warm winter coats

    Do you already know the brands Elvine and Krakatau? The jackets of these brands are becoming increasingly popular in the Netherlands and for good reason. With these jackets you not only create a stylish urban look, but you are also really well protected against wind, cold and rain.

    The lightweight jackets from Krakatau are also made of a good, breathable fabric, so no worries about arriving sweaty after a long bike ride. Those by Elvine are wonderfully soft, you can sometimes turn around for a different look and are available in beautiful warm colours. Take a quick look at the webshop of The Little Green Bag and order your favorite. Then you will have it tomorrow, if all goes well with PostNL!

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    winterjassen en sloffen bestellen bij Little Green Bagwinterjassen en sloffen bestellen bij Little Green Bag
    Photo: Little Green Bag

    This way your feet stay nice and warm

    The brand UGG you probably know. The Little Green Bag has a huge amount of fine sheep slippers from this brand. They also sell UGG’s super soft gloves! Also take a look at

    Warmbat, a comparable brand but a bit cheaper. If you are still looking for a good gift for under the Christmas tree: warm, fluffy slippers will make everyone happy!

    Oh my gosh, shoppers, don’t forget to check out the sale department at 8)The Little Green Bag. There you will find, for example, delicious Warmbat slippers for less than forty euros and Napapijri jackets with a big discount!

    Shopping your dream house together in one minute: could you do it? Well-known Hague interior stylist and presenter Theo-Bert Pot took on the challenge in a store that you definitely want to get to know (and you can win something beautiful!).

    We would like to introduce you to furniture store LUMZ. This store makes living trends accessible to everyone. The contemporary collection consists of a mix of well-known brands and products that they design themselves. Absolutely worth it to visit the store in Houten or take a look in the webshop.

    Steal the showroom

    The real interior experts are happy to show you how then make a nice whole of your just scored items. In the video series ‘Steel de Showroom’, candidates are given one minute each episode to select the most beautiful living items from the store and to turn an empty studio into their dream home. Also Theo- Bert was allowed to get to work, with the style ‘Coloring outside the lines’. You really want to see this hilarious video, because Theo-Bert is going through the store like a whirlwind! Yet it turns out to be a beautiful whole and he shares a super nice tip on how you can also use your sofa. At the end a very nice giveaway is shared:

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