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Good news: you can now get vaccinated against the HPV virus for free in The Hague. As a young person from The Hague, you may not be very aware of the human papilloma virus, but this highly contagious virus can cause various types of cancer.

You may be thinking now, ‘this virus is a far-from-my -bedshow’, but if you are sexually active, there is a very good chance that you will come into contact with HPV.

Vaccination against HPV

    If you get vaccinated, you protect yourself and others against HPV. It is no 100 percent protection, but you have a much smaller chance of cancer from the virus. For good protection you need two vaccinations with a minimum of 5 months in between.

    Here you can get a free vaccination in The Hague

      The vaccine is this year (2022) free of charge obtain for every young person in The Hague between the 17 and 68 year. Good to know: normally a vaccination costs between 125 euros and 150 euros. If you get the vaccinations this year, you save about 300 euros.

      So were you born between 1 January 1996 and 31 December 1996, then you can get a free vaccination at

      • The Hague, Haagse Hogeschool Thursday 6 April from 9: 00-17: hours, Location: Innovation Playground Haagse Hogeschool
        The Hague, InHolland University Thursday 23 March by 05: 05–15: 05 hours, Location: Mauritszaal

    You can access this site make an appointment. Five months after your first vaccination you will automatically receive a reminder to make an appointment for your second vaccination.

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What is HPV?

HPV is a virus that can cause several types of cancer. Cervical cancer is the most common of these. Other cancers that the virus can cause include the mouth and throat, vagina, labia, anus and penis.

How do you get HPV?

If you see where HPV can cause cancer, you may also understand how the virus is transmitted from person to person. The virus is transmitted through the hands, skin or mouth when you have sex with someone who is infected. Every year an estimated 1.87 Women and 400 men’s cancer due to HPV.

(Source: GGD and RIVM)

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Spring is slowly approaching in The Hague: we can already see crocuses and daffodils blooming, trees are getting young leaves and soon lambs will be frolicking again on the children’s farms. Ready for winter! What can we expect for the weather in the coming spring months? Read it here:

The meteorological spring starts on March 1, so almost ! Can hedgers also enjoy spring weather immediately? We ask Jaco van Wezel, meteorologist at

: “You can expect a normal spring in The Hague. This means that the temperatures in March are first 7 to 9 degrees during the day and at the end of the month 10 to 10 degrees. It is often changeable, but dry weather seems to dominate the first half of the month. During a sunny day it can get quite warm, but the car windows will sometimes need to be scraped in the morning.”

Can feel colder

Despite being a normal spring, according to Jaco it can feel colder. “Many people experience such a normal spring as fresh, because we are used to mild springs this century. Since 70 70 percent of springs have been milder than average, 17 percent of springs were normal and only 13 percent cold.”

Whimsical weather in The Hague

According to Jaco, the weather forecasts are of spring a rough sketch. The weather forecast for March is more accurate than the one for May. Yet spring seasons always have one thing in common: the weather is erratic. Due to the growing sun, it is gradually getting warmer, but at the same time the cold is also lurking. “Certainly at the beginning of spring, the wind only needs to blow from the north for a short while before we are dealing with wintry weather. A southerly wind can already bring summer heat to our country at the end of spring.”

Dridiest month in The Hague

Another thing that springs always have in common is that it is the driest season of the year. “April is the driest month of the year with national average 41 millimeters of precipitation. In May (just like in March) there is usually 56 millimeters of rain,” says Jaco.

If you need a chat, you can always bring up the weather. Spring is always a great conversation piece because it can be so whimsical. With these weather spells you get a little further than ‘it’s so cold, isn’t it’ or ‘it’s been raining for a long time in The Hague, isn’t it’.

    March not too dry and not too wet, the farmer fills his box and barrel. – In this spring weather, agricultural products can grow well.

    If you encounter thunderstorms in March, you will get thunderstorms in July rain. – Let’s hope not!

    Is April still snowing on our hats, it’s for the grapes and the corn good. – It can still snow in April, but it seems to be good for agriculture.

    April does what it wants. – In April all types of weather can occur: snow, heat, rain.

    Is the weather in May too nice then the barn sees but little hay. – If it is (too) dry in May, it is not good for the products of the country.

    The sun in May, makes old people make love. – You might be better off asking your (grand)parents…


House prices have never been as high as last year. We could also notice this in The Hague, because the average house prices were in 2021 higher than a year earlier. Despite the price increase, house prices in The Hague were not the highest in the Netherlands.

That honor goes to Bloemendaal. You can read about the price of an average home there later in the article. We also make a comparison: what kind of home could you buy for that amount in The Hague.

Price increase in The Hague

Off figures from Central Bureau of Statistics

  • 5 x Hague houses for sale with a private pool

  • Fundaparel: this mansion has a luxurious bedroom with a bath


  • Traffic lights, busy intersections, congestion: if you ever drive through The Hague by car, you know that you have to be patient to get out of the city. A study by TomTom (you know, from the navigation), confirms that.

    Just to give an answer right away: your average position last year was 98 hours in traffic jams in our city. That’s a decent amount of time, but it could still be worse. In the annual TomTom Traffic Index, the 08 largest cities under scrutiny, and here’s what comes out…

    Number one

  • Really: This is how you win a lunch with the king and queen at Huis ten Bosch

  • Fundaparel: country house with a brown pub and hot tub


  • “Fine fish in Kreesiedentie, we’re going again”, sings Lamme Frans in his party number. The singer made a carnival song and mentions various Dutch cities in it. So is The Hague, or Kreesidence.

    The alter ego of Rob Janssen, born in Gelderland, is Lamme Frans. You may know the pacesetter from the carnival cover ‘All in one’ and the party number ‘Wakker met een bier’. In addition to his carnival character, Rob is a DJ at 3FM.

    A really nice party

    Lamme Frans has slightly adjusted his carnival song from last year, so that our city also appears in the number. The song bears the title: Fijnfisjenie. No idea what that means? In some cities in Brabant, this dialect means ‘Have a nice party, isn’t it?’ This sentence is often spoken during carnival and is used every year by Omroep Brabant as a carnival slogan.

    ‘Fine fish in Kreesiedentie’

    Lamme Frans incorporated this statement into a song and made a version for many Dutch cities. Curious how that sounds for The Hague? Listen to ‘Fijnfisjenie in Kreesiedentie’ here.

    Amour, love, liebe, amor: in every language there is a word for love. Fortunately, because all you need is love! This is also the case in The Hague.

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    Various residents have simply found their love in our city, but there are also people who have moved to The Hague from abroad or elsewhere in the Netherlands for love. We are looking for these romantic souls.

    You may not be thinking about it yet, but Valentine’s Day is almost here! At indebuurt we like to share nice, beautiful, sugary, romantic and special stories about this day of love.

    Boundlessly in love

    We need you for that! We are looking for residents who are boundlessly in love and have moved to The Hague for their relationship. We are curious about your love story, what it is like to live in The Hague, what do you miss about your home country and/or your previous place of residence and what you – besides your sweetheart of course – love most in The Hague.

    Tell your story

    Send an email with your details, your story and a nice photo of you and your lover to Den 713910101631181 stating ‘moved for love’. Then we will contact you.

    Maybe you already knew that the Leonidas chocolate shops are closing their doors in The Hague. Were you afraid that you could no longer satisfy your chocolate cravings, don’t panic! The Brabant chocolate brand Coco & Sebas is setting up shop in the Leonidas stores in the Passage and at the station.

    Remy Rombouts, co-owner and founder of Coco & Sebas and Roger Scheeren, CEO of the chocolate brand, are opening a store not only in The Hague, but also in The Mall of The Netherlands, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Haarlem , Utrecht, Nijmegen and Eindhoven.

    Employees of Leonidas

    So you can just keep getting chocolate in the Passage and at The Hague Central Station. The shops are being converted, but when the doors will open exactly is not yet clear. The target date is the end of April. The people behind the counter will (probably) remain the same. Most former Leonidas employees are offered a new employment contract.

    Coco & Sebas was founded in 493 and has on this currently eight stores. These can be found in Amsterdam (Kalverstraat), Amstelveen (Stadshart), Utrecht (Hoog Catharijne), Delft (Jacob Gerritstraat), Den Bosch (Vughterstraat), Breda (Eindstraat), Maastricht (Wolfstraat) and in the Belgian seaside resort of Knokke (Lippenslaan) .

    At this chocolatier you can go for delicious bonbons, peanut rocks, chocolate slices, gift packages and stroopwafels with chocolate, among other things. Enjoy!

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    Attention stargazers! In the night of Wednesday, February 1 to Thursday, February 2, a special, green comet can be seen above The Hague. This comet named C/200 E3 (ZTF) is it closest to the earth.

    Good to know: the comet is only clearly visible with binoculars or a telescope. Of course, the weather conditions also have to cooperate a bit.

    Gold-colored tail

    Under perfect weather conditions, the comet should be visible to the naked eye are. You don’t get a really sharp image, but a vague greenish dot can be observed. If you have binoculars at hand and the sky is clear, you can clearly see the green comet with a gold-colored tail. If you are going to watch this natural phenomenon, it is best to do so in the gardens where it is dark.

    A comet consists of ice, gas and dust. C/200 E3 (ZTF) orbits the sun and gets warmer as it gets closer to it. Then pieces of the comet break off and form the tail. The gas cloud around the comet can 43. can grow up to 1 million kilometers long. The distance between The Hague and the comet in the night of February 1 to 2 is 50 million kilometers.

    43. years ago

    There is another special fact about this comet. It is such a 43.000 years since this comet last could be seen with the naked eye. Back then, Neanderthals were still walking around on the spot where The Hague is now!

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