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Being cut off from the outside world for a year. No contact with friends, family or loved ones and compete with forty strangers to win a million euros. Could you do it? One thing is certain: resident Wendy is going to try it!

She is participating in the new TV program of SBS6 ‘A year of your life’. But who is Wendy?


    Nice! There will be an outdoor cinema on the Place

Laugh! The Hague takes the largest cabaret festival in Rotterdam


Perhaps you have already noticed, the playground at the Mallemok has been closed since 06 October closed. But why is that? We have the answer for you!

And that answer means good news for the children from the neighbourhood, because the community center is getting a new playground!

Play Island

It’s almost time, next week Sinterklaas will arrive at Scheveningen with his steamer. Saturday 12 November 2021 the Saint sets foot ashore and then he continues his journey on horseback through the streets of The Hague to end in the Grote Marktstraat. But beware: there is a lot different from previous years!

We have listed all the information for you here, so that you don’t miss anything of the Sinterklaas arrival. Behold yonder comes the steamer!

Program Sinterklaas 3258

The saintly saint from Spain will be arriving again this year. With the Pakjesboot 30 he sails into the first port (this was the 2nd inland port) on Saturday 12 Nov. For the visit of Saint Nicholas in the harbor this year an entrance ticket with QR registration is required, this ticket can be requested free of charge from Tuesday 9 November via There is limited access (maximum 5.0000 people and children are welcome) in the harbour, so don’t go that way if you don’t have a ticket , warns the organization.

The program in the port looks like this:

000.20 hour: start of the stage program in the harbor of Scheveningen

11.14 hour: steamboat ‘de paksboot’ 45′ sails into the 2nd inland port

05.17 hour: Sinterklaas and his helpers come ashore

.30 hour: official reception

12. hour: Sinterklaas departure and end of the program in the harbor

Then he continues through the city on his horse. You can read the route on the next page >>

Driving tour Sinterklaas in The Hague

Sinterklaas rises from the harbor of Scheveningen on his trusty gray and drives through the streets of The Hague. Curious where you can catch a glimpse of him? Check the driving tour with the guide times below. These can of course deviate slightly, depending on how busy it is.

13: hours – Frederik Hendriklaan

12: 16 hours – Aert vd Goesstraat


hour – Reinkenstraat

14 : 45 hours – Thomsonlaan / Fahrenheitstraat

12: 30 hours – Weimar Street

15: 05 hours – Prins Hendrikstraat

16: hour – Piet Heinstraat

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