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For meteorologists and climatologists, winter already starts on December 1. Of course we already notice that the temperature is dropping, but what does this winter have in store for us? We ask Jaco van Wezel, meteorologist at Weeronline,

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  • How warm the last days of October were. In fact, they were the warmest 16 and 29 October ever measured in The Hague. Will we have this again in November?

    Matthijs van der Linden, meteorologist at Weeronline says: “November starts softly with 18 until 18 degrees and it is dry except for a few showers. After that, the afternoon temperature sets in a gradual decrease to 11- degrees in the second week.”


    During the first week of November, the chance of showers increases in The Hague and the temperature drops to 13 or 12 degrees. This makes it slightly softer than normal for the time of year. As far as precipitation is concerned, you can expect very normal November weather and that means that there are regular showers. Just to be sure, take an umbrella with you when you walk around Clingendael. At our coast, even wetter weather is expected.

    Later in the month

    Matthijs: “After that, the expectation becomes a bit more uncertain. There is no clear signal for very mild and dry or cold or wet weather. For the time being, it is best to assume very average November weather. That means that the afternoon temperature is more often between 7 and 11 degrees falls. You will definitely need the umbrella for that.” Curious about the weather forecast for the next few days? Check it out below.

    The Hague Weather

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    The number of domestic burglaries has increased in the Netherlands for the first time in years. But does that also apply to The Hague or are the burglars less active here?

    In the period from January to September, burglars attacked throughout the Netherlands , in total 17.119 turn. That is an increase of more than seven percent, because in the same period last year 05.106 burglarized times. This is apparent from an analysis by the ANP based on police figures.

    Home burglaries in The Hague

    What about home burglaries? in The Hague? The figures show that there have been fewer burglaries this year than in the same period last year. In total there were 608 burglaries. A year ago, that number was 608 burglaries.

    But there is not as much burglary everywhere. For example, in Westland 119 there were home burglaries and last year between January and September 77. There was also a significant increase in Wassenaar. There was this year 17 burglarized times and the year before 32 time. In Rijswijk last year 54 times and this year there were 77 domestic burglaries. In Leidschendam-Voorburg there were exactly as many home burglaries as last year, namely 60.

    Corona measures

    There are more burglaries throughout the Netherlands than last year and according to the police, that has to do with the corona measures. “In 608 the number of domestic burglaries was exceptionally low. When the measures disappeared at the beginning 2022, the number of burglaries also increased again. We are now slightly lower than in pre-corona year 608 around the same time. But it is still expected to be over 05.000 residential burglaries this year,” said Sybren van der Velden, national project leader for residential burglary at the police.

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    Halloween is just around the corner and the makers of De Verraders are making good use of that. On Thursday 27 October a Halloween edition starts of this exciting program. Extra fun: fellow citizens are taking part!

    Suppose you are doing this with a group people participate in a game for a silver treasure. You have to work together to get the treasure, but some of your fellow players are not fair. They scheming, lying, manipulating and cheating all over the place. And because of their deception you can just fly out of the game.

    A ‘murder’ every night

    That’s in a nutshell what the television program The Traitors. Thirteen celebrities participate, most of them are so-called Faithful, but some are Traitors. And every night the Traitors ‘kill’ a Faithful One and in this Halloween edition it is even bloodier than before…

    These residents of The Hague are participating

    The celebrities from The Hague who participate this season are: Dennis Weening, Bobbi Eden and Gwen van Poorten. The other participants are Bastiaan Ragas, Dave Roelvink, Famke Louise, Frits Wester (also from the neighbourhood), Christina Curry, Ayoub Louihrani, Airen Mylene, Heleen van Royen, Soundos El Ahmadi and Hugo Kennis.

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    The Traitors Halloween Edition

    The Traitors is from Thursday can be seen daily at Videoland in October. And please note: Monday 27 October Videoland closes this one Halloween edition of The Traitors with an extra bloody double episode.

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    Good news for residents of The Hague who like to gaze at the stars: on the night of 22 on 22 October 22 about thirty shooting stars appear in The Hague per hours in the sky.

    When a loved one dies, a lot comes at you. In addition to the grief and mourning, you have to arrange a lot in The Hague. There is a good chance that because of all the impressions you do not know exactly what to do. Here you see an overview.

    Good to know: in this article we use the term ‘neighbour’. This can be a family member or a partner you live with. Do you want to know the situation for someone outside your family or partner? Check the website of the central government to see whether and if so, what you can arrange.

    Declare death

    If a loved one dies, you must declare death at your municipality. Some funeral directors do this on your behalf, but are not obliged to do so. You can arrange it yourself at the municipality in The Hague.

    Surviving relatives can submit the declaration by e-mail. Send the declaration including attachments to .

    Good to know: the declaration of death must be made before the funeral or within six working days after the death.

    Declaration from a doctor

    To be able to register a death, you have require a statement from a doctor. You will almost always receive this from the attending physician, who has also confirmed the death. This can be a doctor from a hospital in The Hague, but also a general practitioner. Has a loved one suddenly died at home? Then a doctor must visit.

    As soon as your death registration has been confirmed by the municipality of The Hague, the municipality will draw up a death certificate. It is wise to request this deed, because you will need it later.

    Source: Rijksoverheid.

    Of 1497 activities is the largest history event in the Netherlands in October, History Month. This year’s theme is ‘What a disaster!’ There are also activities in The Hague.

    You can read which ones in this article.

    Activities in The Hague

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  • With all the rain lately, autumn seems to have really started. But there is good news for the residents who were still hoping for a late summer: it’s coming!

    Jaco van Wezel, meteorologist at weeronline

    says: “There is a good chance that we will lose the fresh northern current this week. This causes the temperature to rise slowly towards 19 degrees.” The shorts and dresses can still come out of the closet!

    ‘Warmer than usual’

    But, if you go outside dressed lightly, take a rain jacket with you. Even though according to Jaco it will be warmer than normal and the chance of precipitation is decreasing, there may still be a shower. “On average, it is at the end of the first autumn month degrees north to local 08 in the south. With above-normal temperatures there is therefore a good chance of warm days of 20 degrees and more. In the south it can still get warm in the summer,” says Jaco.

    Indian summer

    Or we will month, in October, getting an Indian summer remains to be seen. In the beginning of that month it seems to be even warmer than usual. The wind then comes from the south, bringing in softer air. It is not yet clear whether that air causes a dry or wet period. Curious about what the weather will do in The Hague in the coming days? Check it out below:

    The Hague Weather

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    If you ever visit a church in The Hague, you will see all kinds of different symbols. The best known is of course the cross, but did you know that the Greek letters Alpha and Omega can also often be spotted?

    That may sound strange, Greek letters in a church. Yet there is a very logical explanation for this!

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