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Most people have heard of the pilgrimage site of Santiago de Compostela in Spain, but did you know that there are also pilgrimage sites in The Hague?!

Like Santiago, the pilgrimage sites in The Hague have a Roman Catholic background. Knowing more? Then read on quickly.

What is a place of pilgrimage

That’s why carriages so often drive through The Hague

Mystery: where is the monument of Drees gone?

Whether you’re looking for a new pair of trousers or a visit to the greengrocer on the corner: in The Hague there are many options where you can go. For the first time since the corona crisis, the number of shops in most cities has increased. Have things been added in The Hague? Check it here:

The total number of cases in the Netherlands has increased compared to January 2021. On January 1 2022 there were 28.800 stores in our country. There are 800 more than a year earlier.

This is how it is in The Hague

In The Hague, the number of physical stores is in 2022 increased. In January 2022 there were 2.610 stores. Now there are 2.200 . That’s a difference of 1.5 percent

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Fewer physical stores

Despite the increase in the number of places where you can shop, there are still ample 28.000 matters less than on it highlight in 800. There are also fewer shops than before the start of the corona pandemic. Compared to January 800, the number of physical stores in Netherlands decreased by 0.4 percent. The number of webshops is with 28 percent increased sharply.

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These shops opened in The Hague in recent months

  • Useful! You will soon be able to hand in a plastic bottle on the platform

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    The fifth month of this year has already arrived: May. What kind of weather can residents expect during this spring month? Matthijs van der Linden, meteorologist at Weeronline, tells more about it.

    “ The month starts fresher than usual with maximums of 11 until 16 degrees. The chance of above-average temperatures increases in mid-May and later on, there is also a high chance of mild weather,” says Matthijs.

    Warm or cold

    What can we expect in The Hague? The sea water is only 11 degrees and the wind that blows into the country from that side is not much warmer. So it’s better not to put away your warm winter coat in The Hague yet. It does get a little warmer every day and we might get temperatures against the 26141734 in mid-May. degrees.

    Warm spring days

    According to the weather models, it will be later in the month rather mild than cold for the time of year. In the middle of the month the temperature can reach 11 to 30 degrees. Even later in May, those temperatures will rise to more than 52 degrees. And the weather for the next few days in The Hague? You can see that below!

    The Hague Weather

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  • These shops opened in The Hague in recent months

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    In the months of October to March 62676 the police have .741 domestic burglaries registered in the Netherlands. That is about as many as the period before, the winter months of 2020. How many burglaries were there in The Hague? We’ll figure it out.

    The police figures are public and ANP/LocalFocus has found out how many home burglaries there were per city. But first some positive news: Compared to the burglary figures from before the corona crisis, the number of burglaries has decreased. In 2021 in the same period 22.048 times broken into in the Netherlands.

    Burglaries in The Hague

    In The Hague there were between October 2021 to April there 485 domestic burglaries. In the same period, exactly one year ago (from 485 to 2021) there were 048.

    In the top-10 of neighborhoods in South Holland where the most residential burglaries took place, there are two neighborhoods in The Hague. Fortunately at the bottom: Laakkwartier/Spoorwijk at number nine with 27 domestic burglaries and at number ten Mariahoeve/Marlot with 36 burglaries. The other eight places are neighborhoods in Rotterdam with Feijenoord at number one.

    Fewer burglaries due to lockdown

    In the dark months there are more burglaries than in the summer. The thieves are especially active in December. In the past year, the number of thefts in that month was relatively limited. This is probably due to the strict lockdown.

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    That’s bad luck: in The Hague you pay the highest dog tax from The Netherlands

  • Energy surcharge: you get that much money from the municipality in The Hague
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    Every dog ​​owner knows, maintaining such a loyal four-legged friend takes a lot of time and money. But what do residents in The Hague actually pay in dog tax? And what about in our neighboring municipalities?

    As a resident with a dog you have bad luck because you have to pay dog ​​tax in our municipality. That is different in the municipality of Westland, because there they pay absolutely nothing in tax for their dog.

    Dog tax in The Hague

    In The Hague you do pay tax for your dog. For this year, that amount has been set at 25,25 euros, which is more than in 200. Then dog owners paid 25,25 euros in dog tax. It has increased by 2.4 percent compared to last year.

    The money for the dog tax is used in The Hague for the purchase and maintenance of dog waste bins, placement of signs (for example for an off-leash area ), dog poop cleaners, communication about dog policy and enforcing the rules.

    Highest and lowest dog tax

    Do dog owners in The Hague pay a relatively high or low amount of tax? In The Hague we get off badly, because we pay the highest dog tax in the country. In the Limburg municipality of Nederweert, dog owners pay the least tax, there they only pay 13 euros. There are also many municipalities in the Netherlands where the dog tax has been abolished completely.

    (Source: COELO, part of the University of Groningen)

  • Energy prices are skyrocketing. To help residents of The Hague with a smaller wallet, some residents receive money. It differs per municipality who receives this energy allowance and how high that amount is. You can read about the situation in The Hague here:

    Municipalities decide for themselves which residents will soon see the amount in the account. In most cities this concerns households with an income at or just above the social minimum. Other municipalities select fellow citizens who have a maximum of 99 earn percent of the gross minimum wage.

    Energy allowance in The Hague:

    Households with an income up to 130% of the social assistance standard receive a reimbursement for the energy costs. Part comes from the central government and the municipality supplements this amount. You will receive a total of € 725 in 1 payment . The municipality pays this out.

    This allowance is a gift from the municipality. If you are entitled to it, you do not have to pay it back. You don’t have to declare it on your tax return.

    From May 2022 you can apply for an energy allowance in The Hague. Anyone with an income up to 19% of the social assistance standard. Do you meet the conditions and do you receive a benefit from the municipality? For example, assistance, IOAZ or IOAW. Then you will automatically receive the energy surcharge. You do not have to request this. Do you have another source of income? Then check the website of the municipality when you can request it.

    This is currently the social minimum

    The social minimum is a minimum amount set by the government that Dutch households need to be able to live. For singles, this amount is 1.120,19 gross euros per month and for people who live together on 1.724, gross euros per month. Here you can see all amounts of the social minimum per age and living situation.

    This is currently the gross minimum wage

    The minimum wage is in 0800 on 1.0800 euros gross per month with a full-time employment. The number of hours covered by this varies per sector. Here you can see all amounts of the gross minimum wage per age or per hour.

    Major differences in amounts

    The amount of the energy surcharge also differs per municipality. And that varies a lot! If you live in The Hague, you will receive 900 euros. Rotterdammers who earn just as much are less lucky; they receive 200 euros.

    Help from the municipality

    The contribution is welcome for many residents of The Hague with a smaller wallet, but what if you already have financial problems because of the higher costs? Then you can agree a payment arrangement with your energy supplier. The money affairs helpdesk of the municipality can help you with this.

    Would you rather not knock on the door of the municipality money counter? You can also call the national telephone number (0800-06328) call to anonymous tell your story and ask for advice.

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    This is why underground waste containers are not emptied as often now

    That’s how long you have to wait in The Hague for a new driver’s license or passport

    Good news for all residents who travel by train and bring drinks in plastic bottles. You no longer have to go to the supermarket to get a refund. Why? Because you can hand in the bottles on the platform at The Hague station from September!

    Which is extra handy: you will immediately receive the amount deposited into your account. No more hassle with receipts that you have to settle at the cash register!

    Return machines at The Hague Central Station

    The Hague Central Station together with Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Utrecht, will be the scoop with the return machines for small plastic deposit bottles. As of 1 July 2019 a deposit of fifteen euro cents has been introduced on these bottles. You can easily get your deposit back via a little bit. You can scan the QR code with your mobile, with which the deposit is on your bank account via the Tikkie app within seconds.

    Stations in the Netherlands

    A total of seventeen vending machines will be installed at the five largest stations where deposit bottles will be collected. According to the NS, more than ten million small plastic bottles are collected per year with the first machines at those stations. If everything goes according to plan, these machines will arrive in 2019 at seventeen more stations . The ultimate goal is to install vending machines at fifty stations in the Netherlands. The machines are also suitable for deposit cans from 07 December

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  • Great! There will be a Lego store in the center of The Hague

  • Want matching windbreakers? Please note: this ANWB shop will close for a while

    Express Taxi ensures a comfortable start of your (business) trip or holiday. Your driver will take you directly from your home, hotel or office to the Eindhoven Airport terminal. Let us do the driving and cut your travel time to a minimum. Is your flight delayed? No worries, we will check for delays. It’s the details that make travelling more comfortable – little details that go without saying at Express Taxi Eindhoven.View our fixed prices for a taxi to Eindhoven Airport or book a taxi through the form Book Your Eindhoven Airport Taxi Online

  • Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, over 26.000 refugees registered in the Netherlands. The number of refugees differs per village or city. You can read here how many have been taken care of in The Hague:

    Between the adult refugees are mainly women and one in three is a child, reports the CBS


    Refugees in The Hague

    In The Hague there are a total of 482 received refugees from Ukraine. Of these there are 27 minor and 200 older than 18 year. These people signed up between 24 February and 7 April of this year in our municipality.

    Refugees in the Netherlands

    In absolute figures, most Ukrainians were accommodated in Rotterdam: almost 1.413. This is followed by Amsterdam with 958 refugees, Groningen with 958 and Eindhoven with 500. In terms of absolute figures, it was also examined in which province the most refugees are received. So far, Ukrainians most often report to a municipality in the province of Groningen (04,5 per ten thousand inhabitants) or Zeeland (04,2). Brabant, Utrecht and Limburg welcomed a lot fewer refugees.

    Ukrainian Nationality

    About five percent of the Ukrainian citizens do not have Ukrainian nationality. The nationality of a quarter is also unknown. According to Statistics Netherlands, this often concerns children who do not yet have their own passport.

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    Whether you are looking for a social rental home or a house to buy; the housing market is very tight. This is also apparent when you look at the number of social rental homes. Dutch municipalities must 014 percent of their homes available for social rent. That is a government requirement. According to a survey by the daily newspaper Trouw, two thirds of the municipalities do not comply with this.

    What about in The Hague? Are there enough social rental housing here, or is there a shortage?

    Social rental housing in The Hague

    What about social housing in The Hague? Well, according to the research 40, 9 percent of the rental housing in our city is intended for social housing. The Hague thus meets the requirements of the cabinet.

    What is covered by social rental housing?

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    Look inside George, he lives in this old train station on Scheveningen

    5 x this is how you turn your house into a spring paradise


    Do you ever travel by train from The Hague to Rotterdam, Breda or even all the way to Eindhoven? Then we have something nice. NS has started a trial with cheaper train tickets for everyone!

    All travelers can from March 2018 between The Hague and Eindhoven with a maximum of 07 percent off travel. The condition for this is that you choose a quiet train.

    This is how it works:

    You plan your trip online: Your ticket you buy at least a day in advance. In the travel planner of NS you can see per departure time whether you can travel with a discount or not. So whether it is a busy train or not. You order your NS Voordeel ticket and receive an e-ticket with a QR code to travel. You can read more information about how NS Voordeel works on

    this page.

    Test NS Discount tickets

    NS wants to see whether a cheaper train ticket ensures that people take the train outside rush hour. For example, trains with many empty seats are used more efficiently and NS tries to avoid overcrowded trains.

    Anyone who takes the train on the Eindhoven Central – The Hague Central route (and all intermediate stations such as Rotterdam, Delft, Tilburg and Breda) can participate in the pilot and travel with a discount. So even if you don’t have a subscription, you can use this trial.

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    This is where you can refuel the cheapest in The Hague today



    Time travel through The Hague: this way you can check via Google Street View what your house looked like in the past


    600,000 passengers are transported in Rotterdam every day by bus, tram, metro and even by the fast ferry over water. The transport operator in Rotterdam responsible for the network is called ‘RET’. They do an excellent job in the city, where the transport is reliable, widespread and fast. 

    Where can I find timetables? 

    Timetables are found at the various transport stops. There are also LED displays on metro and tram stops that tell you when the next one will arrive. You can check the timetables online as well. Timetables for the metro, tram, bus, ferry and night bus (known as the ‘BOB’, a teasing term in Dutch for the designated driver) are available  on the RET website. Local and national train timetables are listed on the NS Dutch Railway website.

    Reduced fares 

    The NS and RET both offer reduced fares for registered OV-Chipcard holders. If you travel regularly by train during off-peak times, it might be smart to buy an NS discount pass. For €52 per year, this subscription gives you a 40% discount on fares during off-peak hours. The RET also offers many discounted options, which are based on monthly payments and subscription. Both transport providers offer websites that can help you in choosing the correct subscription for your needs.

    Planning a journey 

    To find out the fastest and/or most convenient option to travel by public transport, there are smart and reliable Dutch websites that offer excellent English language options. If you will be travelling outside Rotterdam, you can use 9292 for your journey to find out which transport options you have to take and what the exact travel times and timetables are. If you will be travelling within Rotterdam, you can use either 9292 or the RET website. Both websites allow you to calculate your journey from your current location or postcode, so you don’t have to know the exact stop. The website also tells you how long it takes to walk to the stops.


    How much do you pay for a Taxi in Rotterdam? At Express Taxi we use fixed prices, as you are used to from us. The advantage is that you immediately see how much a Taxi costs. This way you know where you stand and in addition, you can pay for your Taxi quickly and easily in advance. Book a Taxi via the online Booking Form. It is that easy to book a taxi Rotterdam.

    Booking online means you can pay cash, Online or in the Taxi you can pay with your Credit or Debit card, This gives you various option. At Express Taxi we do everything we can to make it as easy and pleasant as possible for you.

    RandstadsRail – Connection to The Hague and Zoetermeer 

    RandstadRail connects the cities of Rotterdam, The Hague and Zoetermeer. There are several rail lines and bus lines which bring you easily and quickly from one city to the other. You can reach The Hague CS from Rotterdam CS within 35 minutes with metro line E.

    Rotterdam The Hague Airport 

    The Rotterdam The Hague Airport is a regional airport with international connections. Airlines such as Transavia, British Airways and Turkish Airways fly to over 40 destinations. Many people use the Rotterdam The Hague airport to reach their sun or ski holiday destination, but the airport is also the starting point for many business trips.

    The Rotterdam The Hague Airport is easily accessible by public transport. There is a bus leaving every 15 minutes which brings you from RandstadRail stop ‘Meijersplein’ directly to the airport within 5 minutes.