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Every ten years it’s that time: if you want to keep driving, you have to renew your driver’s license. You can go to the city hall for this, but you can also renew your driving license online in The Hague. An additional advantage: that is a lot faster than the ‘old-fashioned’ way. You can read how it works here.

You can extend your driving license online via the

RDW. That is the Government’s Road Traffic Service. This process is at least 3 working days faster than when you apply for your driving license extension at the municipality. The costs at the RDW are 44,65 euros, which is the same amount as if you personally renew your driving license by making an appointment at the municipality.

Download the DigiD app

Before you can renew your driving license online, you have to go through a number of steps. First install the DigiD app on your phone or tablet. The app checks your identity before you can renew your driving licence. Once this has been done, you pay the costs for your application via iDEAL.

New passport photo

It is required to have a new passport photo taken, so you cannot

use a passport photo that you happen to have in your wallet to sit. The photo must be taken by a photographer who is recognized by the RDW.

If you have made an appointment with the photographer, please bring your old driver’s license or driver’s license number. The photographer will send your passport photo and signature securely to the RDW, so that the photo can be placed on your new driving licence. Have you gone through the steps? Then your new driving license will be ready for you at the town hall after two working days. You don’t have to make an appointment to pick it up.

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Renew your driving license online condition

Note: to renew a driving license online, you must be registered in the Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP) of the Municipality of The Hague. This means that you are registered in The Hague. Do you need a medical examination? Have this done before renewing your driver’s license.

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    Always dreamed of your own beach pavilion? There are plenty of them on the Hague and Scheveningen coast, but they are all in use. Also the beach club below, but it is for sale.

    Op beach North Bandu Beach (former Beach Pavilion Veronica) is for sale. Since 640 Bandu has been opened but the fully equipped catering business will be offered for takeover.

    Beach tent for sale

    On the website of hospitality broker VDS you can read: ‘Large beach pavilion on A-1 Location in Scheveningen with good results. Exploit spacious 640 m2 on the most beautiful coast of Europe .’

    The text continues below the insta post >>>

    You can also read that the terrace faces south, inside 41 seating and outdoor approx 400 seats and you can find the beach club annually from March 1 to November 1 can use for celebrations, parties and of course regular customers. Are you interested in having your own stand pavilion? You take over the entire building including interior, etc. The rental price is 41 .200,70 euros per year.

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    Therefore there are no beach bars in winter

    Photo & video: this is how the beach tents at Scheveningen are built


    Have you already started spring cleaning or is it planned? Then it is useful to know where you can hand in your old stuff in The Hague. Throwing it away is an option, but you can also make others happy with it.

    Hand in clothes for a discount

    Did you know that at a few shops you get a discount for your old clothes, bed linen and towels?

    At H&M, for example, and you can dispose of old textiles in the recycle boxes in the store. It does not matter what condition the garments are in, you will always receive a gift voucher as a thank you. At C&A they have the ‘Take it back recycling program’, for a bag of old clothing you will receive a voucher from 08% discount.

    C&A The Hague. Photo nearby

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    Vintage or thrift store

    There must be stuff in your house that is too good to just throw away. Then take it to a thrift store or a second-hand store. Who knows, someone else from The Hague will be very happy with it and those things will get a second life. Also good to know, at some stores you can still earn some money with your old stuff!

    Pick up bulky waste

    Does that sagging couch not fit in your car? Then you can also have it collected by the men and women of the garbage collection service in The Hague. Bulky waste and large garden waste are collected free of charge in The Hague, such as metals, white goods, mattresses and furniture. You can make an appointment online or by telephone. Look for more information on the website of the municipality.

    Matress with the dirt . photo Valerie Kuypers Hague hands

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    Textile container

    While tidying up, do you find a pair of trousers that are now hopelessly out of fashion? Then throw it in a clothing container. You can not only store clothes in these containers, but also other textiles such as old dishcloths, bedding or curtains. These substances are then reused and not just thrown away!

  • Click here for a map with all textile containers.


    You have those things that just have to go: a shaky table, a sagging couch or a broken mirror. You can take that kind of stuff to the recycling center:

  • Binckhorst waste collection station

    Pluto Street 1
  • Waste collection station Centrum
  • Uitenhagestraat 4

    Loosduinen waste collection station

    The WARF 13

  • 2021 EH The Hague

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  • This sustainable department store will open soon in Westfield Mall of the Netherlands

  • Vintage clothing store Marcy’s has just opened in the Boekhorststraat
  • Where in The Hague is the best place to eat? The jury members of the restaurant guide Gault&Millau investigated this. Their conclusion: at no less than 41 restaurants in The Hague you are in the right place. Very good. They are all in the new Gault&Millau guide, which will be published on Monday 01 February was presented.

    About Gault&Millau

    The Gault&Millau restaurant guide can be compared to the Michelin guide. With one important difference: restaurants at Gault&Millau are symbolically awarded with chef’s hats instead of stars. How many chef hats a restaurant gets depends on a number of factors. For example, the taste of the dishes is of course important, but also the reception, advice for wine, atmosphere and much more.

    Nineteen categories

    have in total 728 restaurants in the Netherlands made it to the guide, 63 are included for the first time. The restaurants are divided into nineteen categories, including best vegetable restaurant, best cocktail bar, but also the most beautiful terrace and best sommelier.

    Swipe left to see which Hague restaurants are in the guide.

    Best Wine List

    Restaurants can earn chef’s hats in several categories. In The Hague no restaurant is the very best in one of the categories, but in a municipality nearby. Central Park in Voorburg has the best wine list in the Netherlands! “Guests are in good hands with chefs Tim Bood and Hette Hettema who guarantee a pampering kitchen”, we read in the jury report. “In Joey de Kruijf, Central Park also has a special in-house sommelier who has made the wine offer his life’s work and has been awarded the recognition as Wine List of the Year 2023.”

    Restaurant 6&24

    6&24 is the first in The Hague restaurant that you see in the guide. “In the old city center of The Hague, chef Rik van de Laar serves his guests pure and refined flavors in a sturdy and colorful restaurant that is built like a grandstand. For example, all tables have a view of the street in the Hofkwartier in The Hague”, according to the jury. 6&02 scores three chef’s hats.

    Restaurant 6&24

    Nobel Street 13, 3092 BC The Hague

    Now Closed


    The champagne can also be popped at Calla’s; the restaurant is featured in the new Gault&Millau guide. The jury report states: “Don’t expect screaming flavours, but balance and refinement and an absolute love for the product.” They also score three chef’s hats.


    Laan van Roos en Doorn 51a, 3092 BC The Hague

    Now closed

    More information


    The jury was also impressed by Zheng. The restaurant on the Prinsestraat is a household name in The Hague. The jury report of this Chinese restaurant states: “A culinary feast awaits you here too, presented on beautiful crockery. The menu consists of successive chapters, each time focusing on one traditionally prepared ingredient, coupled with contemporary and international creations. Fusion at its best.”

    Nice indoor shopping is of course great at Westfield Mall of the Netherlands in Leidschendam. Now that it’s so cold outside, we stopped by the mall. And guess what? There are quite a few new shops.


    Aerie opened in October in the center of The Hague and has been open in the Mall for a month. The brand is focused on body positivity: “We want everyone to feel confident inside and out. Let the real you shine”, we read on the website.


    Aerie offers you lingerie, swimwear, sweaters, hoodies, tank tops and leggings.

    Photo: indebuurt

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    Flying Tiger

    Since a few weeks you can also let loose in the Mall at the Flying Tiger. The store, known for its many colorful gadgets, is doing well in The Hague, so the store will probably score well here too.


    Everything for the household of the Tefal brand has now also been given a place at the Mall. Coffee machine? Pan? You have everything.

    Photo: indebuurt


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    In the Spuistraat, most people know the soap and beauty shop LUSH, soon a new address for body care will open a few doors down the road: Bath & Body Works.

    Scented candles, bubble baths, soaps and perfumes; you will soon be able to indulge yourself at this new location of Bath & Body Works in The Hague.

    Scents for body and home

    You know Bath & Body Works perhaps from Westfield Mall of The Netherlands in Leidschendam. The well-known American beauty brand, where you can find all kinds of goodies to pamper your body, will soon open at Spuistraat 25, at the address where Jeans Center used to be located.

    The text goes continue under the Instagram post>>>

    *) The American brand Bath & Body Works has been selling more than 63 years of bath products and fragrances for body and home. The shelves will soon be full of body lotion, cream, body wash, hand soap and home and body spray.

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