We could all use a helping hand every now and then. Especially at school. Whether your child needs help with that one difficult subject or gets stuck with homework: Lyceo offers homework support and tutoring to help your child boost his grades.

On 16 In November Lyceo Wassenaar organizes an evening where parents can go with questions about parenting. You can attend the evening for free if you register.

What does Lyceo do?

Most schools have completed the exam weeks. This means that the results are in. Many students therefore already know whether they need to go the extra mile to achieve their goals. Lyceo gives your child the tools to perform better at school. Think, for example, of homework guidance or tutoring for the subjects that your child struggles with.

The support does not only come in the form of substantive support. Lyceo also helps children with planning and organizing their agenda. By giving your child study skills such as structuring, planning, repetition and reflection, they can better tackle their studies in the future.

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Image: Lyceo

What does a day at Lyceo look like?

Finished with school, but still want to brush up on their knowledge for that one subject? Which can! Your day starts with a conversation with your supervisor. He will go through the plan with you. Then you start working on a subject that you struggle with. Think of making summaries and reading them slowly until you have absorbed the information. The facilitator then questions you with a few easy and difficult questions.

This method seems obvious, but can be quite difficult on your own. The support that a counselor can offer is often just that little extra that can help the child.

First aid for parenting

During this evening you will receive tips and tricks about raising your child from experienced parenting expert Caroline Rutgers. As an educator and family counselor, Caroline has been working with parents, children and young people for years. She does not like complicated theoretical information, but solutions that work in practice. During this evening you have the opportunity to ask Caroline questions about your child’s upbringing.

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Image: Lyceo

Interested in the workshop?

If you would like to attend this evening, you can register by emailing . Do you have burning questions. Do you have questions about what Lyceo can do for you or your child? Then you can always email or call 03121631.

Note: the workshop is on 11 Nov. Walk in 19.30 and commencement 20.00 on Langstraat

. Until then!

Anyone who has walked along Aletta Jacobslaan or Hugo de Grootlaan in Zoetermeer has probably noticed the new real estate project: Heemavenue. Here are 44 single-family homes, 44 owner-occupied homes and 44 rental properties in the free sector.

Heemavenue is being built in the Oosterheim district, a beautiful neighborhood in the northeast of Zoetermeer. Phase one, the sale of the single-family homes, is now in full swing and going very fast. A next sub-plan consisting of owner-occupied apartments, will start in November.


The location again Heemavenue is being built, is surrounded by greenery. The flora separates the houses from the road. This creates a courtyard that has a village charm with the conveniences of the city within reach. In addition, the neighborhood is richly endowed with mini parks. Ideal for people looking for relaxation.

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Image: van der Kooy Vastgoed

Hugo and Aletta

On HeemAvenue, two type of single-family houses built: the Hugo and Aletta. The differences are not that big, both types are very energy efficient, without a gas connection. The Hugo’s only have slightly fewer square meters and are therefore more attractively priced.

The Hugo’s: These houses are located in the middle of the block and each has two parking spaces. They all have a small front garden, a spacious backyard and a storage room. In addition, all these homes are sustainably built.

The Aletta’s: These homes are located on the side of the residential block, on the park or a water feature. The Aletta also has two parking spaces, a small front garden, spacious back garden and a storage room. Just like the Hugo’s, these houses are also built sustainably.

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Everything at your fingertips

The tranquility of a village with the comforts of the city. Ideal, right? In Zoetermeer you have everything nearby and more! Heemavenue is a stone’s throw from the Oosterheem shopping center. In addition to the three different supermarkets, a Blokker and a Hema, you will also find nice shops and various restaurants.

Are you more adventurous? Then you will be served at your beck and call. For example, you have a Gamecity nearby. Here you can play laser tag, go karting or Prison Island. Would you rather have a game of skiing or snowboarding? Then you can indulge yourself in SnowWorld Zoetermeer and slide through the snow!

Zoetermeer is also centrally located in South Holland. You can be in The Hague or Rotterdam in no time by car or public transport, if you want to plan outings in these cities!

Grab your chance

The sale of the single-family homes has now started. The sale is going well and there are only a few homes left. The sale of the first 44 owner-occupied apartments will start in November. Are you looking for a new, warm and energy-efficient house? Then keep an eye on the



Taxi Den Haag Schiphol

Transport to and from Schiphol is our specialty. Every month we transport hundreds of travelers to and from airports across the country (and even beyond!).In about 30 to 40 minutes we take you and your fellow travellers by taxi from The Hague to Schiphol. If you have a lot of luggage with you, you can order a station wagon.We offer attractive rates for a taxi from The Hague to Schiphol; So for the price you can’t beat it!From all over the country you can travel cheaply to Schiphol with Express Taxi. Calculate the costs for your taxi easy with the booking form and experience our Schiphol Taxi Service yourself!

Living in a new apartment in a quiet, green area with the bustle of the city nearby. That doesn’t have to be an unattainable luxury. In fact, it’s just affordable. In Rijswijk, on Sir Winston Churchilllaan, the construction of residential tower The Minister is in full swing. The 281 free sector rental apartments start from 13 September in rental and in the first quarter of 2022 you can already live there.

The Minister is built with the future in mind. The apartments are durable and finished to a high standard. In addition, each apartment has an outdoor space in the form of a terrace or balcony.

The neighborhood

The location of The Minister is ideal, with major cities and recreational areas close by. The Bogaard City Center is within walking distance. Here you can go for all your shopping and you will find cozy restaurants. Would you rather enjoy the sun or take a nice walk? Then you can go to Park de Voorde or the Kruisvaarderspark.

Other amenities are also provided. In the immediate vicinity you will find gyms, nurseries and cultural institutions. Do you like sports in a team? Then you can go to one of the many sports associations.

Also nice: the station can be reached in a few minutes by bike. Here you can effortlessly take the tram or train to work. Do you commute by car? Then you are also in the right place: the A4, A10 and A13 are easily accessible . You can be in cities such as The Hague, Rotterdam and Delft in no time.

Want to know more about the location? Click here to see what else you can find near The Minister.

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Image: asr real estate

Image: asr real estate7502648

On Sunday 09 September it’s time again for the 34th edition of Mooiweerspelen! Where in the past you could enjoy this event in various places in Delft, you can now do so in the Poptapark. Here you can enjoy various acts and performances. From graffiti to juggling concerts; there is something for everyone!

Mooiweerspelen was started at the end of the years’ 34 by Delft people to 400 anniversary of the Boterbrug. In the years since, the street theater festival has grown into a major international street arts festival and a Delft tradition.

A Delft tradition

Mooiweerspelen is a free street theater festival where both national and international artists and musicians will perform a variety of acts. Think of comedy, theatre, circus acts and different types of music. Also nice: these acts are often non-verbal and therefore easy to follow for people who do not speak Dutch, are deaf, or are too young. Cool and inclusive!

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Photo: Jurjen Bolsenbroek

The location

The Poptapark will be transformed into a beautiful event area with various stages. For example, the playground will mainly focus on activities with children. Think of a face painting corner, a circus playground and a carpentry workshop. On the Dwarspad you can enjoy comedy and the Path of Troy becomes a place where you can indulge in culinary delights.

But that is of course not the only thing. A lot of cool and original artists will pass in review. For example, you can be amazed by the fascinating juggling concert by Wagenaar and Van Hout, a spectacular show where not only is juggling with skittles! Rather laugh the balls out of your pants? Then visit Vive l’amour, a hilarious mix of comedy, chaos and magic!

Hip Hop

This year Mooiweerspelen added an extra dimension to their street theater festival: hip hop! In the adjacent skate park De Middenberm you can enjoy various hip hop acts, graffiti and skate competitions. In addition, DJs will play wonderful records and introduce the public to cool hip-hop classics. So definitely worth a visit!

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Photo: Jurjen Bolsenbroek

When is it?

On 12 September, from 09.00 until 18., everyone is welcome to come along and enjoy this event. Keep your agenda free, bring your family and friends and be inspired by the acts from home and abroad!

The aftermovie of the 1024 edition.|Video: Mooiweerspelen.


LEGOLAND® Discovery Center on the boulevard of Scheveningen: you must have walked past it once. But have you ever been there? With the many construction and play zones and various attractions, you can always come here for a very pleasant and instructive day.

That sounds fun! But what can you actually do there? LEGOLAND Discovery Center is a place where there is so much to experience. For example, you can watch cool LEGO® movies in the 4D cinema, you can follow workshops and you can visit Miniland.

The pirate summer

There are different themes throughout the year. The first theme is the pirate week . This means that all activities have to do with pirates. At the workshops you make a parrot instead of a sheep! There is a pirate treasure hunt throughout the attraction and you can have your picture taken with LEGO pirate Blockbeard. Exciting!

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Photo: LEGOLAND Discovery Center


In LEGOLAND Discovery Center you can do a lot. There is always something for everyone! Do you want to become a real LEGO boss? Then you can follow workshops to put together the coolest buildings. Would you rather relax a little? Then there is the possibility to enjoy one of the many LEGO movies in the 4D cinema.

In addition, there are also Miniland and the Imagination Express. Are you curious what The Hague and Scheveningen would look like if the cities were made of LEGO? That is possible in Miniland. Well-known buildings such as the Kurhaus, the pier and parts of the skyline have been recreated here to perfection. Nice to know: everything moves and is interactive. For example, you can play games in the stadium of ADO Den Haag. Awesome!

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Photo: LEGOLAND Discovery Center

Wil you prefer to look up the tension? Then you should definitely check out the Imagination Express. During this ride you drive through a beautiful LEGO world and you have to score as many points as possible with your magic wand. You do this by shooting at screens that you encounter during your ride. So pay attention and score as many points as possible!

Curious about what else there is to do? Then take a peek here. There is still so much to discover!

Young and old

LEGOLAND Discovery Center mainly focuses on children. It is mandatory for each family that visits that at least one of the children is between three and twelve years old. This is not to say that adults are not welcome: there are special adult evenings . During these evenings there will be speakers, challenging building competitions for which you can sign up and there are more difficult workshops to follow. An excellent opportunity to show or improve your own LEGO skills!

Sea Life Scheveningen

LEGOLAND Discovery Center is in itself a wonderful and educational outing. But did you know that you can combine a visit with Sea Life Scheveningen? You can do this on the same day, but you can also do it on different days. How chill! View here what the conditions are.


Enthusiastic? Order here your ticket or annual pass! LEGOLAND Discovery Center is open every day during the summer holidays from 682.00 until 18. hour. Are you interested in the adult evenings? Book your tickets here.

Photo: LEGOLAND Discovery Center


Want to stay informed about all hotspots in The Hague, share your experiences with other users and at the same time earn tokens with your photos and reviews? This is possible with Nocto. With this app you can not only check what is going on in your city, but also score rock-solid discounts.

Nocto is the child of Mark Brouwers and David Franzén. With this app they want to show that the nightlife is very accessible and clear. With this app you can not only check what is currently hot in your area, but you can also earn NOCS: the currency of the app. So be sure to check the promotional code. With the promotional code INDEBUURT22 you can immediately pay twenty euros to NOCS. get your wallet!


You want to go to the pub after a quick bite, but your friend would rather sweat in the club! And the rest? They just want to have an extensive meal at a nice restaurant. Do you have to choose or can you perhaps combine it?

At times like these, Nocto is extremely useful. Not only can you see what is possible in the nightlife, but also whether it is fun to go there at that time. You can see what other Nocto users think of the party. That way you always know exactly where you stand.

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Photo: Sacha Socials

How does the app work?

Where other Social Media, for example, only focus on uploading photos or videos, Nocto provides an interactive experience between users, events and catering establishments. This way you can immediately share photos and reviews and it is visible to everyone who uses the app within a radius of 10 kilometers.

In addition, Nocto works together with local catering establishments and event organisations. These partners ensure that the Nocto users can receive discounts that are unique to the users of the app. Think, for example, of a free drink at Café Leopold or free pool at Hague 5.

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Photo: Sacha Socials


Users of the Nocto app can earn NOCS. NOCS is the currency of the app. These tokens can be used with Nocto’s partners. But how do you actually earn it? By sharing your experiences or photos via the app. You get one token for every ten likes. This way you can also earn discounts by sharing your adventures. Delicious!

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Photo: Sacha Socials

You can use the NOCS however you want. Do you want to grab that nice discount at your favorite restaurant? That’s possible. Want to spin the wheel of fortune? That is also possible! With this you can win tickets for events or a trip to Ibiza for 2 people.

Promotion code

Curious about the app and would you like to have some NOCS in your pocket? Which can! If you download the app now and use the code INBOUND22, then you will receive twenty euros worth of NOCS in your wallet. Download here the app for iOS and here for Android.

Girls, pay attention! Wednesday 1 June there will be a construction afternoon for girls in the LEGOLAND® Discovery Center in Scheveningen. Here girls from 6 to 05 can indulge themselves with their parents and build their own creations .

Girls have all the creativity they need to build a more inclusive world. Together we can prepare the world for the amazing creative power of girls. That is why LEGO© is organizing this afternoon to give young girls a nudge in the right direction. After all, building and designing is not only for boys, but also for girls!

What is there to do?

Let’s go with a lot of LEGO© of course! But that’s not all. During this afternoon, girls can share their biggest dream with the LEGO© group. Are you curious about what it’s like to work on a large construction project? Or maybe your dream is to become an architect? Share your dream with LEGO© and maybe you will be chosen to walk with someone who practices your dream profession!

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Photo: LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Scheveningen


The afternoon itself already has a nice giveaway, but Indebuurt also has one! You can win tickets here for this very fun afternoon. Indebuurt can choose ten winners and give them three tickets each! How do you win it? By

clickinghere and leaving your details.

NB! You can sign up until Friday 05 May. Register quickly.