Maxim Verkoelen


We from nearby went to eat at Cucina Soho on the Lange Houtstraat, which opened its doors at the end 2021. Food without allures, but with love and respect for the ingredients. We dived into the very varied Italian cuisine of Chef Ricardo van Ede.

We walk into the restaurant -which used to be South of Houston- and are received by a friendly young host who offers us a nice table next to the bar.

At first glance, not much has changed. No rigorous renovation has taken place, the layout of the business is still the same. However, this will not spoil the fun as it turns out later.

Italian canteen

Ricardo says: “Actually, you should see the restaurant as an Italian canteen. Everyone should be able to come in here at any time of the day to enjoy something. Whether this is a cocktail at the bar with a snack, a glass of wine with pasta and a coffee as a quick lunch, or an extensive dinner, everything is possible”.

“The funny thing is that the Italians who come to eat here, often love it, the variety, and the many dishes from the vast regions in Italy. The Dutch may not think it Italian enough, says the native of Amsterdam.”

Menu card

We received a simple printed A4 sheet offered as a menu and for good reason. The menu is adjusted almost daily, so they can see every day what the most beautiful and freshest products are at that moment.

The winter season is clearly reflected in the dishes. In the deliciously creamy burrata served with grilled pumpkin (€, -). And with the spring chicken, for example, there was Jerusalem artichoke, prepared in the skin, with hazelnuts (€20,-). Who has ever heard themselves ask: “Do you have some fresh Jerusalem artichokes laying around the greengrocer?”

The dishes are certainly affordable, says Ricardo: “From €16,- for example, you can already have an antipasti, glass of wine and an espresso.”

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