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She worked for the largest companies in the world, was always busy and paid well. At the same time, it gnawed at Frederieke Seeger that she meant so little to others. Through an orientation job at the care organization Cardia, she discovered that her heart lies in the care of the elderly. “Sometimes I think: I should have taken this step sooner.”

Frederieke has been working since the spring of 1024 at Cardia. “Before that I did commercial work. It was a busy job, which certainly had advantages. I worked for big companies and made good money. But it was not meaningful work. I was just trying to bring in customers. When corona came, I was at home video calling and I realized that this work did not make me happy.”

Orientation job

She decided to look for a job in which she can be of value to others. “I discovered that at Cardia you can follow a orientation course. This means that you spend six weeks in different departments, both in a nursing home and in home care. This way you discover which activities suit you. You don’t need to have experience, your motivation is the most important.”

Feeling useful

Step by step she learns the intricacies of elderly care. “In the beginning you don’t perform any care activities, but you immediately feel useful. You support the person you walk with and you are there for the residents. You can take a walk with a resident, make beds, you name it. This gives you a very good impression of the organization and the work. It is also nice that you immediately receive a good salary, which increases as soon as you complete the training and gain experience.”

Frederick Seeger. (Photo: Cardia)

Career in healthcare

After six weeks you will take a test and discuss which training suits you best. “You can go in all directions, from helper to nurse. I would like to become a coaching nurse. Before that, I am currently following the MBO training in nursing via Cardia. Later on I hope to do the higher vocational education. In this position you perform all kinds of care tasks yourself, but you also help colleagues to become better at their work. I have a lot of experience with coaching and that is how those skills come in handy.”

Inspiring classmates

The courses are internal. You do not have to go to an MBO or HBO school, but you will receive lessons at a Cardia location. “I am in class with people of all ages and from different backgrounds. Some have made a career switch just like me, others choose it from their childhood. That’s very inspiring.”

Frederieke does not regret her career switch for a second. (Photo: Cardia)

So much love

For Frederieke, the orientation track was a bull’s eye. “After a few days, I couldn’t wait to start working independently. There is a collegial atmosphere, you are well supervised. And you get so much love from the residents that it is sometimes touching. For example, if someone spontaneously hugs you and says you are an angel. Or that a silent person to whom you say something nice suddenly starts a conversation with you.”

‘Don’t doubt’

According to her, thanks to the orientation job, a career switch is possible for everyone. “Looking back, I sometimes think: I wish I had taken this step sooner. What I have experienced, I give to everyone. Age and experience don’t matter, your motivation is the most important. Everything is arranged for you, from training to supervision during work. You don’t have to quit your current job right away, because you may be able to get unpaid leave. My advice: don’t hesitate and seize this opportunity.”

Make the switch too!

During dark, cold days, you don’t want it when you suddenly don’t have hot water or the heating doesn’t work. Fortunately, Marouan Abali (24) and his colleagues are standing by for you finished. They maintain and repair central heating boilers, so that you are warm, no matter how bad it is outside.

Marouan has been working as a maintenance engineer for four years now. SIMA Installation Technology . “That’s super fun work,” he says. “It gives a good feeling to leave somewhere, knowing that the central heating boiler is working properly. That is especially nice during the winter months.”

Not a bucket, but a laptop

His work consists of two pillars: maintenance and repair. “Maintenance is very different than in the past,” says the Leidschendammer. “Some people think you come in with a bucket and toolbox and spend hours tinkering. That image is no longer true. Of course you sometimes have to repair something, but a lot of inspection and maintenance work is done digitally. You connect your tablet to the central heating boiler and you can read all the information.”

Handy and pleasant harry

It is also just as important that you can give good advice. “You have to be able to answer all kinds of questions. For example, people want to know how long the central heating boiler will last and what they can do to make their home more energy efficient. For example with a new central heating boiler, heat pump or solar panels. You are a representative and mechanic in one. You have to be a handy Harry, but also a pleasant, thoughtful Harry.”

Cheering at the Christmas dinner

And if it does happen that the water is cold stays or that the heating does not start, Kevin and his colleagues are always there for you. Even on holidays. “I once repaired a central heating boiler during Boxing Day. When I entered, the whole family was sitting at the table with a coat on. Fortunately, the malfunction was fairly easy to fix. When the heating came on, I heard everyone going crazy downstairs. They went to Christmas dinner cheering. Then I left with a big smile.”

    Marouan with his colleague Sander. (Photo: SIMA Installatietechniek)

    Training and courses

    Nevertheless, the controlling function remains one of the most important aspects of his work. “Legislation is getting stricter and that’s a good thing, because people still die from carbon monoxide poisoning or fire. The cause is often an outdated, poorly maintained boiler. That is why we regularly receive training and courses. We visit manufacturers several times a year so that we are fully informed and know their devices inside out.”

    Enthusiastic men and women wanted!

    Kevin has about thirty fellow mechanics. You can be part of that team, because SIMA is looking for new maintenance and installation technicians. You do not need to have any knowledge or experience in this area. You can get paid internal training, where you will receive a good salary and a permanent contract from day one. Of course people with experience are also welcome.

    Kevin started that way too. “First I walked along for a day. That is no problem at SIMA. I was immediately enthusiastic and was allowed to do the internal training. That’s nice, because you don’t get thrown in at the deep end right away. You spend about a year with an experienced colleague and you learn all the tricks of the trade. The most important thing is your motivation and that you have a driver’s license, because you will eventually go out on your own.”

    Apply now!

    In other words, three top reasons to apply for a job at SIMA:

    • Varied, responsible work
    • Informal, collegial atmosphere

      The possibility to join us for up to three days without obligation to walk

      Internal training with good salary and permanent contract from the first day

    Enthusiastic? Contact Dahpne Hennink at

or 070-71797.