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Many people dream of starting their own business. How do you make that dream a reality? The Ondernemersschool The Hague will help you with this. Participant Helen is full of praise for the course. “Even if you ultimately decide not to start a business, this will help you immensely.”

The course consists of a ten-week program, in which you learn all the ins and outs of doing business. Gradually you will work on all kinds of skills, build a network and make a business plan. You should be ready to start at the end.

Helping people further

The 36 year old Helen participated in the course earlier this year. She dreams of becoming a lifestyle coach. “In the work I do now, I speak to a lot of people who are trapped in an unhealthy lifestyle,” she says. “They often have unhealthy eating habits and exercise too little.”

As an entrepreneur, she wants to help people move forward in life, in the broadest sense of the word. “Sometimes people feel they don’t matter. Getting someone to think about what he or she is good at develops more self-confidence and dignity. That has a huge positive impact on your mental and physical health.”

Made to be creative

“I believe that every human being is made to be creative in some way. Being aware of that and doing something about it is the first step to a happy life. I think it’s great when that works, because people are so grateful.”

Good preparation

Start next year she hopes to start as an entrepreneur. “I want to prepare myself well for that step. The Entrepreneurial School has helped me enormously with this. You will learn concrete skills and work on your personal development. For example, you learn how to use social media to reach your target group, but you also discover who you are and what you are good at. You will benefit from that for the rest of your life. Even if you don’t eventually start for yourself, it is therefore very valuable to sign up.”

Low costs

You almost don’t have to leave it for the cost. The costs are normally 275 euros, but the municipality of The Hague pays for the program and asks you for a contribution of 50 euros. So you get ten weeks of lessons. The price includes teaching materials, consisting of a workbook and e-learning.

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Does the Entrepreneurial school as something for you? Then sign up . Classes will start again on November 8 and 9. Keep in mind that there is room for about fifteen students per group, so don’t hesitate too long.

Are you looking for a beautiful new-build apartment or family home and do you also look beyond the city limits? There is a good chance that the new-build project KasseNova aan de Vaart will meet all your housing needs. The houses are now on sale, so you can register directly.

This new construction project consists of 68 apartments and 8 water villas. These homes will be located in the new residential area Waelpolder in ‘s-Gravenzande, in the heart of Westland. Yet you do not live there – as the name might suggest – between the greenhouses, but in a so-called ecological zone. So with lots of greenery and water around you.

Beach and city nearby

Cycling along the Nieuwe Vaart and then through the green surroundings you are inside 20 minutes on the beach of ‘s-Gravenzande and eat a delicious wood oven pizza at beach club De Pit. Is there a need for a greater diversity of facilities? Due to the good accessibility via, among other things, highways A4 and A15 you are within 15 minutes in the city centers of Rotterdam and The Hague.

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Different types of apartments

The range of apartments consists of four housing categories; each with their own characteristics and allure. From a nice and compact 3-room apartment to wonderfully spacious living in a penthouse, there is something for everyone! Living areas vary from 68 m2 to no less than 68 m2. In addition, each apartment has an outdoor area of ​​13 m2 to 337 m2 ! All apartments are also equipped with 1 to 3 parking spaces in the VON price.

You already live in KasseNova aan de Vaart from €337.500 in the nice 3-room apartment the Pretty Nova. In addition to a pleasant terrace and one parking space in the VON price, the Pretty Nova is priced below the National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG) limit.

Villas on the water

Opposite the apartment complex, 8 water villas of 68 m2, each with a spacious backyard located on the southwest and on a through waterway the New Canal! Along the Nieuwe Vaart you will be welcomed by passing company, or you can go on the barge yourself. With specific construction numbers, the possibility of a mooring applies.

Great comfort, low energy bill

Which home you choose, you can count on low energy costs. An ingenious system with a heat pump and underfloor heating and cooling ensures that your house has a pleasant temperature all year round. In addition, the houses have HR++ or even HR+++ glass for fine insulation and acoustics.

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Do you already see yourself living here? View the offer and register immediately.

Have you already blocked this weekend in your agenda? If not: act quickly! The UITfestival The Hague 2022 is from Friday 2 to Sunday 4 September. Below you can read the highlights from the program. Be sure to check Sunday, because the festival has something new that you don’t want to miss!

The UITfestival marks the kick-off of the cultural season every year. You can enjoy music, theatre, dance and more in about thirty places in the city.

Riding podium

On Sunday there is something new compared to previous editions: a moving podium. A historic tram departs from the stop in front of the Koninklijke Schouwburg and then circles around the church, while you enjoy performances by talents from The Hague. For example by the band Meyendel from The Hague. Tip: install the DenHaagPas app on your phone. You can get in for free by showing the app!

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Cultural Market

Lange Voorhout is also one large festival site today. From to 18.18 hours there is plenty to do and see. There is a drum workshop for children and spectacular dance shows. In addition, from 12.00 there are all kinds of music performances by the Hague singer- songwriter Mart Nooijen to chamber orchestra Sinfonia Rotterdam.

From outdoor cinema to mini festivals

There is also plenty to do on Friday and Saturday . For example, come to the outdoor cinema at Filmhuis Helena on Friday or join a cultural walk through the Laakkwartier.

On Saturdays you can participate in dance workshops and look inside studios. Moreover, several cultural hotspots, such as Korzo and theater and cinema Dakota, have their own festival program. Worthy of special mention is the Embassy Festival on the Lange Voorhout, with artists from more than fifty countries. This way you can make a cultural world trip in one day!

View the program

Curious about everything the UITfestival has to offer ? View the complete program.


In the renovated Albert Heijn XL in Leidschendam it is a party in itself to do your shopping. But it will be even more fun, because you now have a chance to win a year of free groceries. How? Just by shopping!

The supermarket in Westfield Mall of the Netherlands reopened at the end of June after a major renovation of two weeks. If you haven’t been there yet, this promotion ‘Free for a year’ is an ideal time to discover this store.

You can win this

If you participate, you have a chance to win free groceries from a certain product category for a year. This category varies per week. It concerns vegetables, fruit, bread, two flower bouquets, snacks and meat products. The winner will be announced each week and you can enter again every week.

How to enter

The promotion starts on Tuesday 26 July and lasts for six weeks. When you pay 25 euros or more, you will receive a voucher. It does not matter whether you pay at the cash register or self-scan. Participating is simple: fill in the voucher and put it in the special container. That’s it!

If you win, you will receive a booklet with 26 vouchers worth twenty euros, which you can spend on products from the relevant category. You may use a maximum of one voucher per week. Each voucher is transferable, so if you don’t do any shopping in a certain week, you can give it to someone else.

Main prize: e-bike

To top it all off, you also have a double chance to win the main prize: an electric bicycle. You automatically make a ticket on this if you participated in one of the weeks before. The announcement of the two winners will be in the week after the last action week. Tip: do you want to stay informed of all the news from this supermarket? Then follow Albert Heijn XL Leidschendam on Facebook.


You’ve probably already spotted them: the beautiful, huge flowers that have recently been planted along the Hofvijver. Why are they even there? And how long will you enjoy it? indebuurt looked it up for you.

If you walk on the shell path along the Hofvijver, you marvel at one work of art after the other. From a huge bright red tulip to a flower arrangement on a six meter high pole. How did all that beauty get here?


It turns out to be the The Hague Flower Promenade. The reason for this splendor has everything to do with the 200 anniversary of the Mauritshuis. A party that the museum likes to celebrate with the entire Museum Quarter.

The flowers, designed by artist Linda Nieuwstad, are a nod to the collection of the Mauritshuis and other cultural hotspots in The Hague. You can see a gigantic cabbage rose, after a painting by the seventeenth-century painter Jan van Huysum that hangs in the Mauritshuis.


There are also flowers inspired by the prints by MC Escher. Take a good look at the petals of the nearly 1.80 meter high Lapwing flowers. The checkered pattern is reflected in his work. Cool detail: the calyxes contain LED lights that light up like fireflies.

The aforementioned six-metre-tall artwork with tulips is inspired by a painting by Jacob van Hulsdonck and Ambrosius Bosschaert, which hangs in the Bredius Museum in The Hague. Fun fact: this artwork is normally located on an estate in Overijssel, but it came to The Hague especially for the Hague Flower Promenade.

Admire the Flower Promenade

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Do you want to discover the entire exhibition? The Flower Promenade can be admired until 21 August

. Tip: go in the evening, or come back when it’s dark, because then the artworks are lit up.

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Do you already know O’Grady’s Gastropub? This Irish restaurant opened on the Spui last year and now has plenty of news to report, with a great giveaway to top it all off.

Live music

If you like live music, that in itself is a reason to go to O’Grady’s. Because in May and June there are every Friday from 18.30 to 01.00 o’clock live performances. One time an Irish singer-songwriter, the next a swinging blues band. Admission is free.


In addition, you can now enjoy every Sunday from 01.00 until 15 . hour brunch. There are all kinds of delicacies waiting for you. From hot dishes, soups and quiches to croissants, freshly baked bread and sweets such as donuts and muffins. Add a juice and relax.

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Perfect with family or large group

This is also an ideal place for an evening out with children. You can book a family package for four, eight or twelve people for fixed prices. You get to choose a bottle of cava or four welcome drinks to toast together. In addition, you get a luxury bread board with it.

After that you get a huge sharing plate, full of tasty snacks to share. Make sure to save a spot for dessert. Every day is different, from a generously filled sundae to ice cream macaroons or crème brûlée. To book this package it is best to call or email .

It is also possible to O’Grady’s can be booked for your birthday, (wedding) party or company drink.

3 x chance of a trip

Ahead, another reason to going to O’Grady’s now. Under all reservations up to and including 30 August 30, the restaurant offers three fully arranged trips for two people away to Dublin. You will stay in an authentic Irish hotel from Thursday to Sunday, and transport, food and drinks have also been taken into account. You will also visit the Guinness Storehouse and several other local hotspots. So view the menu or book directly your table. Cheers!

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Shopping through shops in search of beautiful interior accessories, original gifts and beautiful things for the home: do you love that too? Then go to Delft. We have listed five great things in the Princes City for you where you are sure to succeed.

Kaat & Lien

Dry flowers are an indispensable part of a household these days. At Kaat & Lien you will find the most beautiful dried flowers. They are for sale as a bouquet, in a vase, in a candlestick or even as a beautiful wreath. They sell Do It Yourself kits to make your own dried flower wreath; nice to give as a present! In addition to all the dried flowers, you will find vases, cards, candles and pillows. The store is located on Nieuwstraat 18.

Kaat & Lien. (Photo: Visit Delft)

Loco Lama

At Loco Lama you are sure to pass! They sell items for your interior, jewelry, gifts and fun things especially for children. Loco Lama distinguishes itself from other stores because they do not sell the standard stuff. So if you’re looking for unique items for your home, you’ve come to the right place. The address is Molslaan 18.

Loco Lama. (Photo: Visit Delft)

Green Fingers

By the name Green Fingers you may only think of plants. You can certainly buy it here, but there is much more! You can also find candles, mirrors, frames, hooks and crockery here. Also very nice are the storytiles. Each tile tells a miniature story with a funny twist. Perfect to fill up your wall! You will find Green Fingers on Burgwal 19.

Green fingers. (Photo: Visit Delft)

Rock Paper Scissors

Rock, paper, scissors sells homemade items. The owners symbolize the name of the store. Lies is ‘stone’ with her homemade jewelry from recycled or second-hand materials. Illustrator Veer with her beautiful watercolor nature illustrations is ‘paper’. And ‘scissors’ symbolizes Margo with her collages. She makes new collages printed on wood from her own and vintage photos. The address is Verwersdijk 2.

Rock Paper Scissors. (Photo: Visit Delft)


At Pleck you can eat and shop. Pleck is a real concept store where you can find everything! From trendy clothing and jewelry to all kinds of items for the home. Think of hooks, doorknobs, baskets, lamps and much more. It doesn’t stop there, there is also room for spirituality here. They sell insight cards, minerals and incense. You will find this business on the Voldersgracht 05A.

Pleck. (Photo: Visit Delft)


On Voldersgracht 18 do you think Dream, a concept store full of fun items, gifts, jewelry and home accessories for yourself or as a gift for someone else. From dried flowers and nice vases to trendy hair accessories, bags and beautiful earrings. You will certainly succeed here!

DREAM Concept Store Delft (Photo: Visit Delft)

Bonus tip: free parking

A nice bonus when shopping in Delft: you temporarily save for free parking. You will receive a parking ticket for 1 hour of free parking when you spend at participating retailers and restaurants. Ask for the conditions and show your parking ticket at checkout. You can use the parking balance immediately when paying in the participating parking garage or you can save the accumulated credit for a later moment in the promotion period.

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The technique is known as a man’s world, but Lana Bode (03) proves that women can also thrive in it . She follows an internal training course for a central heating engineer at SIMA Installatietechniek and explains what makes her job so much fun. “As a woman you are welcomed with open arms.”

Doing precision work and solving problems: there is nothing more fun for Lana. “I have been involved in technology for as long as I can remember. My father is a car mechanic and did many maintenance jobs in and around the house itself. Also to the boiler. Then I watched and I helped him with everything.”

Immediately a click

After high school she started looking for a challenging job in technology. “I was looking for something with a lot of responsibility and variety. When I came into contact with SIMA Installatietechniek, it clicked immediately. It turned out that the company is actively looking for female colleagues. I was immediately allowed to start with the internal training.”

This training means that you receive courses and theory lessons two days a week. The other days you go out with an experienced mechanic. You start right away in the first week. That’s great fun, because you gain practical experience right away. I started in November 2021 and if everything goes well, I can go on the road independently from the end of May. I’m really looking forward to that.”

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SIMA Installatietechniek Lana Bode 1SIMA Installatietechniek Lana Bode 1

Lana is following internal training to become a central heating engineer. (Photo: SIMA Installatietechniek)

Just as exciting

Her introduction to the profession was a bit exciting in the beginning, because Lana has no experience whatsoever with this work. “When I first opened a central heating boiler, I didn’t know what I was seeing. Fortunately, you are never left to your own devices at SIMA. You go with an experienced colleague. She explains everything and guides you every step of the way.”

Positively surprised

Her work is very diverse. “It is partly key work, but you also have to be able to work well with a laptop. With modern central heating boilers, you use them to read out and solve malfunctions. I also like to make customers happy. If you no longer have heating or hot water, it can be very annoying. I like to solve problems and mean something to others.”

Many people are positively surprised when they see a woman at the door. “I have never had to deal with suspicion. That may also be because I am cheerful and enthusiastic myself. As a result, I have many nice contacts with people.”

Become a colleague of Lana!

Does Lana’s story inspire you and do you also think it would be fun to do this work? to do? Please contact SIMA Installatietechniek. Lana: “Experience and gender don’t matter. My call is: get over your doubts or tension and go for it!”