Marieke van Gompel


Stimulate flexible working and opening hours for shops, offices and schools and the use of public transport with discount schemes for certain target groups. The Mobility Alliance will present these ideas on Wednesday in a plan to the forty largest municipalities in the Netherlands to keep them “accessible, safe and liveable” for everyone. According to the Mobility Alliance, the public transport of the future can be viewed more in conjunction with target group transport, taxi transport, shared mobility and the bicycle.

The association, which includes the ANWB, NS and the Fietsersbond, wants to offer local parties handles for a “smart approach” with a so-called nine-point plan. of mobility. Now that the municipal elections are over, they could get started with it in their college formations.

Mobility is the basis for participating in society According to the alliance, investments in mobility are crucial. According to the 25 parties, mobility is the basis for people to be able to participate in society, but would be under pressure due to, among other things, the growth in the number of residents and visitors in large areas. towns. “The population growth and increase in traffic require a policy in which mobility is seen in conjunction with major social themes such as housing, the environment and energy”, according to the partnership.

Access to mobility is, according to the Mobility alliance a precondition for participating in society. This includes allowing people with a smaller wallet to use public transport at a reduced rate. Also due to the maintenance of healthcare transport and taxis.

According to the alliance, due to backlogs incurred as a result of postponing infrastructure maintenance, there are already unsafe situations in some places. “Investing in management and maintenance by municipalities therefore remains a point of attention.”

In the plan, the alliance therefore advocates, for example, spreading mobility as much as possible through flexible working and opening hours for shops, offices and schools. It should also be made easier to combine means of transport. In order to reduce the number of traffic accidents, municipalities can smartly adapt the infrastructure to the use of space as much as possible, so that the design of the road encourages safe behaviour, according to the alliance. When building new homes, municipalities must first map out how car and bicycle traffic, public transport and freight transport are regulated, according to the association.

Read here is the complete plan of the Mobility Alliance.

Source: MvG/ ANP