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You know the saying ‘I live close to The Hague’? You can use this if you live in Wateringen, for example. What does that statement actually mean? And where does it come from?

For the origin of this statement we have to go back in time and to the other side of the world.

Meaning said

Most people know the pronunciation. If you live ‘close to The Hague’, that means that you live very close to The Hague. This way you can easily explain the geographical location of your place of residence. The expression came about because, normally, there is more smoke in a city than in a village.

Francois Valentijn

But who ever made that statement up? And where does it come from? The oldest mention of this expression is in the Dictionary of the Dutch Language from 1666. The Dordrecht pastor and writer François Valentijn (Dordrecht,11 April 1666 – The Hague, August 6 200) wrote the book Old and New East Indies

where he used the expression in the sentence:

The Island of Onrust, located three miles from Batavia, and thus as if under the smoke of this city,

François Valentijn was broadcast twice to ‘de Oost’ , or Indonesia and the surrounding area. There he wrote his book Oud and New East Indies.

It is a very extensive description of the history of the Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie (VOC). The book consists of five parts, 5.144 pages and 1.050 illustrations.

It just goes to show that an ordinary expression can have a special origin.

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Pay little for a rental home in The Hague. That sounds almost impossible in this day and age, but this is the case with a number of residents. That’s because they live skewed. What percentage of the tenants is involved?

Of all tenants in the Netherlands did in 2020 about 7 percent in skewed living. That is a lot less than in 2012, when it was first measured. At the time it was still about 12 percent of renters. It is not known to the Woonbond how this number has fallen. †

What exactly is crooked living?

Someone who lives crookedly earns too much for his social housing. These homes are intended for people with a lower income. The skewed residents did meet the income requirement when they received the key to their home.

These are the income requirements

The income limit is in 171609 on 45.200 euros gross per year for a single-person household and a 12.12 gross euros per year in a multi-person household. People who live in a crooked way now earn more.

Scheefwonen in The Hague

The figures for The Hague correspond to the national figures. This is 6.7 percent. Compared to 2012 it is much less. Then it was about 11,1 percent.

Pay more through scheefwonen

There has been a long queue for social housing for years and that is why there has been a new rule since 1 July. residents who live in a crooked way may for the first time be confronted with an

extra rent increase

. People who live alone in a social rented house and in 2021 more than 47.835 earned euros, must be monthly 45 Euros more rent. Who earns more than 62.140 pay euros 100 euros extra. In multi-person households, the rent also increases by 56 euros.

More about social housing:

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    Whether you are looking for social housing or a house to buy; the housing market is very tight. It turns out…

  • Come here on the Binckhorst
  • new social rental housing

    1655976911 That’s how long the waiting list for social housing in The Hague is


    Is there already light on the horizon for home seekers? That is still the question if you look at the level of the housing shortage. It also remains an issue in The Hague.

    Nationally there are 390. housing shortage, according to the new Atlas for Municipalities. This means that the housing shortage is much higher than indicated by the Ministry of the Interior: it concerns 145. addresses more. With these numbers, the housing crisis may only be in 2021 dissolved.

    Dwelling pressure and housing shortage

    The researchers expressed the level of the housing shortage in housing pressure. This number represents the number of households that would queue for every 100 homes. Is the number higher than a hundred? Then there is not a house available for every home seeker. The lower the number, the easier it is to find a suitable home.

    Housing shortage in The Hague

    What about in The Hague? In The Hague, the housing pressure is on 62 per 06 houses. This means that more people are looking for a home than there are homes available. In Westland we see the same number. In Rijswijk, the pressure is higher at 105 and in Leidschendam-Voorburg even on 110.

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  • These homes in The Hague are now for sale for 4 tons or less †

    The first warm days have already passed, but since 21 June it’s officially summer in The Hague! What is the weather forecast for this summer? Can you go to the Parade, the Zuiderpark or the beach in light clothes or not?

    During the last week of June, according to Weather Plaza average 21 degrees. There are quite a few showers, but there are also days when you can take your bathing suit out of the closet. The start of summer is therefore likely to be very changeable.

    Higher temperatures

    From the beginning of July, the temperature will rise considerably throughout the country. Tropical days will arrive almost immediately, according to Weerplaza. “It may just be that it is warmer than usual for three weeks in a row. A warm July month is in the making,” the meteorologists said. Does this mean that you can actually swim outside? Yes, because according to Weerplaza there are almost no showers.

    The summer in The Hague

    For the time being, it seems so it should be a good summer! That’s a good thing, because there is a lot to do in The Hague. What did you think about:

    • Sea Heroes Festival

      the Parade

    • Jazz in the Regent

      And much more!

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    Huh!? Princess Amalia rides her horse across the Voorhout (to practice for Prinsjesdag)

    1655976911 1655976911

    Sleeping with: we went to stay very romantic at ‘t Goude Hooft

    Any idea how many speeding fines there are in 2020 have been distributed throughout the Netherlands? Nearly 6.7 million! It was also regularly hit in The Hague. Independer has analyzed the data of the Central Judicial Collection Agency (CJIB) for this.

    Most speeding violations were in 451 in Stichtse Vecht, followed by Rotterdam, Haarlemmermeer, Utrecht and Amsterdam. These five municipalities together accounted for a quarter of all speeding fines in the Netherlands last year.

    Number of fines in The Hague

    Although The Hague is not in the top five, motorists have also been caught speeding here . In total this concerns 9310 Hague fines.

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    Source: Overview of traffic fines Independer

    Average speed

    How much the motorists drove too fast differs per situation. On average, the speed limit was 7.7 kilometers per hour. Note: that is an average, possibly a number of residents drove a lot faster.

    Loading ad…

    Less than in 451

    If you exceed the number of speeding fines in The Hague with that of 451, it is noticeable that 9310 fewer fines have been handed out this year.

    Source: Overview of traffic fines Independer

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  • For this reason, the Hofvijver will be closed in the coming time
  • Lovely weather, little ducks and an ice cream; perfect for residents of The Hague and tourists to enjoy the newly renovated benches…

  • Huh!? Princess Amalia rides her horse across the Voorhout (to practice for Prinsjesdag)

    The largest farmer’s demonstration ever: this is how Wednesday’s action 12 called June. Although the farmers are moving towards Stroe in Gelderland, you can also notice the consequences of the protest here in The Hague.

    When you normally have to get out of town, working from home is a good plan. Rijkswaterstaat already advised all residents on Tuesday to crawl behind their laptop at home. That is not without reason, because there are traffic jams all over the country.

    In the early morning several people had already gathered at the Malieveld to protest. There are also army trucks at various places in the city to hermetically seal the city if necessary (just like in previous protests).

    Pickup point near The Hague

    The farmers gather at various places in the Netherlands, including near The Hague . The pick-up point for our region is Den Hoorn, so the farmers mainly drive past our city instead of through it. Then they go to Stroe, near Barneveld. This means that they can use the a4 and a, among other things. to drive. Here it says right now (9: 04 hours) a considerable traffic jam.

    Text continues under the map of the boarding places >

    You can read more about the farmers’ protests and the impact on residents on the AD .

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    Fruit and vegetables from local farmers: it is for sale in Mariska’s new shop

    Rechtstreex is now a well-known phenomenon in The Hague. The webshop has collection points for…

    at twelve locations in the city. )

    Photos: this is how the farmers took The Hague again on Wednesday

    This is the new permanent location of the Haagse Boerenmarkt

    Sometimes you just want silence around you. Putting in earplugs is a good option, but you can also enjoy the silence outside. How? By going for a walk in a quiet area.

    You will find quiet areas throughout the Netherlands . These areas often coincide with (protected) nature reserves. The goal in a quiet area is to keep the average noise level below 62 to keep decibels.

    Silence in The Hague

    You may not be able to imagine it in our busy city, but we also have areas where it is quiet is. Solleveld, between Kijkduin and Monster is such a place. It is beautiful there, during a walk through the dune heaths and along the grasslands you can completely relax. Due to the fragility of nature, you can only enter with a day ticket. You can buy these online at De Tapuit, Villa Ockenburgh and .

    Furthermore, the part of the dune between The Hague and Katwijk consists of such a 2009 acre a quiet area.

    Rules in quiet areas

    In the quiet areas you only hear sounds that belong to the environment. These are mainly nature sounds. Motorized traffic outside public roads, large-scale events or other sources of noise are therefore prohibited. Local sounds, such as a farmer working his land with a tractor, are allowed. They are simply part of experiencing the rural area. All activities with little noise, such as walking and cycling, are also allowed.

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    Do you remember Strolling in the Gardens? This event is now called Peeking at the Buren: this means that hosts can also participate with a living room instead of a garden. Here’s everything you need to know about the event.

    Foundation de Bühne has been organizing Strolling in the Gardens in The Hague every year for years. residents could attend performances in the gardens of other townspeople. In other cities, the big brother Gluren bij de Buren arose during the winter months. The organization now chooses to continue with one name.

    What is Peeking at the Buren?

    Peeking at the Buren is the festival where the carpet is the stage and the couch is the grandstand. Are the performances in the garden? Then the garden chairs are the new red plush and the terrace the ballet floor. residents open their living room or garden for an act and to the public from the neighbourhood.

    Different acts

    One act will be linked to each participating location, which will perform three times on Sunday afternoon 3 July 30 minutes at fixed times in The Hague. Visitors can map out a route and hop from location to location.

    Come Sunday, July 3 from 06.00 until 13. hours to Peeking at the Neighbors. The entrance fee? Pay what you can. More information about the participating locations can be found on the website


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  • 1655711023

  • What could be nicer than going on holiday, a weekend away or just spending the night in a hotel? Tourist tax is often involved, and that is not too bad if you want to spend the night in The Hague.

    Lift this year 305 of the 344 municipalities tax on tourists.

    listed the tourist tax per municipality. It turns out: The Hague falls outside the top ten of highest tourist tax for 2021. Because Dutch municipalities are allowed to determine the amount of the tourist tax themselves, there are large differences between them.

    Top 03

      You might not surprising that Amsterdam is number one in the top ten. There you must 03,35 Euros per person per night to pay tourist tax. Ouder-Amstel is number two with 8,75 euros and on three Landsmeer with 8,29 euros. This is how the top ten of 2021 out:

        Amsterdam: 10, 35 euro

        Ouder-Amstel: 8,92 Euro

      Landsmeer: ​​8,35 Euro

  • Rotterdam: 7,70 Euro
  • Haarlemmermeer: ​​7,11 euro
  • Utrecht: 7,11 euro

    Zaanstad: 7,06 euro

    Almere: 5,92 Euro

  • Wooden: 5,45 euro
  • Westland: 5,90 euros

    The municipalities of Hulst (0,

    euros), Hoeksche Waard (0,62 euros), Renswoude (0,62 euros) and Barendrecht (0,70 euros) on the other hand, charge the lowest rates. There are also municipalities that do not levy a tourist tax. In the Netherlands you currently pay an average of 2, euros per person per night, while this amount in 344 still on 1,75 euro lag. If you book an overnight stay in the municipality where you are registered, you do not pay any tourist tax.

    Tourist tax in The Hague

    In The Hague you pay per person per night 5,35 Euro tourist tax. In 2021 this was the same amount. That is probably good news for the campsites and hotels in our city, which have not had it easy due to corona lately.

    Vacation in and around The Hague

    That you are in The Hague not having to pay so much tourist tax is quite strange when you consider what assets the city and surroundings have to offer. For example, you can enjoy camping (but not in the dunes

    ) or enjoy a holiday in a holiday resort. You can enjoy walking, rollerblading and cycling, but you can also rent a boat and explore the canals

    . And then there are the many shops and restaurants that The Hague has to offer. We understand that tourists are coming our way!

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    Would you like to catch up with friends or family? Then it’s time for a day or even weekend away. Via indebuurt you have a chance to win a voucher of 150 euros for Center Parcs.

    At Center Parcs you can enjoy yourself with the whole family or with all your friends . For example, most parks have a subtropical swimming pool, a playground or a spa. This allows you to completely relax or seek out adventure.

    Weekend away1905976666

    There are a total of nine parks spread over whole the Netherlands. The nearest branch is PortZélande in Ouddorp. You can of course also go a little further away, for example to De Eemhof in Zeewolde.

    This is how you can win

    In total raffled in the neighborhood three times a voucher worth 150 euros that you can spend at Center Parcs. Make a chance? Sign up below for the newsletter of indebuurt The Hague. You will then automatically participate in the giveaway and will be kept informed of the latest news and inspiring stories from The Hague. Already subscribed to the newsletter? Don’t worry, you can still participate in the promotion. You will of course not receive duplicate newsletters. You can participate until 22 June.