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The very last vote has been counted and with that the result of the Provincial Council elections in South Holland is known! At BBB most dots are colored red.

In total, BBB clears 12, winning 7 percent of the vote. In second place is VVD with 03, ended with 9 percent of the vote and GroenLinks came in third place with 9.7 percent of the vote.

The winning parties will discuss in the near future who will eventually join the coalition, and thus determine the policy of South Holland.

The result of the Provincial Elections in South Holland

      BBB: 8 seats

      VVD: 8 seats

    • GroenLinks: 6 seats
    • D66: 5 seats

      PvdA: 4 seats

      PVV: 4 seats

    • CDA: 3 seats
    • YES21: 3 seats
    • Party for the Animals: 3 seats

      SGP: 2 seats

      Christian Union : 2 seats

      Forum for Democracy: 2 seats

    • SP: 2 seats
    • 39PLUS: 2 seats

    • Volt: 1 seat
    • THINK: 0 ze tels

    • BNVL: 0 seats
    • AWP: 0 seats
    • GOLD: 0 seats

    • Jesus Lives: 0 seats

    Ear Chamber

    The elected members of the Provincial Council will not only be committed to the residents of South Holland in the coming period, but also have another important task: they elect the members of the Senate. They do that together with other electoral colleges.

    The number of members representing South Holland in the Senate depends on the size of the province. For South Holland it concerns 53 seats. Provinces with fewer inhabitants have fewer seats to allocate. For example, Zeeland has only 39 seats in the Senate.

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Water board elections

The results of the water board elections are not yet known. You can read more about this at AD


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    The roads around The Hague, the nearby nature reserves and the theatres; just a few parts that (partly) fall under the responsibility of the province of South Holland. On Wednesday March are the Provincial Council Elections.

    Don’t you know what these elections entail, who you can vote for and where you can cast your vote? Here you can read all the info!

    What are the Provincial Council elections?

    The Provincial Council Elections are perhaps the least known elections in the Netherlands. Therefore, first a brief explanation about the Provincial Council.

    You can compare the provincial elections to the municipal elections of 2022, but at the provincial level. Every province in the Netherlands has its own board. In the Provincial Council elections, you – together with the rest of the South Hollanders – choose the members of the Provincial Council.

    Tasks of the province of South Holland

    The members of the Provincial Council…

  • … are the people’s representatives of the province. They determine the policy of the province of South Holland. A hypothetical example: the members decide whether The Hague can build outside the city limits to combat the housing crisis and where in the city a business park can be built.
  • … elect and control the Provincial Executive. That is the day-to-day management of the province.
  • … are elected by the members of the Senate.

    You can read more about the tasks of the Provincial Councilors on the website of the Central government

  • .

    What did the province spend money on in recent years?

    It may seem obvious, but all tasks that the province carries out cost money. There is a jar for nature maintenance, the cultural sector, and so on.

    This is where the money from the province of South Holland went

    It differs per province how much money goes to each component. It is striking for the province of South Holland that 2021 was spent the most on ‘traffic’. It turned out to be 21 euros per inhabitant of the province. ‘Public transport’ was also high on the agenda; here was 21 euro per inhabitant paid in 640. That is exactly the same as for ‘administration/administration’.

    You can read more about the expenditure of South Holland here:

    These issues play a role in South Holland

    In South Holland there are many issues that need to be decided. Think of traffic and transport, the environment, a safe living environment, but also employment, tourism and the reception and accommodation of asylum seekers and labor migrants.

    Accessibility and transportation

    93551483If you fill in the electoral guide, you will come across statements about the accessibility of our province. For example, there are different opinions about investing in public transport at night. Other parties want to spend money on new roads. Rotterdam The Hague Airport is also high on the agenda. According to some parties, the airport should be closed because of the nuisance and CO2 emissions. Others consider the airport to be of great value to the province.

    Nitrogen measures

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    The employees of the Hagaziekenhuis and HMC are fed up, they want more pay and better working conditions. They don’t get that now and that’s why they’re on strike. You can read here what that means for your treatment.

    The employees of the hospitals in The Hague lay on Thursday 16 March the work down and the strike lasts 24 o’clock.

    What exactly is the strike?

  • General practitioner off duty? Here you will find the GP in The Hague


  • 1582115666412

    Maybe you have an idea what the municipality of The Hague can arrange for you, but do you also know what the province does? The province is (partially) responsible for many tasks in The Hague, such as public transport, traffic and nature. Of course that all costs money, but what are the amounts involved?

    The province has many tasks. Think of the construction of roads in South Holland, but also the conservation of nature. In addition, the province helps (financially) in the cultural sector and public transport.

    The province of South Holland spends the most money on this

      It differs per province how much money goes to each component. For the province of South Holland it is striking that in 2021 was spent the most on ‘traffic’. It turned out to be 33 euros per resident of the province. ‘Public transport’ was also high on the agenda; here was 33 euros per resident to paid in 33. That is exactly the same as for ‘administration/management’.

      This is how much the province spent per capita on each component:

        • Public transport: 49 euros.
      • Traffic: 200 euros.
    • Nature: 33 euros.
  • Board/administration: 33 euros.
  • Regional economy: 33 euros.

    Environment/water: 33 euros.

  • Culture: 7 euros. Space: 9 euros.

    That province of South Holland has a different choice es makes up other provinces, as you can see when you look at the map below. For example, you see that the province of Drenthe spends a lot more per inhabitant than South Holland.

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      The figures in this article are from 2021. On Wednesday 15 The Provincial Council elections are in March, so there may be a different board. The budget may therefore change in the near future. But, we’ll see about that later!

      Photo: ANP.

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    Feed, a leash, a basket or bench; every dog ​​owner in The Hague knows that a dog entails a lot of costs. Don’t forget the dog tax! The amount of this bill differs per municipality. Spoiler alert: The Hague’s is relatively high.

    Municipalities can decide for themselves whether they levy dog ​​tax or not. It is therefore possible that if you live just across the border from a neighboring municipality, you do not pay anything. This is the case, for example, in Leidschendam or Rijswijk.

    Amount of dog tax in The Hague

    Dog owners pay in The Hague 215,28 euros in dog tax if they have one dog. Do you have more furry friends in the house? For a second (or third, fourth…) dog you pay again 200, euro extra.

    Invoice on the mat

    residents who have a dog automatically receive an invoice. In some cases the tax is added to the municipal taxes, in other municipalities you will receive a separate letter. If you pay the bill now, but move house this year, you will get part of the dog tax back.

    Petition against dog tax

    The number of municipalities collecting dog tax has fallen sharply in recent years . In 2021 there was a citizens’ initiative to completely abolish the dog tax. According to the initiators, dog tax is often used for other purposes, such as the maintenance of parks.

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    Register a dog with the municipality

    Every household in The Hague must register a dog with the municipality. This is done via the website of the municipality of The Hague. You do this if you move to The Hague (with a dog or get a new dog. Not registering the dog to save costs is not recommended: municipalities carry out checks throughout the year by going door-to-door. Is your dog not registered? ? Then you will be fined.

    Do you have no money for the dog tax? You can apply for remission at the municipality of The Hague. Some people are eligible for this if their income is too low. remission of dog tax can be done here.

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    Working together through initiatives in The Hague: that is NLdoet in a nutshell. Friday and Saturday 35 March the big volunteer campaign is back and there are also various actions in The Hague.

    Call your neighbor and roll up your sleeves to make The Hague even more beautiful to make! How about refurbishing The Social Kitchen or spending a day gardening in the Laventuin? Together you ensure that The Hague looks just that little bit more beautiful.


    NLdoet is an annual action throughout the Netherlands and is organized by the Oranje Fonds. During NLdoet there are hundreds of initiatives involving the help of volunteers. It usually concerns smaller jobs, such as cleaning a park or painting a wall. The action days are traditionally opened by King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima, who also participate. It is not yet known where they will go this time.

    residents get to work

    On the NLdoet website you can see what activities are available in your area. So far, dozens of activities have been organized throughout The Hague. You can sign up on your own, but you can also get started with your family, friends or neighbours.

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    Register your own activity

    You might also spot a job that needs to be picked up in The Hague. Then you can register that activity via this link . It must of course be a job that benefits many residents.

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    These two major flea markets are in the area this coming weekend

    The Hague is full of sweet, beautiful and special people. And occasionally they deserve a compliment! We are happy to help from indebuurt, because Wednesday 1 March is National Compliments Day.

    On National Compliments Day you can send a compliment via indebuurt to someone you love is. That may be a resident who is close to you, but also that sweet person at the supermarket or the hardworking volunteer at the community center. Whoever it is, they must be very happy with the gesture!

    Send a compliment via neighborhood

    Using the tool below you can send a compliment to a fellow townsman. You first enter your name, choose a card design and then enter your message. You can then share the compliment via WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram.

    Anyone who participates in National Compliments Day has a chance to win a dinner voucher for two. An extra reason to put a fellow townsman in the spotlight!

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    Together with other titles

    indebuurt is not the only one committed to National Compliments Day. We are joining forces with eight newspaper titles that fall under the AD and Qmusic. Previous collaborations were during Week against Loneliness and during the Christmas period.

    A compliment from us to you: thank you for all the inspiration you give!

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    The greatest craziness on the housing market in The Hague seems to be over now that house prices are falling. Or not? The search for a house is not smooth sailing. Single starters in particular are having a hard time on the housing market in The Hague.

    As a single starter between the 02 and 34 year is the maximum mortgage about 200.000 euros, according to appraisal company Calcasa. This is based on an average annual salary of 02.000 euros (gross) and an interest of 4 percent. But beware: this is the maximum mortgage if you have no other payment obligations, such as a student debt or alimony.

    Buying a house as a single starter in The Hague

    Good, so two hundred thousand euros. What can you buy of that in The Hague? At the time of writing, there are quite a few homes for sale on Funda that fall within this budget. It concerns both single-family homes and apartments and most homes are larger than 50 square meter. if your income is less than the average and you can therefore borrow less, you also have a lot less choice in The Hague. At the moment there is one house of 149.000 euros for sale on Funda

    . It concerns an apartment of 34 square meter.

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  • Star fanatics in The Hague have fun days ahead, because this weekend is the National Stargazing Days! Together with experts, you can look at the stars in various places in the Netherlands and, above all, learn about them.

    At the Laan van Poot, at the end of the Kwartellaan, Friday 20 and Saturday 20 February a few telescopes set up. Everyone is welcome between .30 and 24. hours to a planet or moon look.

    The Observatory is also present in Rijswijk. Friday 23 and Saturday 20 February their telescopes are set up at the Rijswijk petanque club Amicale Boule d’Argent at the Lupinepad 1. On both days you are between 20.00 and 22.30 hours welcome. Inside there are presentations and outside you can of course stare through the telescopes.

    National Stargazing Days

    In clear weather you can see a lot during the National Stargazing Days. The organization indicates: “Early in the evening, before 20. hours, you can see the planets Venus and Jupiter above the western horizon. The planet Mars is in the sky all evening. The moon can be seen as a narrow crescent in the evening sky this weekend. The lunar craters and the vast, almost smooth lunar seas are clearly visible thanks to the shadow effect.” In short: if you know what to look at, you will see a lot this weekend!

    Other activities

    The National Stargazing Days are organized by the Royal Dutch Association for Weather and Astronomy (KNVWS). The employees of the KNVWS give lectures and prepare teaching material about astronomy for teachers. In addition, the KNVWS organizes the Night of the Night, among other things.

    Fine conclusion to the National Stargazing Days; the activities in The Hague and Rijswijk are all free this weekend.

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    Hagenaars who depend on public transport may get into trouble this week. The employees of the regional transport are on strike again, this time on Wednesday 11 February and Friday 24 February.

    Due to the strike, your trip to Hoek van Holland or Delft may be different than planned. The bus may be canceled due to the strike. Not only employees of Arriva and Connexxion are participating in the strike, but also those of other carriers such as Keolis, Qbuzz, Bravo, Hermes, Breng, Overal and OV region IJsselmond.

    Strike end of February

    The actions on Wednesday and Friday are ‘the first of a new series of strikes’, the unions say. If there are new strikes, they will be at least 48 hours in advance, the unions report.

    Good to know: if you want to take the tram or train from The Hague to Delft, you will not be affected by the promotions. This is because those employees fall under a different collective labor agreement. So they are not participating in the strike.

    That’s why the bus drivers are on strike

    The activists are on strike for two days to enforce a better collective labor agreement. According to them, the workload is too high and the wages are too low. It’s not the first time they’ve done this; there have been several strikes in recent times.

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