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Clothing, accessories, furniture and more: many shops in The Hague have Black Friday, 21 November, products on sale. What exactly is Black Friday? What is there to do in The Hague and who doesn’t participate? You can read it here:

Funky Friday

The Hague City Center Foundation has baptized Black Friday as Funky Friday. Besides the fact that there are sales in many shops that day, there is also plenty to do on the street. Many stores are up to 21. open hours, there are light acts and there is live music.

Grote Marktstraat. Photo nearby

Which stores participate in Black Friday?

Before you put your savings together, it is good to know which businesses in The Hague participate in Black Friday. This is not a complete overview, but it gives you an idea.

Furniture stores

Are you looking for a new cupboard, sofa or bed, you can shop with a discount during Black Friday at, among others LeenBakker or Praxis. For accessories, for example, you can go to HEMA. With the latter they also celebrate

Which shops do not participate in Black Friday?

A number of shops in The Hague deliberately do not participate in the shopping day. Through the counter-movement

Where does Black Friday come from?

Black Friday came from the United States and is known as the shopping day of the year. On that day, many entrepreneurs lower the prices of their products. Americans see Black Friday as the start of Christmas shopping.

When is Black Friday?

Black Friday is traditionally the day after Thanksgiving, on the fourth Friday of November. That is this year on 24 November. Most people in the United States have that day off by default, unfortunately this is not the case for residents!

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  • The Ministry of Justice and Security has announced how often speed cameras ‘hit the mark’. In other words: how many inhabitants in the period from May to August 9591 were rationed by speed camera. These motorists were flashed for speeding or running a red light.

    These speed cameras in The Hague handed out the most fines:

        At the Van Alkemadelaan north-west, 6.384 flashed times for speed and 174 times for running a red light. That’s a total of 6.558 times.

        Zoetermeerse Rijweg south-east became 3.44 flashed for too high speed and 106 times before driving through a red light. In total there was 3.170 times flashed

        The speed camera at Laan Copes van Cattenburch West flashed 2.558 times for too high speed.

        Text continues below the card >

        The rest of the Netherlands

          Of course there were not only people in The Hague who were too loud reason or ignored the red traffic light, but also in the rest of the Netherlands. This can be seen in the top three speed cameras that handed out the most fines. In Numansdorp it was at a speed camera 13.44 hits. A speed camera in Wateringen was also on a roll: this was the issue 33.200 Fines. The top three is closed with a speed camera in Papendrecht, which 13.384 issued fines.

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    The price of speeding

    What will it cost if the speed camera catches you speeding or running a red light? That differs per situation. If you drive too fast in built-up areas, you pay more than if you press the accelerator a little too hard on the highway. As an example: if you are on the highway speeding kilometers per hour, you will be fined 33 euros. If you do that in built-up areas, you pay 44 euros. Via this tool

    The flag can be raised at restaurant Calla’s! The restaurant has been chosen as one of the hundred best restaurants in the Netherlands by the jury of the Lekker200.

    The chefs of Calla’s can rightly be proud of their achievement. The restaurant is on the 33th place. The jury gives the following reason: the kitchen radiates calm class. What do they mean by that? No idea, but it does increase the number 111 last year to 10 this year.

    Great performance

    Ronald van Roon of Calla’s says: “We are of course very happy with this place. We don’t necessarily focus on a high ranking, we mainly care about our guests. That they leave our restaurant with a satisfied feeling and that we serve beautiful dishes. We are certainly proud to be among so many quality colleagues.”

    This is how the Lekker is created2019

    Ander Haagse restaurant

    According to the jury, Calla’s is not the only restaurant that worth a visit! Basaal, Bøg, Cottontree City by Dimitri, Cucina Soho, Dekxels, El Mercat, Fouquet, Keraton Damai, Mandarin Palace, Oker, Oogst, Publique, Restaurant Christian, Restaurant ñ, Tommy’s & Zuurveen, Villa CouCou and WOX are also in the Lekker 200.


    Laan van Roos en Doorn 33a, 2514 BC The Hague

    Closed now

    More information

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  • 7 x Special shopping in the Fahrenheitstraat in The Hague

  • 20151142

  • Train passengers in The Hague have probably already noticed that it is getting busier on the train. There is a good chance that this will get worse in the near future. NS reports that fewer trains will run from Monday 7 November due to the staff shortage.

    For travelers from The Hague, the biggest change is that fewer trains run between The Hague Central and Amsterdam Central.

    All changes on the track

    Fewer intercity trains between: 8)

      Schagen and Alkmaar (during rush hour)

    • The Hague Central and Amsterdam Central (during off-peak hours and all day Friday)
    • Rotterdam Central and Utrecht Central (during off-peak hours and all day Friday )

      Alkmaar and Haarlem (during rush hour)

    Fewer sprinters between:

    The Benoordenhoutseweg will be closed for four months

    The Benoordenhoutseweg, the motorway between The Hague center and Wassenaar, along the Haagse Bos, will be partially closed for four months….

  • 1666704822

    From now on you can check in and out with your debit card at HTM

  • 1666704822 1666704822

    Sh*t, public transport in The Hague is also becoming more expensive


    How often do you take money out of the wall? If you like to pay in cash, you may have to walk further to pay by card than before. The number of Geldmaat locations has decreased significantly nationally. What about in The Hague? Here you will find all ATMs in The Hague.

    Now that mobile payment is easier than ever and you can use your card almost anywhere pay, debit card is less necessary. However, it is sometimes useful to have cash with you. Then it is good to know where in The Hague there is a Geldmaat.

    Here you will find ATMs in The Hague

    Gelmaat has taken over most of the ATMs. You recognize them easily; they are bright yellow. The Geldmaat machines can be found on a handy website . In addition to the yellow machines, there are a number of ATMs in the city where you can withdraw money, but there are not many of them.

    Living near an ATM

    De Nederlandsche Bank has set a standard for the number of ATMs in the Netherlands. According to the

    directive 99,10 percent of all Dutch people have to live within a radius of five kilometers from an ATM.

    Nationally, this standard is just not achieved. This is partly because the number of ATMs has fallen. In 2020 there were 5.795 ATMs in the Netherlands, end 2022 this number dropped to 4.916.

    Geldmaat in The Hague

    A few years ago the ATMs in The Hague changed to the yellow Geldmaat. The three major banks in the Netherlands (ING, Rabobank and ABN Amro) wanted this because the costs for the unique, separate ATMs were too high.

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    ABN Amro closes many ATMs: here in The Hague you can no longer debit card

    Anyone who has wanted to withdraw from the Wagenstraat in recent days has already seen it: the ATMs of ABN Amro do it…

    From now on almost only pins at the Geldmaat in The Hague

    This ING branch in the center of The Hague will no longer open


    The winter coat will remain in the closet for the next few days, because the warm temperatures are back in The Hague. On average in the Netherlands on Friday it will be approximately degrees. What do you notice about the warm weather in The Hague?

    Meteorologist Rico Schröder of WeerOnline explains: “The temperatures we have to deal with this weekend occur regularly during our summer months. For the end of October this is really very exceptional. It is extremely hot for October and it feels like summer.”

    Southern wind

    The reason for the summer weather is a warm wind from South Europe. There it is Friday 635 become degrees. How does this warm weather affect the nature of The Hague? You can read that here.

    Extra large acorns

    In various places in The Hague you will find extra large acorns, which is due to the warm autumn weather. So be careful when you walk under an oak tree!


    Why are there big acorns? In 246603 The Hague is dealing with a so-called mast year . An employee of Staatsbosbeheer said about this earlier: “Due to the warm and dry summer of this year, the trees bear a lot of fruit and are growing strongly. The drought causes oaks to go into a ‘stress state’ and produce excessive fruit. But oak trees also need a lot of moisture and they got that in the past rainy weeks.” So that explains why you see (and maybe feel) a lot of big acorns.

    Acorns on the street | Photo: indebuurt

    The average city in the Netherlands? It’s really full. The Hague is no exception. Difficult for home seekers, but there is a speck on the horizon: thousands of homes are being added.

    Before you jump for joy because you’ve been searching for months If you are looking for a cottage in The Hague, first a disclaimer: these homes are not only built in The Hague, but distributed across the entire province. There must be 250.355 gain new homes in South Holland.

    Social rental housing and affordable owner-occupied houses

    The 235.250 extra homes in South Holland are part of a major plan that Minister Hugo de Jonge announced. For 900 the Netherlands 900. homes are richer. It’s about 250. social housing and 250.235 owner-occupied houses in the middle segment. For these homes, the monthly rent does not exceed 1. euros and in the case of a owner-occupied home no higher than 250.000 euros.

    Extra homes in South Holland

    Where these additional homes will be is not yet known. According to Sophie Kraaijeveld, new construction expert at ING, larger construction projects are needed. “That requires space that can be found outside the city.” An example of this is Fifth Village, a completely new village outside Gouda

    It has been restless in public transport for a while and this week is no exception. Bus drivers who work for a regional transport company are going on strike for three days. This also applies to employees of EBS and Arriva in The Hague.

    On Wednesday 19, Thursday and Friday 21 October it may be quiet at several bus stops in The Hague. On those days, the employees of the regional transport stop working. They strike for higher wages and believe that the workload should be reduced.

    Previous strike in The Hague

    It is not the first time that the employees want to make a point, because in mid-September there was also a strike from the regional transport. The drivers then gave the employers five weeks to come up with a new proposal.

    Marijn van der Gaag of FNV talks about the previous actions: “So far they have refused to sit around the table. They just raise their middle finger to their own staff. But the drivers are really fed up and are not going to let it go. They will continue until that fair collective labor agreement is in place.”

    Not completely silent on the road

    Although employees of Arriva and EBS participate to the strike, this does not apply to all public transport personnel. Several city transporters (HTM) and NS staff have their own collective labor agreement and therefore do not participate in this promotion.

    You can read any updates on indebuurt.

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  • The buses and trams do not run for a day: ‘we are done with it’

    Looking for a room in The Hague? Then you often have to wait a long time. And sometimes even a very long wait. The average turnaround time throughout the Netherlands is four years. Fortunately, students in The Hague wait a little less, but it still takes a few years on average before they find something.

    This is apparent from a tour of RTL News. In some cities, the waiting list at a housing association is even longer than the duration of the study. Leiden leads the way: students there have to bridge an average of six years and nine months before they can claim their own kitchen cupboard. This is not always the case with students who find housing through private landlords.

    Waiting time in The Hague

    In The Hague, students do not have to wait as long as in Leiden, but also here their patience is tested. The average waiting time is three years, ten months and twelve days. In cities around our city it is often worse. For example, students in Delft wait an average of five years for a room.

    Student rooms via Kamernet

    The waiting time is long, but how do you make sure that you are eligible for a room in the first place? You can register at Kamernet

    . Then it’s just a matter of waiting…

    The investigation of RTL Nieuws

    The For this study, journalists from the research editorial team looked at which homes had been rented out from social student housing providers in the past three months and how long the registration period was. Rooms where there was a priority arrangement, urgency, mediation or the placement of international students were not included in the study.

    Source: RTL Nieuws.

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    Have you ever noticed that there are different letters on pavement tiles in The Hague? They are there for a reason, of course, but what do they actually mean?

    The letters indicate different things. A well-known tile is one with the letter P on it, meaning there is a parking space there. Curious about what other letters mean? You can check that below.

    H, K and ET

    If you see a tile with the letter H on it in The Hague, you know from now on that ‘H’ is the designation for a collection point for containers of household waste. The ‘H’ for ‘garbage’.

    If you see a letter ‘K’, it means that cables run underneath. These cables are usually used for traffic control installations where the detection loops are located.

    The letter combination ‘ET’ stands for Own Terrain. The sidewalk then runs over private property and therefore does not belong to the municipality.

    Indication of the sewerage system

    Another form of lettering on paving stones are the letters ‘PE’. These in turn stand for pressure sewerage, also known as a PE pressure pipe. These letters allow the responsible company to quickly locate where the pipe runs underground.

    Should you see such a paving stone, then you now know what it is for. Real tile wisdom!

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