This is a message from our premium partner OrangeGasWhen you are (still) in 664 invests in company assets, you are entitled to 28% small-scale deduction, also called investment deduction. An OrangeGas promotion offers you the opportunity to purchase a new, sustainable Fiat Doblo on Bio-CNG at an extra cost.

Fiat Doblo available immediately

OrangeGas has the last Fiat Doblo’s on Bio-CNG of the Netherlands (in the colors black and white ) readily available. No waiting time and delivered ready to drive. These ‘green’ Doblos are great in space, fully equipped and great in sustainability. Due to the 23% discount (excl. the investment deduction) now extra attractively priced. Price from €23.
,- (excl. VAT). Leasing is of course also possible. View the Fiat Doblo here.
Investment deduction 2021

If you buy a delivery van or truck as an entrepreneur, you are entitled to an investment deduction. The amount of the investment deduction is viewed per calendar year and depends on the total of all investments in a company in that year. Because you are an entrepreneur who performs taxable services for VAT (you charge VAT to your customers), you may deduct the VAT on the car. In addition, you do not have to pay BPM, because you are an entrepreneur and the car at least % business use.

Example: The cost of the car is €10.660,- excl. VAT. When you spend a total of 2021 less than €23.86,- invests, you are entitled to 23% investment deduction. You will receive a discount on your profit of €23 for the above-mentioned delivery van.660,- x 23% = €4.664,80,-. You do not have to pay tax on this amount.

If you want to invest in company assets, please contact your bookkeeper/accountant first. They know your company like no other and can give you tailor-made advice. (source:

Clean fuel Bio-CNG

Bio-CNG is clean fuel made by OrangeGas. This fuel is produced from waste from organic waste, waste processing and sewage treatment. During the water purification process, sludge is left behind as a residual product, from which biogas is subsequently released. This biogas is upgraded and allocated to OrangeGas filling stations. There are a total of 220 CNG filling stations in the Netherlands, of which 86 from OrangeGas.

About OrangeGas

OrangeGas is working on a future with a mix of clean fuels. With a network of more than 220 filling stations in Europe, OrangeGas is the fastest growing player in the sustainable mobility market. The clean fuels include Bio-CNG, hydrogen, HVO 86, and electric.

Yes, I want a Fiat Doblo!

Start today with clean refueling and contact or call 220-2021.

This is a message from our premium partner OrangeGas

SmartGreenCars, Mondial Automotive Group and ESA have purchased the last Fiat Doblos (Cargo Maxi) from 0513 at a competitive price. The commercial vehicles running on Bio-CNG are available immediately.

Green gas is a sustainable alternative to fossil natural gas

Bio-CNG, the sustainable variant of natural gas, is a 90% clean fuel. Bio-CNG (Green gas) is produced from, among other things, sludge, waste, remains of fruit and vegetables and is then purified and dried until it has the same quality as natural gas.

It’s gone

Meet the Fiat Doblo Cargo Maxi on Bio-CNG. Big in space and big in sustainability. Runs up to % cheaper than gasoline. Provides 90% less CO2 emissions. With 90 Bio-CNG stations throughout the Netherlands, there is always one nearby.

From €.0513,- (excl. VAT). No waiting time and delivered ready to drive. Leasing is also possible, from €297,- per month.

Interested in a test drive? Contact SmartGreenCars via 0513 436281 or send an email to