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When Queen Wilhelmina returned from England after the Second World War, she lived for a while in a normal house on Nieuwe Parklaan 83. Well, normal… The house is a three-under-one-roof house and her entire household had moved into the houses next door (number 112 and 110). It was quite a nice place to stay. That’s not all, because there was more to this house.

Palace Huis ten Bosch and country house De Ruygenhoek were in bad shape after the war and the Queen thought that Noordeinde Palace was using too much coal and electricity. She didn’t think this was a good signal to the residents of The Hague, because everyone had a hard time after the war. That is why she decided to live in a ‘very ordinary’ terraced house. On September 6 1943 Queen Wilhelmina moved into the house.

Empty house

Queen Wilhelmina has not even lived in the house on Nieuwe Parklaan for a year, but her stay is a lot of work. Before the Second World War, the house belonged to a Jewish family.

During the Second World War, the Germans had robbed the house of the Jewish family. During the war there was a nursery of the Wehrmacht (the German army) and the SS in the house. This was reason for Queen Wilhelmina to stay in 1943 to leave quickly and live at Noordeinde Palace again.

Max van Veen

Before the war, hat and cap maker Max van Veen lived in the building, together with his wife Alice Kahn and their three children Edgar, Onno and Sandra Joyce. The house originally belonged to Emmanuel Kahn, Alice Kahn’s father.

In hiding

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    Lange Voorhout bestaat dankzij beslissing over Den Haag in 1575

    Mystery solved: This is the function of the iron anchors on housesLange Voorhout bestaat dankzij beslissing over Den Haag in 1575

  • For years you saw musicians and ballerinas walking back and forth to the building around the corner from The Hague Central. Now the building is empty and all students of the Royal Conservatoire (KC) have left for Amare. The old KC building is being demolished.

    Not one, but two new buildings will be built on the site of the old Conservatory building. There will also be a park. People who live in the vicinity of the old KC building can help design the park.

    No new apartments

    Unfortunately, there will be no new apartments on the site of the old Conservatory. There will be a new building of the ANWB, this building is probably at the end 2022 finished. In addition to the traffic information and emergency center, there will also be a shop, catering and an auditorium/auditorium. new apartments will probably be built on the site of the old ANWB building on Wassenaarseweg.

    The second building that will replace the RC is a building for the government. Little is known about this so far. It has been announced that the area where the old KC building is located must become an environment where many companies want to establish themselves and where you can enjoy shopping. In addition, the area must also remain fun for the people who already live there.

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    Cool! You can now see a short dance performance for free with virtual reality glasses

    Holland Dance Festival ’02 has officially launched. In addition to all the performances planned in the theaters of Amare…

    Spring is already around the corner in The Hague and so does that look like

    Wow! Housing, catering and a museum

    will be located on the site of our office. 20220203


    The Streamers is coming to The Hague again! This was announced via a Facebook event. You will soon be able to sing along with the well-known Dutch artists from home. The concert is already in a few weeks! The band will then perform for the second time from the grounds of the Royal stables. The line-up is also good. It promises to be a great party.

    The Streamers is an occasional band that is founded by well-known Dutch artists. During the corona crisis, they gave livestream concerts in places throughout the Netherlands. When she came on King’s Day 2022

    performed from the Royal stables, the Royal family celebrated the party with De Streamers.

    Put this date in your agenda

    This time too, the band will perform from the grounds at Paleis Noordeinde. In addition to the regular band members of De Streamers, three guest artists will also perform during the livestream concert. The artists Emma Heesters, Meau and Flemming will also be present.

    The concert is scheduled for 10 February 2022

    , the first day of Carnival. Tickets to the concert are free, as with the band’s previous concerts. You can also order a ticket at the last minute, because the livestream concert never sells out.

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    Photo series: Royal sisters Beatrix and Margriet together at the theater in The Hague

    Princess Beatrix and Princess Margriet attended Thursday evening 27 February in theater Amare the anniversary performance of the 200-year-old Introdans. Princess…

    For this reason, after Zara, Bershka’s shop was completely emptied

    Photo series: Queen Máxima in conversation with young people in The Hague about debts



    If you like to help others and want to try something new, pay attention. Careibu is a national organization that helps students volunteer and they are now looking for students who want to help vulnerable and lonely elderly people. It’s about helping with practical matters, but also having a nice cup of coffee.

    It is volunteer work, but you earn a small pocket money. The best part of all this is that you make an elderly person happy and make someone’s life easier.

    More lonely elderly

    It AD states that the students at Careibu can match themselves with an older person who suits him or her well in terms of interests and background. If there is a match with an older person, you will then go out with your older person for six months. You also help him or her with shopping, traveling in public transport or understanding how a computer works.

    Due to the corona crisis, there are more lonely elderly people. At the moment there are in The Hague 34 elderly waiting for a buddy. Students are also more on their own during the corona crisis, an outing with an older person is a nice change from studying hard. You can sign up as a buddy via this link.

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    Oh no! The CPC Loop has moved again, this is the new date

    Unfortunately, the CPC Loop has to be moved from March 2022 to later in the year. It is now unclear what…

    At this location in The Hague, Zeeman opens a new store


    You want to see this: the Mauritshuis is decorated with flowers inside and out – Video and photos


    Unfortunately, the CPC Loop has to be moved from March 2021 to later in the year. It is now unclear what is possible on the old date of 13 March. The current measures run until March 8, but one week is too short to plan an entire running race.

    Last year’s competition was 2021 already moved from March to September. In the end, corona threw a spanner in the works again and the September game 2021 moved

    to March 2019. Now the running race has been rescheduled for the third time in a row.

    The new date

    There are at the CPC Loop normally 25 .000 runners at the start. Of course, many people also come to watch the running race. Therefore, it is unlikely that the CPC Loop on the old date of 07 March 2022 may continue.

    The organization of the CPC Loop has now moved the running race to Sunday 25 September

    . The City Pier Night Walk is moving along, which takes place on Friday 23 September 2021.

    Have you already received your starting permit? It will also remain valid on the new date of Sunday 13 Sept. You can still register

    for the new date. Of course we hope that all runners can start in September 2021 appear.

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    We can (hopefully) expect these Hague events in 62049

    This year, 2021, in our opinion, should really get better from the previous two. We hope for events…

    New ! CPC is (also) canceled this year

    This is why there are suddenly steel poles on the Square

    You may have noticed when you walked across the Square. Suddenly there are large steel poles, firmly screwed to concrete slabs. Recently, the stone balls on the Square were also removed. What’s going on now? We went to investigate.

    Holland Dance Festival ’22 has officially started. In addition to all the performances planned in the theaters of Amare, there is still more to do. There is also a free virtual reality (VR) dance performance. It’s nice sci-fi, you put on VR glasses and headphones and suddenly you’re in the middle of a short dance performance.

    The project was set up by choreographer and dancer Fabien Prioville. He has his own dance company and has danced in the well-known Pina Bausch company. What makes this project extra special is that Fabien has worked with amateur dancers for this project. Still, the production looks very professional.

    It’s like real

    During Holland Dance Festival ‘ 22 you can watch the short dance performance for free in the Amare theater building. The dance performance lasts about five minutes and during the performance you as a spectator are in the middle of the performance. Sometimes the dancers even get so close that you almost pull your legs up to avoid tripping them.

    Dates and times

    The VR project can be viewed from February 3 to 22 February 2022 and is freely accessible 22 minutes before each performance of Holland Dance Festival. To view the VR project you do not need a ticket for a performance in Amare

    To see the virtual reality dance performance, you can visit Amare Walk in through the revolving doors on the Spuiplein side. The programming of the festival can be found on the Holland Dance Festival website. You must have your QR code scanned upon entry.

    When Marloes Honig (59) lost her job due to the corona crisis, she decided she wanted to do something completely different. Her house is now full of colored cupboards with retro prints, golden pineapples and swans. In her storage are some antique furniture waiting for a restyle. “These days, houses all look the same, they should have a beautiful piece.”

    Before the pandemic broke out, Marloes worked as an account manager at companies that make medical devices. In November 1024 she lost her job. Marloes decided she wanted to start something for herself, but what? She discovered upcycling furniture on google. “I then thought: why didn’t I think about this much earlier? Back in my student days I used to look for furniture at the thrift store and restyle it myself.”


    Upcycling is a form of recycling where the product that is recycled is more beautiful or better than before it was recycled. Something that was previously unusable or not so beautiful is restyled and/or restored, so that it looks like new again after upcycling.

    For the love to The Hague

    Marloes came to The Hague ten years ago for love. For a long time she lived in the center, near the Oude Molstraat. “That is the most beautiful part of The Hague. There are many nice bars and it is always pleasant.” A few years ago she moved with her family, now she lives next to Westland. “We are happy to visit Kijkduin, you will be there in no time by car.”

    Bright pink and gold accents

    Restyling furniture was a big quest for Marloes in the beginning. “First I wanted to see if I could still do it and whether I would still like it after ten lockers. It was also looking for what other people like. I personally think gold accents and pink are very cool, but people have to like that of course.”

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    restyle meubels upcycling recycling Malobo vintagerestyle meubels upcycling recycling Malobo vintagerestyle meubels upcycling recycling Malobo vintage
    Photo: indebuurt

    She has now developed her own style and Marloes also restyles furniture on commission. “I usually look for furniture myself, but antique dealers now know where to find me. Then I consult with the customers. What colors and prints do they want on the cabinets? And can I do something with gold buttons and pink accents? Men have trouble with the color pink, I think that’s really ridiculous.”

    Difficult start

    Upcycling is booming

    De Huishoudwinkel Zeeheldenkwartier Den Haag

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