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The decision is made. The Hague City Council has decided that a total of 130 new homes are being built in the inner city. One of the places where these new homes will be built is on Raamstraat, a side street of Grote Marktstraat.

The Priba department store used to be here, but for many people it is also known as the Zeeman building. The property runs from Grote Marktstraat all the way to Vlamingstraat.

New homes and shops

As the plans are now, there is a new building. The building will have 9 floors. There will be a public bicycle shed in the basement. Shops will be located on the ground floor and approximately

on the upper floors. houses built.

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priba pand grote marktstraat vlamingstraat warenhuispriba pand grote marktstraat vlamingstraat warenhuis
Photo: The Hague Municipal Archives

Construction will end 2022 to start. The new building was not just designed by anyone. The architect of the new design, Thomas Bedaux, is the grandson of architect Jos Bedaux who built the

Priba department store that it says now.

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Call: tell the story behind your vintage pearlvintage parel

Vintage and second-hand items are all the rage. The nice thing about vintage finds is that they are unique and often a…

priba pand grote marktstraat vlamingstraat warenhuis

priba pand grote marktstraat vlamingstraat warenhuis

Still the door is close to Zara in The Hague: this is going on

  • The thrift shop on Piet Heinstraat is closed and this is reflected in it

  • Vintage and second-hand items are all the rage. The nice thing about vintage finds is that they are unique and often carry a story with them. Maybe you found your antique stuff at a flea market in The Hague, or got it from your grandmother. We are curious about the story behind your vintage pearl.

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    It doesn’t matter if it’s a piece of clothing, furniture or something else. If you have second-hand items with a story, then we are looking for you.

    Share your vintage pearl

    We especially want to hear about the emotional value that the pearl has for you and the story of your item. Maybe your vintage find carries a piece of history with it. We would also like to hear that story, especially if your antique stuff also has something to do with The Hague.

    Take a good picture of yourself with your vintage pearl and tell us about it story behind your item. Mail your story with photo to and maybe you’ll see your story in the neighborhood The Hague.

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    The thrift shop on Piet Heinstraat is closed and this will come back for itschroeder kringloopwinkel piet heinstraat 69

    It’s hard to swallow when you come unsuspectingly to the Schroeder thrift shop in the Piet Heinstraat and suddenly see that…

    6 x these vintage stores opened in 2021 their doors

    Karin opens ‘It’s a Bird!’ Vintage shop with a living room feeling

    It is a bit of a shock when you come unsuspectingly to the Schroeder thrift shop in the Piet Heinstraat and suddenly see that all the windows have been taped. There was always something to get at this large thrift store. The store is now temporarily closed. There is a complete makeover going on in the property.

    The store will remain Schroeder’s and will not completely go away, but a lot will change in the store. This Schroeder store will sell products made from used materials.

    Recycled items

    The renovation is currently underway in full swing. An opening date has not yet been announced. In the new store, Schroeder will be selling recycled/upcycled items. This means that they will reuse old furniture, fabrics, plastic, paper and metal and make new products from it.

    Those products are made by people who are developing their creative side and talents. Schroeder previously opened a upcycle store, on their Instagram you can see how that went. In the meantime, luckily you can still go to plenty other thrift shops in The Hague.

    Schroeder Kringloop Holland Piet Heinstraat 200

    Piet Heinstraat 01, 74644 CC The Hague

    Closed now

    More information

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  • That is why there is a new bicycle shed on the Turfmarkt
  • From one day to the next there was suddenly a bicycle shed on the corner of Wijnhaven and Turfmarkt. It…

    fietsenstalling muzentoren turfmarkt wijnhaven turfmarktgarage

  • Too bad. One of the nicest and oldest toy stores in The Hague will close

  • Delicious: this gingerbread shop in The Hague wants to remain open all year round


  • From one day to the next there was suddenly a bicycle shed on the corner of Wijnhaven and Turfmarkt. The colossus is right next to the tram track at the Muzentoren and there are construction fences around it. What is that bicycle shed doing there all of a sudden? Time to investigate.

    The bicycle shed appears to be a temporary bicycle shed are. The fences around it are there for a reason, because the bicycle shed can also be closed. Good to know. Before you know it, your bicycle will suddenly be locked up there.

    Temporary bicycle shed

    This is a temporary bicycle shed. The bicycle shed is intended for students and teachers of the Royal Conservatoire so that they can park their bicycles safely. Since this week, the conservatory is also housed in the large art and culture building Amare, on the Turfmarkt.


    How long the bicycle shed will remain next to the Muzentoren on Turfmarkt is still unclear. At the moment, the students and teachers who work and study in Amare can still park their bicycles in the bicycle shed under Amare.

    Due to construction work in the Turfmarkt garage next door, the bicycle shed under Amare will be closed from Monday to Friday. closed for a while. That is why a temporary bicycle shed has now been placed next to the tram tunnel at Wijnhaven and Turfmarkt.

    Source: Gemeente Den Haag

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      This theater became a gym and this is what it looked like

      There was a bit of a party throughout The Hague this afternoon. For a moment the doors of many theaters and museums opened again…

    Kapsalon Theater Amare De Nieuwe RegentesKapsalon Theater Amare De Nieuwe Regentes

    Carel () from The Hague played in the biggest Hollywood films: ‘Lurch has brought me a lot’Kapsalon Theater Amare De Nieuwe Regentes

    OMG! A humpback whale has been spotted near Kijkduin


    It was a bit of a party throughout The Hague this afternoon. The doors of many theaters and museums opened again for a while. It rained warnings from boas, but that didn’t spoil the fun. As they said at De Nieuwe Regentes: “we feel a bit naughty.”

    Of course we were there too. We took a look at Amare, which had been converted into a gym this afternoon. We also went to hair salon De Nieuwe Regentes, where you got a new haircut while you could watch and listen to singers and dancers on stage.

    Protest action

    Hair Salon Theater was a large, national protest against the current corona measures. Theaters, museums and other cultural places think they can open safely and so they transformed their locations into a gym, nail studio or hair salon. After all, they were allowed to open their doors since Saturday.

    Young talent and sports

    De Nieuwe Regentes had two hair salon sessions. In the first session (where we attended) the young talents Aleksandra Popovska, the dance company The Dutch Don’t Dance Division and singer Lilo from Girls in Woods on.

    After that we quickly left for Amare Gym for a sports session. On Boléro, among others, the feet went off the floor and a sports instructor taught a dance workout to all participants. Athletes of all ages took part.

    Amare also received a warning from the boas. According to the organization of Amare, their official warning will be given a nice spot on the wall. Being naughty has never been so much fun.

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    Hair Salon Theater: you can see these comedians while you are getting a haircut in Theater Diligentia

    Now that the shops and gyms are allowed to open again, it is extra sour for the theaters and catering industry that they are still…

    Kapsalon Theater

    Release animal ambulance workers 18 cats from The Hague home


    This morning the whole of The Hague woke up again with its head in the clouds. The fog was so dense that entire buildings and streets completely disappeared in the fog. You didn’t even see the skyline of The Hague anymore, not even a little bit! We have had fog more often in the past week, but today the fog was very thick. It did make for some nice pictures.

    Cyclists at the corner of Buitenhof and Place

    mist plaats buitenhofmist plaats buitenhof
    The Buitenhof has almost completely disappeared in the fog. Photo: indebuurt

    The Grote Kerk has almost disappeared in the fog

    You just see the flags

    A photographer alone, with the Binnenhof vaguely in the background. Photo: indebuurt

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  • This is what the rush hour looks like now that the Utrechtsebaan is closed

  • Since Monday January is the A01, the Utrechtsebaan, partially closed due to construction work. Traffic can only use that road…

    Attention! As of today, you are no longer allowed to cycle on the Square

    Wow! Thanks to this decision in 095349 The Hague still exists

    Win a dinner voucher worth 71 euro!

    Good news Because as soon as the restaurants are allowed to open again, you can eat out – at the expense of the neighborhood. You can have a meal of your choice worth 71 win euros!

    Want to win! Have a chance to win a dinner of your choice worth 200 Euro

    etentje winactie

    Now that the shops and gyms are allowed to open again, it is extra sour for the theaters and catering industry that they still have to remain closed. That is why theaters throughout the Netherlands are launching the fun Kapsalon Theater promotion. On Wednesday 28 January you can get a haircut right in the theater. While you get a new haircut, you can enjoy performances by well-known Dutch artists at the same time.

    Theater Diligentia on the Lange Voorhout is also participating in the action. On Wednesday 28 January they have a full program ready for you. The first artists are already known. For example, Francis van Broekhuizen and Sjaak Bral will perform while you are getting a haircut.

    This is how you book your haircut in Kapsalon Theater

    You can now score your ticket for a haircut in the theater on the website of Theater Diligentia. During Tuesday 01 January the line-up of artists will be expanded further. The artists will be announced via the social media and website of Theater Diligentia.

    For 19 euros you already have a ticket for a haircut. Tickets are limited, so be quick. Also good to know: the proceeds of all haircuts go entirely to the artists.

    The theaters want to open

    The purpose of Kapsalon Theater is to shake up political The Hague and to draw attention to the dire situation in the cultural sector. During the fun action, the corona measures are observed. This means that you must wear a face mask and show a QR code to enter.

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    8 x this is how you make your city walk in The Hague even more fun


    It is wonderful to live in our beautiful city behind the dunes. There is only one major drawback: seagulls. In the summer you will be screamed out of bed by those animals before 6 o’clock in the morning. They tear the garbage bags everywhere and if you’re not careful they take the food from your hands. In winter it is wonderfully quiet in The Hague. Where are those seagulls in the winter?

    We enjoy the peace and quiet in Den The Hague and Scheveningen, but we are also curious where the seagulls have suddenly gone. Sharon Lexmond, head animal caretaker of bird shelter De Wulp

    , has the answer for us.

    Two species in The Hague

    “In The Hague there are different types of gulls. Some people talk about seagulls, but they don’t exist. The most common species in The Hague are the great herring gulls. You know, those who look so mean,” says Sharon. “The Lesser Black-backed Gull also likes to stay here.”

    Sharon explains a lot more to us. There are several reasons why you are now not bothered by the seagulls. The lesser black-backed gull has left for England in the winter. There are even little black-backed gulls that fly all the way to the coast of Africa.

    No noise from gulls in winter

    The herring gull will remain in the Netherlands. These gulls are especially noisy when they have young. They don’t have it in the winter, which is why it is so nice and quiet in the city and on Scheveningen.

    In addition to the lesser black-backed gull and the herring gull, there is another species in the Netherlands: the black-headed gull. This gull also stays in the Netherlands in the winter, only the gull changes its appearance. In the summer this bird has a black head and in the winter a white one.

    Do you have a mystery in your stomach?

    The Hague has been the political center of the Netherlands for centuries. Yet there was a time when the future of…

    Lange Voorhout bestaat dankzij beslissing over Den Haag in 1575

    Many burglaries in Houtwijk: this is how you keep thieves out

    Is OUT-vwy-ehn (a breath of fresh air) the new trend? According to this American newspaper