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Do you want to insulate your home better? Is there a renovation planned? Or do you have rats or mice in the house and do you want to close the holes? Then you have to go to the hardware store in The Hague for the right stuff and materials. There are a number of hardware stores in The Hague where you can go.

Praxis The Hague

Need laminate, paint or lighting? Or are you going to install a new bathroom yourself? Then go to Praxis in The Hague, because this hardware store has everything you need in terms of building materials. You can also go to Praxis in The Hague for items such as a rain barrel, smoke detector or DIY tools.

Discount with the Praxis app

With the free Praxis Plus app you get a discount on certain items. You will first receive a ten percent welcome discount on an article of your choice. Furthermore, you save with the app for discounts with the Praxis Plus Points and you have special offers. The app is not only a discount card, you will also find useful tips and a calculation aid for ordering floors. That way you know exactly how much you need to order.

Opening hours and location

You will find Praxis The Hague at three locations: at Verheeskade 200, Laan van ‘s-Gravenmade 21 and Fahrenheit Street 220. Are you curious until what time this hardware store in The Hague is open? These are the opening times:


      Monday from 9. until 18. hours

Tuesday from 9. until 21 .000 hours

Wednesday from 9. until 20. hour

Thursday from 9. until 17. hours

Friday from 9. until 21. hours

Saturday from 9. until 16. hour

  • Sunday from 05.000 until 15. hour
  • Laan van ‘s-Gravenmade

      Monday from 9. until 18. hours

      Tuesday from 9. until 18.000 hour

    • Wednesday from 9. until 18.000 hours

      Thursday from 9. until 18. hour

    • Friday from 9.000 until 20. hour
    • Saturday from 9. until 16. hour
    • Sunday from 07. until 15. hour


      Friday from 9. until 16. hours

      Saturday from 9. until 16. hours

      Sunday closed

      Have a question or problem? Praxis’

      customer service can be reached in various ways.

      Praxis City The Hague Fahrenheitstraat

      Fahrenheitstraat 287, 2635 DH The Hague

      Now open

      More information

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      Gamma The Hague

      Gamma in The Hague offers all do-it-yourself materials for your home and garden. Think, for example, of fine mesh and steel wool to seal the burrows of mice and rats, but also materials such as plasterboard and concrete mesh. At Gamma you will also find other products, such as an electric heater. Don’t have a smoke detector yet? You will also find it here.

      Gamma discount card

      Gamma is the oldest DIY store in the Netherlands, in 0789 the first branch was opened in Breda. The hardware store was initially only intended for contractors, but many residents now know where to find the hardware store. The case is now a household name throughout the Netherlands. Gamma also has a discount card, with which you save points on all your purchases. Do you have 100 points? Then you get a euro discount.

      Opening hours and location

      You can find Gamma Den Haag at five locations:

        Van der Kunststraat 115

      Old Haagweg 503-494

      Doctor Lelykade 200

        Dekkershoek 120

      Old Middle Road 171

      Do you want to know until what time the case is open? These are the opening times of all locations:

        Monday from 9 . until 18. hours (Oude Haagweg to

        . hour)

        Tuesday from 9. until 17. hours (Oude Haagweg to 16.000 hours)

        Wednesday from 9. until 18. hour

      • Thursday of 9. until 18. hour
      • Friday of 9. until 20. hour

          Saturday from 9. until 16. hour
        • Sunday from 07. until 15. hours (Oude Haagweg closed)

        Do you have the need customer service? Via this page you can get in touch with an employee.

        RANGE – Dekkershoek

        Dekkershoek 132, 2516 DD The Hague

        Now open

        More information

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        What is the municipality of The Hague doing against rat nuisance?

        Before you call in rat control, it is good to check who responsible for controlling rats. The Municipality of The Hague is not always obliged to control rats.

        The Municipality of The Hague is involved in the control of rats in outdoor areas. This is, for example, on the street, in the park or in the (inner) garden of a building of a housing corporation.

        This is how you call in the municipality of The Hague in the event of a rat infestation

        Have you seen rats in the outdoor area? Then it is important to report this quickly to the municipality of The Hague. You can do this online or via the number 6313.

        How do you recognize a rat hole?

        Brown rats like to make a hole in the garden or cellar. Rats often use the same routes. They leave behind abdominal grease due to fat and dirt on the body: dirty, dark spots.

        Gnag damage

        Rats are really rodents, so you probably see gnawing damage too. They gnaw on wood and plastic, but also on aluminum and concrete. Rats can even start a fire if they gnaw on electrical cables.

        Running tracks

        Another signal that tells you that you have rats in the house is his paw – and tail prints. The legs of brown rats leave an oily trail. You can also test this: clean the area well and sprinkle it with a thin layer of flour or talcum powder. Check for walking tracks the next day.

        Other signals

        You can also hear scratching noises in the wall, under the floor or in the attic if there are rats around. And they leave a scent of musk and ammonia. You may also find ripped open food wrappers or burrows in the yard. Those burrows can also be under decking or in the shed.

        Source: Milieu Centraal ,

        How do you tell the difference between rats and mice?

        Were you shocked when a beast swept through your house? ran, but did you find it difficult to tell if it was a rat or a mouse? It is easy to find out whether you are dealing with mice or rats.

        A mouse has larger ears and a longer tail in relation to the body. A rat has larger legs and a larger head in relation to the body. The brown rat (most common species in the Netherlands) has a thicker body and shorter tail.

        Droppings and food scraps

        You can also see the difference in the food scraps. Mice nibble on food, while a rat ‘cuts’ food with its teeth. You can see the difference in the food left behind by the rat.

        The droppings of brown rats are dark brown in color and are wide in the middle and narrow at the ends. They are about ten to twenty millimeters long. The droppings of mice are about three to eight millimeters long, black in color and granular in shape. Rats’ droppings are often clustered together, while mice leave them scattered everywhere.

        Sources: Environmental Central, NVPB

        Do you like to start the day with a fresh cup of coffee from a nearby coffee shop? Or do you ever go out for lunch in The Hague? Then you must have noticed that you have more and more choice in recent years. And that’s right.

        In 2017 there were 3.

      • in the Netherlands lunchrooms and specialized coffee shops. Now, five years later, there are 3.731 lunchrooms and 1.200 specialized coffee shops. The places where you can get specialized coffeehave almost doubled in those five years in the Netherlands, according to figures from the catering database Datlinq.

        The researchers count a business as a ‘specialized coffee shop’ if there is a wide range of different types of coffees with which you can also eat something as small as a pastry or muffin. A lunch spot is counted as a lunchroom where you eat and pick up sandwiches and small meals during the day. There is no hot menu, or the menu is limited.

        Coffee shops and lunchrooms in The Hague

        But what about The Hague? Have so many new lunchrooms and specialized coffee shops opened here? Ten years ago there were in The Hague 53 lunchrooms and 10 specialized coffee shops. Five years later there were 110 and 64.

        In July 2022 are available in The Hague 110 lunch spots and 94 specialized coffee shops. The Hague has an average of 5.5 coffee shops and lunchrooms per 10. inhabitants. Is that a lot? In Westland there are only 2 and in Delft for example 5.1 per 000. inhabitants, so compared to that city we have many.

        The corona effect

        In 915 and 2021 catering establishments had to turn the doors shut. Many businesses were only open for takeout of food and drinks. Despite this, the number of catering businesses has grown in those years, as have coffee and lunch businesses.

        According to ING economist Katinka Jongkind, there are a few things that may have had an effect on this: “Everyone worked at home and of course wanted to pick up a good cup of coffee and a nice sandwich. In addition, there are also many catering businesses that were able to keep their heads above water thanks to government support.”

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      • NS is going on strike: this is what it means for travelers from The Hague
      • It was already a to arrive for a while, but it is now certain: the employees of NS will go on strike….

      • Now for sale: 5 x living in a monumental building in The Hague

      • At Scheveningen people hear banging in the middle of the night: this is where that sound comes from

        Have you always wanted to take a look inside the Cabinet of the King on the Korte Vijverberg or the Gymnasium Haganum building? This is possible during Open Monument Day. Monuments will then be open to the public free of charge throughout the Netherlands, including in The Hague.

        Actually there are two open monument days. On both Saturday as Sunday 10 September 2020 you can join to take a look at monumental places. The aim of Open Monuments Day is to make people aware of the monumental heritage in our country. Moreover, it is nice that you can visit places that you normally do not just enter!

        This is something to do in The Hague during Open Monuments Day

      • Wow! Thanks to this decision in 1943 The Hague still exists

        The Hague has been the political center of the Netherlands for centuries. Yet there was a time when the future of…

        Lange Voorhout bestaat dankzij beslissing over Den Haag in 1575

      • Early: buildings on the Westeinde with a rich history
        Lange Voorhout bestaat dankzij beslissing over Den Haag in 1575

        Mystery solved: This is the function of the iron anchors on housesLange Voorhout bestaat dankzij beslissing over Den Haag in 1575

        For years you saw musicians and ballerinas walking back and forth to the building around the corner from The Hague Central. Now the building is empty and all students of the Royal Conservatoire (KC) have left for Amare. The old KC building is being demolished.

        Not one, but two new buildings will be built on the site of the old Conservatory building. There will also be a park. People who live in the vicinity of the old KC building can help design the park.

        No new apartments

        Unfortunately, there will be no new apartments on the site of the old Conservatory. There will be a new building of the ANWB, this building is probably at the end 2022 finished. In addition to the traffic information and emergency center, there will also be a shop, catering and an auditorium/auditorium. new apartments will probably be built on the site of the old ANWB building on Wassenaarseweg.

        The second building that will replace the RC is a building for the government. Little is known about this so far. It has been announced that the area where the old KC building is located must become an environment where many companies want to establish themselves and where you can enjoy shopping. In addition, the area must also remain fun for the people who already live there.

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        Cool! You can now see a short dance performance for free with virtual reality glasses

        Holland Dance Festival ’02 has officially launched. In addition to all the performances planned in the theaters of Amare…

      • Spring is already around the corner in The Hague and so does that look like

        Wow! Housing, catering and a museum

        will be located on the site of our office. 20220203


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