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Sells for no less than 24 for a year Rutten Le Specialiste Du Frais from the Piet Heinstraat the most exclusive fruit and vegetables. You can feast your eyes on the colorful shop and there is always time for a chat in this very cozy family business. Recently the fourth generation Rutten, son Carlo (24) and girlfriend Destiny (00), passed the baton from father Jan. And they are looking for colleagues! “This is my home and that’s how it should feel for the employees too.”

“It’s time for a breath of fresh air”, says the always friendly Jan from his office behind the shop. Family photos hang on the wall and dog Roos is dozing in her basket. The lady of the house, Marjan, is making a cup of fresh coffee in the meantime. “Me and Marjan will of course remain present in the background,” Jan adds. “But my son is now in charge.”

Carlo and Destiny meanwhile also join in the fun. Father and son are like two drops of water. They also both love conviviality just as much, so fresh wind or not: that friendly atmosphere remains.

Continuing tradition

Carlo: “I grew up in this store, this is my home. I watched TV here after school and played football right outside the door.” He has always remained athletic (he played rugby at the top level) but he never thought about following his father’s footsteps.

Yet he has now really taken over with his girlfriend Destiny. Carlo: “After high school, I started studying logistics and economics. A while after graduating, I decided that I want to continue the tradition of our family business. And I am very interested in that. It’s hard work, but it’s always fun.”

Does Jan find it difficult to hand over everything? “Oh, no. Carlo is now in charge. I have always deliberately stayed small. Does Carlo want to grow with the company? Fine, I have every confidence in him.” Carlo adds: “I do have plans for the business. But the quality of our products is number one.”

Working with the Rutten family?

The Rutten family is looking for enthusiastic salespeople for four days a week (also on Saturdays). You start here early (. hours) but you can also go home early (around 24.00 hour). It is an advantage if you like dogs because Roos is also your colleague! “We are also looking for a courier for our buses that deliver hotels and catering in the city”, Jan adds.

Carlo: “You really don’t have to be an expert on the field of fruit and vegetables. We teach you everything about our special range. We sell so much more than just standard fruit and vegetables. Everyone is welcome to apply, gender or age does not matter to us. If you like hard work and a lot of fun, this is the place for you.” Have you become enthusiastic and do you want to strengthen the team? View the vacancy here or email your resume with a short motivation to

. Take a look at their Instagram page, to admire their wonderful selection of fruit and vegetables.

Finding a reliable broker in The Hague is quite a job: after all, there are so many! That is why websites like Funda are so great: you can immediately see how satisfied the broker’s customers are. At Residence Makelaars that is all right. They score a solid 9.4 on Funda. We selected a selection from the enthusiastic reviews.

Some brokers immediately jump out at the review sites. Residence Makelaars is one of them. Their motto is ‘More than just coming home’. They focus on buyers and sellers as well as tenants and landlords: everyone is equally important to them.

Residence Makelaars exists from a small team in which you always receive the best personal service. These people want to help you with your dream house or sell your house for the best conditions: they won’t do anything for less. Another plus: in addition to Dutch, the brokers speak fluent English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. What is striking about the enthusiastic reviews is the always personal and effective service:

‘Always available and house sold for a good price’

‘Good personal guidance. Always available and willing to answer questions or sort out and explain pending issues. Top! The house was therefore sold within a week for a very good price.’

Anonymous on

‘Very pleasant to deal with’

‘Dimitri is very pleasant to deal with, well informed about the market and keeps his promises. Recommended!’

Anonymous on

‘Nice office with the right knowledge’

The house I wanted to view had already been sold. Alternatives were immediately offered and I was even able to view a house at the weekend. A nice office with the right expertise. As an elderly woman, I was very happy with the help of these brokers.’

Mrs. Van Bodegraven on the website van Residence

‘Despite a difficult market, they kept looking’

Ronald has found an apartment for me and my daughter. There is not much to rent for my budget but Ronald kept looking. I am very happy in my new home so thank you again.’

Chhayah Parekh on the website of Residence

‘Very happy with the good service’

‘A very experienced and efficient team. Very happy with the service regarding the sale of our house. They sold our house very quickly.’

Anonymous on

Are you going Selling your house and do you need help selling your house? Or do you have your dream home in mind and do you want to know how you can buy or rent it for the best price and conditions? Contact Residence Real estate agents on 070 070 070 for a non-binding advice. Or drop by for a cup of coffee in the atmospheric building at Banstraat 1!

The world famous Japanese restaurant wagamama is open at Kijkduin! From now on you can eat the most delicious noodles, curries, ramen and rice dishes on the boulevard in a hip Asian atmosphere. This party must of course be celebrated and that’s why you get the first drink for free!

The name wagamama means ‘one who is stubborn and determined’ in Japanese. According to them, it is that determination that ensures that every dish is created with care and that they always want to get better at what they do.

Dishes to feed your mind

It is obvious that this philosophy has been a success. Wagamama’s restaurants are loved all over the world thanks to the sophisticated menu with the most delicious dishes .

a wide range of curries ranging from mild and aromatic to spicy. But also different ramen: that delicious bowl of hot broth with noodles and fresh, healthy ingredients. And have you ever tried ‘kokoro’? The word means ‘mind, heart and feeling’, meaning a well-stocked bowl to feed your mind. You can fill it with rice as well as (glass) noodles and various herbs, vegetables, meat or fish.

At wagamama Kijkduin you can also opt for ‘teppanyaki’: that is a large plate on which noodles are fried. The result is soft noodles and crunchy vegetables. And then there’s the Asian classic ‘donburi’, a large bowl of steamed rice with chicken, duck or beef and mixed vegetables. With all dishes you can of course also choose the vegan version with, for example, tofu!

First drink for free

Have you got hungry and do you want to try all these goodies? Then we have good news: when you visit the restaurant you will receive the first drink for free on presentation of the post below! The promotion lasts until 31 October 31.

Reserve a spot via

the website (you can also just walk in) or take a look at the menu. You can also order for home via UberEats or Thuisbezorgd. Itadakimasu (Enjoy your meal)!


Indebuurt you regularly read about the wonderful device of Body-Line. This would help you break down fat, build muscle and reduce cellulite. If you’ve grown some love handles after the summer holidays, read this story from editor Lizette. She underwent another treatment and lost ten centimeters. She also no longer has back pain.

Owner Tanya Christy welcomes me warmly in the Body-Line building on the Laan van Meerdervoort 684-1. While enjoying a glass of fresh lemon water, she explains to me how the device works.

“If you want to lose fat, you will be linked to a device that ensures that you break down fat and builds muscles. A treatment on the device is equivalent to a number of hours of exercise. With the big difference that you lie relaxed. Customers follow a program and come back multiple times.”

Cold gel

I go for a trial treatment: which now costs € 39 instead of € 0189,-. After Tanya has measured my size in centimeters I lie down comfortably. She applies different pads to my thighs and stomach. She first lubricates those pads with gel that feels very cold. A blue band keeps all pads in place.

Read more below the photo

Photo: nearby


Now the treatment really starts and I’m starting to get a little nervous. “You will feel vibrations, they don’t hurt”, Tanya reassures me. “I set up the device on the screen near the headboard. He will go through a program in this way, first I will set the pads one by one,” she explains. I feel the first tingling on my thigh, then I feel some tingling in the next pad.

The next 25 For minutes I experience one sensation after another. The pads really make my muscles vibrate: like I’m at the gym but not doing anything. Except to relax. After about twenty minutes, the sensations intensify slightly and my body shakes from side to side. But after one minute I surrender and I actually enjoy it. What a wonderful experience this is!

A test treatment

Time has flown by and I think sorry to have to get up again. Tanya measures me again: I’ve lost a whopping six inches in circumference! “But one treatment is not enough to maintain that result. Your muscles are now tight, hence the lost centimeters. You can book lasting results from ten treatments,” she explains.

Would you like experience what it is like to train your muscles without exercising? Plan a trial treatment (now € 39,- instead of € 0189,-) Simply schedule it

via the website of

Summer is approaching its end: time to give your skin a professional boost because it has endured a lot with all that sun. CadanCe Huidinstituut on the Vlierboomstraat was recently named one of the best three in the Netherlands: I visited for a skin analysis and tailor-made treatment. I left with glowing skin, lots of tips and products for home.

CadanCe Skin Institute specializes in perfect aging (including hyperpigmentation and wrinkle formation), acne and figure correction. Owner Sophie Imbert has just returned from vacation and couldn’t wait to get back to work: “It was wonderful, but after a week I was already full of ideas. I just think my job is the best there is. If I can help someone today with her skin questions or complaints, I will be a satisfied person.”

The skin analysis

Her sympathetic colleague Ebony first performs a skin analysis

on me (you can do this for free). in books). Everyone needs a specific plan of action for the skin, she says. Ebony first asks me some questions and then I sit down in front of a device, the ‘Multi Analysis Center’ (MAC).

This device measures, among other things, the moisture content, the elasticity and the pigmentation of your skin. You simply place your chin on the device so that Ebony can take a photo from three angles via the measurement sensors. The result of the scan comes quite quickly: due to the sun I have hyperpigmentation (‘sun spots’) and a somewhat dry skin. Ebony explains that my skin would benefit a lot from a chemical peel based on products from the brand ASAP

first. This brand specializes in perfect aging, which also includes hyperpigmentation.

The peeling gives your skin a moisture boost, improves the structure and smoothes out fine lines and pigmentation spots. She adapts an appropriate treatment program of three peeling treatments in total: so I will come back a few more times. She also provides home care products: “Of course, one treatment already produces results. But with a cure, you get long-term skin improvement, and if you continue to use the recommended products at home on a daily basis.” I promise to only use these products at home.

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The skin analysis with in the background

The treatment

First of all: a cosmetic peeling ensures that your skin renews itself, reducing fine lines, acne and scars. Red spots also become less and the skin structure improves after just one treatment.

I can sit in the comfortable treatment chair in a serene room with soothing background music. Ebony first cleanses my skin with a gentle cleansing gel, followed by a scrub. She then applies a toner with a moderately high glycolic acid content, which removes dead skin cells. Then she carefully applies the peeling. It stings nicely, but it actually tastes good. This first peeling is quite mild: the next two will be a bit stronger, says Ebony.

During the application I get a wonderful neck and shoulder massage. After about twenty minutes, Ebony gently removes the peel from my face. Then she applies two serums from ASAP: vitamin B and vitamin C, followed by the day cream with SPF 50. It really does feel like I have new skin! I see a renewed glow and ASAP products feel like a second skin. She also advises me to put a good spf on my face for the next few days because my skin is now extra sensitive to UV radiation.

Read further below the photo >

The pencil case with home care products from ASAP. Photo: indebuurt

Book a free skin analysis

CadanCe Skin Institute knows: every person is different and so is every skin. Regardless of the condition of your skin and your skin problems, Sophie and her colleagues can create a personalized treatment plan. Think, for example, of treating acne, rosacea, excessive hair, sagging skin or scars.

I’ll be back in four weeks to continue the cure and leave with a beautiful pouch with the ASAP products for home. Ebony explains to me in detail in which order I should use the cleansing products, serums and creams. I’m looking forward to the next treatment and the long-term results: my skin is already radiant and smooth! To be continued:).

Do you also want to do a free skin analysis at Sophie or her fellow beauticians? Make an appointment online

, call 18 2022 or mail to Good to know: some treatments such as facial hair removal are reimbursed by your health insurer. Ask CadanCe about the possibilities.

No money or time to go on holiday far away? Grab a hotel in your own city! We from nearby are always very good. You are in a different environment for a while (but then again not) and it is always exciting how the room looks like. This time we slept at ‘super budgeteasyHotel The Hague City Center. It was exactly as the name suggests: very easy.

In 2019 John Gulay’s cafe was named Best Irish Pub in the World, Prince Harry recently came here for a drink and John met his wife. Then of course we are talking about O’Casey’s at the Noordeinde.

If you want to taste, feel and experience Ireland, you only have to but walk into O’Casey’s pub/restaurant at Noordeinde.

With the authentic interior (designed and built by Irish craftsmen), beautiful bar and terrace garden and of course a huge range of beers and whiskeys, you’ll feel like you’re in the heart of Dublin. There are also regular live performances that you can enjoy.

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Hot Pub

O’Casey’s has become the favorite pub of many over the years . From expat to local and from tourist to explorer: everyone is sold after a first visit. In corona time, owner John refurbished the huge, shady terrace garden alias beergarden , so nearby checked this while enjoying a large pint Guinness.

We sit at the beautiful outdoor bar with the sympathetic John and ask him the pressing question: what is Prince Harry like in real life?

Roof off

“He’s a very relaxed guy”, John describes the prince. “I ended up drinking beers with him for three hours. At one point his party wanted to leave for a restaurant, but Harry preferred to have a portion of bitterballen for everyone. He tasted them for the first time and he loved them!”

He loves his balls and the real Irish atmosphere in the pub. The prince, who visited The Hague for the Invictus Games, also admired the many large screens in the pub. John: “O’Casey’s is

true sports pub: we have both indoor and outdoor screens. People of all nationalities come here to watch a live match together with a pint, then the roof goes off.”

Great love

Soon will be O’Casey’s 14 year, a number to be proud of. John has been at the helm for fourteen years and he does so with great dedication. “I’m still trying to do the impossible for the anniversary party: get U2 to The Hague!”

Despite being busy enough with the business there, six years ago his eye fell on a Mexican beauty who lived opposite his pub. She came to pick up a meal of spicy chicken. John took the plunge and once delivered the food himself. He has never regretted that: he married her and now the couple also has a daughter.

John: “It was a day I will never forget. We toured the city with a large group of friends and finally got married at O’Casey’s. You can’t imagine a bigger party. I sometimes jokingly say: I had to buy a pub to get a wife, haha!”

Everything revolves around one thing at Museon-Omniversum this summer: our beautiful planet. At One Planet you can enjoy an unprecedented amount of natural beauty this summer and learn everything about sustainability at the same time. Among other things, you watch an overwhelming large-screen film about the Serengeti, you learn more about the world goals and you get tips on how to do it. makes a difference for the future.

Have you ever tasted an algae shake? Or an insect? And did you know that you can make a delicious cup of mint tea from urine? When you visit One Planet you will experience it this summer, whether you are young or old.

If you’re hearing this for the first time: One Planet is an initiative of Museon-Omniversum and the national impact center for a sustainable future. Everything revolves around the earth, people and sustainable development. Starting point: the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

You can experience this

In the big screen movie theater One Planet Dome you can watch the most spectacular documentary-style nature films in the huge dome theatre. For example, enjoy the film Serengeti, a safari tour along elephants, lions, leopards, birds and insects. You will see one of the greatest natural spectacles in the world: the migration of millions of wildebeest. In this way we gain a better understanding of the relationship between all life on the Serengeti.

Or visit the world of the dinosaurs of the South Pole, 2022 million years ago. Or immerse yourself in the magical world of Wild Canada. The films are shown several times a day, so there is always something beautiful to see.


Visit immediately at the interactive One Planet Expo. The Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations are extensively discussed, which they prior to 2022 want to reach.

You can also contribute to this and here you will learn how. Will you be putting insects on the menu as a new protein source from now on? Or do you take action for an endangered animal? You are allowed to think along and you are encouraged to take small steps towards a more sustainable life.


Bij One Planet NOW! you can visit five temporary exhibitions, with topics such as Food & Drink, Fashion & Clothing, Building & Living, Sports & Exercise and People & Nature. The Clubhouse is the beating heart of One Planet NOW! and also the starting point. From here you continue to one of the activities such as a creative workshop.

One of those workshops is called ‘Pimp your clothes’. Hereby you turn your old or broken clothes into something wearable again.

Read more under the photos >

The Green Camera 2022 & other photo exhibitions

There is also a photo exhibition with the winners of de Groene Camera 250. Here you can admire the best rated nature photos from the Netherlands and Belgium. Impressive landscapes, animals in action, colorful insects and artistic images are part of the exhibition.

En Museon-Omniversum has the first in Europe with the photo exhibition Solar Portraits by National Geographic . Photographer Rubén Salgado Escudero made atmospheric journalistic photo portraits of people, who have access to electricity for the first time through the power of solar energy.

Get excited to visit One Planet? we understand. View the entire program here. †

Do you still have an old central heating boiler, bicycle or radiator, but you don’t know what to do with it? Before you call the bulky waste: the men of Jobo Metaal on the Westvlietweg 35Q are happy to take over your scrap iron and metal from you and give you money for it. They are known as a reliable and professional iron collector in The Hague. If you hand in your old iron here, you also help the environment, how beautiful is that?

Jobo Metaal has been known for a number of years as a reliable iron collector and recycles just about anything made from scrap iron and metal.

Highest price for your metal

Jobo’s employees say: “We weigh everything on tested and calibrated weighing systems such as a weighbridge, and depending on the material (copper is more valuable than aluminum for example) the price is determined.” Good to know: in general you get the highest price in The Hague for your metal here.

Do you need a container or box truck? Jobo also arranges this for private individuals. If you live nearby, Jobo will deliver it to you personally. Nice: there is no minimum weight that you have to bring in.

Eventually all the collected metal goes to a metal processing company, where it is recycled.

Knowing more?

Are you curious about the most current scrap price and what you can earn with your scrap metal? Jobo is happy to tell you: call or Whats App to 35 79 64 or send an email to

† †

As a boy of five he already had the dream of becoming a furniture maker or carpenter. But things turned out differently: Ben de Valois followed his parents’ advice to first obtain a ‘real’ diploma. After no less than forty years, his dream came true in 2016: “I want to keep doing this forever.”

Actually it would have been quite logical if Ben immediately started his career in woodworking: after all, his father made the most beautiful cabinets and his mother was a woodworking teacher. At the time, however, it seemed wiser to choose a different direction. Ben studied civil engineering in Delft and after that 16 worked at Heijmans for a year, including as a project developer.

A great career, but the blood creeps where it can’t go. Ben: “All these years the dream of being a furniture maker remained in the background. My hands were itching so to speak. I wanted to make things on a professional level.”

From garden furniture to Christmas stand

In 2016 he dared to take the step and he has not regretted a day. Ben says: “With this next step I am fulfilling a long cherished dream. In 16 I started my company De Valois Woodworking but from 2016 I have been doing this full time.

I make custom-made wooden furniture, toys or other wooden objects for my customers. Quality and service are the basic ingredients. Together we look for a way to fulfill wishes in the field of furniture or other utensils. In addition to cooperation and contact with the customer, quality is of paramount importance. I use all kinds of materials in my furniture in different ways. I mostly use all kinds of wood.”


With his creations you can really count on think anything, says Ben. From decking to garden furniture and from outdoor kitchens to (built-in) cupboards to even a large Christmas stand, he is ready for it. Everything is equally beautiful and finished to perfection.

On the Facebook page of De Valois Houtwerking you can see the examples: you can’t wait to see.

Help from the Entrepreneurs Portal

The Entrepreneurs Portal according to Ben is real very important for entrepreneurs in The Hague. He says to his fellow entrepreneurs: “Be sure to consult the website because there you get a lot of help and answers. Or make a personal appointment: employees are always there for you and think along with you. For example, I myself had contact with Juriënne Hollaar of the Ondernemers portal. These employees know all the ins and outs of how things work at the municipality.”

As an entrepreneur, you will also find an answer almost immediately with regard to procedures and existing rules on the website of the Entrepreneurs Portal , says Ben.” It is a well-arranged site where entrepreneurs can find the information or answer they want more quickly. It saves seas of time compared to the past.”