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As a boy of five he already had the dream of becoming a furniture maker or carpenter. But things turned out differently: Ben de Valois followed his parents’ advice to first obtain a ‘real’ diploma. After no less than forty years, his dream came true in 2016: “I want to keep doing this forever.”

Actually it would have been quite logical if Ben immediately started his career in woodworking: after all, his father made the most beautiful cabinets and his mother was a woodworking teacher. At the time, however, it seemed wiser to choose a different direction. Ben studied civil engineering in Delft and after that 16 worked at Heijmans for a year, including as a project developer.

A great career, but the blood creeps where it can’t go. Ben: “All these years the dream of being a furniture maker remained in the background. My hands were itching so to speak. I wanted to make things on a professional level.”

From garden furniture to Christmas stand

In 2016 he dared to take the step and he has not regretted a day. Ben says: “With this next step I am fulfilling a long cherished dream. In 16 I started my company De Valois Woodworking but from 2016 I have been doing this full time.

I make custom-made wooden furniture, toys or other wooden objects for my customers. Quality and service are the basic ingredients. Together we look for a way to fulfill wishes in the field of furniture or other utensils. In addition to cooperation and contact with the customer, quality is of paramount importance. I use all kinds of materials in my furniture in different ways. I mostly use all kinds of wood.”


With his creations you can really count on think anything, says Ben. From decking to garden furniture and from outdoor kitchens to (built-in) cupboards to even a large Christmas stand, he is ready for it. Everything is equally beautiful and finished to perfection.

On the Facebook page of De Valois Houtwerking you can see the examples: you can’t wait to see.

Help from the Entrepreneurs Portal

The Entrepreneurs Portal according to Ben is real very important for entrepreneurs in The Hague. He says to his fellow entrepreneurs: “Be sure to consult the website because there you get a lot of help and answers. Or make a personal appointment: employees are always there for you and think along with you. For example, I myself had contact with Juriënne Hollaar of the Ondernemers portal. These employees know all the ins and outs of how things work at the municipality.”

As an entrepreneur, you will also find an answer almost immediately with regard to procedures and existing rules on the website of the Entrepreneurs Portal , says Ben.” It is a well-arranged site where entrepreneurs can find the information or answer they want more quickly. It saves seas of time compared to the past.”

Fetching a message on the Haagse Markt, then quickly to the exciting match of ADO. Do a dance at a festival on the Malieveld via the Binnenhof and end the evening on the pier. Your (grand)child can do all this, just on the play mat in The Hague!

It’s no surprise that the playcloth from is flying out the door. The rug (also called play mat, play carpet or car rug) is 06 at 06 centimeters and there are more than twenty icons and small details from the city on it. We see the Haagse Markt, the pier of Scheveningen (including the Kurhaus) and even the HMC. Nice detail: there is even a tractor on the Malieveld.

Complete and educational gift

It is an initiative of the entrepreneur Guy de Hoog of Cityplay from Rotterdam. He previously marketed playcloths from Berlin, Rotterdam, Circuit Zandvoort, Breda, Utrecht, Eindhoven and Groningen. They were an immediate success: children play and learn about their own city in this way.

The play mat is also practical: the bottom is non-slip and the material is easy to keep clean. . Little Hageens can therefore go wild. You will also find matching cars on so that you can give a complete gift.

Read further below the photo >

Photo :


How cool is this gift for your child, grandchild, nephew or niece! Instructive, fun and recognizable with icons and unique details from the city.

The perfect present for the real people of Hain. Check the website for more photos and to order the play mat. Each rug supports a local cause. One euro per rug goes to charity (usually a hospital). Tip: there is now a nice discount!

The countdown has begun! On 12 June we can finally go wild again at the largest free festival in the Netherlands. The location of Parkpop may be a bit different this year, but the final line-up is no less. This year’s party is complete with, among other things, a large wall on which graffiti artists make an enormous painting and a dance floor where you can see the most spectacular moves of dancers from all over the Netherlands.

We wrote about it several times: where the festival 40 took place in the Zuiderpark in The Hague, the 40 the anniversary edition on the Malieveld. We are going to experience it anyway this Sunday 12 June of 12.00 until 23.00 hour. Here is all the information about the program for you.

Program main stage

You can start from 13. already at the Malieveld and order a nice beer. This 40 edition is also full of food and drinks: whether you want a hamburger or an egg roll, partying makes you hungry!

At 12.12 o’clock the music off. Here you will find a handy block schedule where you can find the entire program from hour to hour. There are two stages: Bud Stage (main stage) and Haags Podium.

A selection of the performances: NL’s newest promise Froukje kicks around 12.00 hours off on the Bud Stage. At 12.21 o’clock you will see Donnie XL there, at 15.21 hours Moon and at 21.30 hours UB40 ft. Ali Campbell.

A selection of the performing artists. Read more under the photos

Program Haags Veld & Haags Podium

On the ‘Haags Veld’ you can go from 12. hours See current talent from The Hague on several stages. Bands such as Coocoo, Yaëll Campbell, Fuzzy Teeth, Silver Lake, Wodan Boys, De Kraaien, Prins S. and de Geit perform here, as does the Residentie Orkest. The latter has two special programmes: Stage Your Voice, where young singer-songwriters share the stage with musicians from the orchestra, and Notes, Beats & Bars, a unique fusion of classical music and rap.

You will also find ‘PIP AREA’ on the Haags Veld with, among other things, skateboard competitions and various DJs. And in the I LOVE HIPHOP AREA graffiti artists go wild on a huge wall and the break battles take place. In both areas there are performances by emerging artists from The Hague throughout the day. On the Haags Veld is also the Haags Podium with even more musical talent: on the block schedule you will find the entire line-up with times.

Cultural market

There is also a culture market this year: here you will find all information about workshops in the field of music and dance in The Hague. †

The smell of freshly baked bread around you all day long, regularly taste delicious and then sell all the beautiful things to your customers with a friendly chat. That is working at the bakery in a nutshell. Does that sound good to you? Master baker Remmerswaal Roodenrijs has several vacancies open and gives six reasons why you would like to work there.

The smell makes people happy

The smell of fresh bread makes people happy. Seeing beautiful pastries and bread is also good for you and your customers. How nice is it that you can enjoy it all day long?

Happy baking

At Master baker Remmerswaal Roodenrijs you can put the croissants, sausage rolls and filled cakes in the oven yourself. Place bread rolls on the baking tray, brush with egg, decorate and bake if necessary: ​​you do it all yourself. So you are also a bit of a baker yourself (without the early working hours!).


If you are at Master baker Remmerswaal Roodenrijs works, you have to taste everything. You must know what you are selling! Not everything at once, of course, but you always taste new products. And you can also let the customers taste them.


If there is one word that best describes working at the bakery, it is fun. You chat with the customers all day and every day is different. If a customer comes for a birthday cake or a bag of croissants, there is a story attached to everything.

You become a real specialist

You become a real specialist because of the enormous amount of knowledge that you gradually gain in the bakery. You learn about the different types of bread, from which and how it is made or how a pastry can best be stored. You will learn from your colleagues and from the training you receive from Master baker Remmerswaal Roodenrijs.


If you work at a bakery you have many types of work, so your job is very varied. In addition to selling and baking, you also furnish the counter in a cozy way, wrap your cookies or make a nice present out of it.

You also advise on bread types, clean and make sure everything looks tip-top.

Have you become enthusiastic? View all part-time and full-time vacancies of Meesterbakker Remmerswaal Roodenrijs here and apply today. †

Mall of the Netherlands has another gem of a store and this time one that goes far beyond the borders: Plumule Expat Store . The name already suggests it, this is a store where you get snacks from all over the world. The place to be for expats but also if you like to try it out. Or have lived abroad for a while. Owner Florence, herself from England, tells all about it. “Pop-Tarts and Faming Hot Cheetos are going crazy here.”

Looking for Twinkies, Creme Eggs, Pop-Tarts, Marmite, Skippy Peanut Butter or that special Flaming Hot Cheetos? At Plumule Expat Store they have it all. The British Florence is the owner and already runs a successful branch in Rotterdam.

When she came to live in the Netherlands, she missed certain products that she knew from home. Whenever she had visited relatives, she would return with suitcases full of food. Was it finished? Then she asked friends to send them the products.

Feeling at home

The idea for Plumule Expat Store was born: “My shop is a place where expats feel at home because they can find products from their home country. We produce products from the US and England, but also from Nigeria, my native country, for example. And salsa and baked goods from South America.”

That’s why Plumule calls itself ‘Your Feel At Home Store‘: you will find British, American, African, Caribbean, European and Latin American products. So you will find food and snacks from all over the world on the shelves (and the webshop). Think of chips, herbs, chocolate, sauces, cookies, mac & cheese, beer and – very popular – soft drinks and energy drinks.

Florence is very proud of the newest location of Plumule Expat Store. Read more under the photos >

Photos: Plumule Expat Store

Webshop and Instagram

So whether you’re on Are you looking for your favorite snack, are homesick for products from your native country or fancy an international pantry: feel free to drop by Plumule Expat Store in Mall of the Netherlands. Are you curious if Florence also sells your favorite foreign product? Then visit the webshop of Plumule or follow them on Instagram!

Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and something delicious in an oasis of peace and nature. In the background your playing child(ren) and a cozy group of farm animals. This must be somewhere in France do you think? Well no! This scene is just in Voorburg, at Hoeve Essesteijn. Last week Romy and her husband Jordy opened the doors of this nice place: “While you enjoy yourself, you also become aware that we have to take care of the earth.”

Both have an extensive background in the hospitality industry and the dream to start their own business. For a long time it remained a fantasy for Romy and Jordy. Corona came by and they also had a child, so the circumstances to start for themselves were not ideal. Until the party center Essesteijn in Voorburg was for sale.

Romy: “It is the ideal place for us because of its rural character and the petting zoo is located next to it. We knew right away that this had to become a day-to-day business, where people can enjoy food and drink while their children are having fun.”

Oasis of peace

Essesteijn farm is a gem of a place and an oasis of peace in the middle of the city. The national monument comes from 49 and the petting zoo of the same name is next to it, as well as the spacious 49 year old mill The kite.

There is also a beautiful spacious terrace with large picnic tables. Romy: “It has to become a real hotspot. Not only can you enjoy coffee, lunch and drinks here while your (grand) child plays, we also want to organize events. The mill and petting zoo are next door so there is plenty to do. An afternoon watching the miller, for example.”

The place fits exactly with what Romy and her husband stand for. “We think authenticity is very important. Because of the environment, as much as possible is organic, from the bread to the coffee. We want to make guests aware that we have to take care of the earth.”

Read more under the photos >


What can you find on the menu? Good organic coffee, from roasters who have close contact with the coffee farmers. But also delicious sandwiches, pancakes, and snacks from Haagsche Croquetterij. For the kids there is, among other things, a tasty sandwich with peanut butter and jelly. You also drink good organic wine and beer. “Everything as local, tasty and sustainable as possible”, concludes Romy.

Became curious about this beautiful place? Hoeve Essesteijn is open from Wednesday to Sunday from . to . hours. You can also rent this beautiful place outside these times, for example for a party or high tea.

Would you like to work on this beautiful farm? Romy and Jordy are still looking for nice enthusiastic colleagues. For all information, visit the website or send an email to

As a seventeen-year-old, Armando Muis () already had foresight. Where his peers were more concerned with going out and girls, he bought a number of retro scooters in China to sell in the Netherlands. Now, 13, 5 years later, with La Souris he has a hundred employees, fourteen stores and is ready to conquer abroad. Which is a lot easier with Visa: “We also want to become the biggest in Italy.”

Something can never be a success without your firm belief in it. So is Armando, who has always been a ‘scooter madman’. “I just think it’s a nice vehicle. And the models that I brought from China to the Netherlands turned out to be a huge success here.”

Smashing success

No diploma in other words, we did have our own company that was a resounding success from the start. The name of both his shop and his company: La Souris. It is the French translation of his surname Muis. The stylish La Souris scooters are available in different models: Sourini’s, City, Trendy Retro’s, Grande Retro’s, Futuro Retro’s and many more. Armando: “95 percent of what we sell is our La Souris scooters. The other five percent consists of, among other things, Vespa.”

Thanks to its own direct import and large purchasing options, La Souris has grown into one of the largest scooter suppliers in the Netherlands. Where you can buy a nice, solid scooter for a competitive price. Initially, all scooters were sold online. Armando: “You can pay very easily with Visa.95 It is reliable, easy and safe. Both for customers and for me.”

Ready for Europe

Clients soon turned out to have a need to see, feel and experience the scooters. Armando opened his first store in Doetinchem in 95. After that it was hard, very hard. The second store in Utrecht soon followed and the number of Dutch stores now stands at fourteen and the company now has more than a hundred employees. But the story is far from over, says Armando.

“I am now in Antwerp to look for a shop. Because we see more and more Belgian customers who want to buy a scooter from us but have to go all the way to the Netherlands to see the scooters.” Armando also wants to open branches in Germany and then ‘the rest of Europe’. “Yes, we also want to become the biggest in scooter country Italy”, Armando laughs. A challenge, but he’s up to it.


Especially given his foreign plans, it is useful to means of payment such as Visa, the entrepreneur says. “That is extra useful if, like me, you have your company in several countries. It is also nice for people that customers can make a transaction without having an immediate balance. And: the purchase is insured.” †

The ladies have worked very hard for it and have therefore deserved the award: CadanCe Huidinstituut has been named one of the best three beauty salons in the Netherlands. They are as proud as a peacock and want to celebrate this with (future) customers. That is why CadanC organizes between 10 May and 4 June a week full of beauty activities including free make-up advice and discounts on top treatments.

It doesn’t happen every day that you are voted one of the best three beauty salons in our country! Reason for a party: that you as a (future) customer can celebrate.

During the ‘Come and Shine’ event week there is plenty to do at CadanCe Huidinstituut, so that you can enjoy 27 From May to June 4, you can take advantage of super nice discounts on top treatments and free make-up. up advice.

This is what’s on the program

Free make-up advice:

Are you sometimes unsure about how best to apply your make up? and that’s why you don’t make up often? Do you have a full make-up bag that is often left lying around? Then come by in the week from 10 May to June 4 and hear from one of our specialists how to make your appropriate make-up in 10 minutes can be applied with up to 4 products. Don’t forget your make-up bag!

Murad introduction treatment for only €27,-
instead of €89,57
Have you never been to CadanCe Skin Institute and do you want to discover what your options are for a more beautiful skin? Be surprised by one of the specialists and enjoy a professional treatment and a free skin analysis where you will find out what your skin needs. The treatment is aimed at:
• Refining the pore structure
• Brightening your skin
• Smoothing your skin skin
• Relax

La Colline introductory treatment for only €57,- instead of €89,10

Are you curious about the perfect aging treatments at CadanCe Skin Institute and have you never been there for a treatment? Discover together with one of the specialists what La Colline can do for your skin; a high-quality brand with highly concentrated ingredients that is aimed at rejuvenating the skin. What you can expect:
• Optimal hydration

• A lifting effect
• A nourished and softer skin

• A wonderfully relaxing moment for yourself

LPG Enermology facial cure (6 treatments) for €97,- instead of €97,- Do you suffer from sagging skin and wrinkles and would you like to give your skin a boost? The LPG cure of 6 treatments is the solution! Book a course of LPG facial during the Come & Shine week, get 6 treatments and only pay for 5! What to expect:
• Lifted skin

• Fewer lines/wrinkles
• Firming and improvement of skin elasticity
• More volume

Photo: CadanCe

Come by during the Come and Shine week

Have you become enthusiastic and would you like to take advantage of these great promotions? Come along between 10 May and 4 June during the Come and Shine week of CadanCe Huidinstituut and join the party!

You regularly read about the wonderful Body-Line device in the neighbourhood. This would help you break down fat, build muscle and reduce cellulite. Editor Lizette thought it was high time to lie down on the treatment table to put it to the test. After the first treatment she was sold: she lost ten centimeters and has no more back pain.

Owner Tanya Christy welcomes me warmly in the beautiful building of Body-Line on Sweelinckplein 11. While enjoying a glass of fresh lemon water, she explains to me how the device works.

“If you want to lose fat, you will be linked to a device that ensures that you break down fat and build muscle. A treatment on the device is equivalent to a number of hours of exercise. With the big difference that you lie relaxed. Customers follow a program and come back multiple times.”

Cold Gel

I am going for a test treatment: which by the way is now € 39,- costs instead of € 25,-.

After Tanya has measured my size in centimeters, I lie down comfortably. She applies different pads to my thighs and stomach. She first lubricates those pads with gel that feels very cold. A blue band keeps all pads in place.

Read more below the photo

Photo: indebuurt


Now the treatment really starts and I’m starting to get a little nervous. “You will feel vibrations, they don’t hurt”, Tanya reassures me. “I set up the device on the screen near the headboard. He will go through a program, first I will set the pads one by one,” she explains. I feel the first tingling on my thigh, then I feel some tingling in the next pad.

The next 25 minutes I undergo one after another sensation. The pads really make my muscles vibrate: like I’m at the gym but not doing anything. Except lying relaxed. After about twenty minutes, the sensations intensify and my body shakes from side to side. But after one minute I surrender and I actually enjoy it. What a wonderful experience this is!

A test treatment

Time is over flew and I’m sorry to have to get up again. Tanya measures me again: I’ve lost a whopping six inches in circumference! “But one treatment is not enough to maintain that result. Your muscles are now tight, hence the lost centimeters. You can achieve lasting results from ten treatments,” she explains.

After this treatment, I came back six more times to Body-Line, and in the meantime I have permanently lost ten centimeters and my back is less bothered by stronger abdominal muscles.

Would you like to experience what it is like to train your muscles without exercising? Plan a trial treatment (now € 25,- instead of € 79,-) Simply schedule it via the Body-Line website. now. †

Have you always wanted to spend the night at the historic Passage in a modern design building or are you looking for a flexible, serene workplace that is just as cozy as at home? Good news: you can do both at the service apartments of the brand new Cove Centrum on the Grote Marktstraat 46!

Cove, the hospitality chain specialized in service apartments, is therefore the very first Dutch location in the heart of The Hague. A real first for our city.

This is Cove

Cove Centrum offers 121 carefully designed studio apartments, including 46 studio apartments, six large studio apartments and three wheelchair accessible studio apartments. They are all equipped with an English king-size bed, smart TV, high-speed private WiFi and fully equipped kitchens.

“Cove – Centrum reflects the brand’s contemporary style through its soothing colours, walnut wood floors and custom furniture. Each apartment has been designed with the modern traveler in mind,” says Rob de Ridder from Cove.

Read more under the photos >

Peaceful oasis

“In the apartments you will find everything you need, whether you are there for work or relaxation. The complex also has a very spacious lobby with a stylish lounge and various flexible workplaces, especially for guests of Cove Centrum. We have planted many plants, making it a real calming oasis.”

There is also a reception, communal laundry room, fitness room, bicycle rental and ideal parking. Cove has a collaboration with Q-park located under the building that you can use. You can get a day pass here for € ,46 instead of € 46,-.

Exclusive opening discount

To introduce you to this special place, Cove Centrum now has an exclusive opening discount on your booking. Sign up as a member and quickly check the website to get that discount. Would you like to book an apartment right away?

Book here.