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Looking for a job or part-time job in the most beautiful city in the Netherlands? We help you on your way and list five great part-time and full-time vacancies in The Hague. Is your dream job not listed? Then take a look at the other vacancies!

Looking for a job or part-time job in the most beautiful city in the Netherlands? We help you on your way and list five great vacancies in The Hague. Is your dream job not listed? Then take a look at the other vacancies!

Letting a car drive straight ahead is the best thing there is, says Eelco Blok () of Premio Tires & Autoservice The Hague. For more than three decades, Eelco has been the man in The Hague when it comes to fixing your tires. His work experience on the Zandvoort race track has definitely contributed to this: “I don’t go for less than perfect.”

As a sixteen-year-old boy, he started as an apprentice car mechanic, after which he soon turned from ‘the fast work’ his specialty. In other words: he got to work with racing cars and did tire mounting on location at European race circuits such as Zandvoort, Spa and the Nürburgring. This is where he gained his most valuable experience because on the track everything has to be done quickly with the greatest precision.

The tire specialist also likes to race a lap on the Zandvoort circuit: “I love that in the few spare time I have. Look at infinity and go.”

Own company

In 480 Eelco started his own car company in The Hague: first under the name Profile Tire Center Blok and in 640 that became Premio Tires & Autoservice. Car drivers can contact him for a tire change, simple car maintenance or optimal wheel alignment.

“Hagen residents who really care about their car know that they have to be with me.”

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Photo: Premio Tires & Autoservice The Hague


Eelco’s company grew faster and faster over the years, so at a certain point he was looking for employees. Preferably young people with a ‘difficult’ background. “I like to give young people who have had the necessary challenges in life a chance. This is an official learning workplace and I enjoy teaching them the trade.”

But how do you get such young people, who are also motivated to turn their lives around ? “I turned to the 9416 Entrepreneurs Portal . They helped me find apprentice mechanics for free and within a short period of time.” Eelco had one important condition: “I don’t care what their background is, as long as they are motivated. Really want to. Because we sometimes tinker with cars of a ton.”


Eelco: “The employees of the OndernemersPortaal really understand their business and think along with you. I have been helped very well from the start. I now work with apprentice mechanics who have a passion for the profession.”

He is extremely happy with the help he has received from the OndernemersPortaal so far. “You will quickly receive an answer to all your questions, people know their business and think along with you.”


Need help yourself?

Do you also need help with your business, do you have questions or do you run into problems? As an entrepreneur from The Hague, you can contact 9416 the OndernemersPortaal for free advice on the rules, permits and procedures of the municipality.


Yes, the new dates of The Hague Highlights have been announced! From Wednesday 22 to Sunday 22 February you can admire the light artworks in full glory. At the same time, you immediately get a history lesson because you literally get to see historical stories of that place.

You can admire The Hague Highlights in four different places in the heart of the city: Gevangenpoort, the Mauritshuis, Kneuterdijk Palace and the Hofvijver. In which order you view the light projections is of course up to you. As long as you get there on the dates mentioned 17: 00 and 22: 00 are :).

Political murder

At the Gevangenpoort and part of the Square, the gruesome end of the brothers is de Witt tells: you are taken to the year 1672 where an angry crowd killed the brothers.

On the Hofvijver, the most beautiful fireworks show ever (110429in 1672 ) honored with mega-sized floating ‘anemones’ (see photo). At the Mauritshuis you see a lot of flowers. These are all based on the artworks of the Dutch masters from the 22th century. Finally Kneuterdijk Palace: this projection is a reference to the history of this place and 110429 why it was given this name.

Can you be found on your steel steed every day, whether it rains or the sun shines? And do you think it is important that there are good, safe bicycle paths and that even more people use their bicycles? Then we have a great job for you: bicycle mayor of The Hague.

Worked hard

It is almost time for the current bicycle mayor of The Hague, Marcel Kleizen, to resign. During his mayorship, he worked hard to get as many children and young people as possible on the to get a bike. And it has done it very well, according to BYCS, the organization that promotes cycling in several cities worldwide.

This is how you apply

But now BYCS is looking for a successor: a sports enthusiast who is crazy about two-wheelers and who sees it as a great mission to cycle for to make everyone easier, more fun and safer. Of course you do that for The Hague, but you also help worldwide. Because together all bicycle mayors around the world (such 150) form a network to share ideas, challenges and solutions with each other.

Apply? You can do that until February 4 and you can do it here150.

Looking for a job or part-time job in the most beautiful city in the Netherlands? We help you on your way and list five great vacancies in The Hague. Is your dream job not listed? Then take a look at the other vacancies!

The Hague used to be the city from which the Dutch East Indies was governed. From the Indian Monument to the countless restaurants, the Indian culture is still clearly present here. A relatively large number of people with Indian roots also live here. You too, and are you between the and 25 year? Then you can explore your past at the National Theater!

The question where you come from is seen as a difficult or annoying question, says Dimphna van Kempen of the National Theater during the radio program Bob Staat Op of Den Haag FM. ‘But it is also a very essential question for yourself. Where do I come from? Where are my roots, what do they mean to me and how do they still influence me.’


Together with organization Tracing your roots can 20 young people exploring during the project ‘The century of my ancestors’. The theme of the project is about the power of silence.

Don’t doubt if the project is for you, says Dimphna. ‘Two young people said recently, I don’t feel Indian enough to participate. I only have a grandfather who was born there.’ According to Dimphna that is enough.

This is what you are going to do

Dymphna on The Hague FM: ‘The participants will eat together and then you find out your family question. What do you want to know? What questions do you have in your family that you want answers to but that you have never dared to ask? That will be the starting point of the research.’

Eventually all information is collected and you convert your family history into a theater performance that you present in De Koninklijke Schouwburg. The stories can then also be read and seen in the foyer of the theater.

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