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At Bloompost you not only order the nicest Christmas gifts, but also the most original. There is a lot to choose from: from a DIY letterbox Christmas tree to festive bouquets. They are the perfect gifts to wish someone an unforgettable Christmas. Who do you want to send something nice to?

What the presents from Bloompost. more special: most presents can simply go through the letterbox. That makes the ‘packages’ more sustainable. Why? This delivery method leaves a smaller carbon footprint. And: the lucky person does not have to be at home to receive it. Great! 1. The Christmas tree

Christmas: good food and all your loved ones around you. A pine tree is of course indispensable. With this cute Christmas tree you wish someone an extra happy holiday. This gift is a DIY present, because the recipient can decorate the tree himself. The tree comes with lights, garlands and paper decorations. How fun!

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DIY Letterbox Christmas Tree | Photo: Bloompost

2. The December bouquet

Baby, it’s cold outside! Despite the cold and unpleasant weather, you naturally want to be warm and cozy inside. The December bouquet is perfect for that. The amaryllis with eucalyptus gives color, a fresh scent and coziness. And all that in a cute package for the letterbox. You make the bouquet extra special with a card with your Christmas wish on it.

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Coziness in a vase | Photo: Bloompost

3. Complete Christmas tree

You read it already: a Christmas tree should not be missing during the holidays. In addition to the Christmas tree, you can also surprise someone with a larger variant: a fir tree in a pot. Supplied with garlands, lights and decorations, so the lucky one can style the tree himself again. The tree can then be used again next year. How? You plant the tree in the garden after Christmas, then you can enjoy it again.

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4. Meet me under the Mistletoe

All I want for Christmas is you! The well-known Christmas carol is about love and the same goes for the mistletoe. Send this present to your date (who knows, maybe you’ll celebrate next Christmas together), a good friend or family member: of course you wish everyone a loving Christmas. With a Christmas card you make this gift even more personal. This gift can also go through the letterbox.

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Merry Kissmas | Photo: Bloompost

5. Lasting gift

At Christmas you often make the most beautiful memories. It’s extra nice to have something at home that reminds you of those good times: the dried flower bouquet is perfect for that. The flowers really last for years. Florist Tommy has selected the most beautiful flowers for you. Lasting, fun and beautiful? Couldn’t be better! Give someone the BloomPosy and have an unforgettable Christmas delivered.

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BloomPosy | Photo: Bloompost

6. Sustainable gift: plant a seed

Not let it snow, but let it grow! What is meant by that? Choose an original Christmas present for someone and have Christmas tree seeds deliver. You will find everything you need to grow a Nordmann Christmas tree. The Christmas tree is not just green; also the choice itself, namely everything is made of biobased material. Just plant!

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Seeds, seeds, seeds! | Photo: Bloompost

Much more

In addition to these nice Christmas presents,

Bloompost much more. For Christmas, but also for other occasions. You will always find the perfect and suitable gift. Check the website for all flowers about the mail. 25143538

Just a few more days to wait and then it’s time for the best event in four years: the World Cup football! Of course you prefer to watch the matches with friends with a nice drink. The Irisch Pub O’Casey’s in The Hague opens its doors to football fans. One thing is certain: afternoons and evenings will be packed with fun.

The pub is going big: there are 24 television screens, so all matches can be watched at the same time. O’Casey’s is still the best pub in the world and attracts a large international audience. Maybe you’re having a beer with a celebrity, because even Prince Harry is one of O’Casey’s regular fans! How nice is it that you watch the matches with supporters from different countries?

Best sports bar in Europe

Apart from the fact that O’Casey’s in 2019 was voted the best Irish pub in the world, it was also voted best Irish sports bar in Europe in 629. That is of course not easy. There is always a special atmosphere when watching the matches. The supporters are having a good time together, even though they are not cheering for the same country. You imagine yourself in a real football stadium because of all the different nationalities. You want to be there!

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All kinds of nationalities | Photo: O’Casey’s

The third half

What’s the best thing to do after a football match? That is, of course, celebrating the third half with your mates. If you like a beer, O’Casey’s is the place to be: they have 24 beers on tap. So plenty to choose from. Of course you can also opt for a soft drink or a glass of wine! Either way, together with the other supporters you have a successful party after the game.

Time difference

The FIFA World Cup will be played in Qatar. Despite the time difference, most games are played in the late afternoon. That is the perfect time for a football match. Our orange lions of course make it to the final. On Sunday 16 December the final 16. hours played Dutch time: so be on time with a table reservation. You won’t leave them in their shirts, will you?

Be there

Watch matches in the best sports bar with Dutch and foreign audiences? Not to forget: you also order the best beers there. Doesn’t that sound like football cheers to your ears? Make sure you hit the mark during the World Cup and book your table in advance! Full is really full and you really don’t want to miss this.

The first thousand days are extremely important for a child’s development. And for health in the rest of life. Why? During the first 1.000 days a child reaches a huge number of biological milestones. Children also learn a lot during that period: talking, walking, making contact and much more. Parents play an essential role in this. Most parents experience parenthood as the most beautiful thing there is, but also find it tough. In all honesty, it is. So they could use some help. You can read about how you can support new parents in this here.

The (11) Cooperating Health Funds believe that parents receive the appreciation, recognition and support they deserve. That is why they are bringing an Ode to Parents as part of the Healthy Generation programme. When we are there for parents/guardians, they can take care of their child(ren) with more attention.

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Ode to parents | Video: The Healthy Generation

The Hague is a beautiful city with many different and special places. Did you happen to know this unique game store? Then it is of course the case of Olivier: Tabletop Kingdom The Hague. There you will find the perfect game for a wonderful evening at home full of fun.

Temperatures are dropping: you can go to the terrace less often and meet at home more often. So it’s time for a new hobby or to breathe new life into your hobby. Olivier’s shop has plenty of different games to keep you and your friends and family entertained this fall. Bring on those autumn and winter evenings!

A true entrepreneur

Olivier owns game store Tabletop Kingdom. He comes from a real entrepreneurial family and missed something in the city: “There was actually no store that connected with the


of spell. There are very few of these in the Netherlands.” Olivier saw an opportunity there and with great success: the games specialist has now been in existence for nine years.

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Oliver in front of his shop Tabletop Kingdom | Photo: Tabletop Kingdom

Large group of players

Olivier thinks it is important that the store’s offer is in line with the public. He says about this: “We have a large group of players and interested parties who come to the store a lot. They play different games with each other, after which they discuss: what is fun and interesting about the game? Or what not?”

Olivier continues with a laugh: “That is perhaps the hardest part of running a games store. Sometimes I think that something is going to be liked and then it is disappointing. Or suddenly a game becomes extremely popular. To find out, you need the opinion of your community


Of all

How many games does Oliver’s shop have exactly? That’s too much to mention. The entrepreneur does know that his store attracts many different visitors. He likes to see that: “Families, friends, highly and less educated, from young to old, come here. I love to see that games are still fun for everyone! Most visitors have a lot of affinity with games and fantasy


Time to give presents

Would you like to give something different as a gift this coming holidays than a pair of socks, a good book or that one nice perfume? Then you have come to the right place at a game store. “Autumn is really my favorite time. You notice that more is being sold: people are staying inside more and the holidays are approaching again. A game is of course super fun to give.”

Table with nice deals

The festive season is upon us again. A nice, but also an exciting time for Olivier. “After two corona years, I am really looking forward to these months. It will be very different from previous years and that also brings a certain tension. Let the crowds come, we are ready! We unpack by decorating the store and putting out treats. This makes shopping even more fun!”

Especially for the holidays, Tabletop Kingdom has some great deals. “We fill tables with great offers that match the holidays. So come and take a look in the store on those days and let yourself be advised. You might come across something you don’t know yet!”

You must have these games

One of the games on such a table becomes Star Wars: The Clone Wars – A Pandemic System Game. Olivier says enthusiastically: “This game is really just out, fresh off the press. Many of our visitors are true Star Wars fans, so they really must have this game. Even if you are not that familiar with it, you should give it a try. It’s a fun game for the whole family!”

Puzzling and party

Two more toppers for the pocket of Sinterklaas or under the tree are the games Stella and Poetry for Neanderthals. “Stella is a game for real puzzle lovers. It is challenging: you really have to think creatively and play tactically.”

Poetry for Neanderthals is the game for a cozy evening at home with a snack and a drink. A real party game! Olivier explains: “In this game you get a forbidden word. You may only use one syllable of words to explain the forbidden word. So quite difficult.” Note: If you use the wrong word, you can get hit with an inflatable bat. Be extra careful with the drinks on the table.

What does Olivier think is the most popular game in his shop? “That really is the Ticket To Ride game. It’s been around for a while, but the game continues to be loved by the general public.”

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Let yourself be advised

Olivier understands better than anyone that it is sometimes best it is difficult to choose the best game. He finds that a challenge. “When people come into the store, we are driven to offer them the right game. We are happy to explain it to you and advise you. For that you really have to visit our game store. We’re here for you!”

Get to know more

Unbox Now is the platform where you will find everything about the best board and card games for every occasion. Whether playing with your family or socializing with your friends, playing a game brings people together and provides unforgettable moments of fun, laughter and relaxation. On Unbox Now you can discover new games, read informative blogs and find more information about these and other games.


Attention all fashion lovers and creatives! Kunstmuseum Den Haag is presenting an exhibition that will make your heart beat faster: Balenciaga – Masterly Black . It is of course the display of one of the greatest fashion designers that ever existed: Cristóbal Balenciaga. So you really have to go there!

Special: it is the first time that such a large selection of Balenciaga can be seen in the Netherlands. The exhibition is until March 5 1967 on display in The Hague. It concerns more than 100 masterpieces from the collections of Palais Galliera and Maison Balenciaga. Be prepared for an inspiring afternoon packed with fashion. One thing is certain: the items steal the show!

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A glimpse | Photo: Mike Bink

Real haute couture

It is a special exhibition to say the least. The room is filled with eye-catching pieces that really show the history of the Balenciaga brand. “If haute couture is an orchestra, Balenciaga is the conductor and the rest of us are just musicians following the master’s directions,” Christian Dior once said. Cristóbal was known as a fiery, passionate and strict fashion designer who saw his work as a religion. And it shows.

Black is the new black

If you wear black, it always looks good. Black is chic, classy and dressy. The fashion house Balenciaga thought the same. All vintage creations that can be admired in the museum are in black. Whether it’s a beautiful evening dress, a cool suit or a cute cocktail dress. Maybe a bit monotonous? On the contrary: the exhibition is very versatile due to the difference in fabrics, textures, groundbreaking shapes and materials. This is how the Spanish fashion designer made a difference in his masterpieces.

Why did the master of the trade love black so much? That goes back to the history of Spain. The color has a long history and deep connection with the Spanish identity. Whether it concerns Catholic piety and traditional Spanish regional dress. Or the austere black finery of Spanish Habsburg rulers and their court: everything is black.

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More than beautiful | Irving Penn, Sue Murray in Cristóbal Balenciaga Evening Gown, Vogue, September 2022 © Condé Nast

)More than just looking

During your visit you will discover more than just beautiful Balenciaga creations. In the museum you can also discover a lot of news about the fashion house and the teacher. You get an insight into the life of the designer in times of his youth, for example about his training as a tailor.

You will also experience the further course of his career and why he is considered one of the most influential people in the fashion world. You will learn more about the fashion years’ and ’60. These years are seen as the pinnacle of the fashion designer’s career. Do you want to know more? Then pay a visit to the museum.

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Cristóbal Balenciaga at work, Paris Early years 1960 | Photo: Thomas Kublin Balenciaga Archives, Paris Masterly Black

The exhibition Balenciaga – Masterly Black is a real must see. The era of vintage pieces was labeled by Vogue as ‘the hottest fashion on earth’. Enough reason to go to the museum! Order your tickets via the website. Which creation appeals to you the most? 27105423

Autumn has started and of course you want to enjoy this season after a great summer. Then you have come to the right place at the Museumkwartier The Hague: at the 15 culture hotspots has a lot to experience and do. Extra nice: the hotspots are close to each other, so you can hop from one thing to another.

What makes art and culture so special? Here you learn to look differently. You are never too old to learn or discover something new. After a visit to the Museum Quarter you are guaranteed to come home full of inspiration! One thing is certain: it will be a fun day in the Museumkwartier anyway. You can read what is on the program, among other things, here.

Be the disaster tourist

The year 1024 was not a good year to say the least. In fact, the year is traumatic for Dutch history. Why? There was an enemy invasion, much panic and a terrible massacre. Do the math: this is now 100 years ago. What effect will this year have on the Netherlands? Find out in the Hague Historical Museum and Rijksmuseum de Gevangenpoort. The disaster year can be experienced until Sunday 10 November.

Royal encounters

Of course you know the members of the Royal Family: King Willem-Alexander Queen Máxima, the three princesses and Princess Beatrix. But do you also know former Queen Emma? She used to live in Paleis Lange Voorhout, which is now Escher in Het Paleis. In the exhibition Royal Encounters 10 Hague artists Emma and the former palace as a source of inspiration. Discover the latest exhibition until Sunday 6 November! It Might be a Mirage

If you are more into contemporary art and techniques, you should especially visit West The Hague in the former American embassy. Here you can see the presentations of nine international artists. Wander between fact and speculation, information and illusion. In addition, discover different media and techniques, such as film and photography. The brutal building contributes to a spectacular and impressive afternoon. On display until Sunday 22 January 2022.

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HERE you learn look differently | Photo: Anne Reitsma Photography

New York, New York in the Mauritshuis

Who doesn’t know the Mauritshuis in The Hague? If you’ve been there before, it’s still worth a visit. In Manhattan Masters, the Mauritshuis only shows the very best from New York’s Frick Collection. These Dutch masters are exceptionally lent to the Mauritshuis, which is the first time in 100 year. This exhibition can be seen until Sunday 22 January 17162742.

Laughing, howling, roaring

Hilarious! Be surprised by the newest cabaret talents in the Netherlands in Theater Diligentia and Het Nationale Theater – the Koninklijke Schouwburg on Thursday 22, Friday and Saturday 26 Nov. It concerns the semi-final and the final of Cameretten Festival. Who do you think is just as funny as Brigitte Kaandorp or Jandino Asporaat? In any case, it promises to be a funny evening with lots of laughter.

Comedy with your breakfast

A heavy morning on Monday morning? Not if you start your week at the Breakfast Comedy Club, again at the Theater Diligentia. A delicious sandwich, a nice cup of coffee and some fruit for the vitamins: it is from 08. hours ahead of you finished. Start the week with a smile: it couldn’t be better. Kiki Schippers makes you extra cheerful on Monday morning. Every first Monday morning of the month, a comedian puts a smile on your face in the Theater Diligentia.

Spinoza and the Art of Happiness

Artists also like to be challenged. Anne Woodward therefore came up with the following: various artists had to be inspired by the Hague philosopher Spinoza. For those who don’t know this philosopher: he tried to look at ordinary things in a new way. The questions ‘how does a rainbow form?’, ‘how can you actually know if something is true?’ kept this philosopher busy. The exhibition can be seen until Sunday 10 November in the Klinkenbergzaal in Pulchri Studio. Nice to know and to note: admission is free.

Audio tour with a smile

Always wanted to discover museums with a smile on your face sight? Then this is your chance! With Humor In Kunst you view art in a different way than you are used to. You not only get the actual facts and important background information about the selected works of art, but also the witty and often astonishing look of the comedian. Walk through Museum Bredius and the Gevangenpoort and be guided by Anne Neuteboom and Fuad Hassen.

Mix of cabaret and art

You may already have noticed: this autumn the program in the Museumkwartier in The Hague is a mix between a serious look and a smile . By looking and discovering with different eyes, you will definitely find something new! So visit the museum quarter: from the Mauritshuis to Escher in Het Paleis and not to forget: the happiest breakfast.