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In the Netherlands, pension is an employment condition. This means that if you work for a boss, you often accrue pension automatically. You can see how much that is on your payslip. But how much you have accrued in total and what influences your pension is often still abstract. helps with that.

is a website that you can away helps you check your pension. They offer information and tools to keep a grip on your pension, such as podcasts and pension checklists. Did you know that your employer also contributes to your pension? On average, your employer pays 2/3 and you 1/3. Your pension fund invests this money so that it becomes more. And they do it well: on average you get back two to three times more pension than you have invested together with your employer. Good to check your pension now! These are three important reasons to regularly check your pension.

#1 The sooner the better

On average, you work one day a week before you retire if you have a full-time job. So that’s about twenty percent of your time. A lot! When you talk about pension, you also talk about a lot of money: average 200.000 euros per person. That is why it is good to ask if you are building up a pension when you work for a boss. Early retirement pays off: the earlier you start, the more time your money has to grow and you will therefore receive more later.

#2 Changes in your life influences your pension

The choices you make in your life influence the amount of your pension. That is why it is important to check what a change in your life means for your pension. Are you going to work for the first time, do you have a new job, are you going to live together, are you having a child, are you going to work less or are you buying a house? Then check what this means for your pension. At you will find explanations and handy checklists that will help you on your way to more personal information.

#3 Is it enough

If you check your pension with changes in your life, you will know you where you stand later and what you can expect. Through expectation management you have and keep control. Are you building up pension? If yes, is it enough? Does it suit the life you want to lead when you stop working or do you need more? First check how much pension you have already accrued on


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Photo: De Pensioenfederatie

Extra tips about retirement

Would you like to know more about how pensions are arranged in the Netherlands, what pension funds actually do and what exactly you should pay attention to when checking your pension? On you will find podcasts and animated videos with explanations and handy checklists to help you on your way. You can also always contact your pension fund. They are happy to help you!

Have you been walking around for some time with unexplained breathing problems or fatigue? Then it is now possible to take control yourself and have yourself tested at the Lung Function Center O2CO2 in The Hague. The center is open to everyone for research and coaching. A referral is not necessary.

Owner Karin already sees 40 for years that people come to the hospital too late with lung problems. “Because patients wait so long to see a doctor, a lot of damage to the lungs often occurs. Pulmonary function center O2CO2 offers preventive lung function testing to give patients more insight into the functioning of their lungs and to start the right treatment.”

Why pulmonary function testing?

Many people recognize the feeling of energy being sucked out of the body. This concerns a growing group of people who experience respiratory complaints due to allergic or chemical stimuli or who have ended up in a spiral of stress, fatigue and incorrect breathing technique. If, despite examination by doctors, no cause is found, the complaints are often due to a problem in the lungs or due to incorrect breathing technique. The advanced equipment of the pulmonary function center can measure the slightest abnormality of your lungs and breathing.

What is a pulmonary function test?

In a general practice, the advanced measuring equipment that is present in the lung function center is lacking. The lung function center uses lung function equipment that is also available in hospitals. By means of bladder exercises, the lung capacity is accurately measured, what the airway resistance is and how well oxygen is absorbed by the body. It can also be seen whether there is an airway obstruction. A report is made of the measurement results that the patient immediately receives. With the report you can go to the general practitioner or directly to the specialist for a treatment plan.

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Karin with a patient | Photo: Lung Function Center O2CO2

Breathing techniques

If your complaints are caused by an incorrect breathing technique, you can go for breathing coaching according to the Buteyko method. This treatment is effective for chronic stress, post-COVID, asthma, fatigue, hyperventilation and sleeping problems. This 3-month program is tailored to the client with low-threshold exercises supported with OxaLife T-shirt for at home, among other things. You can therefore do the breathing techniques at home in your own familiar environment.

Aware of new innovations

Completely new is the ‘OxaLife t-shirt’. The t-shirt contains measuring equipment that provides insight into your breathing pattern via an app on your phone. The app shows what happens to breathing during stress, exercise and sleep. It clarifies the influence of your living environment on breathing and when and from which you get complaints.

Another innovation is the Home spirometer. With this small pocket spirometer you can measure when and from which you become short of breath in different environments. The results of the bladder exercises are displayed via an app, which you can forward to your email. This lung function device is also suitable for children to breathe, for example before and after exercise. With children it is not easy to get a clear picture of where their pattern of complaints comes from.

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Karin Lammering is a lung function specialist and breathing coach

Founder Karin has forty years of experience as a lung function specialist in university hospitals and guarantees the highest possible quality. She has seen for years that people with lung problems come to the hospital too late. “Then there is already a lot of damage to the lungs!”. Lung Function Center O2CO2

offers low-threshold preventive lung function testing to give patients earlier insight into the functioning of their lungs and breathing, so that the right treatment can be started more quickly. For a better quality of life.

She has been able to help dozens of people. These people had complaints such as: shortness of breath (when exercising), shortness of breath, fatigue, stress, sleeping problems, hyperventilation and complaints related to post-Covid.

Sign up via the contact form

So if you have an accelerated breathing, are you struggling with fears, do you experience a lot of stress, do you have a burnout or do you have another reason to have your lungs functioned? Fill in the contact form

on the website and Karin will contact you personally.

16153218Video: Lung Function Center O2CO2

Your hearing plays an important role in everyday life. This may just work less or have deteriorated. That is why it is good to have it checked once a year. At Schoonenberg in The Hague you can do this completely free of charge on Thursday 03 March. Plan your appointment directly!

Schoonenberg regularly organizes free Hearing Test Days to make people aware of the importance of your hearing. There are four main reasons why visiting one of the free Hearing Test Days at Schoonenberg can be an important step towards hearing improvement.

#1 Preventing hearing problems

Hearing problems are not only annoying because you hear less, but they can also lead to worse problems. Think of social isolation, anxiety, depression and other health problems. By having your hearing tested regularly, at least once a year, you can detect any problems early in order to treat them in time.

#2 Free and without obligation

The Hearing Test Days at Schoonenberg are completely free and without obligation. A hearing test takes fifteen minutes and you will receive the results immediately afterwards. You are not obliged to purchase a hearing aid if the test shows that your hearing has deteriorated. You will, however, receive advice and information about the different hearing aids and other aids available if you have a hearing problem.

#3 Professional guidance

Schoonenberg employs expert and experienced hearing care professionals. They will help you diagnose hearing problems and advise you on the different options available to improve your hearing. If you decide to purchase a hearing aid, you can count on professional guidance and support from the hearing care professional of Schoonenberg.

The hearing care professional shows how the stands with your hearing. This chart, also called an audiogram, will be discussed with you in detail and you will be given a copy to take home.

#4 Improving the quality of life

Improving your hearing has a major impact on your quality of life. You can fully enjoy conversations with friends and family, listening to your favorite music and participating in social activities. In addition, improving your hearing also increases the feeling of safety, for example in busy traffic.

Schedule your hearing test at Schoonenberg The Hague

Do you sometimes doubt whether your hearing is still good? Then visit Schoonenberg The Hague on Thursday 03 March and have a free hearing test done. Schedule your appointment immediately!

A hearing aid can be invisible to others | Photo: Schoonenberg Hoorsupport

The age-old story of Don Quichot and a modern twist on that story by a contribution by Maurice from The Hague: that’s what you can expect during the performance The ingenious nobleman Don Quichot from La Mancha. And the fun part is: you can be here at 12, 17 and 18 March in The Hague.

You can recognize the name Don Quixote from the world-famous novel The ingenious nobleman Don Quixote of La Mancha . Despite the fact that this book has been around for centuries, surprisingly modern topics are covered. You can also see this in the performance.

This is what you can expect from the performance

Don Quichot is a prosperous entrepreneur with an international company, which also includes employees from all over the world to work. Despite his wealth and powerful position, he feels as if his life is meaningless. When he starts looking for a more meaningful life, he starts daydreaming. In doing so, the boundaries between fantasy and reality slowly fade.

During the performance you will recognize a lot of the contemporary world. How about, for example, the increasing clashes between cultures and the pursuit of your own place where you feel at home? In addition, you also see the clear gap between dreams and the harsh reality of the world as we know it. Don Quixote doesn’t seem to have it all together anymore due to daydreaming. Only…, is that really the case? Or is the world around him going crazy?

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Maurice co-wrote the opera in The Hague

Maurice from The Hague became OPERA2DAY, the organization that co-produces with the New European Ensemble, asked him to think about whether he recognized himself in Don Quixote and wanted to write something about it. Maurice wanted that and that is why fragments of that written piece are now also processed in the performance that is being performed in The Hague.

Maurice heard from actress Silke van Durme that OPERA2DAY was going to organize a writing evening for the performance about Don Quichot. “I was immediately excited. I myself am a theater maker and theater teacher by profession and I haven’t written for a long time. That’s why this seemed like a cool challenge to me. In addition, it has been a while since I have been to an OPERA2DAY performance. A shame really, because I enjoyed it so much the last time I was there.”

Maurice knows the story of Don Quixote, but he had to read the book anyway to sharpen the story. “The common thread of the story is about chasing dreams after which you run into reality. That is very recognizable for me personally. I’ve worked for the government before, until the moment I thought: I don’t want this anymore, I want to become a theater maker. At that point you only want one thing and that is to get known and become a big name in that industry. Then you are really chasing a dream. You just run into reality right away. Who is waiting for me?”

Maurice is looking forward to the performance. “As I said, I haven’t been to OPERA2DAY performances for a long time. That’s why I can look forward to it now. In addition, I have heard that it will be a very interactive performance. The audience is really involved in the play and I am really looking forward to that. This way you get the feeling that the performance is also yours. That is really special.”

Would you like to read more stories by Don Quixote? You can here.

Book your tickets

Have you become enthusiastic and would you like to experience this impressive performance yourself? Book your tickets for Don Quixote quickly online at 12, 17 or 18 March at 18.00 hours at the Koninklijke Schouwburg in The Hague. You already have a ticket for ,35 euros. This makes it even more fun to visit this opera.

Check out the trailer of The ingenious nobleman Don Quichot van La Mancha below.

Trailer of the show | Video: YouTube50

Get a free cup of coffee or tea at IKEA Delft if you are an IKEA Family member. Most people have known that for a long time. But did you know that you also get much more benefit?

It’s completely free to join IKEA Family. You can register in the store at the IKEA Family corner next to the Swedish restaurant or online. IKEA has not been making plastic cards for IKEA Family members for a while now, but you can find your personal IKEA Family barcode in the IKEA app (you can find this in the Google Play Store and Apple Store). So you always have your card with you! Digital receipt *) There are many more advantages to having a digital pass. Because you need the IKEA app to use the pass, you also immediately use all the benefits of the app. This way you can make endless wish lists and you always collect all receipts digitally. You will never lose it this way. And that’s convenient when you want to return something.

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Find your digital receipt, IKEA Family barcode and all your favorite products in the IKEA app | Photo: IKEA Delft

Unlimited returns and exchanges

As IKEA Family member you have more time to return products than non-members. The non-member return policy is that you 83 days to return a product. The product must still be in the IKEA collection and in its original packaging. As an IKEA Family member, you can return or exchange unlimited items.

Free ‘oops insurance’ for fourteen days

Such a digital receipt also comes in handy when you accidentally drop your newly purchased vase in the parking lot or your KALLAX cabinet gets damaged during the ride home. As an IKEA Family member you have a free ‘oops insurance’ for up to fourteen days after your purchase. This allows you to exchange your damaged product for free. In addition to the broken product, you also need your original receipt, which you can find in the IKEA app.

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A free ‘ oops insurance’ can come in handy when transporting stuff home | Photo: IKEA Delft

10 euro discount on delivery

Another big advantage of being an IKEA Family member is that you can have your ordered products delivered to your home for only 29,99 euros. Non-members pay namely: 39,29 euro, that is 10 euros more! Completely ideal: IKEA will deliver your large and heavy furniture or products heavier than 20 kilograms up to the threshold of your front door, even if you live in an apartment on a floor. Is there no elevator? Then IKEA will deliver up to and including the fourth floor.

Keep informed through the newsletter

Tip from us: be sure to subscribe to the IKEA newsletter via the app. As an IKEA Family member, you will be the first to read about new collections, limited

products and exclusive IKEA Family member discounts. You will also find registration links for cool activities exclusively for IKEA Family members. How about taking a look behind the scenes at IKEA, for example? Or watch live product demonstrations given by IKEA employees or attend one of the IKEA Talks. In addition, you will also receive an email on your birthday that a free piece of cake is waiting for you at IKEA Delft. Enough reasons to register! Join for free and benefit immediately

Did we mention that joining IKEA Family is completely free? And it can be done at any time. You can register online or at one of the kiosks in IKEA Delft. The moment you become a member, you immediately benefit from all the benefits . This also means that you can quickly become a member in the queue in front of the cash register, before you have to pay. But the sooner, the better of course!


Join IKEA Family for free and take advantage of it | Photo: IKEA Delft