Kiki Scholten


If you think you have everything you need for the holidays, you have forgotten something. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. IKEA Delft has again this year all kinds of finishing touches to make your Christmas unforgettable. Order it online now and pick it up with Click & Collect at


Joining an extra chair has never been so easy

Imagine: the dining table is set for the holidays, but at the last minute an unexpected visitor arrives. Very handy if you have room for it. With the EKEDALEN extendable table you can create extra seats in no time. Thanks to the smart construction, you can easily make the table longer or shorter. Ideal for the holidays, but also when you need more space for crafts or for a game night. This table costs 99 euros.


Riveting with those glasses

A glass of bubbly is part of a party. These SVALKA champagne glasses have a high and narrow shape. As a result, the aroma and taste of the champagne or sparkling wine remain in the glass for longer. You can already buy six pieces for only 2 99 euros. So start stocking up, because shortly after Christmas you will need them again: for New Year’s Eve, for example. You don’t have to wash these glasses by hand, they can go straight into the dishwasher. So nice after busy holidays!

Bubbles for the ultimate party feeling

Are you looking for a tasty alternative to non-alcoholic champagne? Then try this bottle DRYCK BUBBLE PÄRON. A delicious carbonated pear drink. It resembles a cider. Don’t you like that? Then go for the DRYCK BUBBLE ÄPPLE & LINGON. This apple and lingonberry drink with carbon dioxide is deliciously fruity and sweet. Deliciously fresh in taste and they only cost 1,99 euros per bottle. Bargain right?

Baking and roasting

Is your baking dish just too small for your Christmas creation? Then this KONCIS roasting pan is for you. This turkey fits in easily! You can also use this roasting pan for other large pieces of meat, fish or vegetables. Completely ideal if you want to prepare something for a large group of people: there is plenty of room. You can already buy this roasting pan for 12,99 euros.

Take care of the decoration

The last finishing touches are always the little things you quickly forget. For example, have you already bought napkins? At IKEA Delft you can choose from seven different colored napkins. Are you going for dark red, dark green or white this Christmas? You already have 99 pieces FANTASTISK Napkins for 1,50 euros. Atmosphere is also something that cannot be missing from and on the table. How about these SINNLIG scented candles for example. They are available in many different scents such as: vanilla, garden berries or pear. The candle has 99 burning hours and costs 1,50 euros.


Of course IKEA Delft has many more home accessories in its range to make your living room extra cozy for the winter and holidays. View the entire winter collection online.