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Many Dutch people regularly go to the cinema to admire a new film. The large canvas, the comfortable chairs and of course the popcorn ensure a pleasant outing with family, friends or your (new) loved one. But have you ever wondered how those films actually end up on the big screen?

Anyssa Tlili knows better than anyone what it takes before you can plop into the wonderful chairs of Pathé. Anyssa, together with five colleagues at Pathé, is responsible for finding and programming the best films and specials and tells us all ins and outs.

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Anyssa van Pathé | Photo: Pathé

You are Content & Acquisition Manager at Pathé. What does that mean and what does your agenda look like?

“My agenda is packed with fun, and diverse activities! Together with my colleagues, I look at which films will soon be available for screening in the cinema, and whether they are of interest to our visitors. We then view all interesting films in advance to determine whether we want to screen them and for which target group the film is suitable, how many visitors we expect and how this fits into our programming. We have a lot of contact with film distributors about this.”

Film distributor?

“This is a company that owns all rights of a movie for theatrical showing, on on demand platforms such as Pathé Thuis and Netflix, but also TV and DVD. They take care of the promotion and marketing of their film. If we would like to show a film, we discuss it with the distributor. We then make financial agreements, such as how much money they will receive for each screening, but also about how often we will screen the film and in which Pathé cinemas.”

Do you often see films first in the Netherlands?

“Yes, I am lucky! As a film fan, your heart will beat faster. We are allowed to go to special film screenings that are sometimes organized months before a cinema release. We also visit film festivals in search of great titles. Sometimes even abroad, for example the Cannes Film Festival.”

How is it decided whether a film suits Pathé?

“We see a lot of films and we strive to offer our visitors a good offer. We make an estimate based on that. We also look at similar films that we have already made, and how successful they were. It is important that we have a wide and diverse film offer for everyone every week, so we look for the right mix of different genres. You understand, that is a huge puzzle every week. We work in large schedules containing all films, theatres, venues and the time blocks required for each title.”

An example movie schedule | Photo: Pathé

What about the time that a film runs in the cinema and then on demand is available?

“We call that ‘windows

‘, the periods agreed with the distributor to show a film in the cinema and via other platforms. Sometimes that period is a few weeks, although it is regularly much longer: think of Top Gun: Maverick which is already 18 weeks running with us. After so many weeks, many people still want to see this film in the cinema. As soon as we see that a film receives few visitors, we give the spot to a new title. After the cinema window

, the film continues its life cycle: to on demand at, for example, Pathé Thuis and Netflix, and then to the TV channels such as RTL and SBS.”

What is your absolute favorite film?

“That’s always a difficult question for a real movie buff like me. But I really like films with recognizable, human stories, such as the moving musical La La Land and the wonderful romcom Crazy Stupid Love. Yes, coincidentally both starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone!”

Some facts on a row

Did you know …

Strange World (Now Watching)

The Nutcracker and the Magic Flute (seen from 1 December)

Will the Crocodile (on view from December 7th)

For more information and movie screening tickets, see Pathé Buitenhof, Pathé Spuimarkt and

Pathé Scheveningen at

We won’t beat about the bush: almost everyone has a sex toy in their bedside table these days. Whether you have one or more toys, there is still plenty left to discover. Curious which ones are bought the most in The Hague? EasyToys told which ones are popular in your city.

The great thing is that you get a discount on all these sextoys during Black Friday. Check Friday 24 November 11 so definitely the website of Easytoys for mega discounts on all kinds of different toys.

Ideal toy for beginners

Would you like to try a sex toy, but you don’t know where to start? Then take a look at the EasyToys Lili Vibrator. In addition to a clitoral stimulator, this vibrator also has a G-spot stimulator and ten (!) vibration modes. The toy is silky soft and made of flexible material. As a result, you are assured of wonderful highlights every time, when and how often you want.

EasyToys Lili Vibrator – Pink | Photo: EasyToys Heated sextoy for men

Sextoys are definitely not just for people with a vagina. Do you want to enjoy a sex toy even more? Then choose the luxury Teazers Oral Masturbator for men. This has a warming effect and is therefore extra pleasant to use. In addition, the masturbator has nine vibration modes, six of which have different patterns and three speeds. So no matter how you use it: an unforgettable highlight is guaranteed.

Teazers Oral Mastrubator | Photo: EasyToys Let’s suck!

You won’t be surprised that the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation is popular among residents. It is so popular that you can even get it as a Christmas ornament these days! The silicone cap of this toy feels soft and closes around the clitoris, which is then gently sucked in. Thanks to the eleven air pressure settings, you can determine how hard it sucks. The beauty of this toy is that the mouth of the sextoy only touches the clitoris, so you can also have sex during use with your love. That will be double fun!

Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation | Photo: EasyToys
Must-have for daredevils

Do you like to look up the excitement? Then the Lovense – Lush 3 Vibration Egg is perfect for you . This exciting toy is very quiet even on the highest setting, so you can use it very discreetly in public areas or in the presence of others. It can be operated with the Lovense application in which you can design your own vibration modes and, moreover, hand over control. Excitement guaranteed! This toy is about four times more powerful than comparable remote-controlled eggs. In short: this is a must-have for the daredevils among us.

Lovense – Lush 3 Vibration Egg | Photo: EasyToys
Vibrate and pulsate at your pace

Do you already know the Satisfyer Pro 2 and are you ready for something new? ? Then it’s time for the FemmeGasm Tapp 2 . This clitoral vibrator not only blows air pressure waves, but also vibrates. The best of both worlds . This vibrator has ten vibration modes and pulsates the clitoris in six different positions. You can operate these two functions separately from each other so that you can optimally enjoy your favorite position.

FemmeGasm Tapp 2 | Photo: EasyToys Experiment

Do you not want to choose from one sex toy, but rather have the choice of all kinds of toys? Then The Naughty And Nice Advent Calendar 2022 something for you and your partner. The 24 gifts focus on all five senses for a more intense sex experience and are packaged in a super chic emerald green and champagne gold box. How about fragrance sticks with a sensual scent, a silky soft blindfold or a vanilla flavored oral balm? Very nice to experiment with!

The Naughty And Nice Advent Calendar 2022 | Photo: EasyToys


Lower energy costs, extra living comfort and usually an increase in the value of your home: these are all consequences of making your home more sustainable. But where should you start? Money lender Hypotrust explains it to you in great detail.

Are you not sure yet which sustainability measures you want to take for your home? Then start the step-by-step plan from the beginning. Do you already have a clear picture of what measures you want to take? Then start with step 2 and your sustainable home is one step closer!

Step 1: Determine what you want to make more sustainable

Nowadays you can do countless things to make your home more sustainable. So think carefully in advance why you want to become more sustainable. Do you want to save euros or a higher living comfort? Often it will be a combination of benefits. For example, are you going for a major renovation where you replace the windows and frames? Or do you opt for relatively faster jobs such as roof insulation or solar panels?

Step 2: Ask advice from specialists

Unless you know a lot about jobs, it is useful to get advice at specialists. They can tell you exactly which adjustments can be made that match your wishes and home. For example, when installing solar panels it makes a lot of difference in which direction and at what angle they are placed. A different location can already provide a much higher return.

It may be that after collecting all the advice you have a large list left. Then make an overview of what you want to prioritize and also check whether combinations of certain measures are possible. For example, do you opt for solar panels and do you still cook on gas? Then it may be smart to switch to an induction hob.

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Get advice from specialists | Photo: Hypotrust

Step 3: Request quotes

Have you made your choices? Request quotes from various installers and suppliers. Do this for at least three different parties so that you have enough choice and not just party A or party B. When comparing the quotes, make sure that you compare the correct parts.

Check, for example, whether installation costs and warranty are included, whether there are any additional costs and whether all activities are clearly described. But don’t forget to calculate how long it will take you to earn back your investment. When you have carefully considered everything, you make a choice for one of the parties. Make sure you make clear agreements with them about delivery, prices and any guarantees, so that you are not faced with surprises later on.

Step 4: This is how you pay the sustainability

There are different ways to pay for making your home more sustainable. You can use your savings for it or apply for a subsidy that can amount to thirty percent of your investment. But did you know that you can also get extra budget for sustainability within your mortgage? This is possible with the Free Life Mortgage from Hypotrust. Even if you have already paid off your current mortgage. You can then increase your mortgage back to the original loan amount without first visiting the notary.

Do you alone or together with your partner earn more than 33.000 euros? Then you can borrow a maximum of 9.000 extra euros for energy saving measures. Fortunately, there are also options if you earn less than that. Then you can always contact the Nationaal Warmtefonds for an interest-free Energy Saving Loan.

4 tips to save energy without investment

Turn off as many devices as possible instead from in standby mode and switch off power strips if you do not use appliances at night. This can save you tens (!) euros per year.

Shower a few minutes shorter. Heating water for showering is relatively expensive. You can save up to a hundred euros per year with this.

Turn your thermostat down a degree. This saves you up to a hundred euros per year.

Do you have broken light bulbs? Then replace them with LED lamps. As a result, you save up to ten euros per year per lamp.


Photo: Hypotrust


All attention goes on Friday 10 November to the singles among us, because then it’s Singles Day. And what better way to celebrate than with yourself and exciting sex toys? Because you are better off alone. Or well, with a good sex toy from EasyToys of course. We have listed a few for you, and you can score them with hefty discounts during Singles Week.

During Singles Week there are various discounts that do increase to 10 per cent! View all offers from Easytoys now and score your new toy so that you quickly realize that you don’t need anyone to please. Not sure which toy is right for you? Check that first with the EasyToys Toyfinder.

For the single that can’t choose

This exciting

Loveboxxx is specially designed for women. Both beginners and experienced users can go wild with this box. It contains four different toys that you may or may not be familiar with. Perfect for experimenting, especially when you’re alone! Photo: Easytoys

Hard working vibrator

It’s time for the

FemmeGasm Tapp 2. This clitoral vibrator not only sucks, but also vibrates. The best of both worlds. This vibrator has ten positions that are nice and lasts much longer than two minutes. An hour of sexy fun to be exact. Photo: Easytoys

Start your day trembling


LUV EGG listens and responds immediately if you want. The right button is easily found, so that you can use the extra powerful motor with ten vibration modes to its fullest. This is your time!

Photo: Easytoys

Unforgettable highlights with this masturbator

This luxury Teazers Oral Masturbator for men is heated and therefore extra pleasant to use. The great thing is: it seems extra large in your hand. The masturbator has nine vibration modes, three speeds and six different patterns. This delicious sex toy is always within reach, a real win-win situation as far as we’re concerned.

Photo: Easytoys

For men who like to try things out

In this luxurious and discreet Loveboxxx are five exciting sex toys for men. How about a cock ring and a prostate vibrator? In short: this is the ideal gift for yourself or a single friend. 26125715

Photo : Easytoys


Whether you’ve already been to Utrecht once, or not at all. There is always a reason to visit the cathedral city, especially this autumn. How about climbing the Dom Tower or taking the elevator up, eating at cozy restaurants, enjoying the cool light projections or attending a cool concert in Tivoli.

Actually there is still so much to do for just a day trip, so why not stay overnight to sleep? If you are still there in the evening, you can immediately take a nice walk along the light projections in the city of Lumen and Color de Stad.

Admire light art in Utrecht

Have you spent a day in Utrecht, but you don’t want to go home or to your hotel yet? We understand very well! For a large part of the year, various light artworks can be viewed throughout the city along the route of Utrecht Lumen. You can view them on your own, or book for 9,30 euros a walking tour with a guide who tells you something about each work of art. The tours start every Saturday at 19.30 hour from 22 October to 18 March 2023. In addition to Utrecht Lumen, you can visit from Friday 9 December 2022 to Sunday 8 January 2022 admire even more different light projections during Color de Stad. In the city center of Utrecht, seven facades are shrouded in projections developed by Mr. Beam Studio. A real must-see!

Do you also want to appear on one of the buildings during Color the City? Download your coloring page for one of the seven facades, send it in and view your own artwork on one of the facades.

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The festive closing of Utrecht 2020

Can’t you get enough of fun? That’s convenient, because 10 November you can attend the Parade without Walls. Get ready for choirs, orchestras, dancers, lanterns, light sculptures and theatrical acts. The parade will start at 10. 10 hours at the Railway Museum and ends around 19.75 hour at the Moreelse Park. Enough time left to enjoy a nice meal before or after at one of the hotspots of Utrecht. Extra cool: from 10 to 19 November is a life size projection of the Sint Maarten story on display at the City Hall of Utrecht. This one is in the middle of the city and is therefore not to be missed!

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Sint Maarten Parade | Photo: AD Utrechts Nieuwsblad/Jaap de Boer

All tips for your trip to Utrecht

Do you want even more of Utrecht discover and experience? Then visit

a typical Utrecht landmark. There is sure to be something you like to do! How about visiting the world-famous Rietveld Schröder House, for example? Or take a walk through the Pandhof of the Domkerk. And if you are there anyway, take the Domplein Highlights Tour right away where you will see all must sees of Domplein in one go. Check Discover Utrecht for more great excursion tips and check the current agenda for even more activities to do when you are in Utrecht.

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Is it your best friend’s birthday soon, do you want to put a heart to your sick grandfather or do you just want to say hello to someone? Whatever the occasion, sending or receiving a card is great fun. What’s extra nice: at Kaartje2go you can now send one card for free!

Ben you new at Kaartje2go? Then you will receive your first card as a gift! Create an account now for free and the discount will be automatically applied at checkout. So you only have to pay for the stamp. Very nice: if you have your card for 00.00 hours on a working day, it will be shipped the same day.

The perfect card for every moment

Birthday cards, get well cards, congratulation cards and Christmas cards: you can’t think of it so crazy that Kaartje2go has a card for it. When making the card you can choose standard text or you can write a personal message.

Send a personal video

Want to make your card even more personal? Then you can now also

put a video on a card. You can easily add your video via the card maker of Kaartje2go. Have you uploaded your video? Then Kaartje2go turns it into a QR code, which you can give yourself a nice spot in the map. The recipient scans the QR code and voilà: your personal video is played. It’s that simple!

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This is how you put a video on your card | Video: Ticket2go

Choose your paper types

After you have completed the text of your card, you can choose from different paper types. The standard is ‘gloss’, where there is a nice gloss layer over the paper like you see with postcards. In addition, you can choose a card made from one hundred percent recycled paper for free. For a small surcharge per card you can also opt for ‘premium matt’, ‘chic mother-of-pearl’, ‘old Dutch structure’ or ‘stylish linen’. What are you going for?

Good for the planet

Sustainability is very important to Kaartje2go. That is why you can also opt for one hundred percent recycled paper for free. In addition, all cards from Kaartje2go are printed and sent CO2-neutrally. This means that the printing company uses green energy and compensates for the small residual CO2 emissions that remain by purchasing CO2 certificates from Trees for All.

Create your free account now

So quickly create your account as a new customer and then send your Christmas card, birthday card or other greeting card for free. Do this on a working day before 00.09 hour? Then it will be sent the same day and you may be able to make someone happy with it the next day!


Never looking for a parking space again, no more having to fight your way through an overcrowded train and not refuel at exorbitant prices? It sounds too good to be true, but the solution is a lot closer than you think. Where? At a Sparta dealer near you!

Because the Sparta d-RULE is all you need. This not only saves you a lot of time, but also money. This electric city bike is perfect for your daily shopping, commuting or a long bike ride around The Hague.

Especially for the urban


Say you e-bikes, then you say Sparta. The well-known brand is the first bicycle brand to introduce the e-bike in the Netherlands. All those years of knowledge and innovation have now come together in one electric bicycle: the ‘


e- bike of the year’ elected d-RULE.

The d-RULE is specially designed for the urban cyclist and very suitable for covering longer distances. Did you know that the ‘d’ in d-RULE stands for distance

? And that is not for nothing. It is ideal for the city and beyond.

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Try this cycling route in and around The Hague

Where in the past you probably took the car for a ride in or around The Hague, you can now do that quickly and comfortably with the e-bike. A dinner with friends in the center or a nice day of shopping in Leiden or Rotterdam? With the d-RULE you are in it no time


Our city is of course beautiful, but the beautiful things in the surroundings of The Hague are certainly worth exploring. For example, cycle along the dune path from Scheveningen to Hoek van Holland. You pass beach entrances, Scottish highlanders and the open fields at Ter Heijde and Monster. In the Westland you often come across stalls along the road with fresh fruit.

This way you can effortlessly cover a lot of kilometers, while you are still in motion. Enjoy the fresh wind through your hair and extra nice: you can cycle for hours without getting exhausted. Delicious, isn’t it?

Curious about the Sparta d-RULE?

The d-RULE is available in four different colors, so there is something for everyone. It stands out for its attractive and sturdy appearance and the innovative front lamp: the specially designed n:LIGHT. This way you are extra visible in the evening, but so safe!

Curious about this cool e-bike? Then visit the nearest Sparta dealer for a test ride on the d-RULE. For example, you can find a Sparta dealer on the Laan van Meerdervoort , namely: Garant Tweewielers. Curious where else you can try out and buy the Sparta d-RULE? Then quickly view

all points of sale in your area. Do you want to be sure whether the d-RULE is available at the dealer in your area? Call the store and ask.

The specially designed n:LIGHT on the d-RULE | Photo: Sparta

Are you just about to jump on your bike, your tire is flat! And that while you were actually late for work. Recognizable? Don’t worry, because you can immediately go to Fiets & Service at the station for the repair of your two-wheeler. Hop on the bus or train and come and get your bike again after your working day, because it is often ready the same day. And you can now also score bicycle lighting with a discount!

Fiets & Service is the place at the station for repairing your bicycle: from tape tires up to a full service. And often you can pick it up the same day. On working days your bike for 20. hour brought? Then he stands at 20. ready for you again. Very handy! Is your steel steed in bad shape and in need of new parts? Even then you often get it back the next day.

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NS Fiets & ServiceNS Fiets & ServiceNS Fiets & Service

Photo: Dutch Railways

Discounted lighting1533128625604

You can also choose between 20 October and 20 November at Bicycle & Service throughout the Netherlands go for lighting with a twenty percent discount. And that is very handy, because with good lighting you not only avoid a fine; it is also safe to go out well lit, especially in winter.

No surprises

You know that: you have lost your bike for weeks, and then the repair is also much more expensive than you thought? At Fiets & Service, therefore, there are no surprises when it comes to the price tag. The most common repairs all have a

fixed price . Also, only professional craftsmen work who use top quality materials. So your two-wheeler is in good hands!

The winter clothes that fit your kids perfectly last year are now ripe for a younger cousin. Time to shop! We discovered a webshop where you can find children’s clothing that is fun and affordable:

Don’t you know yet? Then we will quickly change that. “We already exist 16 year. You will find nice, playful clothing of good quality with us,” says Ilse de Jong on behalf of “We don’t have super trendy clothes. We are just there for the normal people who like fashion, but don’t want to spend money.”

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Fine: not an overwhelmingly large collection

If you look at the webshop, you will notice that most clothes fit in the same style. This way you can make nice combinations yourself. “That is also doable because we don’t have an overwhelmingly large collection,” says Ilse. “We only buy clothes that fit our style, which makes it fun to just go to the site and have a look around.” Curious what that looks like? Then take a look at these photos:

You will find these brands there

At you will find well-known brands such as Z8, Vingino, Dirkje, Noppies and Like Flo. But if you like to discover new brands that you can’t easily find elsewhere, is also the right place. “For example, we recently added Mayoral, Ai&ko and Black Bananas. In addition, we also have our own brands; they are slightly more affordable but have the same quality.”

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Highly recommended: check out the outlet

If you while shopping, don’t skip the outlet. Here you will find clothing from the same good brands, but from previous collections. You will receive no less than 39 or 95 percent off. Think of a winter coat from Vingino 79,95 euros for 39,95 euros or a sweater of Z8 from 29 ,95 euros for 11,98 euros. You can still shop around for such prices…

We have another tip if you want more discount: if you sign up for the newsletter you get 14 euro discount on your first order. Is that sweater already free. Personal service

Has your order been placed and was it not yet 20. hour? Then the outfits will be shipped the same day. If you still have questions after this, you will be helped personally. Ilse explains: “As a family business, we think it is very important to speak to you personally and to resolve any problems immediately.” And they do it pretty well: gets on Trustpilot 4.6/ 5.0 stars based on spacious 11.0 ratings.

Good, what are you waiting for? You can now put this link under your shortcut. Enneh, don’t forget that newsletter! 3925667282254114815

Slowly it gets darker earlier in the evening. That means it’s time to bring the fun inside. With a cozy candle here and there in the house you can go a long way. But with the lighting from IKEA Delft you can also bring a lot of atmosphere into your home.

Atmosphere due to playful and dim light

Warm light creates an inviting atmosphere in the house. The MISTERHULT lamp is made of bamboo, which makes the light extra soft and almost shiny. The woven pattern at the top of the lamp creates a playful effect on the walls, while the hole at the bottom of the lamp provides direct light on, for example, the dining table.

With the SINNERLIG lamp you can also create the perfect atmosphere at home. If you choose the smaller version, you can hang several lamps one after the other. This way you get the ultimate playful effect. Or hang one in a small space in the house.

The HÖGVIND hanging lamp has three smoke-colored glass shades with perforated metal inner caps. This lamp is a real eye-catcher in any room. The light is very soft due to the smoked glass. Do you want to be able to decide for yourself what kind of light you like? Then buy the TRÅDFRI wireless dimmer with a TRÅDFRI LED lamp so that you can get every mood can control the light.

This makes working from home very nice

Because we increasingly work from home IKEA has Delft also thought of the right lighting for your home workplace. The NYMÅNE desk lamp has a timeless design and therefore fits in most interiors. The wireless charger for your smartphone is very handy. Simply place it on the plateau of the base of the lamp, Kees is ready!

Also the HEKTAR desk lamp has a built-in USB port so that you can easily charge your mobile phone or other equipment that you use a lot and always have it at hand. Do you have a narrow desk at home and is a large desk lamp only in the way? Then the SKURUP clamp spot is the solution for you. You can easily clamp this spot on a shelf above your workplace or on the edge of your desk, so that you have room for your laptop, for example.

Get your Christmas home already

You can don’t start early enough: make your home cozy with Christmas lights. At IKEA Delft the entire STRÅLA collection consists of Christmas items. How about the STRÅLA lampshade with which you can go through the small holes in the star brings soft and subtle light into your home. Which lamp also gives a soft and playful effect is the STRÅLA table lamp / decoration . You can place the lantern anywhere: on the table, at the front door or next to the fireplace. The STRÅLA LED candlesticks are also perfect. Place these cozy and atmospheric candlesticks in any place in the house that deserves some extra atmosphere.

Retro interior? Take a look at this

Do you have a retro interior and are you ready for a upgrade? Then take a look at the VAPPEBY bluetooth speaker lamp . The pleasant glow makes it very cozy inside. With the ÅSKMULLER table lamp you can dim the light yourself or set it high with the rotary knob on the side. This way you have the perfect reading light in bed, but also the ideal light when you want to make it cozy inside. The TÄRNABY table lamp can also be dimmed and has an industrial look. A real retro lamp is the TVÄRHAND table lamp . The cool design and the bamboo base provide a nice contrast.