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A new sofa is not only a major purchase, but also determines the atmosphere in the house. They are for sale in so many shapes, colors and materials that it is possible that you no longer see the sofa for you because of all the sofas. Fortunately, you can contact Seats and Sofas in The Hague for all your questions about seating furniture and appropriate advice.

Seats and Sofas is a specialist in the field of seating furniture in Europe. Do you always find it so annoying when you have to wait a long time for your ordered furniture? Seats and Sofas has come up with something for that: the Giant Take Away formula. This allows you to take the sofa home directly from stock. In short: buy today, sit down tonight!

Cohabitation, family expansion or just the children out of the house?

When is it time for a new sofa? Is that only when it has sagged considerably or would you like to find a new one every year to match with your interior ? Anyway, there are quite a few to choose from and that doesn’t make making a choice any easier. That is why the advisers of Seats and Sofas The Hague have listed a few for you:

You are going to live with the love of your life, but that old couch full of stains is really not coming into your new house. Then it’s time to shop for your first sofa together. Sounds easy, but what if you don’t have the same taste? Determine the color and material together. Then look at the stuff you’ve already collected and what would go with it.

You already have a family of four and another little one is on the way. A large sofa to relax on at the end of a busy day is not a superfluous luxury. Seats and Sofas even has models where you can fold up a part and use it as storage space. This is ideal for all your children’s toys and other things lying around. You know what they say: a tidy house is a tidy mind.

Or have the children all just left home? Then maybe it’s finally time for that one white or cream-colored sofa you’ve always wanted. You now have to worry less about stains that never come out. Perhaps you now need less space and you can add an easy chair with an ottoman so that you have ultimate seating comfort, wherever you sit.

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Would you like personal advice?

Visit Seats and Sofas The Hague and let one of the advisors help you further. They are ready to discuss all your questions and wishes. It is also possible to make an appointment without obligation.

Beautiful sofa for a low price

Do you want a comfortable sofa, but also have some money left over for the rest of your interior? Then take a look at the Pancho sofa. This two-seater sofa has narrow armrests so that you have more seating area. The unique stitching gives the sofa an industrial and tough look. Buy a footstool for even more comfort. You can use it as a footstool, extra seat or as a table. Perfect for when there are two or three of you at home and visitors come over. You can now order this sofa from 535 euros and receive it directly from stock.

Is a two-seater not big enough for your living room or household? Then complete the set with Pancho loveseat or 3-seater Bank. The Pancho is also available as a 4-seater and a corner sofa.

Pancho sofa | Photo Seats and Sofas

As a hairdresser you are satisfied with your work if the customer is also satisfied. But who really makes it work is Bianca van Zwieten. The Creative Director of Sjenkels has won the first prize during the thirtieth edition of the Coiffure Award. “Winning the Coiffure Award is the crown on my work!”

Op 15 May 2016 was the presentation of the Coiffure Award in Studio15 in Hilversum. More than 2. entries were made for the hair fashion photography contest. The international jury of experts was so impressed with Bianca’s work that they awarded her first prize in the ‘Women’ category.

The jury report

For thirty years now, the Coiffure Award has been the top event in the hairdressing industry, which is now also very well known among consumers. The independent and expert jury judges whether the images submitted are the right combination of the current fashion image. They pay attention to the haircut, make-up, styling and photography. These must be perfectly balanced.

The jury was very enthusiastic about Bianca van Zwieten’s creations. “Cool modern models, creativity at its best. This is fashion

with its own signature in design and styling. The current zeitgeist contains in a series. It exudes fashion without compromising on the hair. This is real love for her.” See for yourself what you think:

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A true centipede

Bianca van Zwieten does not stand still. In addition to having gained years of experience as a freelance hair and fashion stylist, she also has her own hair salon and since 15 she has been Creative Director of Sjenkels. As a stylist she has worked not only in the Netherlands, but also abroad for, among others, Vogue and Harpers Bazaar. “Creating is what I like to do. I also find working with a team important. The energy that comes from that is magic to me and I am inspired by the team and the talents that are present within Sjenkels.”

Winning the Coiffure Award is the crown on Bianca’s work. “It is fantastic that my collection and vision on hair fashion are appreciated by leading expert juries. Important elements in developing this hair collection were renewal and raw hair. In the end I fell for a kind of post-apocalyptic theme where the models are portrayed as futuristic creatures in nature. I like to take a risk in making collections. After all, by taking a risk you create work that you did not make before. In addition, Sjenkels offers the possibility to do this.”

Book your appointment now

Sjenkels has been around for more than thirty years and now has salons in the Netherlands. They are known in the hairdressing industry for their education, talent development and customer focus. After all, these are the conditions for success. In addition, Sjenkels constantly invests in new techniques. Their participation in the Coiffure Award is a good example of this. Do you also want to take advantage of this? Make an appointment quickly at Sjenkels near you.

Let’s face it, having a sex toy in your nightstand is no longer taboo. In fact, with the average female resident of The Hague, there is probably one (or two, or three) in the bedroom. And curious as we are, we wondered: which toys are most used by residents. EasyToys tells us which three are favorites in The Hague.

#1 – Keep control with this toy

This EasyToys vibration egg is exciting for you and your partner. This egg brings in one of the two and the other gets hold of the remote. Use this toy as foreplay and enjoy this exciting moment. Extra exciting: because the egg is also waterproof, you can also enjoy an adventure in the bathroom together. No matter when you feel like it and no matter where you are, you are in control with this vibrating egg!

EasyToys vibration egg | Photo: EasyToys

#2 – Usable before and during sex

It will come as no surprise that residents, just like very female Netherlands, very enthusiastic about this toy with pulsating air pressure waves. The Satisfyer Pro 2 is therefore in second place of the top three in The Hague for a reason. The silicone cap feels soft and closes around the clitoris, which is then gently sucked in. Because the mouth of the sextoy only touches the clitoris, you can also have sex with your lover during use. That will be a double pleasure!

Satisfyer Pro 2 | Photo: EasyToys

#3 – Two stimulators for extra pleasure

Are you not that familiar with toys yet, but do you want to would you like to try one out? Then take a look at this EasyToys Lily vibrator. In addition to a clitoral stimulator, this vibrator also has a G-spot stimulator and ten vibration modes. So you are assured of wonderful highlights every time, when and how often you want.

EasyToys Lily vibrator | Photo: EasyToys

Order your toys now with a discount

And if you got all excited after reading this piece, then we have something nice for you. In the last weekend of May you can score these and many more toys at Easytoys with an extra discount during

Pink Friday. Make your move before it’s too late!

Do you remember the summers when you were a child? You had no worries, no obligations and everything was possible (for your feeling). Find the child in you again this summer. Stop making to-do lists, get out of tiring routines and take a fresh look at your home. So that you can start this season with a good feeling. This is how IKEA Delft helps you with this.

When the season changes, a lot changes at IKEA Delft. For example, since 1 April you will find all kinds of new displays in the store with a new theme: ‘Get everything out of it.’ The displays are large open boxes where the new products are introduced. Activity Leaders Gemma and Najib explain what to expect from the displays. “We want people to think back to the carefree summers they had as children.”

Summer in your sphere

Gemma and Najib explain that the displays should convey the summer feeling. “That’s why they also have a white-red striped print. It reminds you of the beach umbrellas that you sometimes see at well-known beach clubs.” On the displays you will find various new products and living solutions displayed in a playful way and with a summer hue.

New and existing products

The displays show various products that change regularly. Gemma explains: “It is an alternation of new and existing products. For example, one display shows a beautiful classic display cabinet in which you can put your favorite items. At the other you will find a wonderfully soft cotton duvet cover that will make you want to go to bed again.”

You will find all the displays spread over the entire store, so they can be recognized to the red/white theme. According to Najib, seeing the displays makes you want to tackle the house and prepare it for summer. “Whether this is by means of a summer duvet, or a display case to display your crazy hobbies or most beautiful items .”

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Go through all displays

All displays in the store can be seen until June. So be sure to stop by IKEA Delft in the coming month to browse around. Around July 1, everything will change to the next theme for the next season. What that theme will be, they will keep a secret for a while.

In the past six months there has been 485 times burglarized in The Hague. Choosing the right lock is very important for securing your home. But which lock is best for your doors and windows? Locksmith Snel from The Hague knows the answer to that. They have six types of locks that experienced and certified locksmiths will place at your place. We list them all for you.

The experienced locksmiths of Locksmith Snel uit Den Haag stand 24 available for you hours a day, seven days a week. The company has a PKVW certification, which makes you a specialist in the field of home security. This gives you the best comprehensive and professional help. You can come here not only for opening and replacing all kinds of locks, but also for advice on burglary safety.

Cylinder locks

A cylinder lock is one of the most well-known locks. These locks have an SKG quality mark. This quality mark consists of a number of stars. The amount of stars indicates how well the lock is resistant to break-ins. It is wisest to choose a slot with at least three stars. But if that doesn’t work out cost-effectively, there are also plenty of locks available with fewer stars.

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Layer lock

This type of lock is always visible on a door or on a gate. Because the lock is easy to see, it often deters burglars who want to break into your home. Unlike other locks, this lock is very strong. If you now have a rim lock in the house or at the door, it can easily be replaced. Locksmith Snel can even place a new cylinder lock with a multi-point lock on top of the rim lock, which provides even more protection. Keep in mind that this option is also a bit more expensive.

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Security fitting

A security fitting is a thin metal plate around your lock that prevents burglars from breaking open the door so easily. These fittings come in all shapes and sizes. In addition to the difference in the degree of security, you can also determine the color of the picture. So you can choose what you feel safe with and what you find beautiful.

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Melt lock

The name of this lock already reveals what kind of lock this is: this lock is put in doors. Mortise locks are inserted into a door cutter. As a result, you cannot see from the outside that there is a lock on the door, except for the hole where the key has to go. At Slotenmaker Snel in The Hague they have different types and sizes. So let the technicians advise you if you are not aware of the differences. This way you always choose the lock that suits you.

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Additional slot

This lock is always placed in combination with another lock, for example with a regular cylinder lock. A side lock provides extra protection. Due to the striking appearance of this lock, burglars know that they do not stand a chance to get in with this type of lock. This lock is not only for doors, but also for windows. The advantage of this is that you can even open the window a crack, without having to be afraid of a burglary.

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Window Lock

Although most people call Locksmith Quick for the locks of a door, they can also put window locks. If your windows are not sufficiently secured, you will not be able to optimally secure your home. With window locks you can put your window on the cut. This way you get fresh air in and you don’t have to worry about being broken into. In addition to all normal locks, all window locks that Locksmith Snel places have an SKG quality mark.

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Everything at a glance

You have come to the right place at Locksmith Snel in The Hague if you need to replace a lock or if you need advice about burglary protection. Are you curious which locks are best for your doors and home? Fill out the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible you included. †

Most of us still work for a while before retiring. How do you check whether you have arranged your old age properly? And what should you pay attention to now, even if you are still young? provides a quick and easy answer.

When you stop working, round you 67e or somewhat later, you are entitled to an AOW benefit from the government. If you have a job, you often also have a pension through your employer. But that doesn’t apply to everyone.

The largest amount of money of your life

On average get everyone in the Netherlands, who has had a job, around the 696.000 euros in pension paid out in his or her lifetime. So it is a lot of money. Besides buying a house, your pension is for most people the largest amount of money you will have to deal with in your life. You build it up when you have a job with a boss who has arranged a pension for you. That is not the case everywhere, but fortunately it is with most employers. Good to check if you’re not sure!

Automatically build up pension

If you build up a pension through your work, this is automatic. You pay the premium together with your employer (he also pays). The part that you pay yourself is deducted from your gross salary. So you don’t have to worry about that. Your pension fund invests your pension money and ensures that your pension grows. The largest part of your pension will ultimately come from the income from the investments.

Agreements about your pension are laid down in the Collective Labor Agreement

How much pension you will receive depends mainly on your salary. How much pension you will receive and how much you and your employer pay for it is determined in the collective labor agreement for your company or field of work. Employers and trade unions make these agreements together. It may be helpful to ask about this when applying for a new job. This way you know exactly what to expect.

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Photo: The Pension Federation

Is extra savings necessary or not?

Would you like to know how much pension you have built up to now? You can easily check this on Here you see an overview of what you already have and what you can expect if you continue to work in your current job until you retire. It is useful to occasionally check how much that is and whether it matches what you had in mind. If not, you might be able to save some extra. The sooner you start doing that, the less you have to set aside each month.

Pension changes with your life

How high your pension depends on the choices you make in your life. For example, your pension changes if you get another job with a higher or lower salary. When you start working as a self-employed person, you have to arrange everything yourself. Also your pension. And are you getting married, living together or getting a divorce? Even then, something changes. At all those moments it is wise to check what this means for your pension. And whether you should take action yourself. You will find everything at a glance at

Check now how much pension you will receive later

Certainly know that you can enjoy your old age? Even then it is important to occasionally check your pension or listen to the 20190522 podcasts. Especially when something in your life changes. Log in with your DigiD at 20190522 and see if you are on track. You can also see which pension fund you belong to. You can always go there with all your questions. They are ready for you. †

Nothing better than enjoying a glass of Lipton Ice Tea on a sunny terrace, right? We thought so too! And because that was only possible in the past two years, it is time to put the catering industry in the spotlight. With the election ‘The Lipton terrace of 512‘ Catering establishments that serve the iced tea brand can serve up to 30. win euros in prize money. In total there is even 512. Euro in the prize pool. So: as a catering entrepreneur do you have a terrace and do you serve Lipton Ice Tea? Then read on quickly.

Are you a catering owner with a terrace and do you serve Lipton Ice Tea? From now on, have a chance to win the top prize of 30. euros. The nice thing is: you don’t have to register for the competition first to be able to participate. Lipton Ice Tea has already taken care of that.

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Photo: Lipton

The election is underway meanwhile, through until September 1, where all catering businesses again have a chance to become one of the three national winners. The catering owner with the most popular terrace – and therefore with the most votes – wins the election and receives the hefty amount of 30. euros. The number 2 and 3 of the Netherlands receive respectively 30.000 and 50. euros in prize money.

One vote per day

Throw away food!? No, that is actually no longer of this time. Yet it happens to all of us. Even at supermarkets, bakeries and restaurants, food sometimes ends up in the trash. Super shame, also thought the creators of Too Good To Go. They came up with an app to combat food waste and more and more shops in The Hague are joining. We tell you how you can pick up their tasty, leftover food for a nice price.

From tasty breads to leftover fruit and vegetables and from cakes to dairy products and fresh meals. You can find it all in the Too Good To Go app. Stores easily put products on this app that they risk having left over at the end of the day. You, as a consumer, can pick it up the same or the next day.

It’s usually a surprise what you get: aka the ‘Magic Box’. Look in the app when you can pick one up and saving the food is a snap. For example, save a Magic Box during lunch, after exercise or when you cycle home from work. We have listed five places where you can pick up goodies in The Hague for you.

1. The Sushi Girls

Who doesn’t know them, The Hague Sushi Girls? You can enjoy delicious sushi dishes here in both the Zeeheldenkwartier and Kijkduin. Sustainability is a top priority here: everything is delivered by bicycle, and they work together with ‘green’ fish suppliers. And the Sushi girls work together with Too Good To Go!

You can use the Too Good To Go app order food for the same day, which would otherwise be left over the same evening. For a small price you can then enjoy fresh sashimi, a sushi roll and wakame.

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Photo: Too Good To Go

2. Karsten and Cooper

Also Karsten en Kuiper, the place in the Zeeheldenkwartier where you can get fresh, healthy meals takeout is Too Good To Go fan. All dishes come from our own kitchen, where the team cooks seven days a week.

Enjoy the grilled chicken, spinach-ricotta lasagna or fresh melanzane and help also the environment. 3. Your Voordeelbakker

For delicious bread you have to go to Your Voordeelbakker at Stationsweg. But you are also at the right place for a delicious cake! Your Voordeelbakker thinks it is a shame to throw away bread: that is why they also participate in Too Good To Go.

Download the app and enjoy it all the goodies (while also helping the environment).

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Photo: Too Good To Go

4. Dunkin’ Donuts

If you can enjoy somewhere it’s at Dunkin’ Donuts. The first Hague branch of this sweet-toothed paradise opened in 684 and it was a resounding success from the start. There is now also a branch in Mall of the Netherlands.

Here too people are against food waste, so you can regularly score all that goodies with a discount. Download the Dunkin’ Donuts Too Good To Go app and save your stroke! 5. Spar

You can also take advantage of the many benefits of Too Good To Go at supermarkets. At Spar, for example: at Spar City Noordeinde, Korte Poten and Esso at Laan 5-7 you can regularly pick up a box with ‘leftover’ food for a few euros.

Download the Too Good To Go app

Do you also want to take action against food waste? † Download the app now and save a meal.

For two years we have hardly been able to celebrate King’s Day in The Hague. At least, not in the way we’d like to. Selling things on the free market, playing (old) Dutch games, following the frost closely or going to that one nice festival in the area. To really make it a party, we have listed a number of tips for you.


The big party starts the night before. The party music is already waiting for you in almost every cafe or pub in The Hague. So put on your best orange clothes and celebrate the king’s birthday with all your friends. Please note: for some parties you have to buy a ticket, so be quick. Check here where you can go all out this evening in The Hague.

Free markets

On 27 in April early in the morning the free markets throughout The Hague start. The great thing is: everyone can participate and put down a rug. So start looking for what you can sell during King’s Day and earn some extra pocket money or spend it directly at another cool stall on the flea market. How about that bag you never wear again, your comic book collection or that painting you once made yourself. All information about the free market in The Hague can be found here.

Musical performances

In various places in The Hague you will find this year during The Life I Live various performances by local artists. So get ready for a day of singing along to famous songs and dance to the beats

of the DJs playing. Children are also more than welcome. This will be a party for young and old. Read

here where you can go for musical performances in The Hague during King’s Day.

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1024 King’s Day The Life i Live photo: Wouter Vellekoop

That’s going to be a feast

King’s Day comes with orange delicacies. Carrot cake, orange smoothies and orange tompouces. You can’t think of anything that crazy, as long as it’s orange. Check quickly which bakery is near you to make sure everything is on time.

It’s only King’s Day with a King’s Day ticket

Can it be even more fun? Yes, of course! Because how fan-tas-tic would it be if you turned out to be the winner of 27.00 euros per year , for the next twenty years! Buy before 27 April 18:

hour your lottery ticket for the King’s Day draw of the State Lottery and keep your fingers crossed. You already have a ticket for 3,27 euros.

Caution: Play consciously 00+ when you participate in the King’s Day draw via .


When you hear the term ‘night mayor’ you might think that he or she takes on the mayoral duties during the night hours. But did you know this name is actually an honorific? You can read here what the night mayor of The Hague does.

On this moment 07 night mayors active in the Netherlands. You probably know the very first to receive this title. That was Jules Deelder, the late night mayor of Rotterdam. You no doubt remember him as the poet who always wore black and starred in a laundry detergent commercial.


A night mayor goes in discussion with local politicians about policy. He does this to improve the nightlife. In addition, a night mayor also ensures that the inhabitants of the city are kept informed of all cultural and historical highlights. The work of a night mayor is therefore not that simple!

Talk, talk and talk again

A night mayor ensures that the In most cases, nightlife policies are adhered to and refined where necessary. They do this by having conversations with government officials, catering entrepreneurs and residents.

The duties of the night mayor differ per municipality. In Amsterdam, for example, there is more focus on infrastructure and in Breda increasing the number of public ladies’ toilets is an important goal. So you see, something is really being done with the input from the citizens.

The night mayor of The Hague