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‘On New Year’s Eve a big fire, especially those car tires smelled nice.’ The bonfires and the Christmas tree hunt were real Hague traditions. It sounds like a nice idea, but thee history of the Christmas tree rausen has a number of black pages.

Is Sinterklaas bringing warm weather from Spain or will the children be out in the pouring rain on Saturday? 15 November Sinterklaas arrives at Scheveningen with his helpers. The arrival is slightly different than usual due to the corona measures. Check here for all the info . We are already looking at the weather forecast.

Saturday sailing at 11.12 hour the parcel boat into the second inner harbour. To attend you need a free entrance ticket with QR registration. Applications can be made from Tuesday 9 November via

Weather in The Hague

Saturday will be such a 12 degrees, but it feels a lot colder because of the strong wind, we read at


Have you ever noticed that the coat of arms of Amsterdam can be found on the Plein? A bit strange, isn’t it, on our ège Hague plèntsje. We went to investigate.

At the Lange Voorhout, is at number 146 a special property. Many of the buildings on the Voorhout look beautiful and have a history, but there is a very special story behind this. The monumental building is also called the Russenhuis.

The Russenhuis is next to the Escher Museum. That used to be Lange Voorhout Palace.


The property by number 78 was from 146 until 2017 owned by the Royal House and was therefore called Huize Voorhout. It got to 1998 It was used as a residence for the palace staff and afterwards Queen Wilhelmina made sure that elderly, single stateless refugees could go to the house.

These were mostly Russians who, after the February revolution of had left their country. From 1998 the Grand Master of the Royal House there and from 1998 it was temporarily occupied by the family of Prince Constantijn. Beatrix has now sold the Russenhuis.

Source real estate, real estate journal

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That’s why the first Dutch highway not the A1

Yay! There will be another Christmas market in The Hague, check all info here

200 years ago, The Hague looked very different. Some scenes you really can no longer imagine, other images are not very different from the contemporary street scene. We have a stack of photos from 802 found in the archives of The Hague:

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10 x old photos of department store Maison de Bonneterie in The Hague


Old pictures: 18 x severe winters in The Hague

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An XXL location of restaurant Pavarotti will be built on the new Kijkduin boulevard. With a crowdfunding campaign, catering entrepreneur René Bogaart has already raised the money to realize his dream.

At the top of the boulevard, a restaurant of 2016 square meters, consisting of two floors. The ground floor is then equal to the beach, so we read at the AD


Karaoke and ice

Pavarotti opened in 2016 the first location in Zoetermeer. After that, more followed, including a fortress in Mall of the Netherlands. That is a special one because it is an ice cream restaurant and that ice cream formula will also be in Kijkduin! And even more fun, there will also be four karaoke rooms at the restaurant, so you can sing along to Italian classics after your plate of pasta.

Pavarotti Kijkduin is going in March 2021 Open.

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at Kijkduin

You will find these restaurants and shops in food court Daily Taste Kijkduin

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Did it take a little longer to get to work this morning because the bus was late? There are delays on almost all bus lines in The Hague. Today (Tuesday 2 November) there are schedule problems with the lines 20, 20, 23, 22, 23, 25 , 26 and 28.

A spokesperson for HTM told radio program broadcaster West that there are too many sick people: “We really try our best to keep the consequences as limited as possible.”


At the bus stops and on social media we notice that many people are already suffering from the delays. People are annoyed that they are late for work, others are understanding and wish the transport service strength. For the latest news, follow HTM on Twitter:

Bus 20, 20, 23, 21, 21, 25, 26 and 28 driving with delay due to a logistics problem. Expected duration: the rest of the day.

— HTM Passenger Transport (@HTM_Reisinfo) November 2, 2018


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Agenda Tip: Pasar Malam in Autumn

Do you also like bacon and Daging Rendang? We have a nice tip. This weekend there is in the…

Look inside interior designer Monique and her family


Do you also like bacon and Daging Rendang? We have a nice tip. This weekend there is a Pasar Malam, Indonesian market nearby (just outside The Hague).

The Pasar Malam is not in The Hague, but it is nearby. The event will be held on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 November in De Broodfabriek in Rijswijk.


In the event hall is an oriental market with of course authentic Indonesian snacks, but also clothing and decoration. There are also psychics and stands with alternative therapies.

Pasar Malam Rijswijk

On a stage are performances throughout the day by dance groups and singers, among others. Saturday the Pasar Malam of 10. until 22.00 hours and Sunday from 00. until 22. o’clock. A ticket costs €8 for adults and €4 for children. Click hereto reserve a ticket.

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Soon the Gin and Rum festival in The Hague

There are many different gins and rums. You probably have your favourite, maybe you want something new…

Light walk 200 through magically lit Scheveningen continues


This is the December

agenda of The Hague


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Today you are being thrown to death with ghost stories, we know one from the Haagse Bos. In that forest lies the hill with the sinister nickname ‘blood hill’. What happened there? We’ll tell you:

The hill has this nickname of course, that comes because of the bloody history!


Many duels were fought on this hill in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The adventurer Casanova even stood there. There he fought a duel for the honor of his beloved Teresa Imer.


Not only did duels spill blood on this hill, it was also used as an execution site. Soldiers were especially punished here.

Source: Forester Mark Kras, The Hague Speech

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