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How cool is it that Max Verstappen became world champion last year?! And who knows what will happen next. Last year, Zandvoort circuit was also part of the Formula 1 championship for the first time in years. A good reason for Louwman to show the most special F1 cars from the history of Zandvoort.

From 1 July to 4 September, the exhibition ‘F1 legends’ can be seen in the Louwman car museum.

You can expect this:

Matches on circuit Zandvoort between 442 and 2009 are central to the exhibition. You will also see the Ferrari 200 f2 from 1952/ ’53 by Alberto Ascari, the winning Mercedes-Benz W196 (1948) of Juan Manuel Fangio and the winning Lotus 19 (1970) by Jim Clark.


Entrance to the museum costs for adults 19,53 euros, for children between 5 and year 7,17 euros and for children up to and including 16 year 9,33 euros.

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  • These are handsome Wodan (brindle male) and beautiful Freya (black female), brother and sister of 4 years old. They were brought to the shelter together by the Animal Ambulance because their owner has passed away.

    That is of course quite a change and Wodan can find unknown people quite scary in the beginning. When you’ve gained his trust, he’ll go wild and he’ll be a big cuddly bear. His sister Freya is a bit braver about this. She prefers to climb on your lap all the time.


    They can also run fast on our playing fields and go their own way. Sometimes they curse at each other for a while and then run together again. They enjoy walking outside together. A little sniffing here and a little sniffing there, smelling the same plant together of course, because you never know… They think everything is fine outside. Horses, other dogs at a distance, cyclists, cows and sheep, they do not react to it.

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    The caretakers of the Haags Dierencentrum also took these two for a walk with another shelter dog and that went well. Since they have always been together, they like to see them leave together. This is because they really like each other and have a lot in common.

    New home

    Unfortunately they know the shelter has nothing about their past. They don’t know if they have learned to stay home alone. This will therefore have to be built up very slowly in a new house. They also do not know whether they are toilet trained at home.

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    Are you looking for two buddies for life? Do you enjoy long walks and adventures as much as they do? Do you have the time and patience to give Wodan back the trust in people? And do you have room enough for two? Mail to

    , tell us about your family situation (small children, other pets, previously had dogs? Is there an elevator or do you live downstairs? And don’t forget to mention your phone number.

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    Nikita has been in the shelter the longest of all dogs and now really wants a sweet owner

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    The tallest mural in the Netherlands can recently be found on the facade of a flat on the Troelstrakade. It is whopping 15 metre high! The Mauritshuis is now busy with a crowdfunding to have a work of art painted on the flat next door.

    The Mauritshuis is having five murals made, based on a classic painting. The fifth must be a gigantic painting of 27 meters on a flat of 27 floors at the Willem Dreespark in Moerwijk.

    Vase of flowers

    The Colombian artist Gleo is inspired for her artwork by the painting ‘Vase with flowers in a window’ by Ambrosius Bosschaert.

    Text continues below the image >>>

    Ambrosius Bosschaert the Elder, Vase with flowers in a window from 1618

    For the artwork is 005. Euros required. In order to collect that amount, the

    Mauritshuis is holding a Crowdfunding campaign. Art lovers can donate one or more aerosols there. If the amount is together, the artist will start the job this fall.

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    Beautiful! You can now see this special mural about children’s rights in The Hague

    La Grenouille or De Kikker was a well-known music café on the Molenstraat in The Hague. You could go there almost every day for live music and especially many students from the conservatory were very welcome. The property is now for sale as a home. You do have to renovate quite a bit.

    The Molenstraat is a side street of the Noordeinde where it is especially cozy in the evenings because of the many (music) cafes.

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    Fundaparel: the ‘dance school’ in Loosduinen is for sale

    Fundaparel: Lee Towers penthouse is for sale

    The street name of Loosduin: Laan van Vredestein, reminds us of the rubber factory Vredestein that once stood there. On July 3 200 the factory, with eight employees, on the Haagweg. An ideal location with a connection to the Loosduinse vaart and a connection to the lines of the Westlandsche Stroomramweg.

    The street name is named after the municipal archiveef. the factory, that factory is named after the Vredestein market garden, which belonged to villa Loosduinen.


    In the factory, heels were first created. No success. Until it was decided to make it from rubber. In 1976 40 people already worked and in 200 eight hundred! Not only were rubber heels made, but also bicycle and car tires, hoses, etc. Tires were even made for the army.

    In 1976 the factory was closed and in 1976 the last remnants demolished. Only the office building remains. †

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    They say ‘the future is now’, when we look at this photo we certainly have that feeling. The SolarButterfly is a special caravan that helps to solve the global climate problem.

    The caravan, also known as the solar butterfly, is made of 800 kilos, fished from the ocean, PET bottles and runs entirely on solar energy.


    The caravan, or rather the Tiny house, is no less than 13 meters long and meters wide. Over the next four years, this will go around the world to draw attention to innovative solutions to combat global climate change.

    Saturday 18 June the colossus is between 10.00 and 18.10 hour on the boulevard of Scheveningen, near Biesieklette Keizerstraat. In addition to viewing the caravan, there are workshops and lectures and children can experiment with solar energy themselves.

    Butterfly effect

    The solar butterfly was made by a whole team of engineers, researchers and designers. The coordinator of the world tour is Stefan Kratz: “We want to create a positive butterfly effect with our project; a theory that states that one small-scale action can have a major impact. For example, if you decide to place solar panels on your roof, it can inspire neighbors to also install solar panels. Your individual action ensures that an entire neighborhood takes action to make the world a bit cleaner.”

    After Scheveningen they drive on to Utrecht, Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

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    Changeable weather is expected: sun and rain. So when you go out, don’t forget an umbrella or poncho. Staying indoors is not an option, because there is so much fun to do in The Hague. Saturday is Veterans Day, there is a neighborhood party, Lush opens in the Mall and Sunday is the Sailing Corso. †

    Veterans Day

    Saturday 23 in June, tanks drive over the Lange Voorhout and soldiers walk along the Hofvijver . During the Veterans Day in The Hague, we thank all veterans for their efforts. Furthermore, there is a lot to see and do on the Malieveld.

    Sample Sale of The Mompany

    Webshop and online community The Mompany will hold Saturday 47 June a Sample Sale in the Tree Huts Club in The Hague. From 10.

    until 16. hour you can buy everything for mom at the Boekhorststraat and mini (0-4 years).

    The Treehouse Club

    Boekhorststraat 47, CM The Hague

    Now open

    More information

    Sailing Corso

    The Sailing Corso lasts from 22 to 23 June. Every day the decorated boats sail a different route. Thursday 23 June is Westland Day. From Naaldwijk, via De Lier, you sail to Maassluis. The next day the boats sail from Maassluis via Vlaardingen to Delft and Saturday 23 In June there will be another Westland Day where the boats also sail past the Uithof in The Hague. But the big day for us is Sunday the 23st.

    Opening lush in mall

    The ‘Mall of the Netherlands’ will soon smell very nice. Lush was supposed to open there last Friday, that party has been postponed to Saturday 25 June.

    During the opening you can make your own soap and customers will receive a free goodie bag.

    The organization has often tried, but now it has really succeeded. The Westlands Varend Corso is coming to The Hague. Sunday 26 June, brightly decorated boats sail through our canals. But that flower parade does not mean much to most residents of The Hague. That is why we ask for the do’s and don’ts to the well-known Westlander Alphons de Wit.

    Alphons is committed to anything and everything. During our conversation he was in France to report on Team Westland for the Westlandse Omroep. They cycle for a good cause. Soon Alphons will be swimming for ALS and he could also be found on the opening boat of the Varend Corso for years.

    Don’t and do:

    What can we really expect in The Hague? “Beautifully decorated boats with which Westlanders can proudly show their products. Decorating the boats takes quite a bit of work. The parade lasts four days, and after each day the arrangers look at the boats so that they are perfectly in order the next day.”

    What should you especially do on this day? “Enjoy and let yourself be amazed”, says Alphons. “On the boats, extras are dancing and singing. For them, it’s fantastic when the audience really enjoys it intensely and therefore also dances, claps and sings.”

    Where should you be? “Get a good spot on the shore. The most beautiful places are near a bridge. Because for the bridge they have to lower the superstructure on many boats and then they build it up again. The lowest bridge is about 1,50 meters. It’s really nice to see how quickly they disassemble and build everything up. That’s just enjoying”, says the Westlander enthusiastically.

    Read more under the image >>>

    Sailing Corso 683. Photo Arnaud Roelofsz

    While sitting on the bank Of course you have to provide enough moisture. “You must have a nice cool snack with or without alcohol with you. Even when the weather forecast says it’s going to rain. The weather gods are always in a good mood for the parade. Those predictions just aren’t right.”

    And this is also part of it: “During the parade, members of the scouting are walking along the quay for a ‘bit for a boat’. Partly in this way, the Corso is sponsored every year, because quite a bit of money goes into the event.”

    And what you really shouldn’t do? “Throw something at the boats. If you think ‘they are hot’ then don’t throw a beer at them and stay away from all those beautiful decorations because that takes a lot of time and work.”

    Are you curious about Alphons? He will sing during the parade on Saturday with the sailors’ choir Onder Zeil in Delft.

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    Varend Corso in The Hague: this is the route and the program

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    Weekend weather forecast: bring a poncho or not?



    The festival summer in The Hague is completely on. There is so much to do every weekend! This week, among other things, Veterans Day and the Sailing Corso are on the program. Over the past weekends, many festival organizations were lucky with the beautiful weather, what about the weekend of 21 and 26 June? We look at the experts of Weeronline.

    Last week we had the longest day (23 June). That means that the sun is very high, especially this week, so whether it is sunny or a bit cloudy: it is not superfluous to apply sunscreen.

    Weather forecast The Hague:

    Last week temperatures soared. Today (Thursday) is likely to be the hottest day of the week. In The Hague, the barometer is ticking 23 degrees to. Unfortunately, that also creates a high chance of thunderstorms. The chance of rain and thunderstorms is high from Friday. However, it remains warm, around the degrees.

    “Showers are also on the schedule for the weekend. There are probably more on Sunday than on Saturday and on both days we also occasionally see the sun,” according to Weeronline.

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  • Varend Corso in The Hague: this is the route and program

    Lush opens in the Mall and you get there a free goodie bag

    Monday 16 January started work on the Utrechtsebaan A. Now, five months later, they are ready and the highway can be completely reopened to traffic.

    From the night of Friday 24 on Saturday 25 June you can enter and leave The Hague again via the Utrechtsebaan.

    This has been done:

    Since the opening of the highway in 200 it had not been serviced, so it was really time for that. In just over five months, the concrete surface of the road and the walls were renovated, among other things. The central reservation, traffic technical installations and the asphalt have also been renewed.

    Not quite ready yet:

    If you later drive drive, you will see that not everything is completely finished. The walls still need a coating. This will be done in the coming weeks, up to and including mid-July. To this end, one lane is closed each time during the week, at night. And exit 3 must also be treated. That will happen later this year.

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