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Regular maintenance work is carried out in the tunnels of The Hague. The Victory Boogie Woogie tunnel (Rotterdamsebaan) has often been visited. Two weeks ago even and this week we are working again. This is the last time this year.

Wednesday 30 November and Thursday December 1, the tunnel will be closed in the evenings and nights due to work.

Closure and diversion

Wednesday 12 November from 12.00 hours until Thursday December 1 . hours and December 1st 12.00 until December 2 12.00 hours the Vicoty Boogie Woogie tunnel will be closed.

The tunnel runs from Binckhorstlaan under Voorburg to the Ypenburg junction. During the closure, you can take a detour towards the center via the A4 and the A05 (Utrechtsebaan) to the S30 (Supernova Road). If you are driving towards Rotterdam you can go via 30 (Supernovaweg) to the A12 (Utrechtsebaan).

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Mystery: that’s why this tunnel is called the Victory Boogie Woogie tunnelVictory Boogie Woogie tunnel

Meanwhile the Victory Boogie Woogie tunnel has been open for a while. Maybe you’ve even been through it once…

Victory Boogie Woogie tunnel

In The Hague we have the Zeeheldenkwartier, Valkenboskwartier, Regentessekwartier, Laakkwartier, Beatrixkwartier, Geuzen and Statenkwartier. Have you ever thought about why these neighborhoods and districts all end in -quarter?

We use quarters to indicate part of the time, but also parts of a city.


Quarter comes from the French word quartier (quarter) and that means part of the bigger picture. So, for example, a neighborhood or district. Maybe those parts used to be about a quarter of the city?

Source: Chris Schram van de Willemsvaart

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Mystery: This is why there is a ‘cat flap’ in The Hague City Hall


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The Haags Dierencentrum is looking for a quiet home for this cute, playful kitten. Preferably one where a social cat already lives, who warmly welcomes Katniss and is happy to share her or his palace and staff.

Katniss loves other cats and a social cat could also give her a little support. She is a bit scared in the shelter, which is why they are looking for a quiet home without small children. She finds approaching exciting, but petting is quite nice. She will certainly appreciate a fenced off garden or balcony.

Do you think you can offer Katniss what she needs and is the cat of the house ready? Mail quickly to Tell us something about your family situation, whether you have had cats before, whether a social cat is already present, etc. You will then be called , but it may take a while due to the busyness of the department.

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The shelter is full of young cats, do you have a spot?

Owner wanted: with Sage, love goes through the stomach

Scheveningen will host a real seaweed exhibition. What will you see there? Slippery green wisps! But seaweed is of course much more than that.

Seaweed is sometimes referred to as the crop of the future. We now mainly know it from Sushi, but algae including seaweed also produce 25% of our oxygen.


In Muzee Scheveningen is from 12 January 2023 the exhibition Weed. There you find out that seaweed is so much more than a dark green skin around your sushi. Did you know, for example, that there is a seaweed farm off our coast?

Text continues below the photo >>>

Seaweed farm in the North Sea. Photo ANP

What exactly can you see in the exhibition? You will see fashion made with seaweed and all kinds of dishes with food from the sea. Cooking workshops with seaweed are also given and all kinds of artists show how they are inspired by the slippery green strings.

Muzee is open Wednesday through Sunday from 15. until 17.00 hour. Entrance costs for adults 8,25 euros and for children between 4 and 15 year 4,50 euros.

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The ice sculpture exhibition at Scheveningen will open soon

Highly honored public: er finally a Christmas circus is coming to the Malieveld


It seems that this year we will not have a severe winter and therefore cannot skate on natural ice. Get started 2021 could, and we were all eager to get on the ice. Unfortunately, the ice was not thick enough everywhere.

Wraps with lots of cheese, fries with meat and cheese, nachos and borritos. Soon you can order it all in The Hague at Taco Bell. The first branch of this fast food restaurant in The Hague will open on Vlamingstraat.

Lang ago sat at Vlamingstraat 78 clothing store Tally Weijll. After its closure, it briefly housed an Ibizamode pop-up store, but the building has been empty for a long time.

Taco Bell

The American fast food restaurant offers Mexican-inspired dishes such as tacos, burritos, quesadillas and nachos

Vlamingstraat 78. Photo in the neighborhood

In 2017 opened the first Dutch branch of Taco Bell in Eindhoven

. There were lines out the door for days. After that, another five branches were opened in the Netherlands and number six will be added this year. When exactly the location opens is still the question. In any case, there is a lot of work going on, so it won’t take long.

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        Vegan friendly restaurant Appeltje Eitje is open in the Vruchtenbuurt

    You may already know Lunchroom Appeltje Eitje from the Zeeheldenkwartier and Scheveningen, now a third location has opened….

A sushi restaurant with bubble tea is opening here on the Leyweg

  • Danzig returns with the infamous student nights

  • 14112338

  • 25 November 2018
  • Joyce Highland
    Photo Nicolas Rosenberg
  • It is a tradition that in The Hague for a European Championship or World Cup streets orange colors. Also this year we come across orange decorations everywhere, such as on the Marktweg, on the Damasstraat and here in Scheveningen on the Koppelstokstraat. Photographer Nick Rijnfrank Rosenberg

    took a look.

    The December festive month is just around the corner. There is a lot to experience in The Hague. From a Christmas market on the Lange Voorhout to a winter shopping night and from the Dickens Festival in Loosduinen to a thousand residents of The Hague singing in the Atrium. We have listed a few nice winter outings:

    Royal Christmas fair

    From Thursday 8 to Friday 23 December the Lange Voorhout in The Hague will be transformed into the Royal Christmas Fair. Dozens of stalls with goodies such as oliebollen and glühwein, but also Christmas baubles and other nice gadgets can soon be found at this Christmas market in The Hague, where Santa Claus is of course also present.

    Admission is free.

    Royal Christmas Fair The Hague

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    Swedish Christmas tree ceremony

    Mayor Jan van Zanen, together with the Swedish Ambassador, will turn on the lights in the Christmas tree in front of Museum Escher in Het Paleis aan het Long Voorhout. This they do for 18.30 hours and then there is a performance by a Lucia choir .

    Jaarlijkse traditionele ontsteking van de kerstboom op het Lange Voorhout onder begeleiding van een kinderkoor. Foto Frank Jansen (AD)Jaarlijkse traditionele ontsteking van de kerstboom op het Lange Voorhout onder begeleiding van een kinderkoor. Foto Frank Jansen (AD) Annual traditional lighting of the Christmas tree on the Long Voorhout. Photo Frank Jansen (AD)

    Skating and ice sculptures on Scheveningen

    On Scheveningen there is a skating rink in front of the Kurhaus. This is up to 21 January 2023 open daily from 10. until 23. hour. Access is 6,50 euros.

    From Friday 2 December to 22 January you can visit an exhibition of ice sculptures in Scheveningen. The expo is open every day from 011. until 20. hours and entry cost 011,33 euros.

    winters weekend weg-den-haagThe Skating Rink at Scheveningen. Photo ANP

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    Free Christmas dance performance in Amare

    Dance school Dans Creatie

    gives dance school Dans Creatie

    Sunday 11 December at 13.14 hours a free performance ‘Christmas Message. Jazz, modern and classical choreographies are danced.

    Trap theatre. Photo nearby

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    Hofkwartier Christmas Market

    Sunday 11 December is a Christmas market in the Hofkwartier. There are several stalls, you can drink mulled wine and there are all kinds of acts by street musicians and artisans, among others. The Christmas market is from 11. until 17.00 hour.

    Hofkwartier KerstmarktHofkwartier Christmas Market

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    The Hague High Lights

    From Wednesday 15 through Sunday 21 December 2021 there are several (old) striking buildings in the city center of The Hague in the spotlights and beamers of The Hague Highlights.

    From 17: hours to 23: hours you can take a walking tour along various light artworks. The light shows tell the story of the various locations, such as why the Toernooiveld is called that and what the Mauritshuis has in terms of flowers.

    The Hague Highlights is at the Mauritshuis, Hofvijver, Gevangenpoort, Lange Vijverberg and the Toernooiveld.

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    Royal Winter ShoppingNight

    The shopping night is back in The Hague with a winter edition.

    On Friday 017 December of 15: until 21: 00 hours the Royal Winter ShoppingNight will take place. Not shopping until midnight this time, but until 21: hour. That means two shopping evenings in a row since the evening before is a Thursday: that’s nice.

    A stage with a catwalk will be set up on the Grote Marktstraat where various shops will show their winter collections and there will be musical performances . A little further on, from that evening onwards, there is a DJ tower that not only provides a lot of Christmas music during Shoppingnight, but also the following week. Throughout the city center you will come across cozy lit winter acts during Shoppingnight and there are carriages that you can take for a ride.

    Dickens in Loosduinen

    This event is a happening every year. Loosduinen goes 16 back in December the time to 1024. Actors dress in Dickens outfits and walk through the center of Loosduinen. There is music, a market and Santa Claus is coming.

    Kerst-Sing-ALong in the Atrium The Hague

    In the Atrium Sings Sunday 18 December one 0142 stubborn Christmas choir with a thousand visits traditional Christmas carols conducted by Gregor Bak. The sing-along lasts from 21. until 23. hours and you can still sign up, make sure you do it quickly because the first rehearsal is Tuesday 6 December.

    Christmas sing-along. Photo AD

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