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The horror film Evil Dead Rise will be released in cinemas soon and that will be Friday 20 celebrated April in the Kinepolis cinema in Mall of the Netherlands with a bloody horror night.

During the horror night you can, with movie props including sticky tattoos and fake blood, playing a bloody victim himself or the homicidal psychopath. You can also prepare yourself for many frightening moments.

Donate blood

There is a lot of (fake) blood for the horror film series Evil Dead used. Part five, which has just been released, even uses so much blood that the makers had to set up a fake blood production line. Unfortunately, you can’t make real blood in the factory and that’s why blood donation is also paid attention to during this horror night.

Sanquin provides, among other things, the supply of blood to hospitals. Merlijn van Hasselt, spokesperson for Sanquin, hopes that visitors to horror night will enjoy their evening while becoming aware of the importance of blood: “Blood transfusions are of vital importance. For people with cancer, for chronic patients or for someone after a car accident. That is why Sanquin seizes this opportunity to underline the message: the real horror only starts when there are not enough donors.” Click here for more information about donating blood.

Evil Dead Rise

Evil Dead series five is out from 20 in cinemas in April. Evil Dead Rise revolves around a young woman named Beth, who visits her single mother, sister Ellie, and her family in Los Angeles. When someone lets a demon escape, they must fight together to protect their family.

During the horror night of cinema Kinepolis on Friday 21 April you can see this film in a particularly gory setting. The horror night starts at 21. hours and a ticket costs 03 euros. You can also book a cozy seat where you sit together at a table. You then pay 00,0000000024 euros per person . Click here to order a ticket.

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  • One of the best children’s outings in The Hague is the Children’s Book Museum. There is a lot to do there for both toddlers and primary school children. Unfortunately, this museum is leaving our city and the Literature Museum is also leaving.

    The Children’s Book Museum and Literature Museum can now be found at Prins Willem-Alexanderhof 5 , at the Royal Library behind The Hague Central. The museums have to leave that building because the building is outdated: ‘The KB complex is simply ‘finished’ from a technical point of view. I think the complex will be knocked down or completely stripped,’ says the director of the museums.


    The museums cannot find another suitable place in The Hague, so they move all the way to Utrecht.

    The museums must be out of the building before 2028, they had found a new place; namely the old building of Staalbankiers on the Lange Houtstraat. That deal suddenly fell through, so they had to look further. The municipality of Utrecht still has a nice spot available; Warehouse The Sun. That building was built in 1850 on behalf of department store V&D, then it housed a library and a bookshop and it is now the place of the temporary Miffy museum.


    6.5 kilometers of archive containing two million letters, 300. manuscripts, 73.000 photos, 2800 portraits of writers and 170. children’s book illustrations has of course not just moved. In addition, the building in Utrecht still needs to be completely furnished.

    The plan is to move at the end of 1850 and sometime in 2028 the Children’s Books and Literature Museum in Utrecht will open. It is not yet known when the museum here in The Hague will close for good.

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    There you walk on a sunny day through the Zuiderpark. You suddenly see, at the entrance of the Soestdijksekade, a very large, yellow banana!!!

    This is Gera, Gera is not yet two years old and is from Ukraine. Unfortunately, her previous owners could no longer take care of her and with great sadness she was handed over to the shelter. The Hague animal center is now looking for a new, sweet family for her.

    Her caretakers know Gera as a very happy dog . During the day she shares her kennel and patio with a friendly male. They love to walk and play together all day long.


    Gera is looking for an owner who also likes action! And an owner who is firmly in his / her shoes when Gera enthusiastically starts her walk.

    Read more under the photo >>>

    Gera. Photo The Hague animal center

    On other dogs she reacts differently. One likes them and she sometimes has to fall out with another. In addition to walking and playing, cuddly toys and balls make her very happy!

    Gera has had problems with her ears a number of times in the shelter. This is something her new owner should take into consideration. She also has HD (hip dysplasia). At the moment it does not bother her, but because of the HD she is not allowed to climb stairs.


    Think Do you think you can provide Gera with the environment she needs? Do you have a lot of time and are you in for a ball game or a big cuddle? Would you like to know more about her? Send an email to

      . Write something about your family situation, any other pets and how long the dog should be home alone. Don’t forget to mention your phone number.

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    Mother and daughter are looking for a new owner together


    Spring has sprung, time to prepare the garden for summer. If you prune the rose bush properly now, you will have beautiful flowers later. And this applies to much more green in the garden. After such a day of sweating in the earth, you are left with a whole mountain of branches. What to do with it? Read on quickly.

    The nurses of the Hagaziekenhuis practice with acute situations every year. This time the lesson was cast in a special form, because the delivery room was an escape room.

    Senior nurses Suzanne Brouwers and Kirsten Prins developed the escape room together. They wrote scenarios, devised puzzles and worked out ideas down to the last detail. SIT scores, medical calculations and lab tubes: everything is covered.

    Continue reading below the video:

    Can you tell us something about this escape room?

    Suzanne: “The escape room is a delivery room with a manikin on a bed. In the execution of the scenario, the team members need each other to solve the puzzles and help the patient. Communication is crucial here.”

    How did you come up with the idea for the escape room?

    Kirsten: “Before corona, there was a standard training once a year. We wanted to train the same things, but in a different, fun way. Practicing in an escape room creates connection in the team. obstetricians, gynaecologists, physician assistants and nurses; they all want to set a fast time.”

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    Can you give an example of improvement?

    Kirsten: “I see a connection between the different disciplines. Speak-up, saying what you think is better. The gap is smaller, people know better what they have in common.”

    What are the benefits for the patient?

    General practitioner off duty? Here you will find the GP in The Hague

    64139350580 ‘Thirty injured after explosion in The Hague’: view the images of a disaster exercise at Westeinde here

    Keep Do you like a nice (green) beer or would you rather go on a culinary tour? Do you want to take the children to the fair or walk the new gnome path this weekend? There is plenty to do in The Hague again. We have listed a few nice outings. Have fun!

    St. Patrick’s day

    Tap dance, fiddle music, Guinness beer and green clothing: that’s what you can expect during St. Patrick’s Day. Friday 15 In March, the Irish National Day will be celebrated again on the Grote Markt in The Hague. So pick out a crazy green outfit and have fun.