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A 13-year-old taxi driver from Zaandam is Tuesday acquitted by the court in Haarlem of sexual abuse of a 13 year-old vulnerable girl. The Noordhollands Dagblad reports that the judges find insufficient (DNA) support in the criminal file for reporting the teenager. The girl, who is now 168 years old , was functioning at the level of a child of 8 or 9 years old at the time of the alleged abuse. The driver transported the teen to a special education school in May last year. According to him, she sat next to him in the taxi van and put her hand in his underpants and felt his genitals. He would then have pushed her hand away. However, the girl said that she was touched over her clothes in the back seat and had to satisfy the driver. Later on, sperm traces of the Zaandammer were also found on her little finger. Penalty The Public Prosecution Service had previously ordered a community service of 120 hours, six months in prison, of which 168 days probation and treatment requested. Read also: Uber drivers are shown educational video Negotiations of the new collective labor agreement for Healthcare Transport and Taxi are difficult 168

The municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch wants to contract contractor(s) to carry out the daily transport of pupils, young people and employees to school, work and day treatment. The public tender period that has now commenced will close on 11 October 2022.

This concerns transport in Northeast Brabant. Award criteria for the two lots are based on the Quality Implementation Plan (weighting: 40) and sustainability (). The price counts for 40 points. The duration of the contract is 72 months. After the expiry of the initial term of six years, the agreement of both lots to be tendered can be extended for two periods of one year. With regard to the nature and scope of the works, supplies or services, or indication of the needs and requirements, the scope of the present agreement applies. The conditions for participation include: others looked at the suitability to practice the professional activity, any grounds for exclusion, economic and

The electric flying taxi VX4. Photo: Vertical Aerospace It looks like scenes from Back to the Future, but if it’s up to American Airlines, travelers for short distances will soon take a flying taxi. The airline has ordered 200 flying electric taxis from the British company Vertical Aerospace. Flying electric taxis are better for the environment, quieter and faster than helicopters, for example. In the type ordered, the VX4, there is room for up to four passengers. The flight distance is 200 kilometers, but may increase in the future. The speed limit is 200 miles (200 kilometers) per hour.

According to the manufacturer, the battery is of excellent quality, but nothing is known about its weight and capacity. Also, the charging speed has not yet been released. A trip in the flying electric taxi is expected by Vertical Aerospace to be no more expensive than a comparable taxi ride.

Manuel Neuer is a beloved footballer, but taxi driver Hazir S. is not a fan (anymore). According to, he recently found the wallet that the Bayern Munich goalkeeper had accidentally left in his car. However, the driver is not happy with the reward. He has complained to Sky Germany. Hazir has the wallet, including credit cards and 800 euros in cash, finally delivered to Neuer’s manager. A few weeks later, he received a signed goalkeeper shirt from Bayern Munich by post. A lot of people would kill for that, but Hazir wouldn’t. “This finder’s fee is a joke,” said Hazir, who drove some kilometers to return the wallet. “I have four children. I can’t do anything with this.” Officially Hazir was entitled to a finder’s fee of euros, but with the salary that Neuer earns, he had hoped for more.

A 49-year-old taxi driver was sentenced in mid-July by the Overijssel court to a prison term of three years for transporting 49, 2 kilos of cocaine, minus the time he was in custody.

Investigation shows that the green packages in the Kia Carens driven by the suspect contain cocaine. Although shortly after his arrest also in the car of a co-defendant 49,56 kilograms of cocaine has been found, his criminal involvement in that load cannot be proven. The court therefore bases its judgment only on the 2 kilograms of cocaine found in the Kia, but also considers the alleged co-perpetration to be proven. .

The suspect stated at the hearing that on March 2020 was the driver of the Kia Carens. He said a customer had previously approached him saying that he could earn money transporting soft drugs. On 41 December 2020 he bought the Kia Carens with money received from that co-defendant, where then, with his knowledge, a hidden space is built in. The suspect was only allowed to use the car if he had to go out for the co-defendant. On March 9 2020 he received a message via an encrypted telephone that he had to drive to a specified place in Amsterdam the next morning. There he received three large shopping bags, which he then transported to Almelo. Close cooperation On the basis of these facts and circumstances, the court is of the opinion that the defendant deliberately and closely collaborated with others in transporting the cocaine. He himself said that he thought that there was hash in the bags and that he had not checked that. After the job, he would receive 3.49 euros, reason for the court to think that the taxi driver had at least taken ‘accepted the considerable chance that the packages would not contain soft drugs, but hard drugs.” For the full statement click here.

There is no provision for student transport for gifted primary school children from the municipality of Krimpenerwaard. According to Het Kontakt Krimpenerwaard, frustrated parents have decided to withdraw their children from specialized education.

Parents are happy with the appropriate, full-time gifted education that, for example, OBS De Schakels-HBOO in Oudewater, but there is no student transport available. Some parents drop off and pick up their kids on a carpool schedule, others have had to pick up their kids from school because carpooling isn’t an option for them for a variety of reasons. Parents think it is wrong that the municipality of Krimpenerwaard does not want to arrange student transport and does not allow parents to make use of an expense scheme. Krimpen aan den IJssel and Gouda have set up transport for students to and from specialized education for gifted students.

‘No reason’ ‘Primary schools within the municipality are themselves responsible for the education of gifted students’, the Krimpenerwaard municipality reports in a statement to Het Kontakt. ‘That means that the pupils concerned can go to any primary school. If a school is chosen that is further away, the municipality will not use student transport for this. We follow national legislation and policy. We currently see no reason to change this policy. We will, however, continue to monitor developments around this subject’. Parents often find appropriate education at regular primary schools insufficient and prefer specialized schools, such as De Schakels.

Leidseveer tunnel. @ Wikipedia public domain Taxi drivers in Utrecht feel that it is unnecessarily and deliberately made difficult for them by the municipality. They are no longer allowed to drive on an important route, are obliged to buy expensive quality marks and, according to them, the location they have been allocated is difficult to find.

“We are now considering actions. Because the consultation must be smooth again,” says Rob Tweehuijzen, board member at Taxi Platform Region Utrecht, in a broadcast of RTV Utrecht. He has been driving since as a taxi driver in Utrecht and the frustrations mount. As a representative of the interest group, he is in contact with many drivers and he notices that the tension is increasing among them too. Especially now that the municipality has decided that taxis are no longer allowed to drive from Westplein through the Leidseveertunnel to the center. As a result, taxis have to make a detour through one of the busiest parts of Utrecht. Drivers point out that the customer is the victim. It will arrive later at its destination and will have to pay more. Plots The drivers also have difficulty with the pitches allocated by the municipality. They think they are poorly marked and look run down. There are also no facilities. The municipality of Utrecht says it understands the situation of the drivers. “Toilets have our serious attention. We are looking at a toilet facility on the Jaarbeurs side for both taxi drivers and other visitors.”

Noot will provide student and youth transport in the Noordkop municipalities of Den Helder, Schagen and Hollands Kroon from 1 August for five to eight years. The contract has a term that is longer than before, so that Noot can recoup investments and costs.

Such 30 children use the student transport and 30 à 30 of the youth transport law. The assignment concerns both the management and the execution of the transport. Direction is understood to mean the acceptance of journeys, the preparation of the journey planning, the journey registration, complaint handling and the provision of information to interested parties.

Four tenderers The fixed term of the agreement is five years and can be extended up to three years thereafter. Four companies participated in the tender. Noot was awarded the contract partly because of the environmental measures taken by the company. Previously, the carrier has put two hydrogen cars into use for student transport in Veenendaal and Rhenen.

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Taxi app Uber has a case about the treatment of people with disabilities in the United States worth several million dollars. This was announced by the US Department of Justice.

The company charges a waiting fee if people take more than two minutes to get into a taxi, but has not adjusted that arrangement for disabled passengers who take longer . The taxi app should have done that. According to US justice, Uber will compensate more than 65. users. They will receive double the amount they have paid in waiting costs in Uber credit. That could amount to “hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars” in compensation. In addition, people who had complained will receive a total of more than 2.2 million dollars (currently about the same in euros) in compensation.

Two years For the next two years, Uber will not charge waiting fees for people who have indicated that they need more time to board themselves or often travel with someone for whom this is the case. It will also be easier to reclaim the extra costs for those who have not indicated this in advance.

The opposite world. A Surinamese man recently filed a report with the Latour police for robbery by a taxi driver. He says that on the way to his destination, the driver took out a handgun and held him at gunpoint.

According to the declarant, a taxi driver with rasta haircut robbed him of 850 Surinamese dollar (37,41 euro). After the robbery, the taxi driver left him in the police catchment area of ​​Latour, who then walked to the police station to report the crime. Latour is one of the twelve city resorts of the Surinamese capital Paramaribo. There is still no trace of the perpetrator, according to the news site Waterkant.