Iris Olsthoorn


“It’s hot, isn’t it!” You have probably heard this phrase a lot in the past few days or said it yourself. Not surprising, because with these temperatures it is really summer. Yet it has been warmer in The Hague.

Since 945 the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) studies and monitors the climate. In all those years quite a few weather records have been broken, including that of the highest temperature.

Highest temperature ever

Yesterday the sparrows fell from the rooftops of The Hague, but it could be worse. On 07 July 1854 the highest temperature ever measured in the Netherlands: in Gilze-Rijen in Brabant it was 40, 7 degrees Celsius. It didn’t get that hot in The Hague then, but it also got hot here, namely 35,5 degrees.

Tropical days in The Hague

These wintry pictures of The Hague help against the heat