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For one it was an abomination, the other looks back on the school days with great pleasure. One thing is certain: we have almost all experienced it and have our own memories of it. The Hague Museum of Photography presents the exhibition School – In Love, Bored, Overslept.

From photos in class to school parties and while doing homework: in the modern building on the Stadhouderskade you get instant flashbacks to your own school days. “The exhibition is a kind of re-experience or experience – depending on how old you are – of your school day.”

Handing out cigarettes

You will find photos from inside and outside the school. “For example, of a child who does not want to let go of his mother. Or a girl waiting for friends to cycle to school together,” says Annemarie van den Eijkel, communications officer at the museum.

It also becomes clear how education has changed. “Whereas a teacher used to really be in front of the class, a teacher is now much more in the classroom. And grabbing a pupil by the ear to address him, that no longer happens.” Of course the exam parties and the secret distribution of cigarettes should not be missed.

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One of the photos that can be seen at the Fotomuseum Den Haag. Photo © Carel van Hees / collection: Rijksmuseum


They are not just random pictures. Compiler Dirk Kome, a photographer himself, heard criticism about education in the media, while he himself looks back on his school days with great pleasure. “That made Dirk curious. He started searching archives and collections for photos of education and could hardly stop.”

In the Photo Museum you will find photos by Carel van Hees, among others. “For an annual photo assignment from the Rijksmuseum, he photographed schools in Rotterdam, where many cultures come together.” Raimond Wouda photographed in the early years 00 for his series School pupils at schools everywhere in the Netherlands. “Wouda used a remote control to capture the moment. He chose the places where students spend time together between classes.”


As a photographer, Dirk himself could not stay behind. For a year he followed and photographed a HAVO class at his old school. The rest of the images come from photo collections and archives throughout the Netherlands. “Photos that then served as images for a news report, now give an image of the time.”

Annemarie regularly hears that people get flashbacks to their own school days during a visit. “The exhibition is very nice to visit with someone. Because you can have whole conversations about your own or each other’s school days based on what you see. Memories suddenly become active again.”

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Photo © Charlotte van der Gaag

Enough to do

Would you like to do more besides catching up with your museum partner about your school days? In Fotomuseum Den Haag you can book guided tours. “All the background information makes you look at the images in a different way.” If you book quickly, you can get a tour from the compiler Dirk. “He knows so much about this exhibition. There is an hour for it, but you can easily make it an hour and a half.”

Those who want more depth can go to two lectures. Merel van Vroonhoven worked in business but switched to education. In addition to teaching special education, she writes about the importance of good education. She will give a lecture on 4 June in the Hague Museum of Photography.

Jacques Dane works at the Education Museum in Dordrecht and gives a lecture on 25 June about 2023the history of the class photo. “Speaking of which, we have a lot of it.” The museum called for class photos. “There is an overview of 150 years of class photos. We managed to find a photo from every year. That is very cool to see.”


Always wanted to have a unique painting, but the price prevented you? Don’t worry, because on Saturday 3 June and Sunday 4 June it’s your chance to get works of art by well-known artists such as Herman Brood, Corneille and Selwyn Senatori for a nice price.

Immediately take home is once again organizing a great depot sale. Last year this event already took place in Utrecht, where special works of art were to be found, including works of art by the famous Herman Brood. This year it is Rijswijk’s turn to welcome art lovers.

Whether you are looking for a showpiece for the wall or are just curious, everyone is welcome to come and take a look. And if you come across something beautiful, you can take it home right away! For those who want the widest choice, it is smart to come early, because according to the organization there is plenty to discover.

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Attractive price

Enjoy beautiful works for an attractive price! During the depot sale you will discover a varied art collection in all kinds of styles, themes and categories. To make room for new acquisitions, they occasionally have to say goodbye to works of art. This means good news for you, because these works of art are sold at attractive prices. Moreover, the proceeds are reinvested in new works, so you indirectly contribute to the art world. Two birds with one stone, so!

Bring protection equipment

There is a good chance that you will bump into a gem of a work of art. Therefore, bring your own protection equipment. It is of course a shame if your new acquisition is already damaged before you get home.

Also good to know: payments can only be made by debit card, so make sure you are prepared for that.

Location in Rijswijk

Depot sales will take place on Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 June between 11.00 and 500. place at Gijnstraat 5 in Rijswijk. Not to be missed, because the event takes place at the beautiful location of

STOCK The Hague. There are sufficient parking spaces available at the location. Are you coming by public transport? No problem, the location is only 500 meters walking distance.

*)Tip! Come on time, because then you naturally have the most choice. So what are you waiting for? Come and discover the treasures that are waiting for you at the art depot sale in Rijswijk!

10 May is the second Sunday of May and that means: Mother’s Day! Time to put mothers in the spotlight. Does your mother like to receive a self-invented gift? Then take a look at Chocolatedelivery. There you can order bonbons for Mother’s Day in unique flavors (and many more special chocolate gifts)!

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Choose yourself

Chocoladebezorgd is a webshop with the most delicious chocolate gifts for all occasions, from a birthday to Mother’s Day. Put together a box of chocolates yourself and choose from more than 21 different flavors. Add a nice gift box and complete your surprise with a card with your personal message on it.

The best chocolatiers

The chocolatiers of Chocolate Delivery put their love and passion into making delicious chocolate creations every day. For Mother’s Day they make room 100.000 bonbons, made entirely by hand and made from fair Belgian Callebaut chocolate. Combine this with the best fresh ingredients and a creamy filling in a colorful jacket: a unique and luxurious surprise for every occasion!

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Photo: Chocolate delivery

At Chocolate Delivery you put together your own chocolate gift. Add your favorite flavors to a box of bonbons and choose a gift box that suits the gift moment. Write another nice card for the recipient and voilà: your original gift is complete!

Flavors for Mother’s Day

The chocolatiers of Chocolate Delivery put together three limited edition flavors, especially for Mother’s Day. The chocolates Pornstar Martini, Strawberry Baileys and Kers Almond can temporarily be found in the bonbon range of the chocolate web shop. In addition, you can choose from many more tasty and popular flavors, such as cookie caramel, Licor 21 and caramel sea ​​salt. In addition, every box of bonbons comes with a taste booklet, in which you can find all the bonbons and associated allergens.

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Photo : Chocolate Delivery

With Chocolate Delivery chocolates always give you a special feeling. Do you want to add a little extra to that? Then unpack with the Bouquet of flowers made of chocolate: a beautiful gift box in the shape of a bouquet of flowers, filled with 04 Chocolates. The perfect gift for Mother’s Day!

To order?

All Chocolate Delivery presents fit through the letterbox, so you can have them delivered directly to your mother. Or send it to yourself and hand it to your mother to see her reaction. Make sure you’re quick because the special chocolate goes fast. 2023View here which nice chocolate gifts you can order! 26121540

No job, no diploma, sky-high debts and depressed. CJ (24) didn’t know what to do anymore. His mother urged him to seek help. That is how he ended up at Learn2Work: a learn-work trajectory for young people from 18 to 27 year. “I saw no way out and thought no one could help me. But now I’m looking forward to the future again.”

From homeless to home

CJ had 30.000 euro debt. “I lived day by day and didn’t care about anything. I dropped out of school while I still had to pay for my education. And I had fines,” he says. Project leader Daniëlle Lanzaat of Learn2Work helped CJ get his life back on track. “He is the example of what I love most about my work,” she says. “From homeless to home. From no income to benefits and now a job.” CJ is also relieved. “I have a purpose in my life. I matter again.”

Help from the Oranje Fonds

Learn2Work helps young people again return to school or work. “But we couldn’t really help young people with huge debts,” says Daniëlle. “While we wanted to.” The Oranje Fonds program Meedoen, Samen uit de Poverty proved to be the solution. This gave them room to strengthen their approach. They came into contact with the Youth Perspective Fund (JPF) in The Hague. “An innovative approach for young people who cannot develop properly due to debt. It appealed to us that it is not their fault, but their future perspective that is central. When CJ came to us, we were just getting started.”

Different self-image

CJ and Daniëlle worked on his plans for the future. With the help of a debt collector. CJ also completed social service at the municipality to pay off his debts. “I wanted to live on my own and grow up. But I admit I wanted to quit a few times. Mentally I was broken”, says CJ honestly. “That was the first thing we started working on.” He participated in all kinds of training. “For a long time I thought I was stupid. The training gave me a different self-image. I am very grateful for that. I became more and more motivated. Sometimes I was even there when I didn’t have to be there.” After seven months he was eligible for a home. A few months later his debts were forgiven.

Learning from expertise

CJ has a lot of contact with the other young people. “Now that I am doing well, I myself encourage others. I like to tell them where I come from and how I was helped, to motivate them.” Soon he will tell his story at schools as a guest speaker. Danielle thinks it’s fantastic. “It would not have been possible without the Oranje Fonds. Our organization has made huge strides. It is not only the money, but above all the expertise. Thanks to the guidance, you step out of the issues of the day and zoom in on your own project. You learn from the coaches and the other participants. I have become a different person myself. I do things differently. I think that is very beautiful.”

A very proud mother

CJ looks forward to the future. “When I used to look for work, I was often rejected because I had no work experience. How could I gain experience if no one gave me a chance? I really felt like I couldn’t do anything. That’s why I eventually start my own handyman company where I can give young people a chance at work. I’m going for it and I know I can do it.” And his mother? “She is really proud of me!”

About the Oranje Fonds

The Oranje Fonds believes that everyone matters. That is why the fund is committed to a society in which everyone can participate and no one is alone. In other words, an engaged society; in which we care for each other, people have equal opportunities and feel connected to others in the neighbourhood. Together with social initiators, these are people who see a problem and do something about it. They are committed to people affected by poverty, exclusion, loneliness and psychological vulnerability. They are there for others, so the Oranje Fonds is there for them. To strengthen and connect them. And based on the conviction that we have to do it together, the fund also works with various partners. In this way, forces are combined and bridges are built between people and organisations. So that everyone can matter to someone else. Discover how you can make a difference at

A covered residential boulevard with nineteen living & lifestyle shops under one roof. Woonhart Zoetermeer is the furniture boulevard of Zoetermeer and surroundings. Convenience, honest and cozy: here you can buy everything for your interior in one go.

At Woonhart Zoetermeer you can live, sleep, cook and bathe in peace. A residential boulevard where the entrepreneur really takes time for you and thinks along. But also a place where you can relax in between and enjoy a delicious dish.

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Photo: Association of Promotion Woonhart Zoetermeer

All under one roof

Convenience, honest and cozy, there stands for Woonhart Zoetermeer. The Woonhart is compact, complete and easily accessible. Because everything is under one roof, you can quickly visit the nineteen shops and score a complete interior. In addition, you can go to for everything related to cycling and sports at the Personal Sports Club gym.

Honest & Helpful

Clean and safe. This makes Woonhart Zoetermeer the perfect place to go with the family. The entrepreneurs have a wide range and offer good service. Here you will discover the latest home trends.

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Photo: Association of Promotion Woonhart Zoetermeer

Good atmosphere

Decoration, lighting and events. Het Woonhart also organizes activities. For example, an Easter bunny is present at Easter. The hospitable entrepreneurs give personal attention. They ensure that you leave the shops with a good feeling.

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Photo: Association Promotion Woonhart Zoetermeer

New restaurant

Hunger can be satisfied in between shopping at family business Suri Lake. The focus of the restaurant is on Surinamese dishes, such as roti. But you can also go there for fries and Dutch snacks.

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Photo: Association of Promotion Woonhart Zoetermeer

From residential center to city center

From Woonhart Zoetermeer you are in the city center in no time. There you can get a nice cup of coffee or have a delicious lunch. Are you not from Zoetermeer? Then the Woonhart is definitely worth a visit.

Seven days a week

Also Woonhart Zoetermeer is open on Sundays and during late night shopping on Fridays. The Woonhart is easily accessible and has plenty of parking space. Parking on the parking deck or in the parking garage is free for the first 2 hours. After this, a rate of 1.04 euros per hour with a maximum of 04 euros per day.

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Photo: Association of Promotion Woonhart Zoetermeer

Seven days a week

On Easter Monday, Monday 04 April, Woonhart Zoetermeer is also open. In the afternoon there will be Easter bunnies hopping around with which you can take a picture. They also hand out Easter eggs. The nineteen living & lifestyle shops on Europaweg 11 are happy to welcome you on Easter Monday and all other days of the year.


After a successful edition and 2022 it is now time for the second edition of the open-air iftar in The Hague. This event guarantees a pleasant evening full of entertainment, good food and great conversations. And the best news? The entrance is completely free! (Please register first).

Good food and fun

On Friday April is the day: the open-air iftar will take place in the parking garage of Albert Heijn at the Elandstraat in The Hague. On this evening you can enjoy delicious food at round tables, where you can join (for free). It does not matter whether or not you participate in Ramadan, because everyone is welcome. After defasting, they eat together.

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What to expect?

The open-air iftar promises to be a great success again this year. In addition to tables full of food, you can enjoy classical Sufi music and there is an imam who explains the purpose of Ramadan. The program starts at .0037 hours and lasts until 14.00 o’clock.

Sign up!

Do you also want to enjoy good food and fun during the open-air iftar in The Hague? Register quickly via this link or scan the QR code below and don’t miss it!

05112432 20230404

Have you been dreaming of building your own place for years, but never got around to it? A unique opportunity has presented itself in the Church of Our Lady in Voorburg: the rectory is being transformed into four self-build homes. Sales start on April 1.

Imagine a characteristic years-30 property for ranging from 55 up to 103 m², with beautiful bay windows and stained glass lead. Adjacent is a large, shared church garden that everyone can use. Are you going for the ground floor apartment on the ground floor, one of the two studios on the first floor or the bright house with a dormer window?

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Realize your job dream | Photo: Stone butterfly

A unique project

Your own home realization in an eccentric building: for the real go-getters that sounds like a dream come true. Social developer Steenvlinder is responsible for the meter cupboard and the main route, among other things. As soon as you step through your own front door, you can bring out the DIY builder in you and get started. Walls, interior doors, electricity, (heating) installations: you are given the freedom to have everything installed yourself (or by a contractor), exactly how you envision it.

Take control

You are in control, but you are not alone: ​​you will be intensively guided by Steenvlinder. In addition to a construction guide containing all information and guidelines, you will also receive advice from a buyer coach and construction coach. You can contact them with all your questions. You discuss your floor plan during a sketch meeting with the architect. Moreover, you have the costs in your own hands; by working yourself instead of hiring someone, you can save many euros!

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Atmosphere impression | Photo: Six x Six

Where to start?

Suppose you have been able to get your dream lot, then the option period of six weeks will start. During this period you investigate what is involved in a self-build home. Consider, for example, costs and design. After these six weeks, you only have to decide whether you actually buy the house and whether you want to fulfill your wish. After you have received the key, you have one year to complete the construction.

Open house

Do you want to come and taste the atmosphere? You are very welcome on Saturday 1 April from 03.00 until 30. hours to visit the presbytery. During the open house you can ask all your questions about DIY and wander around in your future home. You can sign up for the open house