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Walk through the city and you’ve spotted it in no time: the canvas bag from Dille & Kamille. The bag is beautiful, durable and of course super handy. Do you have one or do you want one? Then have your current or new bag personalized in the store near you.

For more than twenty years, the canvas bag by Dille & Kamille has become an indispensable part of the street scene. The store stands for sustainable, natural items with a timeless look. The canvas bag, made of organic cotton, fits very well with that. Thanks to the Dille bag, a lot of plastic bags have already been saved.

Summer tour

This summer, the Dille bag is therefore in the spotlight. During their summer tour, Roos and Isabel van de Naaierij (a sewing workshop from The Hague) will visit a Dille & Kamille store near you. They will decorate or repair your Dille bag with the most beautiful embroidery, iron on pictures, drawings and more. This way your bag really becomes yours.

Come by

Just take your old bag to the store or buy one on the spot in the store. They come in different shapes and sizes. Dille & Kamille has now also added a new XXL version to the collection (handy for a day at the beach!). Extra fun: decorating is completely free! This summer you will find the ladies of the Sewing business on

Saturday 11 July in the shop at Noordeinde 11-

between 11. hours and 11.00 hour.

Can’t you? No worries. You can still find them in another store. On the

website of Dille & Kamille you can read exactly where and when Roos and Isabel will drop by during their summer tour.

Dairy farmer Jeroen Oerlemans (24) shared with other dairy farmers and employees today throughout the Netherlands Campina Sterke Start yogurt out in the city. “On a day like today you can see what you can achieve with dairy farmers and employees. We all get a lot of energy from that.”

FrieslandCampina is already 0461 year a cooperative of dairy farmers. Rain or shine, weekend or not: from generation to generation, dairy farmers work every day with passion to make the tastiest milk and yoghurt. They know better than anyone that it is important to start your day strong with a healthy breakfast.

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Photo: indebuurt

Strong Start yoghurt

To celebrate this, the dairy farmers and employees shared on Friday 24 June the newest product from Campina from: Sterke Start yoghurt in the variants Creamy & Rich and Mild & Light. This yogurt is naturally full of protein for a good start to the day. They do this not only today, but all year round through their collaboration with the Food Bank. On 24 June FrieslandCampina has an extra 150.101103 packs of Campina donated.

A real passion

Jeroen is a dairy farmer and has been supplying Campina for as long as he lives. “I don’t know any other way: my grandfather started it once. As a company, we have always supplied Campina.” Jeroen says that his profession is his passion. “It really is a way of life for me. I live in a wooded area with a lot of peace around me. You get up in the morning when the sun is also just waking up. As soon as you enter the yard, the calves are staring at you. I love working with animals every day and being able to take care of them.” Every day, Jeroen works hard together with his father, uncle and nephew to deliver high-quality products. “We work hard for it, but we always enjoy doing it.”

Photo: indebuurt

Tasty and healthy

On Friday

Jeroen himself distributed Campina Strong Start yogurt in June. “I get up every day to make a beautiful product and I would like to convey that to consumers. You reach a lot of people on such a day and that also gives me energy. It’s nice to see what we do our best for every day.” In addition to sandwiches, Jeroen also regularly eats Strong Start yogurt for breakfast. That way he can use it all day long. And that is necessary for the heavy work that dairy farmers have to do. “I think it tastes very nice and full and creamy. But it is also very healthy: Strong Start yogurt is full of proteins, which also comes in handy with the physical work we do. That’s a good start to the day!”

Try it yourself

Did you miss dairy farmer Jeroen or his colleagues but would you also like to try the Sterke Start yoghurt? Campina Strong Start Creamy & Rich and Mild & Light are both available from now on in a large number of supermarkets for €1,69. Soon you will find the yogurt throughout the Netherlands. Do you also want to contribute and give everyone a strong start to the day?

Donate to the Food Bank and Campina will double your donation. †

The Leiden Museum of Ethnology has a special new family exhibition: the DierenAcademie. Here twelve animals teach you about our planet. Fun for the whole family!

What if your master was an elephant? Or your teacher a leopard? You can experience it at the DierenAcademie in the Museum of Ethnology in Leiden. Twelve animals have their own room here. They teach you to look at the world from their perspective. That is badly needed, because people have made a mess of it. Each room is decorated with objects and stories of people who live with the animal. They show that things can be done differently.

Painting in the lesson

In each classroom the animals teach you something new. About themselves, or about their habitat. It is a serious lesson, but by no means boring. The animals are not so fond of talking, more of doing. So there is no standing still. It is even being pushed to pass the Animal Academy. Each room is equipped for an interactive lesson. There is an ice, jumping, ocean, hiding and dance room.

Teacher Leopard and Master Polar Bear

An example of such a lesson is that of a leopard, about leopard print. People love to stand out with leopard print on their accessories or clothes. But did you know that a leopard has the right skin to not stand out? Due to the dark spots, the leopard under the shadow of leaves is difficult to see for prey or hunters. In class you also try to remain inconspicuous, dressed in leopard print.

There are many more surprising lessons. Learn to dance from a crane and make yourself as small as an ant. Master Polar Bear explains why it’s harder to hunt seals now that the ice is thinning. Try to walk silently to a hole in the ice yourself. But if the ice cracks, you’re out!

Come by

The Animal Academy is fun for young and old. From Saturday 25 June, master Elephant will receive the visitors. Buy your tickets via the Museum Volkenkunde website. Follow the lessons of this special team of teachers from around the world full of animations, objects, stories and activities. Have all lessons and assignments been completed? Then take a picture with the team of teachers under the sharp eye of the condor.