You can see the most thirst-quenching exhibition of the century during De Parade. Hendrick’s Curious Cucumber Cabinet is coming to The Hague from 1 to 17 July.

Hendrick’s Gin and De Parade put their heads together and found a shared love for all things unusual. Thus Hendrick’s Curious Cucumber Cabinet was born. You can only see the new collection of cucumber curiosities during De Parade.

Gin and cucumber

You don’t want to miss this! Hendrick’s Curious Cucumber Cabinet is unusually refreshing. In fact, whoever chooses the right route past bathing, singing and dancing cucumbers can come across a tasty tasting. Of course with infusions of cucumber. Delicious!

Experts and critics in the field of cucumbers have been talking about it for some time. In the exclusive circles of cucumber art critics, there was extensive speculation about whether the collection really existed. So green, so curious and so… cursed?! It was too spectacular to be true: this exposition of cucumber curiosities. You will learn whether that is really the case during the exhibition of Hendrick’s Curious Komkommerkabinet during cultural festival De Parade.

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Photo: Hendrick’s Gin

De Parade

Last year De Parade was organized in an alternative way. In 2017 De Parade is back in its old days. Four green city parks include Lucky Fonz III, Elfie Tromp, Släpstick, Paul de Munnik & Steven Engel, Dilan Yurdakul, De Dansers and Kiki Schippers. But of course you come for the cucumber museum.

Maybe in 2017 you already have the cucumber zoo with pop-up bar of Hendrick’s Gin seen in Amsterdam. The Cucumber Cabinet has a completely new collection that travels with De Parade. Rumor has it that you can not only watch cucumbers, but also quench thirst with a visit to the museum at the festival. Don’t feel like watching cucumbers, but do you feel like gin? There is also a Hendrick’s Gin bar.

Hendrick’s Curious Cucumber Cabinet in The Hague

From 1 to In July you will visit Hendrick’s Curious Cucumber Cabinet at De Parade in The Hague. Unfortunately, your alpaca cannot be taken to the exhibition. The tragic moment when an alpaca ate a cucumber museum piece in 2017 has not been forgotten. Nevertheless, it is worth scoring a ticket for the exhibition!

Wow! Leidschenveen shopping center has been given a new look and that suits her well. Last weekend there was a festive opening. After this kick-off it’s time for a giveaway!

Because the renewal can be celebrated. What can you win? A shopping bag full of products from different stores that can be found in the mall.

The entrepreneurs in the Leidschenveen Shopping Center are only too happy to contribute to this. Because the renovated shopping center also benefits them. They are happy with the new look and proud that they are entrepreneurs in the new Leidschenveen.

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What’s new?

The shopping center is taking a different tack. Instead of a collection of shops, the shopping center wants to be a meeting place: a place where not only can you shop, but where there is also a lot to do. The board explains:

With our new corporate identity we show how cozy the Leidschenveen Shopping Center is! We are proud of our shopping center and we show that to everyone, for example with our service.

In Leidschenveen Shopping Center do of course you still do your shopping, go to the butcher, visit the pet store or buy new clothes. But you can also have your clothes repaired, have a nice bite to eat at one of the catering establishments or have a coffee to relax. It is therefore a great place to stay in the Leidschenveen Shopping Center.

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The shopping center wants to bring people together and is celebrating the new corporate identity with a giveaway. A shopper with the logo of the shopping center, filled with different products from the stores. How do you win it? Go to the Facebook page, there you can read the instructions in the giveaway message!

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Shopper to be won | Photo: Leidschenveen shopping center

To Leidschenveen Shopping Center

The shopping center is located in The Hague and is easily accessible. With the metro or tram you get off at the Leidschenveen stop. There is ample parking space if you come by car. In addition, parking is free for the first two hours. †

When the sun shows itself, you can enjoy it in Delft. Whether you want to grab a terrace or are looking for nice things. There are plenty of hotspots for a summer day in Delft. Below you can read more about terraces and other hotspots in Delft. With this you can enjoy yourself all day long in the city. Nice extra: if you spend money with one of these entrepreneurs, you get an hour of free parking. This way you can spend a day in Delft without parking costs. Useful! There are even more entrepreneurs in Delft who participate in the savings campaign for free parking hours .

Cold beers, good food and lovely terraces


At Sup-R you immediately go on a mini-vacation. This concept store at Wijnhaven 9 has it all: gifts, clothing, coffee and a hairdresser. Explore the shop and immediately linger for a good lunch or a high wine. Sup-R is at home in all markets.


Next to the Doelenbrug you will find the beach-like terrace of LEF. Voted the best terrace in Delft by TU Delft. The menu does not disappoint either. You can order beers and wines to pitchers of sangria and even an aperitivo here. The food is at least as varied: fried snacks, a 3-course menu, a lunch sandwich or a plate are all possible.

De Delf

Want a cold beer in the sun? At De Delf, various (special) beers are on the beer menu. For example, taste the local Delftsche Knollaert. On weekends you can go here from noon, on weekdays they open at 20.00 hour. In addition to your beer, you can also enjoy lunch and dinner here.

Café de V

A terrace on the water is the ideal place to end your day. For that you go to the boat terrace of Café de V. If that doesn’t give you a holiday feeling! Here you can enjoy a delicious dinner. Also suitable for vegetarians.

Go somewhere inside

Van Domburg

For the collector, a visit to Van Domburg is part of a day in Delft. The classic stamp collector’s shop has been around since 20. You can now also find model cars and model airplanes here, but there is much more fun to be found. The address is Voldersgracht 20.

Van der Leeuw Optics

You can’t get through the summer without sunglasses. For that you have come to the right place at Van der Leeuw Optics. Here you will find your new high-quality (brand) sunglasses. Or have your eyes measured right away.

Steendam men’s fashion

With the sun on your head, shopping on the canal is ideal. Time for a three-piece suit for warmer weather, a shirt for your tropical business trip or do you just want to visit a store during your canal walk? Then go inside Steendam on the Wijnhaven 20.


The creative person will not feel disadvantaged either. The active hobbyist is at the right place at Knotten. Here you will find everything for crochet and knitting, whether you are a beginner or experienced. You will find the business on the Beestenmarkt. †

Enjoy a discount and advantage in and around The Hague? This is now possible with the digital DenHaagPas. With the DenHaagPas you enjoy discounts at festivals, museums, wellness, sports, restaurants, shops and much more. If you act quickly, you will receive a discount on the pass. Until October you only pay half the price.

You will have the costs for the DenHaagPas back in discounts in no time. Because there is a promotion to take advantage of almost everywhere. There are several discounts. For example, some promotions run all year round, but there are also temporary discount promotions. For example, at the restaurant of the month you can get a second menu for free. But there are also promotions that you can use for one day. New promotions are added every month. Current actions can be seen here.

Is it also free?

Yes! For example, you can now get free tissues from the Info Store at The Hague Central Station with your DenHaagPas. Or you can take part in the weekly pub quiz at O’Caseys for free. Future free promotions are not yet known. The offer will be expanded and renewed in the coming months.

Other advantages of the DenHaagPas

As a holder of the DenHaagPas you not only get discounts, you can also count on a special treatment. For example, you have a chance to look behind the scenes , be the first to visit exhibitions or be the first to buy tickets. That’s not all! There are also exclusive giveaways for DenHaagPas holders.

The DenHaagPas is contained in a handy free app containing the Uit agenda. This way you immediately see what there is to do in and around The Hague and you immediately know where you can get a discount with your DenHaagPas.

Give me such a passion

Are you eager to get your pass? You don’t even have to get off the couch or bed for that. The DenHaagPas is a digital pass that you download via an app. You can find the app in the store of your iPhone or Android. Or scroll to the red QR on this page. You pay directly via iDeal and so you have your DenHaagPas ready.

In the app you can see the agenda with the current actions. Through your MBs or no internet for a while? The pass is placed on your smartphone when you purchase it. So even if you are not connected for a while, you can show your pass. †