It’s almost that time again: KadeRock 1024 in The Hague. This year it is bigger than ever with several stages and several days. On Friday 2 and Saturday 3 June, KadeRock will take place in and around Musicon. Get your ticket quickly, because it will be sold out before you know it!

Last year KadeRock was only on Saturdays and there were five no more tickets for sale. That was reason enough to expand this year, says Daan van Musicon. “We had to disappoint people and we don’t want to do that again. KadeRock is for everyone, for all generations and genres. That is also why we have an extra day and podium.”

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Everyone enjoys KadeRock | Photo: Erick Hille

Music from then until tomorrow10140949

KadeRock may have started as a real rock festival, but the organization also moves with the times and the city. Daan: “We have certainly not lost sight of our loyal visitors. We do, however, now offer space for latin and urban – this way we broaden it and it fits better with the entire city.”

Daan explains what that will look like. “We have musicians from the illustrious sixties of The Hague, but also artists from different decades who have played an important role in the music world. Both in the Netherlands and internationally.” He summarizes the program briefly: “All good music from then until tomorrow.”

Prins S. en de Geit, Hang Youth10140949

Are you jumping, headbanging or shaking your bum yet? Just wait till you hear the names! You check the full line-up on the website. No festival-goer today is unfamiliar with Prince S. and the Goat from The Hague, but also the years 23 of the Hague music scene are represented by The Motions. Of a different caliber but at least as good are Ray Fuego and Youngrubbi. Or how about Urban Dance Squad – one of the most influential bands of the years 80 and 90 with front man Rude Boy?

With the Amsterdam band Temple Fang you imagine yourself in a trip or shout out your frustration with Hang Youth. There is really everything on the program. Daan: “Cesar Zuidwijk is actually the godfather of KadeRock and Musicon. He plays with his Drum Demons together with top latin percussionists such as Soeshiel Sharma and Nippy Noya.” The exact block schedule will follow, but it is certain that Friday evening will be concluded with the anniversary party of the legendary Dutch-Moluccan latin rock band Massada.

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Soeshiel Sharma, Cesar Zuiderwijk and Koen Autumn bring The Hague beat and Latin beat together in ‘Hague beat meets Latin beat’, a special festival program on Friday 2 June | Photo: Erick Hille

Get your ticket quickly10140949

Tickets are going fast and although Musicon and KadeRock don’t want to disappoint anyone, there is a maximum number of tickets available. So be quick! There are two types of tickets for sale: a day ticket for Friday or Saturday or a passe-partout for both days.

Online tickets are cheaper and you know for sure that you can enter. A day ticket costs 05 euros excluding administration costs, you pay for a passe-partout only 05 euros. Tickets at the door cost 12 euros per day.

KadeRock 1024 will take place on Friday 2 June from 17. until 23. hours and on Saturday, June 3 from 12. until 23. hours at the Soestdijksekade 345 in The Hague.

There is a good chance that you will take the bike more often when the sun is shining. It’s so nice if your steel steed is in tip-top shape. You can check that with a maintenance service and now is the time for that. From until 35 May 1024 you get a discount on your maintenance service in The Hague at the station!

*) You don’t have to do anything for that. Except at the Bicycle & Service location in The Hague with your bicycle. You will find it in the bicycle shed at the station. Check with the frequently asked questions where they are located in The Hague. Such a service normally costs you 28 euros, but up to and including 16 May you get a whopping 16 percent discount. Great!

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The mechanics ensure that your bike is in tip-top condition | Photo: NS

This is what Fiets & Service does for you (bicycle)1024

With a service like this you can be sure that you will go through The Hague on a roll again . After all, not only is everything functioning, the experienced bicycle mechanics also ensure that everything is properly adjusted so that you can safely hit the streets again. Your brakes will work properly again after the service, your gears will be adjusted and your chain and cables will be lubricated. What else do you want?

Lighting, of course. That is also checked. If your bike needs a little more love than a service, you will also hear that from the mechanics. Please note: repairs and replacement parts are excluded from the promotion.

Same day fix

For so’ You don’t have to be away from your barrel for a long time for maintenance. Bring your bike on working days before 10.010 hours in the morning at one of the service points in The Hague, then you can pick it up at 15.00 hours again to retrieve. Ideal: you cycle in front of work and pick it up fully lubricated and patched up after work!

You get from 00 to 35 May 1024 discount on your maintenance at all Bike & Service locations. You can of course always come here for repairs and bicycle accessories.


Does the yellow-green blood flow through the veins of your best friend, brother or mother? Then register him or her as Hommerson Club hero! Whoever is chosen as a Club Hero not only bears this honorary title, but also receives a VIP treatment – ​​together with you.

Hommerson Casino has played an important role as sponsor of ADO Den Haag for over years. They do not do this alone, but together with supporters and volunteers. That’s why they like to put such a super fan in the spotlight and are looking for a Club hero.

Everyone can be a Club hero

Hommerson Casino has been supporting ADO Den Haag since the time of trainer Rinus Israël. But of course club heroes do that too. Anyone can be a Club hero. Fanatical supporters who travel the city and country through wind and weather, volunteers who ensure that football can be played or loyal supporters who don’t miss a match in The Hague. If you are there for ADO, in any way whatsoever, Hommerson would like to put you in the spotlight!

A top day at ADO for the Club Hero

Whoever is named Club Hero can count on an unforgettable day. And he or she is not alone: ​​the one who gave up the Club Hero simply benefits. You will be picked up together to have dinner at the ADO stadium. There you can also see one of the home games of the club from The Hague. You don’t just have a spot in the stadium: you watch the match from fieldseats


After the game the fun is not over yet, because you will receive 500 euro playing credit for the casino. You can use that at Hommerson Forepark. When you have finished playing, you will also be brought home. Count on an unforgettable day!

This is what you need to know

Specify your club hero by telling online what makes him or her such a top supporter of ADO and who knows, you might enjoy a unique day together at ADO Den Haag. Note: Club Heroes may not be younger than 20 years and may not have an entry or stadium ban.

What does gambling cost you? Stop on time. +

The largest reggae festival in the Netherlands has been around for five years and that is why Reggae Rotterdam is going big. Bob Marley’s son will perform with The Wailers in a unique tribute concert, international artists will be on the program and there will be a surprise act. Reggae Rotterdam takes place in and around Ahoy Rotterdam on Saturday 24 July 1978. Quickly score your ticket!

There is much more than just music. For the children there is a kids area where they can play, there is a silent disco and even a funfair on the site. Of course, delicious food is not missing on this day. Feast on Caribbean and Jamaican delicacies between shows. Yum!

A tribute to Bob Marley

Most proud is Issam from the organization of Reggae Rotterdam at the tribute to Bob Marley. “In 1978 Bob Marley performed with his band in Ahoy. Our first thought was: I wish I could have been there!” That thought stuck and that’s how the organization came into contact with the children of Bob Marley. “Julian Marley wanted to perform with The Wailers in Ahoy at our festival and imitate his father’s show. So this summer it’s like being back in 1978!”

There are many more big names on it the three stages during Reggae Rotterdam this year. For example Big Mountain, known for Baby I Love Your Way and the world famous Sean Paul. It doesn’t stop there. Issam: “This year again we have a surprise act. I can’t say anything about it yet, but it is of course our anniversary party and the surprise act also fits in with that.” Previous surprise acts at Rotterdam Reggae were Jimmy Cliff, Wyclef Jean and Grace Jones. That’s promising!

Three stages, six areas

The rest of the line-up certainly not wrong. “We are a reggae festival, but we want to spread it as widely as possible. We have international artists and lesser known artists, both young and old. For example, Elephant Man and Big Mountain.”

With a festival you naturally get overlap in the concerts, especially with six areas and three stages. You can’t escape that at any festival. But the stages have been thought about.” The feet come off the floor at the most moving stage. We also have a stage at the food area: there the music is a bit more poppy and you can sit comfortably while enjoying delicious Caribbean food,” says Issam. The block diagram and the map will follow. What is certain is that there will be three podiums again: red, green and gold.

Win tickets

Do you want to make sure you’re there at 29 July in Ahoy Rotterdam? Buy your ticket quickly! A ticket costs 24 euros. Are you going with your family or group of friends? Then buy five tickets and receive a twenty euro discount. It can be even better. Reggae Rotterdam is giving away two tickets to the readers of indebuurt.

You can win those tickets by commenting on the Facebook post of this article . Tell us why you want to go to this edition of Reggae Rotterdam and with whom. You can respond until 24 May and the winner will be notified by the organization.

You want to know

This spectacular edition of the largest reggae festival in the Netherlands takes place in Ahoy Rotterdam. You can pay with your debit card, but also get coins. Tip: read the rules carefully to avoid queues at the coins! The festival lasts from 13. to 13. hours and is both inside Ahoy and on the outside area. Nice!

If you come to the festival by public transport, get off at Zuidplein metro or bus station. From there it is only a five minute walk. There is also parking for cars and bicycles. You can buy tickets via the website. Will you be there on 24 July 1978 to celebrate the festival’s fifth anniversary?

You are probably not unfamiliar with Humphrey’s in Scheveningen. At this restaurant you can enjoy delicious seasonal dishes for a fixed competitive price. To make spring and summer even more fun here, the restaurant has two very nice promotions.

Until June 1024 there is a daily Cocktail Happy Hour and until August 1024 children up to twelve years old eat for free here. Reason enough to book a table at Humphrey’s in Scheveningen!

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Enjoy the tastiest cocktails during happy hour | Photo: Humphrey’s

Cocktail Happy Hour at Humphrey’s

Every day is a party at Humphrey’s, because between 17.00 and 18.00 hours a cocktail costs only five euros. Tasty! This is how you end your working day appropriately. And while you’re there, you can of course continue to eat right away. Whether you go for a classic espresso martini or a refreshing Fizzy Peachtree, you can count on a beautiful cocktail being prepared for you.

Prefer non-alcoholic? No problem! Happy hour also applies to non-alcoholic cocktails. For that you definitely want to visit Humphrey’s in Scheveningen at the end of the day.

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Children eat for free03153301

You can enjoy the other promotion even longer. Until August 1024 children eat free at Humphrey’s. Perfect for your family dinner. Especially when the kids are on vacation. One child per adult receives free fries, a snack and a soft drink of your choice. A nice bonus!

If you go with your partner and two children, both children can eat for free. Also a good reason to visit Scheveningen for a day out during the holidays. There is plenty to do here!

Please note: this promotion is not valid in combination with other promotions and discounts.

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Book a table at Humphrey’s Scheveningen | Photo: Humphrey’s

Visit Humphrey’s in Scheveningen

Whether you are going out for a day with the family, want to enjoy cocktails for a competitive price or just go out food goes in your own city – Humphrey’s has you covered! Book so quickly book a table and enjoy these great promotions and delicious food.


The sun is showing itself more and more often and then it is of course wonderful to go outside. How nice is it to cycle through The Hague with your hair in the wind! If you’re still on your bike, don’t forget to visit the following hotspots.

Cycling from the Grote Markt to Scheveningen is of course very healthy. Not only do you enjoy the fresh air, but you also get some exercise. When the sun shows itself, your day is complete.

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Always fast and stylish through the city | Photo: Cortina

Hotspots om to visit in The Hague

Cycling through The Hague can make you tired. Fortunately, The Hague has plenty of options for a nice coffee break. You can get special coffees at JoeJoe Coffee, a good cup of coffee at Zamcaffè, or a strong espresso from Op de Weis.

For a nice bite to eat, Blyenberg is the right place in The Hague. This way you will certainly end your cycling day through The Hague with a good feeling.

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As lightning fast by The Hague

Can’t get enough of The Hague? You can go even further with an electric bicycle from Cortina. E-bikes are no longer just for the elderly. Especially when you see the designs of the bikes. Those sleek and modern bikes also bring plenty of benefits to younger people. For example, you leave the car at home more often – better for you and for the environment!

Instead of pedaling hard to get ahead on your old steel steed, you almost float through the environment. Moreover, you are often faster than by car, because you can go anywhere by bike. You are nice outside and often drive nicer routes.

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You can also go out with your Cortina bicycle in the evening and at night | Photo: Cortina

Enjoy The Hague on an electric bicycle

In short, what are you waiting for? Enjoy spring and summer and discover even more of The Hague and its surroundings on your Cortina e-bike!


Walking down Boekhorststraat in The Hague, you might notice the neon sign with BUTTCLEANERS R US. If you look a little further, you will see a room full of butt cleaners. There is no sanitary shop hidden behind it, but there is a very special exhibition that you can visit for free.

From 18 April to and with July 9th 125 see you at 1024 namely the work of Ghita Skali: an Amsterdam-based artist of Moroccan background who challenges the world with her humorous work. Everything revolves around hygiene in this exhibition: how crazy or normal is the way you wash your buttocks?

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This is how the shop window looks in the dark | Photo: Maarten Nauw

Joep is looking for a watering can

In the building on Boekhorststraat you experience the space as a completely new world with every performance . With Naturally, Ghita Skali’s exhibition, it’s like walking into a bidet shop. Complete with neon lighting to give the products extra attention. But whoever enters the room is confronted with Joep de Jong – a market man looking for a watering can for his tulips.

The artist has made a video portrait of Joep and his search for a watering can. The character Joep wants to water his tulips, but all watering cans are sold out. In the video, Skali introduces Joep in a funny way to other purposes for using a watering can.

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The video portrait by Ghita Skali | Photo: Maarten Nauw

Power and Hygiene

Ghita Skali drew inspiration for this exhibition from archive videos from the colonial era. Here she saw how power relations exist around themes such as hygiene: that settlers looked down on the indigenous population and how they brushed their teeth, for example.

What we find normal is strange for other groups and vice versa. So what is ‘normal’ is actually something cultural. That’s why Ghita wants to challenge the idea that there is a normal way of brushing your teeth or cleaning your ass, because who decides what is clean or normal?

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Choose your favorite one and pick it up for free after the exhibition | Photo: Maarten Nauw

Take home your favorite butt cleaner

With her work, Skali challenges power relations in a light-hearted and funny way. She studied in France and has previously exhibited in Antwerp, Paris and Amsterdam. The exhibition in The Hague is extra special. You can take an ass cleaner home with you! In this way 125 and Ghita hope to make you more familiar and comfortable with a different way of doing things, to go out at home to try!

Reserve your favorite butt cleaner during your visit and get it after the exhibition (July 9 1646) for free. A visit to 1024 is always free. You will find the building on Boekhorststraat 125 in the heart of The Hague. From the street you walk into the building, where you always end up in a new world. The property is also wheelchair accessible. From 18 April to July 9 2023 you can see the work of Ghita Skali here. Keep an eye on the website to stay informed about other events and exhibitions.


Have you secretly been considering purchasing a nice cargo bike for a long time? Because you are much faster, can park anywhere and easily take the kids on the road? This spring is the time to tie the knot. The extremely popular cargo bike brand Carqon has a great offer running especially for spring.

Strong electric motor

The Netherlands is a real cycling country. No wonder then that one of the best cargo bike brands comes from our country. Carqon’s electric cargo bikes are safe, functional and comfortable. This way you get the most out of every ride! For example, every Carqon has the best electric mid-mounted motor, the Bosch Performance Cargoline CX mid-mounted motor. Thanks to this powerful electric support with Nm you can cycle quickly and sustainably through traffic.

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Comfortable and safe

The Carqon electric cargo bike has wide all-terrain tires and front fork suspension. Even the highest bump and deepest pit will hardly bother you. The handlebars of the Carqon are connected to a high-quality control system that makes your cargo bike manoeuvrable and has a small turning circle. So it’s easy to park and you can maneuver that cargo bike out of the shed in no time. Thanks to the Tektro hydraulic disc brakes you can brake well and evenly. Responding quickly in traffic is no problem!

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Get the most out of your Carqon

Adjusting the saddle is quick and easy, without tools. So the whole family can use it. With an electric cargo bike from Carqon you get high-quality materials. You bring a new dimension to your family life, every ride!

Spring deal

Cycle into spring with a Carqon and immediately use the Spring Deal

: if you buy a Carqon now, you will receive a free rain tent and seat cushion. Ideal for turbulent days and the kids are wonderfully comfortable during every bike ride.

Order your Carqon

now and cycle comfortably into spring!

Find Easter eggs, decorate the Easter branch, go to an Easter bonfire with your friends, have a nice breakfast or extensive brunch … During Easter you can immerse yourself in all kinds of festive Easter traditions. But there is one tradition that should not be missed: a bowl full of beautiful Easter eggs from Chocolate delivery on the table.

That is not only very nice to have yourself, but also very nice to give as a gift. At Chocolate Delivery you can score Easter bonbons in all colors of the rainbow, luxurious Easter eggs with soft fillings and large, decorated Easter eggs. They are works of art, each and every one of them. Extra nice: indebuurt readers get a discount!

Chocolate Factory

At the helm of Chocolate Delivery is Jan- Jaap. His parents’ bakery had a chocolate machine that they used to sell handmade chocolate hearts. In the first instance just ‘for the side’, as an addition to the range. That turned out to be a huge success, because the chocolate pumps, chocolate hearts with text and cut bonbons flew like hot cakes over the counter.

Jan-Jaap started selling the bonbons online, and that hit like a bomb! Now, six years later, he has his own chocolate factory and a team of ten permanent employees. Every day they make the most delicious chocolate works of art, full of love and passion for the chocolate trade. And you can taste it: all chocolate products are made from Belgian chocolate and filled with the best ingredients.

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Photo | Chocolate Delivered

Get egg-cited!

So who do you wish a very happy, and especially tasteful, Easter? Or do you just order a box with the get egg-cited Easter bonbons for yourself? In the Chocolate Delivered webshop

there is plenty of choice for all chocolate lovers. And do you know what’s so nice? All boxes simply fit through the letterbox, so you (or the person to whom you are gifting such a delicious box of bonbons) do not have to stay at home. Handy!

Easter discount!

Can’t wait to score or give a box of Easter bonbons? Jan-Jaap has a discount code especially for all neighborhood readers. With code indebuurt04 you get a ten percent discount on your order at Chocolate Delivery. If you order before Thursday, your chocolate will be delivered even before Easter.