Carin van der Meij


A look in the kitchen, but when we are there, the living room, garden and other places in the house. For the Binnenkijk Bij section, the editors of indebuurt visit homes in The Hague.

We have already been to a lot of nice houses such as a Court house and a renovated fish shop. But there are plenty of residential gems on our wish list. Can we visit you sometime? Email:

Tiny house

The Hague has plenty of special homes, including tiny houses. How can you live as efficiently as possible on a few square meters? Do you have such a unique cutting? The editors are happy to visit you.

Tiny House. Photo Proeftuin Erasmusveld

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Grote Markt

Rolling home after a drink? This is possible if you live in one of the (upstairs) houses on the Grote Markt or in a side street such as Schoolstraat. What is the view like from these houses? How often can the residents themselves be found on one of the terraces at this popular spot? You already read it: we all want to know!

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Yeah, my house is beautiful too!

The wish list is much longer. Do you not live in one of these homes, but are you very proud of your home? The editors will also be happy to visit you. Contact us and who knows, you may soon be in the neighborhood with your palace. †

Fortunately, the weather has been nice the past few days and we were able to cycle to work, because the petrol is almost unaffordable! Do you have to hit the road? Check here where in The Hague you pay the least for a liter of fuel.

According to UnitedConsumers, we have peaked and the price of gasoline is falling at the end of the week with 1 euro cent. The price of diesel continues to rise.

Fuel prices

The average price for a liter of petrol (Euro95) was 2 last week,23 euros and for a liter of Diesel you pay 1 ,63 euros. For comparison: last year the average price per liter of petrol in the same month was still 1.73 euros.

Refueling along the highway

Hoera! Here in The Hague it’s almost a fair and this is something to experience


The beach season has started so the barriers are back

Could you use some relaxation? You are in luck! indebuurt will pamper you: from now on you have a chance to win a Wellness Giftcard worth 75 euros.

Long summer evenings are in sight; all clocks should be adjusted to daylight saving time soon. What was that again? Does time move forward or backward?

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