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It’s back on the to-do list: checking your health insurance. You have until January 1 to extend, adjust or switch your insurance. Not a fun job, but important. Fortunately, Independer lends you a hand. This step-by-step plan will guide you through the process.

There are a total of five steps that you have to go through, according to the comparison site Independer when check your health insurance.

1. Check your policy sheet

First, get the policy sheet of your current health insurance policy. This shows what is currently in your package and how much premium you pay for it. Found it? On to step two.

2. What are your wishes?

Now that you know what you are insured for, the question is: are you satisfied with this or not at all? You can only know this by making a list of your wishes for the coming year. Do you still have to go to the physio for your knee in ? Or do you already know that you are going to buy glasses next year? These are all things to consider for your next health insurance plan. So write them down!


3. Make a comparison

Now that you have insight into what your ideal health insurance policy must meet, it is time to compare. This can easily be done with Independer’s healthcare comparator. Here you can compare insurers – based on your wishes.

Click on the yellow button below for the healthcare comparator. First fill in your personal details, how much deductible you want to pay and what you want additional insurance for (your wishes). Finished? Then click on the yellow button ‘View insurance’ on the right and the comparison can begin.

4. Compare with current health insurance

Independer has now selected which insurance policies best suit your needs. And you probably now prefer one health insurance policy. Compare your current health insurance policy with this result. Ask yourself: am I progressing?

Remember: the premium of your current package will probably also change next year. Compare the premium of the recommended health insurance with the premium that you will pay next year if you do not switch, and not the premium you paid this year. Check here whether your premium increases:

Source: Independer

5. Take out your new health insurance

You’re almost there. You can tick off the extensive research and you should have made a definitive choice. Now is the time to renew your health insurance or take out a new one. Done? Congratulations! Then you are now all set. Your health insurer will take care of the rest, even if you switch. One less worry.


The indebuurt Christmas card promotion is back in town. In recent years, the Christmas cards went to the elderly in The Hague, this time we collect Christmas greetings for the elderly in The Hague. Are you in?

Always wanted to go to an opera performance or are you eager to see the Christmas show of comedian Alex Klaasen? This is your chance! The editors of indebuurt raffle eight Podium Gift Cards worth 11 euros. Be quick, the promotion is about to expire.

You can decide for yourself where the free night out goes. You have plenty of options, because more than three hundred theaters, concert halls and music venues in the Netherlands accept the Podium Gift Card as a valid method of payment.

Enter and have a chance

What do you have to do to be in with a chance? Sign up below for the newsletter of indebuurt The Hague. You will then automatically participate in the giveaway and will be kept informed of the latest news and inspiring stories from The Hague.

Have you already subscribed to the newsletter? Don’t worry, even then you can still participate in the promotion. You will of course not receive duplicate newsletters. You can participate until November. For the eventual winners: this gift card can be spent up to three years after issue.

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  • New corona measures have been announced. If the House of Representatives agrees, you can dust off your mask. From Saturday 6 November you will have to wear one in more places. From now on, you will also have to show the corona admission ticket at more locations. Here’s an overview.

    Good to know: you will receive a corona admission ticket if you have been fully vaccinated, have a recovery certificate or with a negative test result of a maximum of 11 hours old. Testing remains free for individuals who do not have a recovery or vaccination certificate. For more information check the website of the national government.

    Catering industry

    Photo ANP

    Previously, a corona admission ticket was only needed when you entered the catering industry, from now on you must also show a corona admission ticket when you sit on the terrace.

    Pick up

    Are you going to pick up something in a restaurant or at one of the other takeout places in The Hague? Then you don’t have to leave no corona admission ticket see.

    Loading ad…

    Holland Casino Scheveningen. Photo ANP

    Do you want to take a chance in the city at the Playground or at Scheveningen? Then you must show a corona ticket from Saturday 6 November.

    Hommerson Casinos “The Playground”

    Daily Green Market 12, 2021 AL The Hague

    Now Closed

    More information

    Holland Casino Schevingen

    Kurhausweg 1, 2021 RT Den Haag

    Closed now

    More information

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    Cultural venues such as theatres, concert halls and cinemas

    In the practice of art and culture

    Photo by Anna Shvets via Pexels

    Are you going to a singing lesson or are you planning a guitar lesson? You must also show a corona ticket. This applies to all organized art and culture practice from the age of eighteen.

    Organized youth activities for children up to the age of eighteen are excluded.

    The indebuurt Christmas card campaign is back! This time in a slightly different jacket. You can decide where the Christmas cards are taken. Do you agree?

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    It will come as no surprise: house prices in the Netherlands rose in the third quarter of this year compared to the same period last year. And by almost twenty percent for existing homes. This percentage is slightly lower in The Hague and surroundings.

    This is apparent from research by real estate association NVM. House prices are rising and supply is shrinking. In our country, thirty percent fewer houses were sold between July and September than a year earlier.

    Figures from NVM

    NVM has published figures for each region in the Netherlands about the supply, the number of homes sold, the average selling price and the developments compared to the previous year.

    The figures are for the third quarter of 2020, versus the same quarter in 2020. The research is based on data from brokers who are affiliated with the brokers’ association.

    Figures from The Hague and its surroundings

    In The Hague, an average house currently costs 435.06 euros. In total are 1.200 residences changed hands in the third quarter of this year.


    Below are all figures per region mapped.

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