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You have those places that you would rather keep to yourself. Buitenplaats Beekhuizen, on the Veluwezoom National Park, is one such. Here you can stay in the middle of untouched nature and shake off the hustle and bustle of The Hague in no-time . Do you opt for glamping (with private hot tub) or do you prefer to be pampered in a cozy boutique hotel? It’s all possible!

The Hague is of course fantastic, but recharging in nature is also nice on its own time. During a weekend at Veluwezoom National Park – an hour and a half drive from here – you can indulge in great outdoor activities and discover the surrounding cities of Arnhem, Zutphen and Doesburg. Or just completely relax among the deer and wild boars, and dream away under the starry sky. We found the ideal place(s) to stay: Buitenplaats Beekhuizen and Boutique Hotel Beekhuizen.

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The Country Estate

Do you want to experience the great outdoors, but still enjoy comfort? Then choose Buitenplaats Beekhuizen. In this small-scale ‘glamping-only‘ holiday park you can comfortably spend the night in Lodgetents, Pods (a kind of hotel room in the middle of the forest) or Forest all year round. Cabins, all with private sanitary facilities. Good to know:

your dog is also welcome here!

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Also romantic in the rain

All this isn’t just fun under the radiant sun. Some accommodations have a private hot tub, but there is also one for general use, which you can reserve. Just imagine how romantic that is when it’s drizzling, or even snowing. How the rain sounds on the canvas of your Lodge tent, or the falling leaves on the roof of your Forest Cabin. You don’t have to worry about the cold, thanks to pellet stoves, warm blankets and the fire bowl at your accommodation.

Roast marshmallows and popcorn dolls

For that fire bowl you can get packages with wood and marshmallows at the reception. To complete the outdoor experience, let’s just say. They also have popcorn makers, by the way, and those things are fantastic. You stick the popcorn maker on a stick from the forest, fill it with corn and hang it over the fire. Then you have to wait for that familiar, cozy sound – plop-plop-plop-plop-plop – and your self-popped corn!

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Restaurant with food festival vibe and original outings

Do you fancy a bit of variety? endless walks in the Veluwezoom National Park and soaking in the hot tub? Buitenplaats Beekhuizen regularly organizes original activities. How about a mindfulness walk or photography course in nature? You can also rent bicycles and you can borrow a Polaroid camera at the reception to capture ‘wonderful moments’. You hang one photo on the Polaroid wall, the other can take home. How nice is that?!

For snacks and drinks you can go to WOODZ: the food festival inspired restaurant with (covered) terrace. In the autumn and winter it is extra cozy here, thanks to cozy lights and soft fur.

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Restaurant WOODZ | Photo: Studio Charissa

The Boutique Hotel

Also a very nice option: the small-scale, personal and hospitable

Boutique Hotel Beekhuizen. The rooms and suites are all different, as you can see in the pictures below. They are all modernly furnished and have a view of nature. You can get a luxurious breakfast in the Bakhuis and a good glass of wine at the bar.

View all options and quickly check whether there is still a spot available is at the Buitenplaats or in the Boutique Hotel . You can also follow Buitenplaats Beekhuizen on Instagram (at your own risk, because before you know it you have booked!).

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Do you like to have a bit of variety in your work? To be on the road a lot and to meet new people all the time? Then take a look at this vacancy. Carefree Security is looking for a full-time Security Engineer.

Your work consists of installing and maintaining security installations. Sometimes you do that at a large company, other times at people’s homes. This way you get somewhere!

Various activities

In In the vacancy you read that one day, for example, you hang up a camera system in a warehouse and the next day you work in a house, where you hide the cables as neatly as possible. In addition to camera systems, you will also have to deal with alarm systems, access control systems and fire alarm systems.

Nice on the road

Carefree security is currently three men/women strong, so nice and small. The cozy company is located in Wateringen. Occasionally you will meet your colleagues here, but most of your working week you will be out and about; especially in the Randstad, with an occasional trip to Brabant or Arnhem.

Curious if this could be your future job? Check the vacancy here. Would you like to know more about Carefree Security as a company? Then read this interview that previously appeared on indebuurt.

Het Zamen – part of Humanitas DMH – is a residential location for aging people with a mild or moderate intellectual disability. Not a nursing or care home, but a real home, where the residents themselves determine their request for help. A nice starting point.

Het Zamen is currently looking for new colleagues: a Personal Counselor (24 until 32 hours) and a Supervisor & Planner (28 to 28 hours); people who enjoy the work of a social worker – focused on behavior – as well as a care provider. These jobs are right in the middle. In other words: if you have an affinity with care for the disabled and psychiatry, but you also don’t run away from helping someone take a shower, then this is the perfect job for you.

The house of the residents

Wilma Beenhakker is manager at Het Zamen and says: “Het Zamen is really the home of our residents, and we are allowed to work in it. Together we want to develop even more in this direction in the near future. It is very natural to create something useful from your own working mode, but: is that part of ‘living’? Would you also make an office at home? We are looking for people who can and want to think from this vision, and who are inspired and driven. People who can reflect well, who know where their talents and vulnerabilities lie and who know what they come to bring and who want to learn.”

Internal daytime activities

Every day Het Zamen organizes daytime activities for a few hours. Some residents still go to work or to an external daytime activity, but anyone who wants to is very welcome here. This internal daytime activity is easily accessible, with plenty of room for creativity, music and walking. This is where people get that extra bit of attention. Moreover, it gives structure to their day. Lunch is also served together, and residents can help prepare this meal.

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Het Zamen Den Haag Humanitas DMH dagbestedingHet Zamen Den Haag Humanitas DMH dagbestedingHet Zamen Den Haag Humanitas DMH dagbesteding

Daytime activities at Het Zamen | Photo: Humanitas DMH

In the evening, fresh food is cooked for the residents, but they choose where they eat that meal. One person likes to do this in the common living room, the other prefers to eat in his own room or apartment. That fits completely within the vision of Humanitas DMH, where the (help) questions and needs of the clients are central.

A lot of variation

Wilma: “We really look at the individual , and that’s what makes working here so beautiful. It provides a lot of variety. For example, we have a couple living here who are very close to each other and who need little guidance, but who receive the necessary care. And we also have a resident with a severe form of autism. He needs a little more than we can offer with our coaching style, but in such a case we call in expertise and expertise from outside to take a look with us.”

About the location

Het Zamen shares a building with Eykenburg – an organization for regular elderly care – and private tenants. Within this building, Het Zamen has two floors, with two residential groups consisting of six clients on both floors. They all have their own living/bedroom and bathroom. The six of them share the living room. As a Supervisor, you and your colleagues are responsible for the twelve residents on one floor. Four other people live independently in other places in the building, but do use the services of Het Zamen. One comes to eat, the other receives help with medication, finances and/or the household.

Are you enthusiastic and driven and do you agree with the vision? of The Zamen? Then you are more than welcome to apply. View the vacancy for Personal Supervisor and the vacancy for Supervisor & Planner. Are you curious about what it is like to work for Humanitas DMH?

You can read that here!


Imagine how many pictures have ever been taken… There are countless. You probably make several a day yourself. Among all those photos are a few that you really want to see. The Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam selected and they can now be seen in the Hall of Fame of Dutch Photography.

Nice: everyone can submit a photo themselves. Maybe yours will be number 834 in this Hall of Fame.

Important images

The Hall of Fame is therefore full of images that matter. This ranges from the very first photograph and color photograph to photographs that document important social events and public figures. Think of the Dolle Mina’s, but also of rapper Tupac Shakur. The images are divided over different time periods. And precisely because the subjects are so far apart, this exhibition is great for everyone.

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This photo of John Lennon and Yoko Ono in the Amsterdam Hilton Hotel (834) is also included in the Hall of Fame | Photo: Cor Jaring

Treasury full of vulnerable snapshots

The Photo Museum chose to make the Gallery of Honor its first and only permanent exhibition. Some photos are so old that they can be removed from the archive for a maximum of three months. Otherwise they will fade. These vintage works alternate in the Treasury of the Hall of Fame.

Interactive app

As a bonus, there is the Hall of Fame app, which you can use to read five stories behind the photo at home. Anticipation! Once in the museum, use the app to see why each photo deserves a place in the gallery. These special stories appear in the form of short film fragments, interviews or visual stories.

What is photo number ?

Do you think a certain (kind of) image is missing? That could be right. You will find one empty list in the exhibition. Take or choose a photo and upload it in the app. This will nominate your photo to be number in the Hall of Fame. Curious? You can also see what other people are uploading. Below you can see some examples.

Photo 1: ‘This is my wife and our daughter Iry-Mae. Together with Kyan my son, we are a rainbow family.’ – Kimberly Wanga2716533327165333 Photo 2: ‘Food photography. Many people, myself included, ‘have to’ take a picture of a nicely laid out plate before we eat.’ – Annemiek Pieters2716533327165333 Photo 3: ‘The life of the fair; an underexposed part of Dutch culture.’ – Arjan van der Vegt

Photo 4: ‘He died in here’ – Tyler Chan 27165333Photo 5: ‘The other perspective’ – Jaap Hofstra


When Cowboysbag presenter and vlogger invited Saskia Weerstand and her husband Syb to designing their own bag collection, they didn’t have to think twice. Full of enthusiasm they started sketching, and now the collection is in the (online) store: cool bags for the whole family, which fit your entire life!

You sometimes hear about collaborations in which celebrities only associate their name with a brand, but that is certainly not the case here.

Saskia: “During the first meeting there was literally a blank sheet of paper. We then started thinking: what do we find nice and useful about a bag? One thing was immediately clear: SPACE. I always carry around in a bag all my life. That’s why all bags are slightly wider than you’re used to from Cowboysbag.”

Also for chaotic people

“Then I started making a mood board of styles that I like: cool, boho, vintage… A bit of the old camera bag idea, but of this time. And with extra space, for people who are just as chaotic as I am. You should be able to easily store and find everything again. Even the smaller bags have enough space for your camera and phone. Because I would never carry a bag that only fits a bunch of keys.”

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Photo: Cowboysbag

Bigger than ever

“From these ideas we started sketching. That is, we put six stripes on paper and Cowboysbag picked it up from there. When the prototypes of the first bags were ready, we got to go through everything – from shape to zipper. I would often shout: ‘This one is really nice, but it needs to be even bigger. He must be huge!’ The designers said they’d never made it before and they didn’t know if it would catch on. Of course I didn’t know that either, but we got the confidence anyway. Really cool.”

The very first cowboy bag for kids

“Because we have two children, Jeppe and Moos, we thought it would be great if it became a family line. Cowboysbag has never had a children’s bag in the collection before, but now it has two. Syb contributed to the print himself. The children’s backpack – with blue or

pink print – is based on an existing Cowboysbag that I use a lot. I thought it was very cool and cute, so a child-friendly version has now been made. With a high wearing comfort, more canvas – so that it is nice and light – and space for a tablet.”

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Approved by Jeppe and Syb

“On the day of the shoot, we told Jeppe that there would be a surprise. When he first saw the bag, he was thrilled. He immediately put it on his back and didn’t want to take it off. So it has been approved, haha.”

“Syb has the 25075500man’s bag designed myself. He was once a bicycle courier, and he was inspired by those bags. Everything has been completely fine-tuned to its perfect bag; really cool.”

Super proud

“Before launch We already received messages via social media that people needed a new bag, but were waiting for our collection especially. They therefore assumed that they really like our bags based on our personal style. We are very proud and very curious how the bags will be received!”

View and shop the complete Cowboysbag here x Saskia collection.

Perhaps it still sounds a bit exciting, but in England the vitamin infusions and injections of Get A Drip are already a big hit. The first Dutch branch opens on 02 February, and we Rotterdammers have the honor. Plaza 6 – in the heart of the city center – is from then on THE place to be to boost your health.

Do you have a busy period at work? Did you just give birth? Do you exercise a lot? Just a few reasons to visit Get A Drip. But there is also a lot to be gained in the field of beauty here. The anti-aging infusion is full of antioxidants, which repair your cells from within. Via an injection or infusion, the – tailored – substances immediately enter your bloodstream, which ensures an instant effect that lasts for a long time. Here you can see all options and prices.

)Immediately at ease

No clinical hassle: Get A Drip Rotterdam is a hip place where you immediately feel at ease. There is nice music on and you get a nice cup of tea or other drink. Do you find the idea of ​​an injection or infusion a bit exciting? The BIG-registered nurses of Get A Drip have a lot of experience and know how to reassure you.

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Get A Drip Rotterdam vitamine infuus vitamine injectieGet A Drip Rotterdam vitamine infuus vitamine injectie

Photo: Get A Drip

Free advice

You can spontaneously walk in and explain to the desk employee what your complaints and/or wishes are. If you make an appointment in advance (this can be done via the

website), you can be sure that you will be helped immediately. The first consultation at the counter is free of charge and without obligation. If you decide to undergo treatment, it is useful to know exactly what your body needs.

Finger prick or DNA test

A possible vitamin D deficiency (not so strange, here in the Netherlands) can be tested with a simple finger prick. Where the GP only looks at the critical values, Get A Drip checks the most optimal. Do you doubt whether you need a lack of magnesium or antioxidants? Or do you just not feel completely fit, but you don’t know what it is? To find out, have a DNA test taken at Get A Drip.

Detailed report

The swab is sent to the lab and within a few weeks the nurses will receive a detailed report. From this they can read exactly what your body needs. They will discuss this report with you, and based on that you decide for which treatment you want to go. Safety first

You will then receive a checklist (prepared by a doctor), in which, among other things, you are asked about your medication use. When in doubt, the employees of Get A Drip will always consult this doctor. This way you can be sure that you can undergo the treatment safely. Barbara from Get A Drip Rotterdam explains: “It may be that you cannot be helped immediately, but: safety first!”

These are the options and prices

Depending on your wishes, you will receive your boost via an injection or infusion. For example, vitamins D and B02 are standard administered by injection. You receive the composite products, such as detox or anti-aging , via an IV. View all options and prices here. Or

book an appointment immediately.