Brechtje van Dam


Ready-made food is always greasy, unhealthy and full of processed meat? Not true! Now you can also enjoy the tastiest easy meals in The Hague, but completely vegan and good for you. Lazy Vegan is for everyone who finds cooking too much effort, but who would like to eat plant-based more often. Something for you?

Lazy Vegan

developed a lot of delicious ready meals without nonsense ingredients. Completely vegan, completely responsible and completely tasty. Vegan and easy go well together. You will find the meals in the freezer compartment. Just heat in the pan and you’re done. In a few minutes you can put a delicious plant-based meal on the table, which, according to many people, tastes really good.

Ready meals for every taste

You like to do something good for the planet, but you also want good food. They understand all too well at Lazy Vegan. That is why you can choose from several special dishes from all over the world. For example, go for the Indian-style curry or the creamy pasta. Unlike many other ready-made and vegan meals, Lazy Vegan is full of flavour. Also nice: all meals are not only vegan but also gluten-free, soy-free, without preservatives and full of vegetables.

Pascale from Lazy Vegan tells…

Pascale is a product developer at Lazy Vegan and lives in the beautiful The Hague. She knows better than anyone what a challenge it is sometimes to find tasty vegan dishes. “There are quite a few options, but the range of really tasty plant-based dishes is still limited.” Especially in the supermarket there is little that ticks all the boxes: vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, healthy and tasty. “But it is possible. Because our meals are frozen, the taste and nutrients are better preserved. Freezing also means we don’t have to add preservatives to the meals. “As a product developer, Pascale invented the new flavors Pasta al Pesto and Italian risotto.

Lazy vegan in The Hague

You will find a version of this in every Albert Heijn in The Hague. the Lazy Vegan meals in the freezer. Larger branches even have them all! Jumbo and delivery supermarkets such as Getir and Flink also deliver the dishes. Throw a few in your freezer for after a long day and you’ll always have a healthy and tasty meal on the table!