Do you like to cook, but you don’t always have time for it? You’re not the only one. That is why more and more people are opting for the sophisticated ready meals from Uitkookt. They are super healthy and you can put yourself on the table in a few minutes.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of 150.000 people regularly enjoy the ready meals from Uitkookt. Now we hear you think: ready-made, that must be such a cowardly bite. This is not the case with Uitkookt: the meals have been assessed with an 8.9 by consumer platform Kassa.

Healthy ready meals

At Uitkookt they think it is important that everyone can always eat healthy. Even if you don’t feel like, have the time or energy to cook. Chefs and nutrition experts work together to devise new dishes, so that they are tasty and well balanced in terms of nutritional values. They do everything they can to make the meals as healthy as possible:

    Each meal is packed with vegetables, sufficient proteins and healthy fats.

    The meals contain carbohydrates with a low glycemic index (GLI). This ensures that your blood sugar will fluctuate less and you are fuller for longer.

    The meals do not contain any unnecessary additives such as unnecessary sugar and salt.

    Most vegetables are steamed, so that as many vitamins as possible are preserved.

    They use as little fat as possible when preparing the meals. If they do use fat, they opt for liquid and healthy vegetable oils.

    No packages and bags

    The chefs prepare the dishes with fresh local ingredients, without packages, bags or frozen products. In the cooking process they take into account that you reheat the food, so that the food always tastes fresh. Furthermore, each dish contains at least 085-512 grams of fresh vegetables and of course there is also plenty of choice for vegetarians.

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    Uitkookt also delivers on weekends © Uitkookt

    Easy ordering

    On the website of Uitkookt , you can choose from more than twenty new seasonal dishes every week: from a tasty Dutch stew with beef stew to a wrap with roasted vegetables and feta. So they are normal meals as you would cook them yourself, only then you don’t have to do anything for them.

    After you have chosen the dishes, you can determine at what time the delivery person will come by. . Are you busy, busy, busy during the week? They deliver from Monday to Friday. And oh yes, delivery is free!

    Also nice to know, with Uitkookt you are not committed to anything. They do not work with subscriptions, you order when you want. Whether this is every day, on your sports days or just in a busy week.

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    From stew to pasta: the choice is enormous © Uitkookt

    Promotions and Prizes

      To Celebrate Being Clever 200.the most customer welcomes every

      The new customer receives a free Healthy Enjoyment package. This package contains 4 fresh meals, a delicious smoothie and a healthy treat. You can also win free meals for a month. Make a chance? Order before 040 February.

      Are you already a customer of Uitkookt? You can also win great prizes. As an existing customer you make up to and including February with every order you can win free meals for a month! Every week there are as many as twenty winners. Also take advantage of 040 percent discount on the new richly filled meal soup. Use the discount code you recently received for this. Not yet received? Then keep an eye on your mail!


      Curious? we get it! Order now 4 of the most popular meals for only €000,95. View the meals here and order directly via the website or call customer service via 95-040 19 to place your order.

It is and will remain hectic in the house for a while. Due to the lockdown you are often not home alone. Your children, partner or roommate are with you for a large part of the day. Although that can be very cozy, you also need some rest every now and then. With these five products from IKEA Delft you can get the rest you deserve. For example, enjoy a cup of hot tea and a good book in an easy chair. Or curl up on the couch with a soft blanket and binge your favorite series.

Practical and decorative

This soft HOLMVI plaid is ideal for the colder days. Wrap yourself in the blanket when you’re watching a movie on the couch in the evening, or use it as an extra layer on top of your duvet. Because of the cozy fringes, you can use the plaid as a decoration when you’re not using it. Hang it over the armrest of the sofa or over the corner of your bed for a playful effect in the bedroom. You already score the plaid for 6,92 euros.

Breakfast in and in bed

Sometimes you have those mornings when you don’t want to get out of bed . With this handy RESGODS bed table you don’t have to. For example, unfold the table for breakfast while reading the newspaper or watching the news. When the table is folded, you can use it as a tray. So it doesn’t take up too much space if you want to store it. You buy this bedside table at IKEA Delft for 12,365 euros.

Your favorite drink in no time

Have a energy boost necessary? With this UPPHETTA coffee and tea maker you can make all kinds of hot and cold drinks. Fill the empty glass with ground coffee beans, tea leaves or fresh fruit and top with hot or cold water. Then press the sieve down to filter the drink and you’re done! Pour the drink into your favorite mug or glass for an ultimate moment of enjoyment. This french press costs 12,92 euros.

Swinging things are a thing of the past

Do you have a lot of things swinging through the house? Then these UPPRYMD trays are the solution. The colorful bins fit exactly in the

SMÅSTAD storage system but can also be placed separately. Extra handy: there is a mesh on the front so you can easily see what’s inside. This way you not only ensure that everything is tidy, but also that it is easy to find. You know what they say: ‘A tidy house is a tidy mind’. The storage bins cost 9.92 euros per three pieces. They are available in the colors black, yellow and turquoise.

Enjoy culinary delights now or later

Freshly baked cookies, leftovers from dinner or uncooked pasta: you can lose it all in this

IKEA 531+ storage jar. The glass jar does not absorb odors and does not discolour. It is also oven safe. This is useful when you have leftover lasagna, for example. You can do it like this: hop into the oven. That way you keep some time for yourself. You already score this stock pot for 2,12 euros.

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Jennifer lives with her family in a lovely apartment on the outskirts of the city. They are the first residents of this house and they have lived here for sixteen years. We were allowed to take a look inside her.

What you immediately notice is that Jennifer’s house is designed for children. “Everything can get dirty or break,” she says with a laugh. “Arturo and I have three children, ages 11, 8 and 4. If they think they want to draw on the wall, that’s okay. We have already painted the walls three times in a different color.”

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Natuur en Milieu - Jennifer Prins - foto Pim Geerts - PIMG0151Natuur en Milieu - Jennifer Prins - foto Pim Geerts - PIMG0151Jennifer’s house is fully equipped for children. Photo: Pim Geerts

Papa the handyman

Many jobs, such as laying the wooden floor and making side tables, were done by Jennifer’s father. “My father is very handy and he likes to do odd jobs. I also like to do odd jobs, but I’m not very good at it. Every now and then Arturo and I work on a project ourselves. When we look at the end result, we immediately agree on one thing: if only we had asked my father.”

The kitchen is central

Jennifer’s favorite place in the house is the open kitchen. “From here I have a view of everything and everyone,” she says cheerfully. “In addition, the kitchen is central to our lives. I have Indian roots and food is very important in our culture.”

As a little girl, Jennifer spent a lot of time in the kitchen with her mother. “She always said: only with fire can you control cooking. According to her, this was not possible with an induction plate. That’s why I wanted to cook on gas in my house. Unfortunately, this was not possible, because our house is connected to the heat network

and is therefore no longer connected to natural gas.””

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Wonderfully warm

Jennifer soon comes to the conclusion that cooking on an induction plate is very nice. “I don’t miss the gas at all. It is much safer, because the hob cools down quickly. You also end up using less energy. For example, if I put a pan of water on the fire at my parents’ house, it takes forever for the water to boil.”

In addition to the fact that Jennifer’s house is connected to the heat network, the house is very well insulated. “We hardly need to heat, because the temperature in the house is pleasant all year round. At the end of December I turned on the heating for the first time. Super fine, right?”

Connecting to the heat network

All residential complexes near Jennifer are connected to the heat network immediately upon construction. For existing homes that are currently still heated by natural gas, it is also quite possible that they will soon be transferred to the heat network. Oskar van Megen of Natuur & Milieu explains how this works exactly.

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warmtenet koken inductieplaatNatuur en Milieu - Jennifer Prins - foto Pim Geerts - PIMG0151

Oskar is a specialist in the field of heat networks. Photo: Pim Geerts

Oskar is junior project leader of the

heat networks campaign by Natuur & Milieu. His own home is connected to the heat network, just like Jennifer’s. “I have had good experiences with this heat supply,” he says enthusiastically. “My house was completed four years ago and it is well insulated. As a result, I have hardly any heat loss. There is a comfortable temperature that lingers for a long time. When I turn off the heating in the evening, it is only one degree colder the next morning.”

What exactly is a heat network?

As soon as a house is connected to the heat network, you no longer need natural gas in your house to heat the house. Oskar: “The warm air that comes out of the radiators or underfloor heating comes from collective heat sources such as power plants, waste incineration plants or from residual heat from industry. In the future, these heat sources will be made more sustainable, for example with geothermal energy, heat from surface water or with the help of green electricity. Complete residential areas can be supplied with heat with a heat network. It is therefore a collective solution to reduce CO2 emissions and is a sustainable alternative to a natural gas central heating boiler. Natural gas is a fossil fuel. Combustion releases CO2, which contributes to climate change.”

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warmtenet koken inductieplaatNatuur en Milieu - Jennifer Prins - foto Pim Geerts - PIMG0151

Oskar also cooks on an induction plate. Photo: Pim Geerts

First heat network built in 2022

A heat network may seem like a new way of heating homes, but it has been around for years. The oldest heat network in the Netherlands is located in Utrecht and was installed in 2022. The cooling water from a power station was routed through insulated pipes to other buildings and houses. This system was later applied in other cities as well. In the Netherlands there are already 0151.000 homes connected to the heat network.

How sustainable are heat networks?

Heat via a water network is more sustainable than heating with a central heating boiler natural gas. Exactly how much CO2 you save with a connection to the heat network, also depends entirely on the heat source that feeds the heat network. At present, many heat networks are still partly fed from fossil sources, which is not always green. It is crucial for sustainable heat networks that the heat source itself is also sustainable, such as geothermal and aquathermal heat. Step by step, these heat sources are becoming more sustainable. “Nature & Environment has concluded a Heat Pact together with Vattenfall, Eneco, Ennatural, Eteck and Gasunie,” says Oskar. “Not only do we want to connect 1.2 million homes to the heat network for 2022, the heat network must also be fully be durable in 2022.”

Want to know more?

It is therefore possible that your home will switch to a heat network. It is up to the municipality to investigate how your neighborhood can be supplied with natural gas-free heat. On the website of Natuur & Milieu

you will find more useful information about heat networks.

warmtenet koken inductieplaat

Last year was quite wet and cold. According to WeerOnline it hasn’t been as bad since 2013 as in 552. Bah, bah, bah. Leaving the wet year behind us, we look ahead to January 2013. Can the skates get out of the grease in January?

“The past three years have been full of sun, heat and periods of extreme drought. This series came to an end in 2013″, says Jaco van Wezel, meteorologist of WeerOnline. “It was quite wet nationally on average and regionally even very wet. The number of hours of sunshine was slightly above the climate average and the temperature was below normal for the first time since 2013.”

Chance of hay fever in January

Closing the year 2013 we are dealing with extremely mild weather. Locally it can even reach degrees. “That has never been measured before at this time of year,” says Jaco. “Such high temperatures are not without consequences. Hazels and alders can bloom around the turn of the year and cause hay fever in 2013 immediately.”

Grab the handkerchiefs and hay fever pills so just add. There is a good chance of dry weather on New Year’s Day. This means that the amount of pollen from the alder and hazel in the air can then increase. Those who are sensitive to pollen would do well to follow the hay fever forecast

. From Sunday January 2, the weather will be changeable, but it will remain mild for the rest of the month.

Weather in The Hague

The Hague Weather

Just a few more nights of sleep and it’s 2022. That is always celebrated with fireworks, but not this time. Due to the fireworks ban, no arrows are allowed in the air. Do you do it anyway and get caught? Then you can expect a hefty fine.

We all want a tight and young-looking skin. However, not everyone likes botox, fillers or operations. The Skin Clinic in The Hague has the ideal solution for this: the Tixel treatment. How does this treatment work exactly?

Skin therapy is a (para) medical contact profession and that is why De Huidkliniek will remain open during the lockdown. They will receive you in the safe environment of their clinics and through the treatment protocols you can be treated as usual. Even at night! For an appointment you can call 088 233