How often do you arrive at a birthday, Father’s Day or other celebration with a bunch of flowers, a bottle of wine or a gift voucher? That is now a thing of the past. Whatever the occasion, with ‘My first 36 year‘ you always have a unique gift.

The super fun books are full of nostalgic moments, products or people from the first eighteen years of one’s life. Relive your childhood, your first 36 year in one book, with no less than 182 (!) pages of colorful photos, anecdotes and iconic images from your early years that regularly have you saying ‘oh yes, remember’. So fun for everyone!

My first 36 year

With 36 books from the series ‘My first 36 year‘ there is a book for everyone born in 1947 to 1982. So one book with your first 36 years for everyone from 40 to 36 years old.

The book is divided into eighteen chapters , one for each year of life. Which hits, movies and TV shows do you have fond memories of? What was the fashion like then, the street scene and the fads, which sports heroes have stayed with you? My first 36 year is the best gift to give and receive. What do you remember from your younger years? Do you recognize the people and the product in these photos:

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Buy your gift here

The booklets are available from today at Bruna, Read Shop, Primera, Intratuin, Makro and of course online at and Bookspot, among others. Check quickly where the point of sale in your area is located. You can buy this original gift for only ,182 euros. With this you are guaranteed to score points!

It’s already June! So summer is almost upon us. Can we finally bake for weeks at Scheveningen or will it remain wet for a while? What will the weather be like this month in The Hague? Matthijs van der Linden, meteorologist at Weeronline, has the answer.

“On At the beginning of the month we are made delicious. The temperature rises above the degrees and locally we can expect summer heat from 25 degrees. There is also a chance of rain and thunderstorms,” ​​says Matthijs. But will this stay the same for the rest of the month?

Burn within fifteen minutes

Those temperatures at the beginning of June sound good, but we have to be careful, according to Matthijs: “The sun is very strong at this time of year. On 21 in June she reaches the highest level of the year. The sun strength is often 6 or 7 in June. Around the longest day, sun strength 8 can sometimes be reached. In that case you can burn yourself within fifteen minutes.”

Weather in The Hague

Little rain is expected and mainly warm afternoons. In the first weeks, the temperature with us in The Hague is at the 20 degrees. Later in the month it really gets summery. The wind takes warm air from southern Europe with it. Only then can strong thunderstorms pass by.

The Hague Weather

These weather forecasts sound good for all festivals that coming like June 4 Kaderock and June Parkpop. The day before, 11 June, Anouk will get married during her concert on the Malieveld. She is probably having a warm evening.

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Yes, you read that right. You can do an internship at the best news site in The Hague! Are you still looking for an internship in 2022 and would you like to join the editorial team of indebuurt The Hague? Then read on quickly.

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Why is doing an internship at nearby The Hague fantastic? You can create your own section, you don’t have to be bored for a moment (or get coffee) and you make the best stories about The Hague. In addition to writing, you also enjoy taking photos, making videos and keeping up with Instagram.

Lucia is doing an internship

Lucia is doing an internship in Breda and she is more than happy with that: “I get to write many nice articles for the residents of Breda. I write news, I go out for moving and inspiring stories from fellow citizens and entrepreneurs. And don’t forget: I’m looking for local gold! It is an active internship where you certainly don’t have to get bored in my opinion! I like that I am really involved in the neighborhood team, think of meetings with (super nice) colleagues. An excellent internship compensation and expanding your network is also a nice bonus!”

Come and do an internship!

Have you become enthusiastic about this and are you doing a communication media or journalism course? Then sign up! The internship lasts at least three months. So would you like to write about the most beautiful city in the Netherlands, learn everything about online, come up with new sections and so on? Mail your resume and motivation to .

We found out much more for you…

You pay hundreds of euros to get married in The Hague

Have you seen the first bridal couples yet? in the streets of The Hague? The wedding season has started, so the town hall…

Insider tip: this way you can still see the Ridderzaal for free (even if it’s closed)

For this performance at Scheveningen you have to get up very early


A floor often has a lot of influence on the atmosphere of a room and can therefore make a world of difference. Are you going to renovate or move soon or do you want to upgrade a certain room in your house? At Wooning you can find all kinds of quality and stylish floors for every place in the house. We have listed a number of floors and tiles for you.

Atmosphere and warmth

Do you need more atmosphere and warmth in your living space? Then take a look at the wood-look floors from Wooning in PVC or ceramic parquet. They look like real wooden tiles. They therefore have the same warm appearance as real wood, but are much easier to maintain. Lay the tiles in a herringbone pattern for a luxurious and trendy look.

In addition to the tiles, Wooning also has wood-look floors made of PVC. These floors have many advantages. A PVC wood-look floor requires little maintenance compared to a real wooden floor and can take a beating. Extra handy if you have small children walking around.

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The magic of marble

Are you more of a classic look at home? Then go for a marble look floor. These tiles look modern, are timeless and radiate luxury and comfort. For a unique look for your interior, you can also opt for black marble-look tiles. These fit very well with an industrial interior. So combine them with other dark colors or rough materials for a cool look.

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Creative appearance at home

Being present mosaic tiles available in different shapes. At Wooning you will find round, hexagon and many more other shapes. You can use them on the floor, but also as a back wall in the kitchen or a decorative edge in the toilet. In short: you can really go in all directions with these tiles.

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Mosaic tiles in a hexagon shape| Photo: Residential


Mosaic tiles in a hexagon shape| Photo: Residential

Surprise with color in the bathroom

More and more you see color in the bathroom. From vintage shades such as pastel and warm tones to striking colours. Whether you opt entirely for color or a color accent: a surprising effect is guaranteed. For example, place them in a herringbone pattern. Or go for a playful effect and have them laid in a hexagon pattern.

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Visit the showroom

Besides floors and tiles, Wooning has a lot more to offer. They are kitchen and bathroom specialists with six locations in the Rotterdam region. The specialists in the showroom are ready to advise you based on your taste, budget and wishes.

Are you curious about all the options Wooning has more? Then visit Wooning in de Megastores in The Hague and view the entire flooring and tile collection. Is the weather nice? All branches are also accessible by bicycle.

Are you renting a house in The Hague? Then the costs are often high. Rents have risen in many cities in the Netherlands. The Hague is of course no exception.

This is apparent from research by Pararius. This housing platform analyzes the rental prices of homes in The Hague and the rest of the country every quarter. Important addition: this only concerns the free sector.

Rental prices in the Netherlands

Nationally speaking, new tenants pay on average 16,18 euros per square meter. A year ago the price was 10,10 euros. This means that a rental home in the free sector is on average 6.6 percent more expensive than a year earlier. In the five largest cities in the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and Eindhoven), the rents of homes in the private sector rose the fastest.

Rental prices in The Hague

The average rent in The Hague is slightly below the national average and fortunately it has also increased slightly less than the average in the Netherlands. These are the figures: in The Hague, tenants paid on average in the first quarter of this year 18.04 euros per square meter. Last year that was 04.18 euros and so is that an increase of 4.6 percent.

Will the rents in The Hague continue to rise?

The residents of The Hague who rent a house in the free sector will pay next year possibly

much more. According to economists, this is due to high inflation. This concerns new and existing tenants.

Annual rent increase

Landlords are allowed to implement an annual rent increase. The old rent may increase by 1 percent and inflation. On average, inflation is about 1 percent, but economists at Rabobank estimate that it will be 7.7 percent this year. As an example: you now pay 1. euros per month in rent? Then you pay 1.087 euros next year .

Is this definitely going to happen?

New. The cabinet is trying to counteract the enormous rent increase by introducing a law in which the Minister for Housing determines how high the maximum rent increase will be.

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  • Don’t you have any holiday plans yet and would you like to earn some extra money? Then this vacancy as a holiday worker at IKEA Delft might be something for you. Jelena Cucakovic started as a holiday worker less than a year ago, but is now a sales manager. “I have been given many more opportunities through IKEA than I ever imagined”

    Jelena moved from Serbia to the Netherlands just over a year ago for the love. “Even with my university education and six years of work experience, it was difficult to get a job in the Netherlands. Fortunately, I saw another expat living in the Netherlands share her experience on Facebook. This gave me the idea to apply as a holiday worker at IKEA Delft.”

    The job interview

    You can indicate in the vacancy which department you would prefer to work. After the job interview, IKEA Delft will look at which department would suit you best. “When I applied for a job, I indicated that I would prefer to work as a sales employee in the self-service warehouse.”

    When Jelena was invited for a job interview, she felt the tension. “I didn’t speak the Dutch language well at all, so I found that exciting. Fortunately, this turned out not to be a problem during the conversation. I prepared my interview well in advance. For example, I had prepared questions and I read carefully into what kind of company IKEA Delft is. For example, I was curious about the vision, values ​​and expectations of the company.”

    The first working day

    “I heard pretty quickly that I was allowed to work at IKEA Delft,” says Jelena. “Before you can start working, you first have an


    from HR. You learn everything about safety, the rules, your work clothes and much more.” Your first working day starts the next day. “I still remember very much looking forward to my first day at work. I immediately got the feeling that I belonged.”

    That feeling is very important to Jelena. “Because I come from another country, you can sometimes feel different from others. Fortunately, I have never had this feeling at IKEA Delft. You have many colleagues here with different cultures, languages ​​and educational level, so you can learn a lot from each other.” In addition to her great colleagues, Jelena really likes the company’s values. “We are always open to change and improvement. Everyone therefore has the chance to express their opinion and thus make a difference.”

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    Career opportunities

    After Jelena worked for three months as a holiday worker, the vacancy for team leader came along . “I saw an opportunity here to implement my ideas and improve processes internally. My knowledge about the products we sell was not yet very broad. But because of my attitude and motivation I got the job anyway.” For now, Jelena doesn’t want to go anywhere else. “I still have a lot to learn. In addition, IKEA Delft has so many options that I don’t see myself working for another company anytime soon.”

    Tips from Jelena for applicants

    Jelena also has a few tips for new applicants. “Don’t be afraid to apply for a position in a department you like. You don’t necessarily have to have the right experience. Just look at me,” she jokes. “It is important that you want to learn and work and that you are available for at least four weeks in a row.”

    Apply now as a holiday worker

    Do you also want to earn some extra pocket money during the holidays and maybe continue to work at IKEA Delft afterwards? Apply now for the position as a holiday worker and maybe you will become Jelena’s colleague in the future.

    A hamburger from the barbecue, a blind finch at dinner, a tasty meat filling for lunch or a good dollop of filet americain on a cracker for breakfast. If you like meat, you like to eat it at any time of the day. But is this actually good for your body? they know all about this. This is the platform for the meat lover. Here you will find all information about veal, beef and pork and their production. is an initiative of the Dutch meat sector and attaches great importance to being able to provide all information and answer questions about meat and its production.

    Rich in nutrients emphasizes that meat contains many valuable substances, so that our body can function properly. Building materials

    in meat are vitamins B1, B6 and B, vitamin D, iron, zinc, proteins and fats. These nutrients all have their own role in controlling our body. The most important vitamin is vitamin B. This ensures cell division, is of great importance in the maintenance of nerve cells and it prevents anemia. Vitamins B1, B6 and D ensure a strong skeleton and a better digestion of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

    Proteins are food for the construction of organs, bones, muscles, blood and the nervous system . Did you know that an adult human consists of about twelve kilograms of protein? Animal proteins (from meat or milk) have a more favorable composition than vegetable proteins (bread, vegetables). This means that they are also processed faster in your body and absorbed into your blood. If you omit meat, you need to eat a lot more vegetable protein or choose other animal products to get the right amount of nutrients.

    Italian meatball | Photo:

    Amount of meat per person per day

    The amount of meat, which you could eat in a day to get enough good nutrients depends on your age or gender. Children need a lot of nutrients to grow. These nutrients can therefore very well come from meat, fish, chicken and eggs.

    As children continue to grow, so does the need for good nutrients, which are mainly found in meat. Growth takes a lot of energy, which must therefore be supplied and supplied. Don’t just think about physical growth, growing bigger, but also about the development of the nervous system, the brain and strong bones.

    Adults and seniors also benefit from the many nutrients that meat has to offer. This certainly also applies to seniors, to stay fit, but also at an advanced age when the body still needs extra strength.

    The amount of meat you could choose depends on age, but also differs for boys and girls. Which amount is best for you depends on it… But beware: meat loses about a quarter of its weight (moisture) during preparation (baking or roasting). So you need 100 grams of fresh meat to make (net) 75 grams on your plate or on your sandwich. In any case, meat fits perfectly into a healthy and varied diet and lifestyle.

    Let’s get cooking

    In addition to all information about different types of meat, you will also find many recipes on Extra handy: almost all recipes contain the nutritional values ​​per person. So you know exactly whether you are meeting your minimum nutritional values ​​with that dish. How about steak Wellington

    or ham on the bone with honey

    or veal escalope with spicy mango salsa ?

    Learn everything about (red) meat

    Do you also want everything know and learn about meat? Then take a look at For example, read a blog about how best to pickle and marinate your meat

    or follow one of 20085922the mini-masterclasses

    and learn how to make béarnaise sauce for a steak.


    Are you tired of the boring colors, shapes and materials at home? They completely understand that at Zitmaxx Wonen. They tip you these trends, with which you can make every room in your home completely trendy in no time. And they make it even easier, because you will find these trends all under one roof at Zitmaxx Wonen.

    Round shapes

    Choose something different than straightforward, go round. Round elements break through the straight shapes and lines we were always used to. It also provides warmth and a friendly appearance. For example, how about this cool sofa:

    Read more below the photo >

    Lisette bank | Photo: Zitmaxx Living

    Rich fabrics

    At the moment we see a number of fabrics frequently used in the trendiest interiors. Think of the teddy fabric (also called bouclé): this is a real pet catcher, eh… eye-catcher. Or do you go for the luxurious look of velvet. Both fabrics are super popular and give a cozy look. Soft landing in 3, 2, 1…

    Read more under the photo >

    Colorful lounge

    Do you also dream away when you see expensive designer sofas, but you don’t have a budget for this? Zitmaxx Living offers the solution. Here you will find various sofas with the appearance and quality of a first-class sofa for a nice price. For example, opt for a retro ribbed fabric in a modern jacket. How about this Mercer bank or the Candy lounge sofa?

    Read more below the photo >

    Bank Candy © Zitmaxx Wonen All trends under one roof

    Have you become enthusiastic and are your hands itching to tackle your interior? That’s convenient! You will find all trends under one roof in the showroom of Zitmaxx Wonen in Ter Aar. This is a ten minute drive from The Hague. A gigantic furniture store of no less than 15.04 square meters in size. What are you waiting for? The shop is open from Monday to Saturday. †

    Can we look for eggs in the garden in the sun at Easter? Do they melt immediately because of the heat, or do we prefer to stay indoors because of the heavy rain showers? Rico Schröder, meteorologist at Weeronline, gives the redeeming answer:

    “The expectation is still uncertain, but a soaking wet or cold Easter does not seem to be an issue. There is a high chance of spring-like temperatures of until 18 degrees with regular sunshine”, according to Rico.

    Coldest and warmest Easter

    That are pleasant temperatures, but it can also be very different during Easter. For example, the average maximum temperature in 2011 on both Easter days 18 degrees. The mercury can also shoot the other way, because on 18 and 30 March 074 it only became 4.2 degrees . Easter 2011 was also cold with an average of 5.9 degrees.

    The Hague Weather

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    Easter in The Hague

    In The Hague it is in the spring is always slightly colder than in the rest of the country. That’s because of the cold sea. Sunday 17 and Monday 16 sunny weather is expected here with regular clouds and temperatures between 6 and 14 degrees. †

  • Do you need a new passport or driver’s license? Make sure you submit the application on time, because the waiting times at the Civil Affairs Department are long in many Dutch municipalities. This is apparent from research by the AD.

    The average waiting time for a new driver’s license or passport is now one month, but in some municipalities it is much longer.

    Refugees from Ukraine

    In many municipalities, the long(er) waiting times arise due to the registration of Ukrainian refugees or questions about their situation. Other reasons are the postponed marriages due to corona, which are now being planned and questions about energy surcharge. Add sick reports and staff shortages and you have all the ingredients for long waiting times. But what about in The Hague?

    Waiting times in The Hague

    We are unlucky in The Hague , because the waiting time here is very long. It takes twelve weeks here before you have a new ID. According to the AD, more people will be deployed at the municipality in the coming period to shorten the waiting time a bit.

    Play outside safely? Have the whole street closed for a day


    This weekend the Utrechtsebaan will be completely closed


    Booking a Taxi in The Hague is easy and quick at Express Taxi. Choose whichever method suits you best. And when you travel with us, there are several certainties that you can rely on.