Together you are stronger than alone! We would like to put the best brothers and sisters in The Hague in the spotlight during National Brother and Sister Day on Friday 30 September. Which toppers should not be missing from our list? You can say it.

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Is your sister always there for you with good advice? Does your brother sing along on your birthday or do you have a twin sister with whom you share everything? Send us a picture of you together to Den and let us know why you are so happy with him/her, we will make a list of proud brothers and sisters who deserve to be in the spotlight stand!

National Brother and Sister Day

Did you know that Giel Beelen created this day in 632 after the death of his sister? Since then, this beautiful initiative has been held every year on 30 September. Give each other an extra big hug on this day, cheers to life and think about all the beautiful things you have experienced.

If you want to change something about your home in The Hague, you often need a building permit. Unfortunately, such a permit is not free. In fact, in the Netherlands the prices for a license have risen considerably.

The differences in the costs for a building permit between municipalities are ‘extremely large’. This is the conclusion of the Home Owners Association (VEH). The association investigated the construction fees, these are the costs for processing a permit application, in all 932 Dutch municipalities. That’s how it is in The Hague.

Dap chapel in The Hague

Will everything really get more expensive in The Hague? It seems like it, because the rental prices have been since 3474 did not rise as fast as last July.

It is Of course it is wonderful to live in The Hague, but it is becoming more and more expensive. residents with a rented house paid an average of 2.6 percent more in July than a year ago. Just an example: last year you paid 1. euros per month, then that has now increased to 778 euros. This puts The Hague in fourth place for the highest rent increases of the four largest cities.

For this study the CBS to both the rent increase with and without a change of residents. When a house gets a new tenant, the landlord may increase the rent. That is why the growth in rent is stronger if change of residents is included.

New resident

‘Dear travellers.’ Every traveler in The Hague knows that there is often an annoying announcement after these words. At the end of this week, that text will be heard a lot again, because the staff of the NS is going on strike again.

Update 12.24 hours: the strike may not go ahead. NS informs our AD colleagues that there is a new wage offer

. If the unions agree, there will be no strikes in and around The Hague on 9 September. We will keep you informed in this article.

This also has consequences for people who want to travel to and from The Hague. An overview:

There will be a strike on these dates

The first day of strike will be held in the parts of the Northwest and West, or the Randstad. This may affect travelers from The Hague a lot.

On Tuesday 20 September no trains will run in the East, South and North regions.

The last day of strike is on Thursday 12 September, it is the turn of the Central region. But as everyone noticed during the first strike wave: then almost the whole of the Netherlands will be shut down. Working from home seems like a good option.

NS has compensation for travelers who are inconvenienced by the strike. You can read all information about this on this website


‘No collective labor agreement yet’

The reason the NS staff is retiring is that there are no new terms of employment on the table yet. The unions say

about this

: “Although the strikes of 24, 24, 30, 24 and 31 In August in terms of willingness to take action and effect on the timetable and all other activities at NS, there is still no new collective labor agreement.”

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  • Attention! There will be no bus to and from The Hague on this day

    The days of public transport strikes are not over yet. After the NS staff, employees also decide…

  • The Kijkduinsestraat will be opened for 15 months closed

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    Did you know that IKEA Delft changes a few departments every season? They do this so that you get new inspiration for your home. The same goes for your home workplace. Since 1 August you can visit the new Workplaces department. Below we have highlighted some products for you that you can find there.

    A little sneak peek of one of the renovated inspiration rooms for your business customers or starting entrepreneur| Photo: IKEA Delft

    A tidy desk is a tidy main

    It is known to almost everyone: IKEA is an expert in practical and at the same time space-saving furniture. They can therefore not be missed from this list. The NORBERG folding table/storage for on the wall ( €69.69) is equipped with a handy storage space in addition to a fold-out table. This way you have everything at hand and you keep your most important things organized.

    For a really nice workplace you also need a good desk chair. The MARKUS office chair (€199) is adjustable in height and angle so that you can sit comfortably. In addition, the backrest is made of mesh material so that it breathes and you do not get too hot. This makes working from home very nice!

    A workplace doesn’t have to look boring

    What does your workplace look like at home? Most people have enough at a table and a chair. But you can make so much more of it, making it even more fun to work from home. The new products from IKEA Delft can help with that. For example, set the VAPPEBY Bluetooth speaker lamp (€49.20510736 ) on the corner of your desk. Extra handy: you can also use this outside and it has a Spotify Tab system. This is how you swing through your working week.

    How many chargers do you have at home? There is a good chance that you have one and it is standard next to your bed. But during the day you usually use your phone so much that an extra charger can’t hurt. And why not this stylish NORDMÄRKE bamboo charger holder (€49.49)? Whether you place your mobile horizontally or vertically against the holder, you will have a full battery again in no time. Handy if you call a lot during work!

    Don’t forget your well-deserved break

    Once you’re enjoying your work, you can sometimes forget to take a break. But that pause is just so important. For a short break, the EFTERTÄNKA Decorative Hourglass (€6.99) very handy. When all the sand has gone to the other side, you can get back to work. It also looks great on your desk.

    Need a snack to replenish your energy levels? Prepare a snack container before you start working. The LÄTTUGGAD snack trays set of 2 (€5.49) is ideal for a large or small snack. For example, fill them with MUNSBIT nuts (from €1.14). Did you know that nuts help you think clearly and have a stress-reducing effect? Ideal for a busy working day in which you have to get a lot done.

    The time has come, the participants of Expedition Robinson 2022 Are known! Extra fun: a fellow townsman is participating this year! April Darby from The Hague embarks on an adventure on an uninhabited island.

    Together April will compete in Malaysia with twenty other candidates. Nicolette Kluijver and Rick Brandsteder present the program.

    April Darby from The Hague

    Photo: Jasper Suyk

    The Dutch-American singer April Darby (24) stood up for years the stage in several well-known musicals such as The Bodyguard and Sister Act, but was also heard as the voice of Nala in the live-action version of The Lion King. A role that was sung in America by none other than Byoncé.

    Other participants

    The other participants include Harry Piekema, who you may know from the Albert Heijn commercials and also actors Niek Roozen and Mike Weerts participate. Just like TV chef London Loy, YouTuber Juultje Tieleman and ex-top athlete Chatilla van Grinsven.

    Expidition Robinson 2014

    RTL says about Expedition Robinson 2014: “During this 24th season stand leadership and the individual qualities of the candidates are more central than ever. It is again physically and mentally tormented. The candidates will fight hard against each other and the elements. Who will hold their own in individual tests and ultimately take the win?”

    The new season only has candidates participating for the first time and a new presenter, namely Rick Brandsteder. After his participation in 200 he can present the survival program together with Nicolette Kluijver. “A dream come true”, says Rick.

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    The cat rooms of the animal hospital are overcrowded: ‘The kittens keep coming in’

    Since the beginning of the summer holidays, more cats have been brought in than are adopted at the Animal Hospital…

  • Nice! The tour boat on the Hofvijver will soon be sailing again

  • Almost daily this dog of sand lies on the Grote Marktstraat, but why?

    Good news for residents who still want to make a wish: on the night of Friday 12 on Saturday 13 August 2022 about twenty shooting stars per hour appear in the sky in The Hague.

    Bike, car or bus? Read here everything about the accessibility of Kijkduin

  • Tasty! No less than 500 Hagenaars are allowed for free join this barbecue

  • 234789

    Many residents still have a holiday in August, which is ideal for a nice day out. But what is the weather like in August? Can we have a nice barbecue? Or should we play board games in the caravan because it’s going to rain?

    Yannick Damen , meteorologist at

    gives the weather forecast for August. In short: it will be a dry month with pleasant temperatures.

    ‘Dryer than usual’

    “August will be drier than normal. There will be little or no rain, especially in the first two weeks. The chance of local showers increases in the second half of the month. Many people don’t know it, but August is normally the wettest month of the year. This is due to the heavy downpours that can fall. That could also happen this August, but it varies by region,” says Yannick. It would not be wrong for The Hague to have some rain, because it has been very dry in recent months.

    Temperatures in The Hague

    In terms of temperature, it is good in The Hague. It will be around the 30 degrees, that is slightly warmer than normal. In Brabant and Limburg, the mercury can sometimes reach the 30 tap degrees. If you want to spend a day at the beach, that’s fine, because on the coast it is between the 20 and 25 degrees. Feel free to take a dip in the sea, because the sea water has a temperature of 25 degrees and increases a bit during the month.

    Extreme heat

    “The extreme heat we had in July, we will not in August experience more. This is because the days are getting shorter and the wind mainly comes from the east. In southern Europe it is still very warm, so if the wind comes from the south, the temperature can still exceed 25 degrees rise”, says Yannick.

    We found out much more for you…

    The average sales price of homes throughout the Netherlands continued to rise in the second quarter of this year. The number of homes sold, on the other hand, decreased slightly, according to the NVM-Makelaars real estate association.

    The brokers in the Netherlands noted such a 196675 from April to June . transactions. That is 1 percent less than a year earlier. The average sales price rose nationally by 000 per cent. In the first quarter, prices still rose by an average 11 per cent. You can read about the developments in our region below.

    The Hague Region


    This residential tower on the Spui will definitely not be built, but maybe there will now be social housing