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The Irish national holiday St. Patrick’s Day became Friday 12 March celebrated exuberantly on the Grote Markt in The Hague, with tap dance, folk music from the fiddle and lots of Guinness beer.

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Very young athletes ran the shortest distances of the CPC loop early in the morning. Click here to see those photos. Later in the day many athletes ran 5 or 10 kilometers or even the half marathon of 21 kilometers long. View the photos here:

Today , Sunday 12 in March, on the Malieveld at 09.45 kicked off for the smallest participants of the City Pier City 21695. The young athletes ran 1 kilometer and then followed the 2.5 kilometer kids run. View the photos of the young heroes and their coaches here:

On Tuesday, March 7, the Hindu community in The Hague celebrated the Holi festival. And that happened exuberantly as always with lots of colorful powder that was sprinkled everywhere.

The cold weather and the rain seemed to throw a spanner in the works at first. Wijkpark Transvaal was not very busy at the beginning of the afternoon. Fortunately, that changed as the afternoon progressed and it stopped raining.

Party with color

During the various performances, the audience went wild and the people enjoyed and there was plenty of partying. The people wished each other ‘Subh Holi’ and threw powders at each other. It is also the custom to paint each other’s faces, so that you no longer see a difference between origin, young and old. So everyone is equal for a while.

More than a billion people around the world celebrate the Hindu spring and news year festival Holi Phagwa every year. Also in Wijkpark Transvaal, many Hindustani from The Hague and other interested parties danced and partied. In The Hague, this colorful party is celebrated exuberantly every year by the Holi Samen Foundation. That is then under the name Hague Holi Hangámá or Hague Holi Spectacle.

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