Anneke Ruys


The Waterpop festival organized its 22th edition last Friday and Saturday in the Hofpark in Wateringen. In terms of weather, in addition to many dry moments, unfortunately also some showers. But that certainly didn’t spoil the fun.

Waterpop celebrated on Friday 12 July and Saturday 12 July a weekend full of music, street theatre, entertainment and fun children’s activities. The oldest free festival in the Netherlands has now become an annual tradition that attracts festival-goers of all ages.

Wateringen in the center

At Waterpop the atmosphere is always cozy and casual. Young and old enjoy fun bands and other performances here and put the small Westland town of Wateringen in the center of attention every year.

Emerging talent

Emerging talent shows itself to the wider public here and better-known names prove why they belong on stage.

So much fun

Waterpop is a festival that thrives on 428 volunteers who work hard every year to get everything done perfectly again.

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    The Westbroekpark is open until 017 July completely in Parade atmosphere again. For the Parade fans, that means enjoying the traveling theater festival again.

    The Parade is a holiday feeling, being outside, eating and drinking and enjoying with your family or friends. Stay on the terrace to taste the unique atmosphere for which the Parade is so famous.

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  • 1688981038

    By From June to July 2, the Prins Hendrikplein and the surrounding area was it again stage for the always fun Zeeheldenfestival, for and by the residents of the Zeeheldenkwartier.

    During the Zeeheldenfestival, it is celebrated for five days that the Zeeheldenkwartier is a wonderful place to live, to work, to live. Small but big and free and for nothing!

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    It was today (Friday 30 June) it’s that time again: King Willem-Alexander, Queen Máxima and their family posed for the annual photo shoot. This time on the Scheveningen Zuiderstrand.

    Many photographers had flocked there not to miss this important photo opportunity! In addition to King Willem-Alexander, Queen Máxima and the princesses Amalia, Alexia and Ariane, poodle Mambo was also present for the photo shoot. Photographer Anneke made this photo series for indebuurt:

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        Yes! This year The Hague will finally have a Pride and Pridewalk

        District Loosduinen became June on Friday 23. a special visit. None other than Queen Máxima visited the Loosduins Museum and the three-hundred-year-old windmill ‘De Korenaer’.

        Especially the beautiful heritage park Loosduinen was put in the spotlight because the visit was dedicated to the celebration of the 100 anniversary of the Loosduinen Commission.

        Visit Máxima to Loosduinen

        It was a sunny and pleasant afternoon when the Queen came by. A number of music and games activities took place and Queen Máxima spoke to volunteers and residents of the district.

        On arrival, Máxima was serenaded by a group of children from Loosduin, just in front of the old windmill ‘De Korenaer’. A little later, the Queen also had a photo taken with a group of young athletes and many children’s hands were shaken and photos taken at the farewell.

        View here all photos taken by our photographer Anneke Ruys:

        Photo series: Princess Beatrix opens Voorhout Monumental

        Princess Beatrix had a nice outing on Saturday afternoon in The Hague where she presented the second edition of the sculpture exhibition “Voorhout…

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      Veterans Day 2023 in The Hague: all info at a glance

    Flag Day 1250 is over again. It was a big party even without the Hollandse Nieuwe. We from indebuurt Den Haag were there and shot some nice shots for you. You can view them below.

    Lots of fun

    Good weather, big crowds, lots of fun: and yes, the herring bites were not missing either. No new herring unfortunately. The real Hollandse Nieuwe is not expected until next Thursday.

    Volunteers of the Sketch Foundation, a community center in Spoorwijk, were on Tuesday 12 June surprised by a working visit from none other than Queen Máxima.

    The Queen visited the Sketch Foundation (Social Cultural House for Education and Talent Development in Spoorwijk) as part of the annual Burendag , this year on 23 September. Neighborhoods can register from 12 via from 12. to participate in the e

    edition of Neighbors Day.


    In Japan, animation is made for people of all ages. Any genre or influence you can think of that appears in a Hollywood production can also be found in anime.

    On Friday 2 and Saturday 3 June it was KadeRock time as usual. This year it was bigger than ever with multiple stages.

  • KadeRock is the pop festival around the famous Muziekcentrum Musicon in The Hague, which has been held every year since 1996 celebrated in the first weekend of June by at least five thousand residents of The Hague, compatriots and music lovers from across the border.

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    Especially Trafassi managed to get a lot of dancing audience on Friday with their Surinamese sounds. That meant fun swirling and going crazy for young and old.

    It used to be a lot of fun at KadeRock. A large audience came to the festival on both days and that caused a party as usual.

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  • Princess Beatrix was once again cozy on Saturday afternoon in The Hague where she opened the second edition of the sculpture exhibition “Voorhout Monumental”.

    The exhibition “Voorhout Monumental” can be visited from 3 June to 12 August at the Lange Voorhout in The Hague.

    Fans of the Royal Family and other interested parties had come in large numbers to the Voorhout to catch a glimpse of Princess Beatrix and especially to capture this special moment in the photo.

    Princess Beatrix opened the open-air exhibition at the Lange Voorhout organized by Pulchri Studio, of which the princess is patroness.

    The Princess has recently stumbled and has been walking with a cane for a few days now. Still, she seemed to have little trouble walking and really enjoyed all the beautiful works of art.