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With five days of fun, four decades of Zeeheldenfestival was celebrated in a big way this week. For forty years now, the Prins Hendrikplein in The Hague has been the stage for music, street theatre, children’s activities and fun for and by residents of the Zeeheldenkwartier.

Saturday 2 July was a warm, sun-drenched day with many performances, such as by local resident Tim Akkerman.

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The Varend Corso has been a household name in Westland for many years. This year, beautifully decorated parade boats full of flowers, vegetables and fruit from the Westland also sailed through the canals of The Hague.

On the fourth day of the event, the parade boats visited The Hague. Sunday 26 June the parade was about 06.30 start at the Trekvliet. Forty boats sailed a route to the Bierkade and the Kleine Veenkade and then back to the Trekvliet so that people could watch the boat parade again. From there the procession continued through Rijswijk, Den Hoorn, Wateringen and the final destination was Honselersdijk.

It was a beautiful, warm day and you saw people enjoying the beautiful colorful spectacle on the canals.

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Photo series: Danish royals visit The Hague and dine with Willem-Alexander and Máxima

The Danish Crown Prince Frederik and his wife Crown Princess Mary are Monday 010 and Tuesday 06 June in the Netherlands for an official visit. Yesterday they met our royal couple in The Hague.

The Danish couple is leading a trade mission focused on green energy and digital health. More than thirty companies from Denmark are involved in this. Yesterday a number of activities were scheduled for Crown Prince Frederik and his wife Crown Princess Mary in The Hague.

Visit to The Hague

The trade mission was officially opened in New Babylon where the Danish royals met Prime Minister Mark Rutte, Minister for Climate and Energy Rob Jetten and Minister for Long-term Care and Sport Conny Helder.

Later in the morning and in the afternoon there were meetings with Danish students and there were visits to, among others, the Provincial House and the Royal Academy of Art. In the afternoon, the Crown Prince couple paid a special visit to the Peace Palace.

In the evening, there was a large gala dinner in the Grote Kerk to conclude the visit to The Hague, together with King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima. with whom they are good friends. You could see that immediately when you were welcomed on the red carpet at the Grote Kerk. The foursome embraced each other warmly like good friends.

Tomorrow, the Crown Prince couple will continue their Dutch trade mission with visits to Leiden and Delft.

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    • Huh!? Princess Amalia rides her horse across the Voorhout (to practice for Prinsjesdag)

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    It has been three years since Flag Day could be celebrated with full dedication. On Saturday 18 In June, Scheveningen was again completely dominated by herring during Flag Day. The event this year celebrated her 62 anniversary.

    In the harbor of Scheveningen there was plenty to do from early in the morning: performances, old crafts, old Dutch children’s games, admiral sailing and old costumes. Interested parties could also take a look aboard various ships. There was a lot of interest in a visit to the Noordster, a herring logger from 1250.

    But the main focus on Flag Day is of course the herring: the Hollandse Nieuwe! A lot of herrings with onions were eaten in the Scheveningen harbor. People from far and wide had come to Scheveningen on Saturday to celebrate Flag Day. It was a perfect, sun-drenched day with a cool breeze for the necessary refreshment. Despite the earlier predictions, the expected crowds were not too bad.

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    Music, drinks and flowers: that’s the Varend corso in The Hague

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    About forty thousand Anouk fans were on Saturday 11 June, on the Malieveld, witness of a special moment. They could not only enjoy a major concert by the singer from The Hague, but also witnessed the yes that the singer gave to her great love Dominique Schemmekes.

    The tension was raised on the Malieveld on Saturday evening. built up gradually. After a little over an hour of performance, in which many well-known Anouk hits were played, the thousand-strong crowd officially witnessed Anouk’s own wedding ceremony. The Malieveld was briefly renamed a wedding location, with all the trimmings.

    On the concert stage were the children and various family members as well as the couple. Anouk and Dominique have a five-year-old daughter, Jelizah Rose, and Anouk has five other children from previous relationships. It was a very emotional, but also exuberant moment that, in addition to the singer and her brand new husband, the present and many tens of thousands of fans will never forget.

    After giving the yes, handing over the rings and the kiss and the accompanying ceremony, a happy Anouk continued her performance with part two of the Malieveld concert.

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  • Photo series: this is how 11 year Kaderock celebrated

  • KadeRock celebrated on Saturday 4 June her 06th birthday. Of course together with the audience from all corners of The Hague and many artists from The Hague.

    Old, young, very young and also in between. All music lovers for the largest small festival in the Netherlands, traditionally with music from all decades of the pop city of The Hague. The day started with a little bit of rain, but luckily it turned out to be a sunny afternoon.

    06 year

    KadeRock is a festival on the first Saturday in June where conviviality is key and where enjoyment is number 1. Already 25 years in and around Musicon, The Hague. For this edition, they went all out with a real line-up from The Hague, including Son Mieux, The Clarks and Sloper, the new band of two drum kings: Cesar Zuiderwijk and Mario Goossens (Triggerfinger). Also Lucas Hamming and Rob Bolland & Friends.

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    Edwin Rutten (Uncle Willem): ‘So surprised that yippee de poopie is now in the Dikke Van Dale’

    Fantasy Fest is the festival where you can enjoy everything that has to do with Fantasy, Cosplay, Gothic, Steampunk, Anime, Manga and more.

    Last weekend Fantasy Fest was in the bread factory in Rijswijk. We enjoyed the beautifully dressed people, strolled past stalls and let yourself be carried away by beautiful music and other entertainment. †

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    During the Urban Trail you run through iconic buildings in The Hague

    Berlin techno at dance festival The Crave: check the line-up here

    Today was the fourteenth edition of the Hague Liberation Festival on the Malieveld. The festival was celebrated exuberantly for the first time in two years without corona measures.

    The organization and the public were completely there from early afternoon ready for. Rapper Fresku was this year’s Ambassador of Freedom in The Hague. A task he carries out with pride. He landed with a helicopter on the Malieveld. Quite a job for the rapper who is very afraid of heights.

    Shortly after landing, he gave an enthusiastic performance that many people had come to. Taken throughout the day, there were varied performances covering all kinds of music genres.

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    The Hague was ready early this morning. From about eight o’clock in the morning, the many flea markets were already full and everyone enjoyed a long-awaited King’s Day.

    Those looking for a nice flea market this morning had plenty of choice. Because cozy markets were organized throughout The Hague and in almost every neighbourhood. The orange clothing was allowed out of the closet again and the cheeks looked festive again in red white blue. The Hague finally experienced an old-fashioned cozy King’s Day, with all the trimmings.

    The free markets during King’s Day are the ideal places to earn money, but also to spend. In many neighborhoods of The Hague, such as in the Belgian Park, on the Frederik Hendriklaan and on the Leyweg, people sold their things from rugs on the street.

    You could stroll past all kinds of cozy stalls and maybe those come across items you’ve been looking for for years. Unfortunately, the sun did not show itself all day long in The Hague, but it was certainly fun!


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    Tuesday evening and night we celebrated King’s Night in The Hague. After two years of absence due to corona it was over 26 April extra festive during The Life I Live.

    Beer in your hand, orange outfits and dancing shoes on. The King’s Night audience was really looking forward to it tonight! Early in the evening, young and old went to the city center of The Hague to celebrate the evening before King’s Day exuberantly.

    It was busier than ever at the outdoor stages in the center where you could enjoy a wide range of music . There was exuberant dancing on the anniversary edition of THE LIFE I LIVE. ‘We are finally allowed again’ was regularly shouted and they immediately toasted.

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    Great! The old trams run through The Hague for a day

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