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The Hague is a very green city, and most residents would like to keep it that way. Unfortunately, sometimes a tree (or several) has to be cut down due to illness. However, trees that are on the list to be felled for a renovation or adaptation of the city can sometimes still be saved.

That’s handy, a card that shows whether your favorite (neighborhood) tree is scheduled to be cut down and you also see immediately whether you can do something about it.

Protect the trees in your neighborhood

The website Trees in your neighborhood of Bomenstichting Den Haag informs and supports local residents to show up on time when tree felling threatens. According to the foundation, the number of trees in The Hague is declining considerably. While they are badly needed to keep the city cool and livable. ‘They are also very important for biodiversity. Now and in the future.’

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Very handy: A weekly overview with applications and felling permits in your area! It is also indicated what you can still do and you can subscribe to a message service. Image:

On the website of Trees in your neighborhood you can discover and protect endangered neighborhood trees. There is an interactive overview map showing the trees threatened with felling, as well as a message service for subscribers that sends you an e-mail if a nearby tree is threatened with felling.

Objection make

The card and the mail service allow you to take action in time if you do not agree with the felling, for example by talking to the owner of the tree, via to inquire on the street app, ask questions to a (neighborhood) committee, or simply by submitting a written objection to the felling to the municipality.

On the map you see different colored dots: Green dots represent a tree that is allowed remain, is a yellow dot a requested felling of a tree. This applies to all blue dots objections to the felling permit can still be lodged. This is not possible with all red markings more; the objection period has then ended. The felling permit will then be granted definitively and irrevocably, unless an objection has been lodged and an objection period will run.

The overview map via the website is updated weekly by ‘Trees in your neighborhood’ based on new information from the municipality and government. So every week you will find an up-to-date overview.

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    Strolling among the old books. That smell of the paper is one that you can only smell in few shops in The Hague. And soon that will be possible at one less shop, because Antiquariaat Boekhandel Kretzschmar is closing.

    The antique book dealer at Noordeinde 03 is closing its doors . With a bit of luck you can now buy your favorite antique book with a nice discount.

    Books sale

    ‘Closing sale, all books half price’, is written on an A3 piece of paper on the shop window of the Noordeinde. Antiquariaat Boekhandel Kretzschmar is known for its enormous amount of old books and a large selection on art and history. Fans of these books will certainly miss the bookstore.

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    While your classmates make ‘rabbit ears’ with their fingers at the teacher, you are fiddling with your trendy outfit and… flash! For the rest of your life you will be in the class photo with a photogenic face. Not everyone is happy with the school photo, but the Photo Museum would like to show it.

    More than 100 Years worth of class photos will be shown by the Fotomuseum in The Hague at their new exhibition. And you (and your classmates) can also be framed on the wall.

    Class photos wanted

    For the exhibition ‘School – In love, bored, overslept’, the Photo Museum is looking for class photos taken between 640 and 2022. Can you help?

    The museum hopes to show an overview of the class photo over the years in the exhibition. In addition to time, geographical spread is also important, so photos from all over the Netherlands, but also from primary and secondary schools in Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, New Guinea, the Dutch East Indies, Saba, Sint Eustatius, Sint Maarten and Suriname are welcome.

    You and your (former) classmates

    The overview that the museum has now collected is not yet complete and that’s why they ask for your help. For example, the photo museum still lacks photos from the period around the Second World War and from 1865 until 2020.

    Do you have a special or very ordinary class photo? Then share it.

    Scan the photo at 200dpi and send it to

    stating class photo. A selection will be made from the entries. You can submit up to and including 03 March.

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    Double parked cars, trams that drive too close to the bicycle lane or roundabouts where the traffic light turns green at the same time for everyone, these and more situations create dangerous places for cyclists, where you have to pay close attention. We asked our readers where extra care is needed in The Hague, and we received a lot of responses.

    Below is a list of the most striking dangerous cycling spots in The Hague.

    De Goudenregenstraat

    The number one of the left places to go as a cyclist seems to be the Goudenregenstraat. We saw that name very often in our mailbox and on Facebook. Marja writes: ‘And the bicycle lane on the Laan van Meerdervoort at the intersection with the Goudenregenstraat (the part before the Segbroek pharmacy). There the bicycle lane is so narrow, and every morning masses of cyclists have to pass towards the center. Cars that want to turn right regularly become impatient because they first have to give way to a whole row of straight-going cyclists. My son has already been hit twice.’

    Downtown The Hague

    You have to be careful in the center too. Astrid says: ‘The Grote Marktstraat is unsafe because, in addition to the pedestrians, you also have to avoid loose, raised tiles, of which more and more seem to be coming almost every day.’

    Afnan writes: ‘The intersection on the Spui where cars, scooters, trams, buses, cyclists and pedestrians cross recklessly and it seems as if no one knows who has priority. Also, the sidewalk/cycle path/road is not clearly marked.’

    Annemiek responds to the photo from the call: ‘Exactly on the spot where that cyclist is cycling (in the photo). So for the Fratelli Lange Vijverberg restaurant. There, the stones on the cycle path have risen, causing you to slip. Especially in wet weather, very dangerous.

    Nunspeetlaan and Valkenboslaan

    Martijn advises you to be careful at the intersection of Nunspeetlaan with Terletstraat/Schaarsbergenstraat. ‘Especially the strange bend in the Terletstraat to the Schaarsbergenstraat is confusing. Then that bend also crosses the Nunspeetlaan. There are no bicycle lanes and it is not indicated where pedestrians can cross.’

    Chris writes about the roundabout on the Valkenboslaan with the exit to the Fahrenheitstraat on the right: ‘Especially that entrance to the Albert Heijn with many pedestrians crossing the cycle path without looking up or looking back and the people waiting at the bus stop regularly cause near-accidents. It is a very confusing and busy piece of cycle path where I am always happy when I have passed it unscathed again.’

    Many more places where you have to watch out according to readers

    Unfortunately, the above locations in The Hague are the most mentioned, but there are even more places where you have to watch out for dangerous situations on the road. Martine says: ‘Hengelolaan from the Stede towards the Zuiderpark, the stones are loose and there are many tree stumps’.

    Carine even has a whole list of places where the tram runs too close to cyclists: Zoutmanstraat, Parkstraat, Prins Willemstraat, Hobbemastraat and Jan Hendrikstraat. Her tip: ‘Anything that drives faster than 144 km per hour must be removed from the cycle path.’

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