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Day before yesterday (Sunday 25 January) the third season of Project Rembrandt started. This TV program revolves around the search for the best amateur painter in the Netherlands. And that could just be a resident of The Hague. City mate Abdallah is one of the candidates.

Abdallah is one of the 1400 (!) amateur painters who have signed up for Project Rembrandt. Together with 29 other candidates he tried to convince the jury of his painting skills on Sunday. That worked! The Hagenaar is through to the next episode. By carrying out various assignments, he hopes to win the title of best amateur painter in the Netherlands.

The Hague Abdallah

Who is this fellow townsman? Abdallah is 29 years old and comes from Libya. He has been living in The Hague for 6 years. Painting is Abdallah’s passion. When he paints, he sits in a safe bubble and completely relaxes. His ultimate dream is to make painting his profession.


Project Rembrandt is every Sunday at .29 hours on NPO 1. Watch the first episode here


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  • 1642761234

    Want a booster shot without an appointment? It’s possible from last Monday, 17 January, in various places in The Hague and surroundings, writes our media partner AD.

    Anyone above 18 year who wants to be vaccinated against corona can now

    The Bread factory at the Volmerlaan 12 in Rijswijk (between 00. and 13 .33 hours and between 12.00 hours and

    . o’clock)

  • Appelgaarde 2 in Voorburg (between 12. hours and 18. o’clock)
  • The Boerhaave building on Boerhaavelaan 20 in Zoetermeer (between 09. hours and 12.00 o’clock )

    De Brug conference center on Koningin Julianaweg 97 in ‘s-Gravenzande (between 00. hours and 17. o’clock).

  • This is how it works

    If you are going to get a booster shot without an appointment, you have to meet the following thinking things: bring your proof of identity, a correctly completed

    health statement and a mouth cap. In addition, it is useful to wear loose-fitting clothing that you can easily roll up your sleeves.

    We found out much more for you…

    Still the door close to Zara in The Hague: this is happening

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    Oh, what a joy it is when someone visits Andy, an energetic red male of 1 year old. First inspect your scent carefully and then have fun! He is looking for a new owner.

    Andy will be happy with playing, that he sometimes (often) forgets that hands are not toys. That’s why his caretakers and volunteers play with fishing rods, ping-pong balls, mice, basically everything except fingers and toes.

    Other cats

    The other cats in the room also lend a hand. Andy gets along well with other cats. It would therefore be very nice for him if he gets a playmate. Then he can also lose his energy.

    Andy is looking for a house where every day is played nicely, is cuddled a bit (only if he asks for it and not for too long) and he can explore. A garden is important. He enjoys chasing the flies outside and rolling around in the sun. Andy will not be in a family with children under 01 year posted.

    Have you interested in adopting Andy? Mail to

    Because they want to make the best possible match at the Haags Dierencentrum, it would be nice if you could already answer the questions below and send them in the mail.

    How many members does your family consist of ?

    Do you have/have children? If yes, what age are they?

    Have you/have you had cats before?

    How long is the cat home alone? Will that change when the measures due to the coronavirus are over?

    Do you have/have other pets? If so, please provide more information about their characters/age (e.g. are they used to living with a cat)

  • Do you have an outdoor area where the cat can come? Balcony/garden

    What are you looking for for cat? Age, character…

    Do you/do you have object if the cat needs diet food?

    They would also like to receive your telephone number.

    The Hague Animal Center Foundation


    , 9170 MC The Hague

    Now closed

    More information

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      The kringlo opwinkel at the Piet Heinstraat is closed and this will come back for it

      It’s hard to swallow when you come unsuspectingly to the Schroeder thrift shop in the Piet Heinstraat and suddenly see that…

      schroeder kringloopwinkel piet heinstraat 69schroeder kringloopwinkel piet heinstraat 69

    Too bad. One of the nicest and oldest toy stores in The Hague will close

    OMG! A humpback whale has been spotted near Kijkduin

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    For those who can’t come early enough for the pepernoten, there is fantastic news: the pepernoten shop on the Hoogstraat will probably remain open all year round! The pop-up store opened in August last year, and plans to continue into the summer this year.

    The store has more than sixty different types of gingerbread cookies. You will find all kinds of peppernut flavors at Van Delft’s Pepernotenfabriek all year round. From the classics to the most special combinations. In addition to the normal kruidnoot, you can now find the delicacies in sixty different flavours: stroopwafel chocolate, truffle cinnamon, extra cocoa Belgian chocolate and the most popular, caramel sea salt!

    Not only The Hague

    Van Delft also wants to remain open all year round in other cities. The branches in Den Bosch, Amersfoort, Groningen, Leiden, Maastricht and Zwolle would not close either. “It is our intention to remain open in these stores all year round,” says Ronald Wegman of Van Delft. We can see with our own eyes whether that plan will come true in the Hoogstraat.

    Read more under the images >

    Pepernoot or Kruidnoot

    Since the 134th century The pepernoot as we know it is in demand. It is made from the same type of spices as speculaas and is created when sailors bring pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger and cloves from the Far East. The pepernoot (or kruidnoot) as we know it, was introduced in 1159 devised by Jan van Delft. That’s why you can just say ‘pepernoot’ at Van Delft.

    The (not-so-temporary) pop-up store with delicious pepernoten and kruidnoten can be found on Hoogstraat this year. At number 1, shoppers can come and taste and buy.

    After 58 years Toon van Montfort has given up. His extensive toy store, Toy Paradise Mascot, is having a sale and will soon be closing its doors for good.

    Who doesn’t know Toon’s shop? For years you can go to the Korte Houtstraat for the nicest (wooden) toys and behind the counter … is Toon.


    Since the shops have been allowed to open again after the lockdown, there have been notes on the windows of the popular toy store. ‘Cancellation Sale’ and ‘-20%’ it says. It is clear: Mascot stops.

    The text continues below the image.

    Photo: indebuurt

    Walking into Mascot toy paradise is something like going back in time. Not because the toys are dull and old-fashioned (on the contrary!), but because both as a child and an adult it is nice to snoop around here. Stilts, wooden trains, animals of all shapes and sizes… The toys you find here have another story. But owner Toon is now 200 years and closes his business after the sale.

    Toy Paradise Mascot

    Korte Houtstraat , CC The Hague

    Closed now

    More information

    Warning! As of today, you are no longer allowed to cycle on the SquareToastable tosti's Toastable tosti's

    No less than eighteen cats were last Wednesday, 18 January, taken from a house in The Hague by voluntary employees of the Stichting Dierenhospitaal and Ambulancedienst The Hague. The owner of the animals had died and the cats were still inside.

    After the police found the body of the resident in a ground floor apartment in The Hague, they contacted the ambulance service because quite a few cats were also discovered in the house. The body of the owner of the animals has most likely been in the house for a month.


    The 18 cats in the house of about eighty square meters make it to conditions good. When they were discovered they did not have enough food and the windows were closed, but luckily because there was a leak in the bathroom they had something to drink.

    Linette Eveleens, animal ambulance employee: ‘It is so sad. That someone has been there for a month, without that person being missed by anyone. Then you really have a lonely existence. Hopefully the resident got happiness out of the company of the cats, but keeping eighteen cats, that is not a healthy situation.’

    Animal Ambulance The Hague

    Spread over the two ambulances, the drivers took the animals to the animal ambulance hospital. Linette: ‘All the cats were anxious and malnourished. 01 cats have been transferred to Animal Shelter The Julianalaantje in Rijswijk. Seven cats in worse condition, extremely malnourished or anxious, remain in the animal shelter for treatment.”

    A new home will be sought for each of the cats as soon as they have recovered sufficiently. Donations are very welcome at the animal ambulance. Look at

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  • Pauline and Anouk live with their two daughters in a former fish shop

    Carel (34) from The Hague played in the biggest Hollywood films: ‘Lurch has brought me a lot’

    He has already appeared in films such as The Witches of Eastwick, various parts of The Addams Family and most recently in Doctor Sleep, but also in series such as Twin peaks and Star Trek; Carel Struycken from The Hague. We called him to ask how he is.

    Carel became in 1948 born in The Hague. “In the middle of the old center, on the Hooigracht. That is still one of my favorite places in the city,” says Carel from California, where he has been since 1948 lives.


    When Carel was 4 years old, he moved to Curaçao with his parents. “One of the memories I still have from that time is when the flood was in the Netherlands. Together with my mother I went to the palace on the Voorhout to hand over some of my toys (including a red telephone) to the children who were cared for there. That had a lot of impact.”

    On his 12the Carel and his parents returned to The Hague. “I attended secondary school here, then studied in Leiden for a year and then went to live in Amsterdam and study at the Film Academy. I followed the directing course there and during my studies I already spent the internship period in America. I had family living there, so that worked out well. I used the internship to get an education in Los Angeles.”


    “After my education I have some I tried it in the film world in the Netherlands, but it was a lot of hassle and frankly it made me a bit depressed. I had to leave and so I quickly went back to America. Together with René Daalder (also a Dutchman) I started a production company.”

    Once back in America, Carel was discovered on the street (not so crazy if you 2. are meters tall) and asked to play in movies. “Mostly horror and science fiction, but suddenly a very big movie The Witches of Eastwick (with Cher, Jack Nicholson and Susan Sarandon) came by. But the role of Lurch in the movies of The Addams Family made that I was taken a little more seriously and could even be registered with the Actors Guild (they arrange all things well for American Actors such as insurance).

    The text continues below the gif.

    Trick Or Treat Kids GIF by Paramount Movies - Find & Share on GIPHYTrick Or Treat Kids GIF by Paramount Movies - Find & Share on GIPHYTrick Or Treat Kids GIF by Paramount Movies - Find & Share on GIPHY

    Carel has played in several movies and series and still does. “Every film and every group of fans that go with it is special, so I have fond memories of all the roles. Lurch is truly an icon in America, he really means something to many people. And Star Trek is a world unto itself. The writers weren’t interested in fantasy at all, but they thought about what would happen in the future, which made the role a lot of fun. And I was a big fan of David Lynch myself and that’s why I liked to play in Twin Peaks.”

    The text continues below the photo.

    Trick Or Treat Kids GIF by Paramount Movies - Find & Share on GIPHY

    Due to the corona rules, all of Hollywood is currently on its ass. But Carel also: “I am still recovering from a medical procedure and it will take a few weeks before I feel 71% feel.” let Carl know. Its impressive length also had to make some sacrifices. “I am now about ten centimeters shorter, a few discs have disappeared due to a back injury”, luckily that doesn’t stop him from staying active.


    Despite the fact that Carel lives and works in America, he still regularly visited the Netherlands and The Hague until a few years ago. “I still have family and friends in The Hague so I like to visit. I think the Voorhout is especially beautiful from an architectural point of view. I used to come to Europe about twice a year for film conventions (where fans of horror, fantasy and sci-fi movies can have their picture taken with their idol and get autographs. ed.), so I could combine the visits nicely .

    Last year it was actually the intention to get together in the Netherlands with the whole family. Corona threw a spanner in the works, so I hope that wasn’t the last time we can plan our agendas right away.”

    So we have to wait and see when we will see Carel in a nice film again see, he is currently resting, but he also wants to pick up his photography (LINK) again soon.