28 March 2024, by Emily Proctor

The number of workers in the Netherlands filing reports at the Dutch House for Whistleblowers (Huis voor Klokkenluiders) increased to 369 in 2023, compared to just 243 the year before. 

Experts say that the increase is down to greater visibility of whistleblowers

According to experts from the House for Whistleblowers, the reason more people are disclosing their employers’ questionable activities is partly due to the increased visibility of whistleblower cases in the Netherlands. 

According to Wilbert Tomesen, chair of the House for Whistleblowers, the Dutch media paid more attention to these whistleblower cases due to trending stories such as the new Whistleblower’s Protection Act, created to protect whistleblowers from repercussions for their disclosures. 

Trade secrets, personal data, fraud and safety violations discussed most 

The issues most frequently flagged to the House for Whistleblowers include trade secrets, information on the storage of personal data, allegations of fraud and suspected safety violations, among other issues. Many whistleblowers also raised concerns about workplace misconduct and abuse as part of their disclosures. 

Chairperson Tomesen also said that it was striking that many more senior workers are showing up at the House for Whistleblowers, telling NOS that it was particularly striking just how many directors, managers, confidential counsellors and self-employed people came forward to the organisation with concerns in 2023.

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