21 February 2024, by Simone Jacobs

Based on the energy prices of January 2024, Statistics Netherlands (CBS) has reported that an average household in the Netherlands is expected to pay 2.363 euros per year on energy in 2024. This is a 12-percent decrease and amounts to 323 euros less than what was paid by residents during the same period in 2023. 

Lower energy consumption in the Netherlands expected for 2024

The decrease in energy costs in the Netherlands can largely be attributed to gas and electricity being cheaper, but energy bills could drop by a further 103 euros per year. This could happen if energy consumption decreases as CBS expects it to this year and as homes with low energy ratings are set to become less valuable this year. 

There has also been a change in how much tax is paid on energy for 2024, with the energy tax on gas having increased, while for electricity it has decreased. The higher tax on gas equates to an energy bill increase of 127 euros for an average household; the lower tax on electricity brings the cost down by 41 euros. Transport costs for gas and electricity are also higher than a year earlier.

Energy prices depend on the household

While Dutch energy prices are expected to be 12 percent lower overall, how much households spend on energy will vary, depending on factors such as the size of the household, level of insulation, type of housing and heating behaviour. 

Based on estimations for 2024, a multi-person household in an old, detached home will pay the most at around 3.990 euros per year, while a single-person household in a new, small apartment will pay the least at an average of 1.400 euros per year.

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