19 February 2024, by Simone Jacobs

Based on figures from Statistics Netherlands (CBS), road taxes in all provinces of the Netherlands will be increased this year. The only provinces that won’t see increased rates are Groningen and Drenthe. Together, the Dutch government and provinces are expected to receive more than 6,8 billion euros in road tax for 2024, a 6,6 percent increase from 2023.

Largest road tax increase in North Holland

The increase in road tax is expected to be the largest in the province of North Holland, which includes the cities of Amsterdam, Haarlem and Alkmaar. The surcharge rate will increase from 67,9 percent to 77,4 percent, which means a resident of North Holland will pay approximately 656 euros in road tax per year for a petrol car weighing 1.200 kilograms. Despite this, North Holland will still have the lowest road tax rate of all provinces. 

South Holland has the highest surcharge rate at 98,7 percent, where residents are expected to pay 716 euros per year for a car of comparable weight. While Groningen and Drenthe have not seen an increase in road tax for 2024, these provinces already have some of the highest tax rates for motor vehicles. Residents of these provinces are expected to pay more than those in North Holland with rates of 708 euros in Groningen and 700 euros In Drenthe. 

Motor vehicle tax rates vary in Dutch provinces

The road tax in the Netherlands is made up of a national portion and a provincial levy. For this reason, road tax rates vary in different Dutch provinces. Of the 6,8 billion euros that drivers will pay during 2024, 1,9 billion of it will be collected by the provinces themselves. 

According to CBS, these are the motor vehicle tax rates per year for a petrol car weighing 1.200 kilograms in 2024 (in euros): 

  • South Holland – 716 
  • Gelderland – 716 
  • Groningen – 708
  • Drenthe – 700
  • Friesland – 692
  • Zeeland – 676
  • Flevoland – 672
  • Limburg – 672
  • Overijssel – 672
  • Utrecht – 672
  • North Brabant – 672
  • North Holland – 656

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