Whether you’re new to veganism, or have tried and tested many of the Netherlands’ vegan offerings, Amsterdam’s vibrant culinary scene has always got new restaurants and dishes on offer. With that in mind, here are a few of our favourites!

Best vegan restaurants in AmsterdamLike in many Dutch cities, Amsterdam is a great place for vegans to enjoy a tasty treat, with many non-vegan restaurants offering vegan dishes or the option to convert dishes into vegan options. Nevertheless, sometimes it can be nice to have a number of options to choose from rather than just one adapted dish – for breakfast, lunch or dinner, Amsterdam really can cater for vegans! These are our top picks for vegan-friendly restaurants across the Dutch capital.

Vegan Breakfast in AmsterdamYou probably already know about some of the classic Dutch breakfasts: bread, cereal and hagelslag! Thankfully, these are not the only breakfast options you’ll find on a Dutch menu – for vegans, there really are a lot of strong contenders. 

SpiritThe fully-vegetarian restaurant Spirit in Amsterdam offers guests a delicious buffet setup, where a significant portion of the food on offer is also vegan. All the food and drinks on offer at Spirit have the added advantage of being organic, too!

With an opening time of 8am almost every day, and a closing time of 11pm, this restaurant is a great option for an early breakfast, but could just as well be a place for dinner with some vegetarian or vegan friends. You pay by the weight of your plate, which means you can try lots of different dishes without being charged per item.

Moak PancakesCalling all pancake lovers! This vibrant Amsterdam-based pancake house has three locations across the city – in the city centre, in Amsterdam West and in the neighbourhood of De Pijp. Moak have a range of 100 percent vegan pancakes, with all your favourite toppings and flavours. 

For vegans who are also interested in gluten-free food, there are also plenty of options at Moak, with gluten-free pancakes available. The restaurant, which serves breakfast, brunch and lunch, opens at 8am and also boasts a range of organic teas and slow juices.

Vegan Lunch in Amsterdam Not an early riser? We totally get it – maybe grabbing a nice vegan lunch with some friends is more your thing! Here are our top picks.

SOIL AmsterdamAnother cafe with several locations to choose from in Amsterdam, SOIL is a fan-favourite with the vegan crowd in the capital. Opened in 2018, the cafe has a delicious plant-based menu, inspired by flavours from all over the world. 

SOIL not only focusses on creating delicious, flavourful meals, but does so with sustainability in mind at every step. All dishes are natural and unprocessed, and no artificial sugars, colourings or preservatives are used. 

VesselLoved among vegans and non-vegans alike, Vessel crafts dishes that are healthy, tasty and meet the needs of many different types of diet. The business has both a restaurant and a brasserie on site – the restaurant is open four days a week, while the brasserie is open for a full seven. 

In the restaurant at Vessel, you can find a six- or eight-course tasting menu which is completely vegetarian, while the brasserie serves many different dishes that can easily be adapted to suit vegans. Vessel works nicely as a place to visit with non-vegan friends and family too, as their menu also features dishes made with meat and fish.

Vegan dinner restaurants in AmsterdamDinner: the queen of all meals. The popularity of vegan dinner in Amsterdam means that locals, tourists and expats alike are spoilt for choice when hunting for vegan-friendly dinner options. Though these are two of our favourites, be sure to look out for other spots too, as there really are too many to choose from!

Vegan Junk Food BarThis ultimate craving-crusher – the Vegan Junk Food Bar – will put a stop to any sceptic’s notion that being vegan is only about eating carbs and vegetables. With a brightly coloured diner-inspired menu, you can try junk food galore at this vegan hotspot. 

The chain has a number of restaurants across Amsterdam and several other Dutch cities, making it a safe bet if you’re heading to meet vegan friends elsewhere too. Think vegan burgers, traditional Dutch food such as a vegan version of a kapsalon, and even vegan shawarma. 

NENI AmsterdamFor a more formal, yet relaxed dinner, NENI Amsterdam is a great option. Located near the old Olympic Stadium, this vegan- and vegetarian-friendly restaurant specialises in Eastern Mediterranean cuisine. 

The success of this family-run restaurant has helped it to expand to many different cities across Europe, including Zurich, Hamburg, Munich and Cologne, among others. If that’s still not enough to convince you, just take a look at their menu offerings: fresh hummus and baba ganoush, spiced pumpkin stew and Yemeni flatbreads with mushroom shawarma – the vegan dream!

It’s easy being vegan in Amsterdam!We hope to have allayed any fears you may have had about being a vegan expat in Amsterdam, and have inspired non-vegans to consider trying some of these delicious plant-based restaurants. We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to – now all you have to do is call up your favourite and make that reservation! 


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