18 February 2024, by Simone Jacobs

The British pop star Robbie Williams will personally open his first-ever solo art exhibition at the privately-owned Moco Museum in Amsterdam on March 8. The exhibition, which will run until July and is titled “Pride and Self-Prejudice”, features a series of artworks based on mental health. 

Robbie Williams’ art exhibition for healing

Since the 1990s, Robbie Williams refined his art as a daily practice to overcome external pressure, shame, fear and other inner demons. “It’s well documented that at times I’ve experienced poor mental health, and during these times art and humour have been really useful tools for me,” said Williams in a press statement. 

The series of artworks is a bold, conversational form of street art featuring caricatures and dry humour. By sharing his art at the museum in Amsterdam, Williams hopes to encourage viewers “to laugh, self-reflect and leave with a new perspective on the healing power of art.”

Pride and Self-Prejudice Exhibition at Moco Museum

The museum has given little away about what to expect from the exhibition by Robbie Williams, but there are hints that his work will be brought to life by digital means and contrasted in a room of black and white. Tickets for the exhibition are available on the Moco Museum website

Thumb image credit: Andrea Raffin / Shutterstock.com

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