17 February 2024, by Simone Jacobs

As part of the city’s goal to build 20.000 new homes by 2035, Amsterdam has developed an updated plan to build housing in existing neighbourhoods instead of building in business districts or creating new neighbourhoods. According to the municipality representative for housing, Reinier van Dantzig, this densification plan will also improve these neighbourhoods so that they are more liveable. 

New way of urban development for Amsterdam

To ease the strain of the housing market, Amsterdam has set itself the target of building 7.500 new homes per year until 2035 for a rough total of 90.000 houses. The plan is for 20.000 of those homes to be built in existing neighbourhoods in Amsterdam between 2032 and 2035.

While the main focus will be on building housing, attention will also be on improving the environment outside of homes in areas such as Osdorpplein, Buikslotermeerplein, ArenApoort and Zuidas. Amsterdam’s new approach of “building neighbourhoods of the future” will focus on making neighbourhoods around the new city centres in Nieuw-West, Noord and Zuidoost more lively and attractive.   

Van Dantzig has announced that this is a part of the city’s new approach to urban development. “We invest in neighbourhoods that really need it. This way we can build homes and invest in facilities,” said Van Dantzig. Improvements will be made to accessibility, shops, cultural facilities, greenery and workplaces. 

Better environment for future Amsterdam residents

The increasing population of the Netherlands paired with the difficulties in finding rental properties in multiple Dutch cities means that plans for new housing are necessary. This is true especially in Amsterdam with the city’s high population density and continual growth.

For this reason, the municipality has thrown its weight behind plans which involve creating more sustainable and quality housing, such as the “building neighbourhoods of the future” plan currently on the table. According to Van Dantzig, “The plans ensure that Amsterdam can continue to grow in a healthy way. In this way, we will keep the city good and pleasant for Amsterdam residents in the future.”

Thumb image credit: Dutchmen Photography / Shutterstock.com

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