04 February 2024, by Emily Proctor

The Van Wonderen stroopwafel shop in Amsterdam has gone viral on TikTok after a large number of tourists got a taste for their sweet treats. The shop, which sells stroopwafels for a whopping 10 to 13 euros, has been ridiculed by locals on X, formerly known as Twitter, who have pointed out that supermarkets sell similar stroopwafels for just 2 euros per tin. 

Van Wondereren stroopwafel shop has a Wonka-like feel

Though their treats are somewhat pricey, the shop itself has a distinctly Wonka-like feel, with bright colours and stunningly-designed stroopwafel treats. With toppings such as chocolate, marshmallows and brightly-coloured sweets, even the most frugal Dutchie would have to admit that they do look pretty good. 

The shop describes their waffles as “the best stroopwafels in the world”, and their polished social media videos definitely show off the best of their craft. The shop also boasts an impressive sales record of over 1 million stroopwafel a year!

Worth the price? Amsterdammers remain unconvinced

Though many tourists have been impressed by the sweet treats and have gotten a taste for the Dutch food, Amsterdam locals have been flocking to X, formerly known as Twitter, to take shots at the price of the waffles. A photo of a receipt for three stroopwafels, costing 39 euros in total, recently went viral on X, and many users commented that the prices are far too high and are symptomatic of Amsterdam’s popularity as a tourist hotspot. 

Het Parool newspaper interviewed a worker at Rudi’s Original Stroopwafel, where fresh stroopwafel are sold for a considerably cheaper 2,50 euros just a few kilometres from the viral stroopwafel store, about the price of the sweet treats. Rudi’s son, who was working behind the counter, told the newspaper: “Americans come here and say: you have to raise the price! They fell into a tourist trap somewhere in the centre and later ended up here… But we keep our prices normal. We also have many locals as customers, and we would like to keep them.”

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