20 January 2024, by Emily Proctor

Two parents received rather a large surprise when a woman gave birth to her newborn son at a roundabout early on Wednesday morning. The woman and her husband were travelling with her mother to give birth at a nearby hospital, but ended up having to do so at the side of the road. Thankfully, both mother and son are recovering well. 

The woman was assisted by her mother, paramedics and the police

The family were headed to a nearby hospital when they were forced to pull over at a roundabout near Zelhem in de Achterhoek so that the woman could give birth. The nearest hospital was just seven kilometres away from where they stopped, but it was simply no longer possible to continue the journey as the woman started giving birth. 

Thankfully, the mother of the pregnant woman happens to be a midwife, so since she was present in the car alongside the woman’s husband, she was able to give support and assistance to the very soon-to-be-mother. Later, an ambulance and the police also arrived to support the family and ensure that the flow of traffic around the roundabout was managed safely.

Baby boy named Ties born in the car

The mother and the newborn boy are now both in good health, and are recovering after the unusual birth at the roundabout. The newborn boy, who was born inside the family’s own car, has been named Ties. 

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