19 January 2024, by Emily Proctor

A room in an apartment in Amsterdam which was initially rented for 1.950 euros a month has seen its monthly rental value capped to just 95 euros by the Huurcommissie (Rental Committee). The room, which measures just 20 square metres, is now to be rented at its proper value of just 478 euros a month, but due to numerous damages, will first be temporarily rented for just 95 euros until repairs can be completed.

Tenant took Amsterdam landlord to the Rental Committee

The tenant who took over the tiny room signed a rental contract and agreed to pay the 1.950 figure back in September 2023. Soon after though, the tenant realised just how much they were paying for the room they got, and decided to try and take the case to the Rental Committee to get the price knocked down a little. 

On September 19, the committee assessed the state of affairs. They determined that the amount asked for by the landlord was unreasonable for the size of the space that was offered, and that the room itself was in disrepair. 

Tenant stands victorious with 95 euros a month room

The landlord in question got stung twice by the findings of the Rental Committee. Firstly: the proper price of the room was determined by the experts – no more than 476,84 euros per month could be asked by the landlord. Secondly: the room was determined to be in a state of disrepair, so the Rental Committee lowered the rent further still. The room will now be rented out at a temporary price of just 95,37 euros a month until certain damages are fixed. 

The damages in question refer to a litany of nightmarish leaks, draughts, cracks and dripping water, all of which contribute to the reduction of the room’s value. Only when these problems are fixed can the new commission-determined “fair price” be charged.

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