12 January 2024, by Emily Proctor

First-time buyers with a single income will fare better on the Dutch property market in 2024, according to a new analysis from consultancy chain Van Bruggen and price comparison service Independer. The analysis, which was reported by De Telegraaf, found that a teacher buying their first home could get a mortgage of up to 175.000 euros on average in 2023, now rising to 204.000 euros in 2024. 

New energy rating rules mean that buyers in the Netherlands can loan more

The new changes in 2024 mean that buyers of houses with better energy ratings will be eligible for higher mortgages, so they can borrow more. Figures from the Mortgage Data Network show that the average Dutchie puts down around 42.000 euros when purchasing a house

Using the example of the teacher again, who puts down the average deposit, the report estimated that individuals could get a home-buying loan of up to 204.000 euros in 2024. They will then see this mortgage rise by an extra 10.000 euros to 214.000 euros if purchasing a house with an energy rating of A or B, according to a representative of Independer who spoke to De Telegraaf

2023 saw the income of individual first-time buyers rise by an average of 7,6 percent. “In addition to the increase in income, affordability is increasing due to the declining mortgage interest rates and more favourable mortgage standard,” Oscar Noorlag of Van Bruggen told De Telegraaf.

Home prices starting to rise again in 2024

Despite the good news for first-time buyers, there is the issue of rising house prices. After a period of decline, house prices in the Netherlands are once again on the rise. Prices are expected to continue to rise, possibly by more than 5 percent. “Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to reassess how much mortgage you can get. Buying a home will be within reach for more single-income households in 2024,” Noorlag said.

Interestingly, the benefits reaped by single first-time buyers are not set to be felt by couples buying their first home. “The new mortgage standards are also less favourable for some couples than for singles,” Noorlag added.

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