11 January 2024, by Emily Proctor

Private individuals in the Netherlands suffered a total of 8 million euros worth of damage to their private property during New Year’s Eve. The damage was mostly caused by fireworks detonated near houses, cars and other property. 

8 million euros in property damage already reported to insurers association

According to the Dutch Association of Insurers, private individuals have already submitted claims for 8 million euros in total for damage to property that occurred during New Year’s Eve. The insurers looked at building insurance, home contents insurance and car insurance, and concluded this figure is a preliminary number, to be adjusted when the claims are all processed later in 2024. 

Last year, the preliminary claims totalled 10 million euros, while the final amount was more than 5 million euros higher, at 15,5 million euros overall. This indicates that the final amount for this year could be significantly higher than estimated.

Firework damage was lower during the COVID years

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the country had a number of widespread bans on fireworks, so there was much less damage inflicted by rogue pyrotechnics. According to experts, though the years since the lockdowns have seen more firework damage to property, there is a downward trend overall. 

General Director of the Association of Insurers Richard Weurding told NOS: “Many municipalities had fireworks-free zones. In addition, the bad weather during New Year’s Eve probably also had a positive effect.” Figures regarding damage to public property such as bus shelters, garbage bins and playground equipment are expected later in 2024.

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