24 December 2023, by Abi Carter

Taylor Swift has officially been named the pop queen of the Netherlands. According to the 2023 edition of Spotify Wrapped, which details the listening habits of people all around the world, Swifties are well-represented in the Netherlands, but it was actually homegrown talent that truly shone this year. 

Taylor Swift was the Netherlands’ favourite artist of 2023

With a massive 26 billion streams worldwide, Taylor Swift was the dominant artist of Spotify Wrapped in 2023, also here in the Netherlands, where she was named the number one streamed artist of the year. 

Hot on her heels was The Weeknd, followed by some homegrown talent in the form of Boef. The Dutch artist has skyrocketed up the list since coming 21st in 2021 and outside the top 10 in 2022. According to NOS, this year’s Spotify Wrapped was notable for a spike in interest in Dutch music, with the number of minutes spent listening to Dutch pop and hip hop up by 7 percent in the Netherlands. 

All in all, the top streamed artists of the year in the Netherlands are as follows: 

  1. Taylor Swift
  2. The Weeknd
  3. Boef
  4. Drake
  5. Ed Sheeran
  6. Ronnie Flex
  7. Lijpe
  8. David Guetta
  9. Kevin
  10. Lil’ Kleine

Dutch songs feature prominently in top-streamed tracks of 2023

Taylor Swift may have a loyal following in the Netherlands, but none of her hits actually made it to the top 10 most streamed songs. That honour goes to a Dutch pop trio from The Hague – Goldband. They hit the top spot in 2023 with their single Stiekem, produced together with singer Maan, who hails from Utrecht. Goldband’s song Noodgeval also scored inside the top 10, nailing fifth place. 

Second place went to Miley Cyrus with her song Flowers, which was the top-streamed song in Switzerland, Europe and across the world in 2023 with 1,6 billion streams, and interestingly the song that was most played on Valentine’s Day! 

The top-streamed tracks of 2023 in the Netherlands were as follows: 

  1. Goldband en Maan – Stiekem
  2. Miley Cyrus – Flowers
  3. Marco Schuitmaker – Engelbewaarder
  4. Claude – Ladada (Mon dernier mot)
  5. Goldband – Noodgeval
  6. Loreen – Tattoo
  7. Tiësto – Lay Low
  8. Libianca – People
  9. Flemming – Paracetamollen
  10. Metejoor – Wat Wil Je Van Mij

Of the top 10 most streamed songs, seven are produced by Dutch or Belgian artists, making 2023 a great year for local talent! Want to boost your Dutch skills? Get streaming, and start singing along! 

Image credit: dednuel images / Shutterstock.com

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