If there’s anything that makes it feel like the festive season, it’s Christmas trees. The twinkling lights, glass baubles and tree toppers make the weeks leading up to Christmas a magical time. So to keep the Christmas spirit alive this winter, why not go on a hunt to see a dazzling Christmas tree in the Netherlands?  

Beautiful Dutch Christmas trees Put on your favourite Christmas sweater and gather the family and kids for a winter adventure, as we take a look at some of the biggest and most beautiful Christmas trees in the Netherlands.

The Christmas tree on Dam SquareStanding at over 20 metres high with 40.000 LED bulbs twinkling all over, the Christmas tree on Dam Square in Amsterdam is a must-see in the Netherlands. Every year, the tree grown traditionally in Germany takes its usual spot in front of the Royal Palace where a special tree lighting ceremony is held. 

There are also carol singers, festive food and other joyous scenes accompanying the lighting of the Christmas tree on Dam Square. Once the Christmas holidays are over, the tree is donated to the elephants at Artis Zoo – a way to dispose of a Christmas tree that spreads even more joy to humans and animals alike.

Video: YouTube / The Netherlands and Beyond

Gerbrandy Tower: IJsselstein Christmas treeThis isn’t a traditional Christmas tree, but it’s certainly one of the most iconic in the Netherlands. The Gerbrandy Tower in IJsselstein is the tallest broadcasting tower in the country at 366,8 metres high, and during the Christmas season it only becomes more impressive. 

Every year, the tower located in the Dutch province of Utrecht is turned into one of the biggest Christmas trees in the world. Dozens of lights are stringed onto the cables that support the great height of the structure, creating a cheery glow. So if you want to see a unique Christmas tree, this is the one for you! 

Pulitzer Amsterdam Christmas treeImagine nibbling on delicious Dutch food with a festive Christmas tree in view. That’s what you can expect with the Pulitzer Amsterdam Christmas tree. Located in the inner garden of the hotel, the tree provides a focal point for experiencing some Christmas magic. 

Pulitzer Amsterdam pulls out all the stops by collaborating with designers to bring a new look to their Christmas tree every year. With their use of bold colours and different textures, you can see a unique-looking tree that still provides oodles of Christmas charm.

Swedish Christmas tree in The HagueThis Christmas tree on the Lange Voorhout in The Hague is not only a symbol of the beginning of the Christmas season but is also a shining token of the relationship between Sweden and the Netherlands. In a Christmas tree lighting ceremony, the tree gifted from Sweden is festively lit in front of Museum Escher in Het Paleis. 

It’s not only about the beautiful tree, although it is quite marvellous. As a way to celebrate the Lucia festival – which is a Swedish tradition stemming from the ancient midwinter light festival – there are also performances by choirs and enough mulled wine and hot chocolate for everyone to get into a jolly mood.

Gouda Christmas treeThis tree is the highlight of a wonderful cultural event called Gouda by Candlelight, where all electric lights are turned off and the city is illuminated by over 1.500 candles. With the medieval City Hall on the Market Square in Gouda providing the perfect fairytale-like backdrop, the enormous Christmas tree – which comes all the way from Kongsberg in Norway – is lit up by over 15.000 glittering LED lights.

To make the evening more special, everyone sings Christmas songs and there are many other spectacular performances around the beautifully lit tree. A magical and festive atmosphere surrounding a gorgeous tree – what more could you ask for? 

Image credit: KarinR / Shutterstock.com

Valkenburg Christmas treesChristmas Town Valkenburg is definitely one of the best Christmas markets in the Netherlands, so it shouldn’t be surprising that the Christmas trees are gems too. With dozens of sparkling Christmas trees bringing light to the darkest corners of the Valkenburg caves, there won’t be a single moment without holiday cheer.

While you’re there, you can’t forget to check out the amazing Wilhelmina Tower. It’s turned into the biggest illuminated Christmas tree in Limburg and will awe you with its bright green lights and great height. 

Image credit: © Kerststad Valkenburg

Bonus: DOT Christmas Bauble in GroningenHow can we talk about Christmas trees without also thinking of Christmas decorations? We can’t! So, one of the largest Christmas baubles in the world shouldn’t be left off this list.

The DOT in Groningen is a planetarium that turns into what has to be one of the best Christmas decorations of the holiday season. At a diameter of 25 metres and with more than 6.000 LED lights bringing a rainbow of colours, the giant ball will keep you surprised with a different look each evening. 

O Christmas tree!Whether it’s decorating your own tree for your living room or gazing up at one during a Christmas market, there’s no doubt that Christmas trees are a holiday season tradition. The Netherlands certainly has many iconic Christmas trees, so which one are you going to go see first?


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