04 December 2023, by Abi Carter

After a chilly weekend that saw parts of the Netherlands sprinkled with snow and left public transport in disarray, a yellow weather warning remains in place for most of the country, with icy conditions expected for Monday and the following days – and more snowflakes are on the cards! 

Code yellow and more snow for the Netherlands on Monday

The Dutch Weather Institute (KNMI) has issued a code yellow warning for the entire country (except Zeeland), which will last from 8am on Monday, December 4, until at least midnight. The short-lived snow might have melted in most places, but the KNMI warns that conditions could still be treacherously icy, causing disruption to traffic and outdoor activities. People are being warned to take care while driving, cycling, and out and about. 

The weather on Monday is set to be cloudy, with bands of rain and (wet) snow moving from the southwest to the north of the country. The northern half of the Netherlands especially could be in for another dusting of snow on Monday afternoon. Temperatures will remain chilly with maximum values of three degrees celsius in the south and zero degrees in the north. More (wet) snow is expected to fall overnight. 

Milder weather to return by next weekend

If you’re looking to get out and enjoy the snow, however, Monday is likely to be your only chance, as the temperature will start to rise on Tuesday, meaning any remaining white is likely to melt into a slush. From the middle of the week, we’ll be back to raindrops rather than snowflakes. 

The chance of frost will remain until Thursday, but the Netherlands won’t remain a winter wonderland for long: on Friday, milder weather will once again take hold, with plenty of clouds and rain on the horizon. The high temperature will rise from two degrees on Tuesday to three degrees on Wednesday, six degrees on Thursday, and 10 degrees on Friday. 

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