14 November 2023, by Emily Proctor

The number of people on low incomes is at its lowest level since 1977, according to new data from Statistics Netherlands (CBS). The percentage of people in the Netherlands who are on a low income, deemed by the government to be less than 1.200 euros per month, has fallen from 5 percent in 2021 to 3,8 percent last year.

Energy allowance helped many people avoid falling into poverty in 2022

According to CBS, government support offered to lighten the burden of higher energy bills meant that fewer people fell below the poverty line in 2022. The figures show that the total percentage of people on low incomes would’ve been 5,9 percent without the allowances, totalling around 989.000 people overall. 

The CBS also stated in their report that if low-income support disappears this year, the number of people on low incomes will rise again. Due to high rents, increases in utility bills and rising prices in grocery stores, people on low incomes will still need extra support in 2023. 

Number of children at risk of poverty in the Netherlands is also falling

The number of children who were at risk of poverty in the Netherlands also fell in 2022. In total, the number of children who were classified as being at risk of poverty was around 165.000 in 2022, which was 27.000 less than in the year before. 

However, the CBS data also noted that there is an increased risk of poverty for children from refugee backgrounds. According to NOS, almost half of the children who have arrived in the Netherlands as refugees from Syria live below the poverty line.

Image: Dutchmen Photography / Shutterstock.com

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